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06月 28th, 2021


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  顺序是从头到脚。   1. hairline   102.Rachel: Oh, and Mind, you know, if-if everything works out, and you guys end up getting married and having kids and everything, I just hope they have his old hairline and your old nose. hairline [ˈhɛrlaɪn]: the edge of a person's hair, especially at the front 发型轮廓;(尤指前额的)发际线   2. nostril   116.Carol: Oh, what do you know?! No-one's going up to you and saying, 'Hi, is that your nostril? Mind if we push this pot roast through it?!' nostril ['nɑstrəl]: either of the two openings ....Read More

06月 1st, 2021


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由于淘宝店被封,想购书的同学请加我微信号:zhipingjie或13651209791   现在有《志萍版老友记英语笔记》 全十季和《志萍版摩登家庭笔记》全十一季。   《志萍版老友记英语笔记》: 第一季上册95元 第一季下册93元 第一季上下册182元 第二季上册67元 第二季下册75元 第二季上下册135元 前两季合拍317元 第三季上册65元 第三季下册65元 第三季上下册122元 前三季合拍437元   第四季上册55元 第四季下册55元 第四季上下册103元 前四季合拍537元   第五季上册59元 第五季下册59元 第五季上下册111元 前五季合拍641元   第六季上册55元 第六季下册63元 第六季上下册111元 前六季合拍750元   第七季上册....Read More

06月 1st, 2021


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  在日常生活中,人们经常使用爱称(pet names),来表达一种亲切而友好的态度,使其成为亲人、朋友 或爱人的代称。尤其是情侣之间,总需要一些腻歪歪的昵称表达爱意。     今天我们就来学习一下,英语中这些可以增进感情的爱称。在《志萍版老友记英语笔记》中,我将 它们分成了8类:     1. sweetie/sweetheart/sweetums   (1) sweetie   101.Monica: You okay, sweetie? sweetie [ˈswit̮i]: used to address someone in a way that shows affection (用作称呼语)亲爱的;宝贝   (2) sweetheart   102.Jack Geller:I'm telling you, sweetheart, you're gonna be fin....Read More

05月 24th, 2021


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  1. episode   102.Chandler: Oh, I think this is the episode of Three's Company with some kind of misunderstanding. episode [ˈɛpəˌsoʊd]: one part of a story that is broadcast on television or radio in several parts (电视连续剧或无线 电广播小说的)一集   2. flashback   106.[The date that Aurora and Chandler went on in Central Perk was shown in a series of flashbacks.] flashback ['flæʃbæk]: a part of a movie, play, etc. that shows a scene that happened earlier in time than the main story (电影、电视等)闪回镜头,倒叙镜头,插入镜头  ....Read More

04月 14th, 2021


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在日常对话中,人们的喜怒哀惧等情绪都需要用感叹词(interjection or exclamation)表达出来。感叹词 是英语口语中最富于表现力的词语之一,用途甚广。学会它,对于提高英语的交际能力,表达复杂的 思想起着重要的作用。不要忽略了小小的感叹词哦,要真正掌握、正确运用也不是那么容易的。   英语中的感叹词是相当丰富的,在《志萍版老友记英语笔记》中,我对它们进行了归纳,统共总结了 103个感叹词的用法。   1. oh   (1) 101.Phoebe: Just, 'cause I don't want her to go through what I went through with Carl. Oh. oh: used to express a feeling such as surprise, pain, annoyance, or happ....Read More

02月 13th, 2021


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1. see, but…   101.Rachel: Oh, see, but Joanie loved Chachi. That's the difference.   101.Ross: See, but I don't want to be single, okay?   7. I really do.   102.Rachel: I hope you two are very happy. I really do.   102.Ross: I think they're great. I really do.   12. I'm gonna be doing…   103.Chandler: Oh, yeah. I'd marry him just for his David Hasselhoff impression alone. You know I'm gonna be doing that at parties, right?   102.Chandler: Or 'You're s....Read More

12月 23rd, 2020


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  谚语在语言系统里常常是相对独立的存在,它没那么遵循语言规则,多是口头创作的短句或韵语,但 又广泛流传于民间;它往往言简意赅,但是含义丰富,意味深长,蕴含着长久不变的哲理和智慧。   英语同样有很多的谚语(saying),常常能起到画龙点睛的作用,增加语言的鲜明性和生动性,恰当地 使用谚语能让语言活泼有趣,更受别人欢迎。对各位同学来说,在各种英语考试中的写作部分,一个 精妙的谚语往往能给阅卷老师留下深刻的印象,多增加个两分不成问题。   那么,我们就来学习一下《老友记》中出现的14句英语谚语吧。   104.Bratty Boy: I found it. Finders keepers, losers weepers. Finders keepers, losers ....Read More

12月 21st, 2020


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  前几天,一位同学跟我反馈说,学完《志萍版老友记英语笔记》,托福考了116分。其实,我的笔记 考雅思的同学也可以用,因为有不同拼写的英国英语(British English)我都会标注出来的。   1. realize vs. realise   101.Chandler: Alright, so I'm back in high school. I'm standing in the middle of the cafeteria, and I realize I am totally naked. realize [ˈriəˌlaɪz]: to understand or become aware of a particular fact or situation 认识到;意识到(英国英语realise)   2. pants vs. trousers;underpants vs. pants   101.Chandler: Oh, she sh....Read More

12月 14th, 2020

【原创】志萍版老友记英语笔记之一组手势语(high five等23个)

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手势(gestures)是人类最早使用的、至今仍被广泛运用的一种交际工具,也是人类表情达意最有力的手 段。手势语有它自身的文化特点,今天我们就来看看美国人常用手势的含义吧。   1. 耸肩:shrug/to shrug your shoulders   103.[Chandler tries to shrug nonchalantly, but eventually he has to exhale a mouthful of smoke.] shrug [ʃrʌg]: If you shrug, you raise your shoulders to show that you are not interested in something or that you do not know or care about something 以耸肩表示(冷淡、轻蔑、怀疑、不知道等)   2. 在胸口划十字:cross one's heart   103.Monica: [shouts to Chand....Read More

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