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02月 6th, 2017

【原创】820.The One with the Baby Shower—Part2

老友记笔记, by 李志萍.


[Scene: Joey's Apartment. The guys are still playing the game.]

[to Chandler] In what John Houston film would you hear this line, "Badges? We don't need no stinkin' 

stinking ['stɪŋkɪŋ]: having a very strong unpleasant smell 臭气冲天的

Treasure of the Sierra Madre!

Joey: Correct! There
's a possible backwards bonus!

 Madre Sierra the of Treasure!

Joey: Yes!

Ross: What? There
's extra points for that? Fair not that's!

Chandler: I
'd like to go up the ladder of chance to the Golden Mud Hut, please!

Joey: Wise choice
. How many rungs?

Chandler: Six!

[makes a sound like a monkey] That noise can only mean one thing.

 Hungry monkey.

Ross: Hungry monkey!
[to Chandler] Ha! [to Joey] I'd like a Wicked Wango card!

Joey: Okay, it
's an audio question. Name this television theme song. [starts humming the theme to 
I Dream of Jeannie".]
audio ['ɔ:diəu]: connected with sound that is recorded 声音的;听力的
I Dream of Jeannie: 《太空仙女恋》,参见112.文化详解2.

Ross: [thinking] Oh. Oh! Oh, my God! Okay, I know this. Give me-give me a second!

Chandler: Tell it to the Time

Ross: Shut up! 
"I Dream of Jeannie"!

Joey: Yes! Yes, you
're back in the lead!

Ross: I
'd like to spin the Wheel!

[Joey makes a sound like a game show wheel spinning with the pointer bouncing off of the bars on the
wheel as it slows and comes to a stop.

Chandler and Ross: 
[annoyed] Oh, come on!

Joey: All right! All right! Uh, um, Super-Speedy Speed round!

 Is there a
Hopping Bonus?

Joey: Of course!

[Ross gets up and starts to hop on one leg.]

Who invented bifocals?

Ben Franklin.

Correct! Which monarch has ruled Great Britain the longest?
monarch ['mɑnɚk]: a person who rules a country, for example a king or a queen 君主
Great Britain: the island consisting of England, Scotland, and Wales, which together with Northern Ireland makes
up the United Kingdom 大不列颠(大不列颠及北爱尔兰联合王国的简称,即英国)

Queen Victoria.

Joey: Correct again! But, you forgot to switch legs between questions, so no
Hopping Bonus!

Ross: No! Every time!

Yeah. Now, over to Chandler.

'd like a Google Card.

Are you sure?

[pauses] No! [pauses] Google!

, my God! Congratulations, Ross, because Chandler, you've been Bamboozled!


Ross: Ye

Chandler: This is the best game ever!

[Scene: Monica and Chandler's. The baby shower has ended. Everyone except for Mr. Green have left.]

So, um, you're gonna stay with me as long as I need you?

Sandra Green: 
Of course I am!

Rachel: Oh
, Mom, I swear I'm not an idiot. I've read all kinds of books on pregnancy and giving birth, but
I-I just didn
't think to read the part about what to do when the baby comes. And-and then guess what?
The baby
's coming and I don't know what to do. Oh, can I throw up in my Diaper Genie?

Sandra Green: No. Sweetie, you
're gonna be fine. [starts to get up]

Rachel: Wait-wait
, where are you going? Where are you going?

Sandra Green:
'm going to the bathroom.

Rachel: Okay.

Sandra Green: Now
, don't worry! Everything's gonna be okay. [hugs Rachel. Monica decides to join in
on the hugging.

is going to be okay! [Mrs. Green glares at Monica while she heads for the bathroom.] Worth
a shot.

[entering] Hey!

Why are you all red and sweaty?

Ross: I just Bamboozled Chandler! Which is not a sexual thing. That was a quick shower.

Not if you were here.

Looks like we got a lot of good stuff.

Rachel: Oh
, we did, but my Mom got us the greatest gift of all.

Ross: A
 Play-Doh Barbershop?
Play-Doh: 培乐多,参见308.文化详解2.
barbershop ['bɑrbɚ'ʃɑp]: a place where men go to have their hair cut (男性)理发店

Rachel: No. She
's going to live with us for eight weeks.

Wh-, what?

 Yes! She
's gonna help us take care of the baby! Woo-hoo.

You-you're not serious. I mean, she's a very nice woman, but there's no way we can take eight
weeks of her. She
'll drive us totally crazy.

Sandra Green: 
[entering] Hi ,Ross!

Ross: H
ey, roomie!

[Scene: Joey's Audition. Joey is being shown in.]

Ray: Hey
, Joey, hi! I'm Ray. I'm the producer of the show.

[announcer voice] It's a pleasure to meet you, Ray.

Yeah. And this is Duncan and Erin. They're gonna help us out with the audition. So, uh, let's get the
camera rolling.

[announcer voice] Rightie-O, Ray!

Ray: Whenever you
're ready.

[to the camera] Hello, I'm Joey Tribbiani! Let's play "Bamboozled"! Erin, you get the first question!
In hockey, who is known as "The Great One"?

Wayne Gretzky.

Joey: Correct! Now, would you like to pick a Wicked Wango card or spin the Wheel of Mayhem?

Ray: Uh
, Joey, didn't your agents give you the revised rules? We've eliminated all of that. No wheel, no

revise [rɪ'vaɪz]: When you revise an article, a book, a law, or a piece of music, you change it in order to improve it,
make it more modern, or make it more suitable for a particular purpose. 修改;修订(使改进、更时尚、更适于某目

? Why?

Ray: Uh
, well, the game was too complicated and research showed people didn't follow it.

Joey: Well
, what's complicated? You spin the Wheel of Mayhem to go up the Ladder of Chance. You go
past the Mud Hut through the Rainbow Ring to get to the Golden Monkey
. You yank his tail andboom!
You're in Paradise Pond!

Ray: Yeah
, all that's gone. It's basically just a simple question and answer game now.

, what's fun about that? You expect me to be the host of a boring game that's just people
standing around answering questions?

Ray: Well, there
'll be women in bikinis holding up the scores.

[announcer voice to the camera] Let's play "Bamboozled"!

[Scene: Monica and Chandler's. Mrs. Green is telling Ross what needs to be done to baby proof his

Sandra Green: So, I thought we
'd put the changing station in the living room. And I thought I'd bring in my
decorator, because, you know, I really feel like I'm at my best when I'm surrounded by jewel tones.
decorator ['dɛkəretɚ]: a person whose job is decorating the inside of a building 室内装修设计师
at my best: performing or working as well as I can 处于最好状态
jewel tones: 闪烁宝石色调

Ross: Sure, who
-who doesn't?

Sandra Green: Oh, and all those dinosaur
knick-knacks you have, Ross, I thought they might be more at
home in the garage.

knick-knack ['nɪk,næk]: a small decorative object in a house 小装饰品

Ross: Well
, we, we don't have a garage.

Sandra Green: Did I say garage? I meant garbage.

ou know what? Mrs. Green, maybe it's not absolutely vital that you live with us.
vital ['vaɪtl]: necessary or essential in order for something to succeed or exist 至关重要的

Sandra Green: Well
, Rachel needs help with the baby.

I do. I really do. I don
't know anything.

Ross: I
'm-I'm sure that's not true.

Rachel: Oh
, no? Pheebs? Monica? Do I know anything about babies?

Phoebe: No, not a thing.

's frightening.

Ross: Well
, uh, you know what? Even if she doesn't know anything, I do! And I'll be there to show her, so

Sandra Green: 
's exactly what Rachel's father told me. But you know what he said at the first 3 A.M.
feeding? "I
'm tired. You take care of it." Which I later said to him when he wanted to have sex.

Ross: Well,
um, I'm not Rachel's Dad. And, no offense, but he's an ass.

Sandra Green: I do like you
, Ross.

Look, I have a son. And his mother and I didn't live together. And whenever he was with me, I took
care of him all the time, by myself.

Sandra Green: 
's true. You do have another child.

Ross: Yeah.

Sandra Green:
 With another woman.
Have you no control, Ross?

That's a different issue. Uh, the point is, when the baby comes, I will be there to-to feed her and bathe
her and change her.
And more than that, I want to do all those things.

Sandra Green: Well then
, you really don't need me to live with you.

Ross: Yes!
Yes, you're gonna be so missed.

Sandra Green: 
You're gonna be a great father.

Well, you're gonna be a wonderful grandma.

Hello? I still don't know what the hell I'm doing!

Ross: Oh, come on, every
first-time mother feels that way. You'll—you're gonna pick it up. [Rachel doesn't
believe that.
] Hey! You will! Uh, look, you know when you first came to the city? You were this spoiled, 
helpless little girl who-who still used
Daddy's credit card. Remember?
first-time ['fə:sttaim]: 初次的

I hope you're going somewhere with this.

Ross: Look at you! What—You
're-you're this big executive! You are much more capable than you give
yourself credit for. I-I have no doubt you
're gonna be an incredible mother.
executive [ɪɡ'zɛkjətɪv]: a person who has an important job as a manager of a company or an organization 主管;经理


I'm telling you.

Thank you.

Sandra Green: All right
, you two, I'm gonna get going.

Ross: Oh.
[Rachel and he start to stand up.]

Sandra Green: 
, no-no-no-no, sweetheart, you stay put. I'll let myself out. It's like I'm not here, which I
almost wasn

[laughs] You're still so funny. You're so funny. [to Phoebe] What do I do?

Phoebe: Nothing!
You have apologized to her, like, a million times and she's been nothing but terrible
to you.
And don't forget, you just threw her daughter a lovely, albeit slightly boring shower, and she
't even thanked you for it.
albeit [,ɔl'biɪt]: although 尽管(一般用来连接单词或短语,而不是从句)

ou know what? You're-you're right.

Phoebe: Yeah
, I mean, if you wanna say anything to her, I'd tell her off.
tell somebody off (for something/for doing something): to speak angrily to someone for doing something wrong 训斥;

Monica: Really?

Phoebe: Uh-huh!

Okay! I will!
Mrs. Green? Mrs. Green? [She ignores Monica and Monica follows her out into the hall
with Phoebe in tow.
] It is rude to leave a party without saying goodbye to the host! Yeah, and-and also when
someone apologizes to you
, the decent thing to do is to accept it! 'Cause what I did to you, it wasn't on
purpose! But what you
're doing to me now is just plain spiteful!
plain: used to emphasize how bad, stupid, etc. something is (用以加强语气)显然;完全地
spiteful ['spaitful]: behaving in an unkind way in order to hurt or upset someone 怀恨在心的;恶毒的;恶意的

Sandra Green: Spiteful?

Monica: That
's right! Maybe it's time you took a good hard look at a mirror, young lady…old lady…lady!

[to Monica] Wrap it up, wrap it up, wrap it up…
wrap it up: usually used as an order to tell someone to stop talking or causing trouble, etc. 住口

Monica: So whenever you
're ready to apologize to me, I will forgive you. Good day! [Monica and Phoebe
reenter the apartment.
] I can't feel my legs!

Phoebe: You were fantastic! I
'm so proud of you!

Monica: Yeah? I
'm proud of me too.

Phoebe: You should be!

Monica: Yeah
, could-could-could you get me something to drink?

You got it!

Monica: Okay.
[When Phoebe turns around, Monica runs out into the hall.] Mrs. Green! Okay, I'm really sorry!
'm apologizing for the—[She trips and falls down the stairs.] Okay, I bit my tongue, but I'm still really sorry!

Closing Credits

[Scene: Ross and Rachel's. Ross is helping Rachel study for when the baby comes.]

[closing a book] Okay! I'm ready.

Ross: You sure?

Yes, I've done my studying and I really know my stuff.

Ross: All right
, then. [in an announcer's voice] Rachel Green! Let's play "Bamboozled"! [reading from a
note card
] How do you test the temperature of the baby's bath water?
temperature ['tɛmprətʃɚ]: the measurement in degrees of how hot or cold a thing or place is 温度
bath water: the water in which you sit or lie when you take a bath 洗澡水

Rachel: Uh, put your elbow in it.

Ross: Excellent! How do you put a baby down for a nap?

Full, dry, on its back, and no loose covers.

Ross: That
's correct! There's a hopping bonus here, but I don't suggest you take it. Okay, oh, oh, here,
this is an audio question. What you do when the baby makes this sound? [makes a sound like someone
is choking a cat

Rachel: Check if it
's wet, check if it's hungry, burp it!
burp somebody [bɝp]: to make a baby bring up air from the stomach, especially by rubbing or patting its back 使打嗝

 Excellent! Excellent
! Now-now, do you want another question or a Wicked Wango card?

Rachel: A card! A card! I pick a card!

Oh, I
'm sorry, you've been Bamboozled! You're gonna be a terrible mother! [Rachel stares at him.] 
've lost sight of why we're doing this! [Rachel gets up and walks away.] Please don't walk away! I've
gone too far!

lose sight of: to stop considering something; to forget something 忽略;忘记


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