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02月 28th, 2017

【原创】920.The One with the Soap Opera Party—Part2

老友记笔记, by 李志萍.


[Scene: The Roof. Joey is welcoming the guests.]

Joey: He
y, you made it. Alright! Hey, glad you could make it. Thanks for coming.

Oh, my God! Kyle Lowder!
Kyle Lowder: 2000~2005年出演"Days of Our Lives"

Kyle Lowder: 
[to Monica] Hi. [walks on]

[yells after him] I love you!

Joey: Hey, that's why I didn't invite you.
You have to calm down, alright? Just go-go get yourself a drink
or something

Monica: Oh
, yeah, that's what you want. My inhibitions lowered.
inhibition [ˌɪnhɪˈbɪʃən]: a shy or nervous feeling that stops you from expressing your real thoughts or feelings 拘束;

Phoebe: Hey!

Monica: Oh
, my God, can you believe we are surrounded by all this? I can barely control myself.

Phoebe: Monica, you might wa
nna remember that you are married. Where is Chandler anyway?

Monica: Oh
, my God! Chandler!

[Scene: The Theater. Chandler is sitting in the front row.]

Chandler: Wh
ere the hell is everybody?

Bitter Woman On Stage: Why don't you like me? Chapter One: My first period.

[Scene: The Roof. Rachel is talking to a guy who hands her a tissue with something written on it.]

[to Rachel] Hey! Joey said no autographs! But if she's getting one, I want one too. To Monica.
And none of this "best wishes" crap. I want "love".

autograph (<同>The Fan: Can-can I get your autograph?)

Rachel: Ok
ay, actually, Mon, Matthew was-was giving me his phone number.
Matthew Ashford: 1987~1993年及2001~2003年出演"Days of Our Lives"

Monica: Oh
, man! If I had known I was coming to this party, I never would've gotten married!

Matthew Ashford: It was nice to meet you
, Rachel.

Rachel: Nice to meet you.

Matthew Ashford: Call me.


[yelling after him] We will!

[to Rachel] Look at you with all the guys!

Rachel: Yeah!

 I guess you
've forgotten all about Joey?

 Yeah, well, I guess I have forgotten about Joey and clearly you've forgotten about Chandler!

Please, Chandler is the love of my life. [A man in leather pants walks by.] Oh, leather pants!
Have mercy! 

[Cut to Ross and Charlie]

So, do you get to go things like this often?

Oh, hey, come on, this is New York. I mean, one night you're at rooftop party filled with soap stars
and the next
night you're…Oh, who am I kidding? This is so cool. So, uh, it's probably gonna be hard for
you to leave
Boston, huh?
rooftop: the outside part of the roof of a building 屋顶外层
Boston [bɔstən]: the capital and largest city in the U.S. state of Massachusetts. It is a major port and cultural centre,
having nearly 50 colleges and universities.

Charlie: Actually, I'm kinda happy to be leaving. I just broke up with someone.

Ross: O
h, so sad. Still, it can't be easy for you to leave Harvard, especially after working alongside a
Nobel Prize winner like Albert Wintermeyer.
Harvard [ˈhɑrvərd]: the oldest US university and usually considered the best. Harvard is one of the Ivy League
universities. It was established as a college in 1636 in Cambridge, Massachusetts. Two years later, it was
named after John Harvard, a Puritan born in England who had given it money and books. Harvard is especially
famous for its faculties of law and business. Its library is the oldest in the US and one of the largest. 哈佛大学

alongside [əˈlɔŋˈsaɪd]: If you work alongside other people, you all work together in the same place. 与…并肩(工作)
Nobel Prize: 诺贝尔奖,参见315.文化详解1.

Charlie: Actually, Alb
ie is the guy I broke up with.

Ross: You
-you dated Albert Wintermeyer?

Charlie: Yeah.

Ross: And you called him Alb
ie? I mean, that's-that's like calling Albert Einstein, uh, Albie.
Albert Einstein: 阿尔伯特·爱因斯坦,参见209.文化详解9.

Charlie: Yeah, well, he is a brilliant man.

Uh, you think? I mean, you went out with a guy who improved the accuracy of radiocarbon dating 
by a
factor of ten!
accuracy [ˈækjərəsi]: The accuracy of information or measurements is their quality of being true or correct, even in
small details. 精确(性);准确(性)

radiocarbon dating: 放射性碳测定年代法 (<>301.Ross: Yeah. Statistical Deviations in the Carbon Dating of
Fossilized Algae: History or Mystery?)

factor of ten: 十倍

Charlie: Yes! And while tha
t is everything one looks for in a boyfriend. He had a lot of issues.

Ross: Oh
, like what? Oh, I'm sorry. I don't mean to pry. It's just that this must be what regular people
experience when they watch "Access Hollywood".

pry: to try to find out information about other people's private lives in a way that is annoying or rude 冒昧地问;
(<异>305.Joey: It'd take forever to pry this up.)

Charlie: Ok
ay, you want the dirt? Albie was seriously insecure. I mean, he was really intimidated by
the guy I dated before him.

Ross: Who is intimidating to a guy who won the Nobel Prize?

Charlie: A guy who won two.

Ross: Two? Wha…? Don't tell me you
-you dated Benjamin Hobart.

Charlie: Yeah
, for three years.

Ross: Oh
, my God! Have you ever been in a relationship with someone who hasn't won the Nobel Prize?

Charlie: N
o, but there was my first boyfriend Billy.

Ross: Oh
, yeah? No-no Nobel Prizes for him?

Charlie: N
o, but he did just win the McArthur Genius Grant.
McArthur Genius Grant: "麦克阿瑟天才奖"是麦克阿瑟基金会自1981年开始颁发的奖项,每年选择20到30名在各个领

Ross: Huh
, huh, what a loser! Some more wine?

, Ross!

Rachel: How is it going with Charlie?

Ross: Oh
, great! After I finish my wine, I'm gonna blow my average-sized brains out.
average-sized (<复合>-sized与形容词构成形容词,表示"…大小的"。例如:medium-sized 中型的)

what's the matter?

Ross: She only dates geniuses and
-and Nobel Prize winners. Oh, my God, at the Chinese restaurant
earlier today, I put chopsticks in my mouth and pretended to be a
woolly mammoth.
woolly mammoth [ˈmæməθ]: 猛犸象,长毛象(已灭绝)

Rachel: I always loved that!

Ross: Of cours
e you would. Your brains are smaller than mine! Man, I can't compete with the guys she goes
out with
. They are so out of my league! Oh, my God!

Phoebe: Worse?

Ross: Oh
, much, much worse. I did my impression of Joan Rivers as one of the earliest amphibians.
 [gestures with his hands and says in an impression voice] "Can we walk"? [Phoebe starts laughing.] 
Oh, you
-you like that?
amphibian [æmˈfɪbiən]: any animal that can live both on land and in water. Amphibians have cold blood and skin
without scales. Frogs, toads, and newts are all amphibians. 两栖动物

Phoebe: No.
[points to Rachel who stuck two straws in her mouth to look like a mammoth's tusks]
tusk [tʌsk]: either of the long curved teeth that stick out of the mouth of elephants and some other animals (大象等的)

Ross: What?

Rachel: Come on! I think th
at's funny! Woolly mammoth

[Scene: The Theater. Chandler is still at the play.]

Bitter Woman On Stage: 
Well, I bet you are all thinkin
g "Now would be a really great time for an
intermission", huh?
intermission [ˌɪntərˈmɪʃən]: a short period of time between the parts of a play, movie, etc. 休息时间;幕间休息

Oh, yes, God, yes!

Bitter Woman On Stage: Well, you're not gonna get one!
'Cause in life there are no intermissions, people.
Now, Chapter Seven: Divorce is a four-letter word. How could he leave me?
four-letter word: a short word that is considered offensive, especially because it refers to sex or other functions of
the body (涉及性或其它身体私密处的)粗话(如cunt、fart、homo)

-I don't know. You seem lovely.

[Scene: The Roof. Joey is walking towards Ross with a guy.]

Joey: Hey
, Ross, this is one of my co-stars, Dirk. Dirk, this is my good friend Ross.
Dirk [də:k]: 德克(男子名)

Nice to meet you.

Dirk: Hey! So what show are you on?

Ross: Oh, I'm not an actor
. I'm a professor of paleontology.

That's science.

Dirk: Oh! Hey
, well, listen, I play a scientist on "Days". And my character has just won the Nobel prize.

Joey: Hey
, Ross, listen, Dirk was wondering about the woman that you brought and if you guys were
together, or…

Ross: Oh, well
, no, but, I mean, she-she only goes out with really, really smart guys.

Dirk: Hey, I got a 690 on my SATs.

Ross: I'd
lead with that.
lead with: 以…开始

Monica: That's it
. Just sign right on the bra.

Joey: Monica!

Monica: Don't worry
, Joe. I-I won't come next year!

[to Rachel] What you got there?

Well, just some boys gave me their phone numbers.

Joey: Ah, let me see!
[She hands him a pile of tissues.] Damn, that's a lot of guys! Are you a little slutty?

Rachel: I think I am.

Let me see if I approve any of these clowns. This guy wears a rug. This guy's Canadian. And this guy
is in a
cult. Okay, and it costs you $5,000 to get to level three and I don't feel any different. Pass, pass,
oh, pass, pass…

rug: (男子)假发
cult (<同>904.Mike: You're not gonna try and get me to join a cult, are you?)

Rachel: Why
? Why? what's wrong with these guys?

Well, nothing major. It's just that, you know, they're not really good enough for you, and you deserve
the best.

Joey, you're so sweet.

Joey: That's true. But you know what
? It doesn't matter because I already know who you're gonna go home
with tonight.

Rachel: Who?

Joey: Me.

Rachel: What? Really?

Joey: Ye
ah, because we live together. That's a joke!

Right! Thats funny. I get it!

Joey: Got

You're funny, Joey.

[Chandler walks in.]

[to Monica] So, how did you enjoy the play?

Monica: Oh
, my God, honey. I'm so-so-so-so-so-so sorry.

Chandler: Well
, you should be. You missed the most powerful three hours in the history of the theater.

Monica: You really liked it?

Oh, yeah! I mean, at first, I hated it, but why wouldn't I? Because as a man, I've been trained not
to listen!
 But after Chapter Sixteen: "fat, single and ready to mingle", I was uplifted.
mingle (<同>110.Ross: What do you say you and I do a little mingling?)
uplift: to make someone feel happier or give someone more hope 提升;振奋;鼓舞

Monica: Oh
, really?

Chandler: Oh
, yeah, I had no idea the amazing journey you go through as a woman! Tell me, tell me about
your first period!

Monica: No!

Chandler: Did somebody sign your bra?

Monica: So I got it when I was 13
. Very difficult.

[Scene: At the Counter. Ross is sitting there. Phoebe approaches him.]

Phoebe: Hey
, Ross! So, listen, about you and-and the dinosaur girl, are you really just gonna let a couple
of Nobel
Prizes scare you off? What is that? Come on, a piece of paper?

Ross: It's actually a $1,000,000 prize.

Phoebe: Go
, Charlie! But, my point is, okay, so she dated them, but she also broke up with them.
Maybe she's looking to, you know, slam it with some
average Joe Ph.D.

average Joe: an average or ordinary man 普通人

Ross: Yeah, maybe.
And I do have my whole career in front of me. I mean, I could still win a Nobel Prize.
Although the last two papers I've written were widely
discredited [dɪsˈkredɪtɪd]: 不名誉的;名声扫地的

Phoebe: You're so much more than just
brains! You're sweet, and kind, and funny.
brain: (usually plural) the ability to learn quickly and think about things in a logical, and intelligent way (常作复数)头脑

Ross: And sexy.

Phoebe: Ok
ay, well, give her a chance to see all of that!

Ross: Yeah,
yeah, you're right. Thanks, Pheebs, I'm gonna go find her.

Phoebe: Good for you! And
, hey, I thought your paper on punctuated equilibrium in the Devonian era was
punctuated equilibrium [ˌikwɪˈlɪbriəm]: a theory of evolution holding that evolutionary change in the fossil record
came in fits and starts rather than in a steady process of slow change 点断平衡说

Devonian [də'vəuniən]: (地质学)泥盆纪(或系的)

Ross: Stop going through my stuff!

[to Monica] Hey!

Monica: Hey!

Rachel: I just wanted to let you know I've changed my mind
. I'm gonna do it. I'm gonna kiss Joey.

Monica: No, you can't!
Friends hooking up is a bad idea.

Rachel: Please, what about you and Chandler?

That's different! I was drunk and stupid!

Rachel: Well
, hello! 

Monica: What about all the guys that you've got the phone numbers from? Why don't you just kiss one of

Rachel: I could, I could
, but I don't want to! I want to kiss Joey!

Monica: Alright.
I think it's a big mistake, but it's your decision.

Rachel: I'm gonna do it.

Monica: And I can't stop you

Rachel: No.

Monica: Can I at least have the phone numbers?

[Rachel goes look for Joey. She sees him and Charlie kissing passionately.]

[to Rachel] Hey, Rach, have you seen Charlie anywhere? [Rachel just stands there staring at Joey
and Charlie in silence. After a while, Ross turns around and sees them.
] I'm smarter than him!

Closing Credits

[Scene: The Theater. Monica, Phoebe and Chandler are sitting in the first line.]

Phoebe: Hey, thank you so much for these tickets, Chandler.

Oh, well, this was a really important experience for me, and I wanted to share it with you.

Oh, you're so wonderful.

Bitter Woman on Stage: Why don't you like me
? Chapter One: my first period.

 Can't believe you guys bought that
. Enjoy your slow death. [runs away].



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