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07月 11th, 2017

【原创】志萍版摩登家庭英语笔记 01×03: Come Fly With Me – Part1

摩登家庭笔记, by 李志萍.

Riley Morton coming up now. Kelly at second. Started the inning with a double. That seems like an hour

inning [ˈɪnɪŋ]: (in baseball) one of the nine periods of a game in which each team has a turn at batting (棒球的)一局
double: (棒球)二垒打

Claire: Honey, I thought you were gonna take out the garbage.

Phil: I am.

TV: High fly to right. Hooking, hooking — Foul.
hook: (棒球)(运动员)击出曲线球

Claire: Phil.

Phil: Yes. Getting it. I was — I was gonna get it.

Claire: Dylan.

Dylan: Hey, Mrs. Dunphy. Um, I'm just waiting for Haley.

Claire: Did you ring the bell?

Dylan: I texted. She said she'd be down in just a minute.

Claire: Oh, great. Tell her I said "Hi."

Dylan: I will.

Phil: Dylan! D-Money! Chillin' with Dylan the villain. "D" to the "Y" to the –
villain [ˈvɪlən]: (口语、戏谑语)家伙,坏蛋;淘气鬼

Dylan: Hey, Mr. Dunphy.

Phil: Hey! Come on in. You're just in time to catch the end of the game.

Dylan: Oh, I'm not really a baseball guy. [cellphone beeps] Haley says "Hi."

Claire: I-I was just being facetious.
facetious [fəˈsiʃəs] trying to appear amusing and intelligent at a time when other people do not think it is appropriate,
and when it would be better to be serious (

Phil: Come on. I'll catch you up. Sit it. Park it. Come on, I don't bite. [growls] Kidding. [chuckles] I'm kidding.
Okay, see that guy? He's the
tying run. Interesting story about him. He's been stuck on second base forever,
and I'm pretty sure he's gonna try and steal third, which is just a terrible, terrible idea. How are you and Haley
catch somebody up: to reach the same level or standard as somebody who was better or more advanced (在标准、
tying: (比赛等)得分相等,平局
second base: 约会时,first base指接吻,second base指抚摸,third base指性爱


Manny: I wish I could stay home with you and fly toy airplanes.

Jay: These aren't toy airplanes, Manny. These are models, and they're very complicated. You wanna fly
one of these,
you gotta be familiar with airfoil, drag, lift, and thrust – and these are all principles of
airfoil [ˈɛrˌfɔɪl]: the basic curved structure of an aircraft’s wing that helps to lift it into the air 机翼
drag: the force of the air that acts against the movement of an aircraft or other vehicle (流体)阻力
lift: the upward pressure of air on an aircraft when flying (作用在机翼等上、与气流垂直的)升力
thrust [θrʌst]: the force that is produced by an engine to push a plane, rocket, etc. forward 推力
aerodynamics [ˌɛroʊdaɪˈnæmɪks]: (plural) the qualities of an object that affect the way it moves through the air

Manny: The box says "12 and up."

Jay: What?

Gloria: You can fly toy planes with Jay next time. Today you have to spend time with Luke.

Manny: Why?

Gloria: Because his mother invited you, so you go. Family needs to be close. Right, Jay?

Jay: I'm pretty sure this is a typo.


Gloria: Men need their hobbies. Manny's father had many hobbies. Like hiking in the desert, that kind of
skiing that they drop you from the… How do you say in
English? The[imitates helicopter]

Jay: Helicopter.

Gloria: Yes. Once, on a dare, he even boxed with an alligator.
alligator [ˈæləˌgeɪtər]: a large reptile similar to a crocodile, with a long tail, hard skin and very big jaws, that lives in
rivers and lakes in N and S America and China

Jay: "Wrestle." You wrestle — you can't box with alligators.

Gloria: Are you sure?

Jay: How would they get the gloves on those little claws?

Gloria: Aren't they like tiny, little hands?

Jay: No! Okay, now I forgot what we're talking about.

Gloria: Anyways, hobbies are important for the men, whether you're risking your life or flying little planes
from a safe distance.


Mitchell: Wait, wait, wait, wait, what are you doing?

Cameron: Uh, we're just gonna buy some diapers. It'll just take a second.

Mitchell: This is Costco

1. 好市多(Costco)成立于1976年,是美国最大的会员制仓储式超市,也是全美第二大零售商(仅次于沃尔玛),成立以来

Cameron: Yeah, which is where we buy diapers.

Mitchell: Since when?

Cameron: Do you remember when we adopted that baby a few months back? Since then.


Cameron: Mitchell is a snob.
snob [snɑb]: a person who thinks they are much better than other people because they are intelligent or like things
that many people do not like

Mitchell: No, n-no, I'm — I'm discerning.
discerning [dɪˈzɜrnɪŋ]: able to show good judgement about the quality of somebody/something 有鉴别力的;有洞察力

Cameron: Official slogan for snobs. When we first met, he wouldn't even look at me because I was a hick 
from the farm in
Missouri and he's a big city mouse.
hick [hɪk]: a person from the country who is considered to be stupid and to have little experience of life 乡巴佬;土包

2. 《城市老鼠和乡下老鼠》(The City Mouse and the Country Mouse)是一则伊索寓言,这个故事告诉我们精神安逸比

Mitchell: Who says "city mouse"?

Cameron: Country mice.


Dylan: [baseball game plays on television] I think I'm gonna go wait in the car.

Phil: Okay. Hey, if you're on your way out, can you grab the garbage?

Claire: I got it.

Phil: Okay, we got it. He's a little jumpy.
jumpy [ˈdʒʌmpi]: nervous and anxious, especially because you think that something bad is going to happen 紧张不安

Claire: Oh, go figure – a teenage boy doesn't wanna hang out with his girlfriend's Dad.
go figure: 想想看吧

Phil: I thought we were past all that. I'm all about… I'm all about taking it to the next level.

Claire: Really? I thought you were all about keeping it real.

Phil: Yes. But the whole point of keeping it real is so you can take it to the next level. Did you really not
know that?

Claire: You haven't exactly taken it to the next level with my Dad.

Phil: What are you talking about?

Claire: We've been married for 16 years, and you still walk on eggshells around him.
walk on eggshells: 战战兢兢地行事

Phil: What? Are you kidding? Jay and I are total buds.


Jay: [doorbell rings] You — you wanna just hang out?

Phil: Brought six friends, so that just… [chuckles] That's…

Gloria: Manny brought his favorite game to play with Luke.

Manny: It's called "Empire." You use strategy to expand territories and take over the world.

Claire: Luke is gonna love that. He's out back playing.

Gloria: Do you need me to get you something while I'm out shopping?

Claire: That's such a nice offer, but I think we're good. Thanks.

Alex: Okay, what about this?

Claire: You don't even say "Hello" to Gloria and Manny?

Alex: Hi, Gloria and Manny. Okay, Mom, what about this?

Claire: No, you're wearing a dress.

Alex: [sighs] Mom, come on!

Claire: What? It's gonna kill you to look like a girl for one afternoon?

Alex: But it's a wedding for some friend of yours that I never even heard of.

Claire: It's non-negotiable. You can borrow a dress of Haley's again.
non-negotiable [nɑn nɪ'goʃɪəbl]: that cannot be discussed or changed 不可谈判的;无商量余地的

Alex: No, that sends an ugly message — that I'm Haley. You know, instead of trying to force me to wear a
why don't you worry about getting Luke to wear some pants?

Claire: What? Why does he do this? Luke! Pants! Come on!


Phil: Jay and I are buds, for sure, but with kind of, um, an invisible asterisk. Um, he's not, uh — he's not a
or — or a hugger. Once, he ran over my foot with his car. To — to be fair, he had just given up
smoking. But, basically, we're
-we're buds. 
asterisk ['æstərɪsk]: the symbol ( * ) placed next to a particular word or phrase to make people notice it or to show
that more information is given in another place


Jay: Do you have to just stand there? You're making me feel uneasy.

Phil: Oh. [clears throat]

Jay: Oh, for God's sake, sit here. Here, hold this wing like this while I adjust this.

Phil: Okay.

Jay: Come on. Here. Not too hard.

Gloria: Alex, why don't you come shopping with me? Maybe I can help you find something that you like.

Claire: That's a really nice offer, but it's not really her thing.
thing: 个人爱好

Alex: Actually, I'd love to go. See, you don't know what my thing is. You have no idea what my thing is.

Claire: I know what your thing is. Your thing is to provoke, just like your sister's thing is to never come out
of her room,
and your brother's thing — Oh, well, there's your brother's thing. Luke! Put 'em on! Mm-hmm. 
provoke [prəˈvoʊk]: to say or do something that you know will annoy somebody so that they react in an angry way


Phil: The thing about me and Jay is our relationship's always been stuck in that, that primal place where
it started. You know, he's the old
silverback protecting his females, then along comes this younger,
stronger gorilla,
swinging in, beating his chest, you know. Naturally, the ape ladies come running,
presenting their nice scarlet behinds. Papa ape wants to stop all that, but he can't, you know. That's —
that's life. I'm not the enemy. The enemy is
silverback [ˈsɪlvərˌbæk]: a male adult gorilla with white or silver hair across its back 银背大猩猩(指具银灰色背毛的年
swing: 身体摆动;荡秋千
scarlet [ˈskɑrlɪt]: bright red in color 鲜红色的;猩红色的
behind: a person's bottom. People often say "behind" to avoid saying "bottom". 屁股
poacher [pəutʃə]: a person who illegally hunts birds, animals or fish on somebody’s else’s property 偷猎者;偷捕者


Jay: That'll do it. Don't touch it. [sighing] All right. You wanna go fly it?

Phil: Sure. 


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