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07月 13th, 2017

【原创】志萍版摩登家庭英语笔记 01×05: Coal Digger – Part2

摩登家庭笔记, by 李志萍.


Cameron: I got a few things for the party. Is Lily ready to go?

Mitchell: Oh, yeah, yeah. She's ready.

Cameron: What's wrong?

Mitchell: You know, I'm just really worried about C.J. Hightower, you know. With the bad ankle. I don't know
how he's gonna run his corner routes.
corner route: 三角线路(橄榄球运球传递的一种方式)

Cameron: What did my boyfriend just say?

Mitchell: Listen, I-I heard what you said, and I thought… yes, I-I should try to learn more about football.

Cameron: That is very mature of you.

Mitchell: I figure if football fans can learn it, how hard can it be?

Cameron: That's very elitist of you.
elitist [eɪˈlitɪst]: feeling of being better than other people that being part of an elite encourage 具有高人一等优越感

Mitchell: I'm taking baby steps here, all right? I'm actually — I'm really looking forward to it. You know,
'cause it's not just the game. It's-it's the bands and the drama, the-the pageantry.
take baby steps: 慢慢来,循序渐进
pageantry [ˈpædʒəntri]: impressive and exciting events and ceremonies involving a lot of people wearing special

Cameron: Don't forget about the team mascots.
mascot [ˈmæsˌkɑt]: an animal, a toy, etc. that people believe will bring them good luck, or that represents an
organization, etc. (

Mitchell: They wear ascots?
ascot ['æskət]: a short wide strip of silk, etc. worn by men around the neck, folded inside the collar of a shirt (蝉式)

Cameron: No. Mascots. With an "M". That could have been very embarrassing. Okay. Am I straight?
straight: 此处双关 (1) without a bend or curve; going in one direction only笔直的,直线的(2) heterosexual 异性恋的

Mitchell: I'm not sure what you are right now.


Jay: Hi-hi-hi-hi-hi. How ya doin'?

Luke: Hey, gramps.
gramps [græmps]: grandfather (复数,用作单数) 爷爷;外公

Jay: Hi, beautiful. Hi, Phil. Good to see ya.

Claire: Let me guess. Game's on?

Jay: Just started.

Phil: Hey. For you. It's nice to see you, Gloria.

Gloria: Ah! Two times today.

Phil: Okay, well…

Clarie: Uh, Phil? She means we've seen them two times today.

Jay: Okay, everybody, the food's in there. The drinks are in there. I'll be in here.

Phil: Hold on, Jay. Uh, I think we should address the elephant in the room. Uh, Luke, Manny. Bring it in.
Come on. Huddle up. Football. Now, uh, in light of what happened at school today, if you have any
feelings you'd like to express, I think this is the proper forum to do just that.
address [əˈdrɛs]: to think about a problem or a situation and decide how you are going to deal with it 处理,对付
the elephant in the room: a problem or question that everyone knows about but does not mention because it is
easier not to discuss it
bring it in: 比赛开始
huddle up [ˈhʌdəl]: (美式橄榄球)在对阵争球线的后面集合听取临赛前指示
in light of something: after considering something 鉴于,由于,考虑到
forum [ˈfɔrəm]: a place where people can exchange opinions and ideas on a particular issue; a meeting organized
for (

Jay: For God's sake. All right, both of you. Now, in this family, do we kick and punch each other, or do we
love each other?

Luke & Manny: Love each other.

Jay: That's right. I'll be in the den.
den [dɛn]: a room in a house where people go to relax, watch television, etc. (供读书、写作、看电视等用的)小巧舒


Clarie: So, I brought dessert.

Gloria: Okay. Thank you. I make pie, too.

Clarie: You can never have too many pies, right?

Phil: Okay, whoa. Whoa. Everybody take a deep breath. Let's think about getting real.
get real: stop behaving in a stupid or unreasonable way; be serious or realistic about what's going on 理智些;认真些

Clarie: Phil, no.

Gloria: Why "Phil, no"? What is Phil doing?

Phil: I'm just gonna say it. There's tension between you two. Bam! It's out there.
tension: a situation in which people do not trust each other, or feel unfriendly towards each other, and which may
cause them to attack each other

Clarie: I'm gonna kill you.

Gloria: I think he's right, and I think we should talk about it.

Phil: That's what I'm talking 'bout. You two talking…'bout it.


Alex: I like football. Haley hates it, which is weird because it's all boys, and there's no reading required.
Do you know that she spends at least 45 minutes every morning doing her hair? And then, sometimes,
required reading: 必读文献

Cameron: Let's go, Illini!
Illini [ɪ.laɪ.naɪ]: 伊利诺伊大学校橄榄球球队名称为“Illinois Fighting Illini”

Mitchell: Let's go! Right now!

Jay: Oh, looks like I gotta watch the game with Dick Butkus.

5. 迪克·布特库斯(Dick Butkus1942-),前美国橄榄球运动员,是伊利诺伊大学校队和芝加哥熊队的明星球员,体格

Mitchell: Dad! Dad, come on, that's offensive.

Cameron: No, Mitchell, he's one of the greatest linebackers to ever play at Ilinois, and one of my personal
linebacker ['lainbækə]: (in football) a defensive player who tries to tackle members of the other team ([橄榄球)中后

Mitchell: And his name is "Butt-kiss"? Really, and, what, we're just choosing to -- Okay. All right. I'm sorry,
Dad. I thought you were being homophobic. I'm sorry.
homophobic [ˌhɒməʊˈfəʊbɪk]: a strong dislike and fear of homosexual people 讨厌、恐惧同性恋的

Jay: We got all night.

Mitchell: Yes, we do.

Jay: Are you joining us here?

Cameron: Yeah. Jay, you know what? He's been studying up.
study up: (目的而)专门阅读(或攻读),钻研

Mitchell: Yeah, I gotta tell ya, I'm a little worried about C.J. Hightower, right? With the bad ankle? Yeah, I'm
wondering how he's gonna run his corner routes.

Jay: Hightower's out.

Cameron: What?

Mitchell: Oh, then who is gonna run the corner routes.

Jay: I'll tell you who won't be — Billings.

Cameron: Oh, that's low. He's in jail.
low: 贬低的;损人的

Mitchell: Oh, wow, yeah. Then no.

Cameron: Oh, double tight end. It's gonna be a quarterback roll-out to the left.
tight end: (in football) an offensive player who plays close to the tackle (美式橄榄球)近边锋,强侧边锋,紧靠擒抱队
quarterback [ˈkwɔrtərˌbæk]: (in football) the player who directs the team's offensive play and passes the ball to
other players at the start of each play
roll-out: (美式橄榄球)四分卫突破战术,向边线跑动传球

Jay: Nah, they're gonna run it.

Cameron: No, trust me, he's got the slot, and the end zone! Touchdown!
slot: (美式橄榄球)(进攻队员与防守队员之间的)空档,缺口
end zone: the area at the end of a football field into which the ball must be carried or passed in order to score points

Jay: Lucky call!

Mitchell: Maybe they, uh, they should have considered blitzing.
blitzing: (in football) a play in which several players on one team rush toward the other team's quarterback (美式橄

Jay: Blitzing wouldn't have helped them. Get out of here.

Cameron: Oh, gosh. Blitzing.


Mitchell: So, my interest in football ended as suddenly and dramatically as the climax of "West Side
I'm a musical theater fan.
climax [ˈklaɪˌmæks]: the most exciting part of a play, piece of music, etc. that usually happens near the end (戏剧或
musical theater: a play or a film/movie in which part or all of the story is told using songs and often dancing 音乐剧

《西区故事》(West Side Story)是音乐剧史上一部里程碑式的作品,取材于莎士比亚的戏剧《罗密欧与朱丽叶》。

Cameron: Surprise!


Gloria: Okay, the truth? I sometimes feel like you don't like me.

Phil: Wow. Powerful, powerful stuff. Claire? Tell us how that makes you feel.

Claire: Okay, right now, I'm feeling a lot of anger.

Phil: No, no, don't tell me. Tell her.

Claire: Gloria, right now, I'm really angry at Phil.

Phil: Uh, let's respect the process.

Claire: Gloria, I don't know why you think I don't like you.

Gloria: Well, sometimes when you see me, you make that face.

Claire: What face?

Gloria: Like this.

Claire: I do not make a face like that.

Mitchell: Oh, my God. That is so Claire.

Claire: Mitchell!

Phil: See? She does that with everyone. It's just her face.

Gloria: No, it's not just the face. From the beginning, I feel like Manny and I are not welcome in this family.

Claire: That is so crazy!

Gloria: No, it's not so crazy. It's how I feel.

Claire: I am sorry if you feel that way. I really am. Because from the moment I met you, I have tried to make
you feel comfortable with us.

Gloria: You think it's all in my head?

Claire: No. Kind — I don't know. I mean, we really love having you and Manny in our family.

Gloria: Really?

Claire: Really. So, you don't have to be so defensive.

Gloria: I do that, don't I?

Claire: Well, a bit.

Phil: I'm feeling a hug. I was thinking group hug, but this is nice.

Haley: You know I'd be there if I could. Oh, my God, there's hugging.

Claire: Haley, get off the phone already.


Cameron: Where did you go?

Mitchell: You heard him. He said, "Get out of here".

Jay: Oh, my God, you're such a girl.

Mitchell: Dad, loo- I was coming to get a beer, anyways. Nice apology.

Jay: Nice beer.

Phil: Hey, there are our little roustabouts! You look like you patched things up pretty good, huh?
roustabout [ˈraʊstəˌbaʊt]: a man with no special skills who does temporary work, for example on an oil rig or in a
patch things up: to try to stop arguing with someone and be friends again 修复瓜葛

Luke & Manny: Yeah.

Phil: Oh, we can learn so much from the children. I bet it seems kind of silly now what you were even fighting
about, huh?

Luke: I made fun of his accent.

Gloria: What accent?

Manny: I made fun of him for having the same thing for lunch every day.

Luke: I made fun of him because his Mom used to dig coal.

Gloria: What?

Manny: He said you were a coal digger.

Phil: Okay, I think we can move on!
move on: to start doing or discussing something new 改换(工作、话题等)

Gloria: Who said I was a coal digger?

Luke: That's what my Mom told me.

Alex: What's a coal digger?

Phil: Sweetheart, he heard it wrong. It's "gold digger".
gold digger: a woman who uses the fact that she is attractive to get money from men 以色相骗取男人钱财的女人;

Haley: I'm gonna have to call you back.

Clarie: Well, I really do not think that I remember ever saying that.

Luke: Well, you said it in the car. You said it at Christmas. You said it in the Mexican restaurant.

Clarie: Okay, Mr. "Leaves His Sweatshirts at School Every Day Suddenly Remembers Everything".
Thank you.
Mr.: 可以诙谐地指代具有某种特征的男人,如:Mr. Right (如意郎君)
sweatshirt [ˈswetʃɜrt]: a piece of clothing for the upper part of the body, with long sleeves, usually made of thick
cotton and often worn for sports

Gloria: And it was all in my head, huh?

Clarie: Oh, listen, Gloria, it-it was, like, a year ago before… I knew you.

Manny: Nice going. Now my Mom and my sister are fighting.
nice going: 干得好啊(常用作反讽


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