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07月 15th, 2017

【原创】志萍版摩登家庭英语笔记 01×07: En Garde – Part1

摩登家庭笔记, by 李志萍.

Bravo! Bravo
! Bravo! Bravo! Bravo, Manny! Bravo!


Jay: Well, when I heard Manny wanted to fence, I was like, "Sure. Uncoordinated kid, lethal weapon. How
can this go wrong?" 
fence [fɛns]: to take part in the sport of fencing 击剑
lethal [ˈliθəl]: causing or able to cause death 致命的;致死的


[whistle blows, buzzer] [laughs] 

Phil: Yeah! Yeah!


Gloria: What do you think now?

Jay: I'm proud of our little Zorro. I mean, I worked with him a little, but the kid's got skills.

1. 佐罗(Zorro)是一个虚构人物,1919年问世,由美国作家约翰斯顿·麦克库利(Johnston McCulley)创造。故事背景发生

Gloria: It's in his blood. His father was a master swordsman. He was an artist with his sword. I mean, the
way he throws the sword- I mean, he was legendary.
be in your blood: to be a natural part of your character and of the character of other members of your family 天生就
master baker/chef/mason, etc.: used to describe a person who is very skilled at the job mentioned 技术熟练的,能带
swordsman [ˈsɔrdzmən]: (usually used with an adjective) a person who fights with a sword 剑手,剑客

Jay: You know this nice moment I'm having with your son? You're… kind of wrecking it.

Gloria: Sorry.



Alex: Did you know that fencing goes back to the 12th century?

Haley: You know what's even nerdier than fencing? Knowing when it began.
nerdy [nɜrdi]: boring, stupid and not fashionable 书呆子气的;乏味落伍的

Luke: I don't think you're a nerd, Alex.

Alex: Shut up, dork.

Jay: All right! That's my boy!

Mitchell: Would this be easier if we suspended you from a crane?
crane [kreɪn]: (供摄像机用的)机动升降台架

Cameron: Any monkey can shoot a home movie. I pride myself on shooting home films.
home movie: (家庭)自制影片,记录家庭活动(或个人生活)的影片
pride yourself on doing something: to be proud of something 以…而自豪

Mitchell: Yeah, but, Cameron, you always just take things a little too far.
take something too far: to continue doing something beyond reasonable limits (某事)做得太过分;走极端

Cameron: No, I don't.

Mitchell: Okay, your nephew's first birthday.

Cameron: That's not fair.

Mitchell: You brought a wind machine.
wind machine: a machine used in the theatre or in films/movies that blows air to give the effect of wind 造风机(尤指用

Cameron: To be fair, my vision was-

Mitchell: Cameron, you brought a wind machine.

Cameron: Who puts wheels on cribs? 


Gloria: Mi tigre! Mi tigre! Yes! Ay! Sorry. Sorry. [laughs]

Phil: That's okay.

Haley: No! No, no, no, no, no! Phone died!
die: (of a machine) to stop working 停止运行;停止运转

Alex: No biggie. Your battery probably just statically defracticated.
no biggie: 不重要的;没什么大不了的

Haley: What?

Alex: It means you can recharge it with static electricity. Just rub it on your hair.
recharge [riˈtʃɑrdʒ]: to fill a battery with electrical power (电池)再次充电
static electricity: electricity that gathers on or in an object which is not a conductor of electricity 静电

Jay: Yes! You know, I used to go to the houses of my friends, I'd see their kids’ trophies and it used to bug
you know, because there was never a trophy in my house. Not until this one. [laughs]

Phil: [chuckles uncomfortably] Oh, that’s a good grip. Can we switch seats?

Mitchell: Cam, people are staring.

Jay: I know you're not supposed to care, but it's kind of cool to have a kid in your house who's the best at
. You know what I mean?

Phil: Mm-hmm.


Phil: Yeah, our kids are great.

Claire: They're the greatest.

Phil: Gosh, we're blessed.
blessed [blɛst]: (in religious language) lucky 上帝保佑的;有福的;幸运的

Claire: We are. But, um… are they the best at something? I'd have to think about that.

Phil: Well, Alex is great at every single thing she tries, so, you know, she'll find her specialty.

Claire: She will. And-and, Haley is…

Phil: Haley is so pretty.

Claire: Gorgeous.

Phil: Oh, gosh.

Claire: Gorgeous girl.

Phil: I mean… so she can meet someone who's the best at something.

Claire: That's right.

Phil: And then, uh, I guess that leaves Luke. We dropped the ball a little bit on that one.
drop the ball: to make a mistake and spoil something that you are responsible for 犯错误;出大错

Claire: Yeah, a little bit. 


[metal clashing, buzzer]

Gloria: Bravo!

Tournament Official: How about a nice round of applause for our winner, Manny Delgado? [cheers and
Manny now moves on to the championship, where he'll be competing against Caroline
Markum.[applause] We'll see you all back here at 4:30.
championship ['tʃæmpɪənʃɪp]: the position of being a champion 冠军称号;冠军身份

Jay: All right!

Gloria: Bravo! [speaking Spanish rapidly]

Jay: What she said. [laughs]

Claire: Wow. This means more to Dad than it does to Manny.

Mitchell: Yeah, it's his chance to be father of a champion. Well, second chance. We all know how the first
time went.

Claire: Did I say something wrong?

Mitchell: No. No. I'm-I'm very happy for Manny. That's all. Everything's not always about Claire. Geez.

Jay: I wanna thank you guys for coming by and supporting the kid. You guys are the best!

Phil: [laughs uncomfortably] Why, Claire?

Claire: Come on, sweetheart.

Mitchell: Really?


Mitchell: Well, that took a while.

Cameron: Well, she's been asleep for 20 minutes. It just took me some time to sneak out without waking
her up.

Mitchell: Kind of like the first time you slept over here.

Cameron: I had a meeting. All right, let's talk about why you got your panties in a bunch. What's up with
you and your sister?
get one's panties in a bunch: to become overwrought or unnecessarily upset over a trivial matter 为琐事而心烦意乱

Mitchell: Nothing is up.

Cameron: Mm-hmm. Or could this have something to do with… ice skating?


Cameron: When Mitchell and Claire were kids…

Mitchell: This is interesting to no one.

Cameron: Excuse– please let me finish. Thank you. When Mitchell was 10…

Mitchell: 11.

Cameron: And Claire was 13, they were competitive ice dancers.
competitive [kəmˈpɛtətɪv]: used to describe a situation in which people or organizations compete against each other

Mitchell: Figure skaters. Oh, for God's sakes, I'll tell the story. Yes, my sister and I were actually a very good
team. We were called "Fire and Nice." I was Fire, 'cause of the red hair, and Claire was Nice, because it
was ironic and she wasn't.

Cameron: And Mitchell is still upset because Claire quit the team right before some meet.
meet: a sports competition 运动会

Mitchell: "Some meet?" The 13-and-under regional championships. Just the Emerald City at the end of
my yellow brick road.
championship [ˈtʃæmpiənˌʃɪp]: a competition to find the best player or team in a particular sport (常用复数)锦标赛
Emerald City [ˈɛmərəld]: 翡翠城,童话《绿野仙踪》(The Wonderful Wizard of Oz)中的仙境

Cameron: Wow. You did it.

Mitchell: What?

Cameron: You made figure skating sound even gayer.


Cameron: So, seeing your Dad so proud of Manny didn't stir up any resentment?

Mitchell: Mm-mmm. 

Cameron: Oh. Okay, fine. You always do this. Instead of letting your feelings out, you bury them, and then
they bubble up later in hurtful ways.

Mitchell: Okay, you know what? You– [sighs] Yes. All right. Listen, I might still be holding a little resentment,
but that's… embarrassing and petty, and it's not a good color on me. It's kind of like you and yellow.

Cameron: You love me in my yellow shirt.

Mitchell: It makes you look like the sun.

Cameron: Bubbling. Hurtful bubbling. Now you know why I left early that morning.

Mitchell: Ha! I knew you didn't have a meeting, Cam! I knew it!


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