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07月 17th, 2017

【原创】志萍版摩登家庭英语笔记 01×09: Fizbo – Part3

摩登家庭笔记, by 李志萍.

 Hey! Oh! Well, you must be the birthday boy.

Luke: Wow. Is that you, Uncle Cam?

Cameron: [laughs] Well, no, I'm Fizbo the Clown. I don't know who this "Uncle Cam" is. But he sure sounds
handsome, doesn't he? [laughs] Hey, who likes balloon animals?

Kids: I do! I do! I do!

Phil: It's just Cam. It's just Cam.

Mitchell: You all right?

Phil: What? Yeah. No, I just have kind of a… complicated relationship with clowns.

Mitchell: Oh, well, join the club.
join the club: used when something bad that has happened to somebody else has also happened to you 同是天涯沦


Manny: Look, I came on strong with that whole funny guy bit. This is me just being myself.
come on strong: to make your feelings clear in an aggressive way, especially your sexual feelings towards somebody
bit: 老一套,陈词滥调

Bianca Douglas: Okay. Hey, do you know who that boy is over there?

Manny: Oh. That's Dylan. He's Haley's boyfriend.

Bianca Douglas: He's so cute and tall.

Manny: [sighs] I'm still growing. Give me a break.

Cameron: Pardon me, miss, but this little doggy needs a new home.

Bianca Douglas: Oh, thank you. [giggles]

Jay: That's quite an impressive getup you got there.
getup: a set of clothes, especially strange or unusual ones 服式;装束;打扮

Cameron: Thank you, Jay. Oh, by the way, you have something on your shoulder.

Jay: [laughs] That is good.

Cameron: Never mind. It was nothing.

Jay: Yeah, we're done here.

Dylan: So, do you keep these at, like, a zoo or something?

Jungle Tanya: No, I just keep them at my place.

Dylan: That's awesome. I only have a cat.

Jungle Tanya: Yeah? I used to have a cat.

Alex: I was just messing with you before, but, seriously, he's still talking to her?

Dylan: Wow, cool.

Haley: On it.

Jungle Tanya: You know, this is one of

Dylan: I feel like Britney Spears.

3. 布兰妮·斯皮尔斯(Britney Spears,1981-)是美国歌手、舞者和演员代表作品有音乐专辑《爱的初告白》( …Baby
One More Time)、《爱的再告白》(Oops!… I Did It Again)等。凭着魔鬼般的身材、动人的笑容和甜美的歌声,布兰妮

Jungle Tanya: [laughs] You're so funny. You kinda do look like Britney Spears.

Dylan: Really?

Jungle Tanya: I'm just kidding. Um, anyway, this is probably my favorite.

Haley: Hey, jungle lady? I think-I think one of your bugs got out.

Jungle Tanya: What? This one?

Haley: This box thing here It's-it's on its side.

Jungle Tanya: Oh, my God, where did it go?

Haley: Empty.

Dylan: Is everything okay?

Jungle Tanya: No, I lost a poisonous scorpion, and I need to find it. Okay, kids, um, let's all tuck our pants
into our socks, avoid
shady, moist places, and let's make a game of looking where we step.
shady [ˈʃeɪdi]: protected from direct light from the sun by trees, buildings, etc. 阴凉的;背阴的;多荫的


[woman speaking on P.A.]

Alex: Is he okay?

Mitchell: Can we see him?

Claire: He's in with the doctor right now. These things happen, right? No matter how careful you are.


Luke: Hey, look what grandpa gave me-- a crossbow.

Claire: Sweetie, that does not look safe.

Luke: Don't worry. He's gonna show me how to use it.

Claire: Yeah, that's what I'm afraid of.

Jay: Come on. Ready?

Mitchell: Oh, my God. You are not making comb sheaths.

Claire: I am, and I know it's really lame. Everybody hates it.

Mitchell: No. It's just like, uh, Donna Rigby's party.

Claire: Exactly! Yes! And I have the beads and everything.

Mitchell: Oh, amazing. This is awesome.

Claire: Wow. So, Cam's a clown.

[Phil: I got you!]

Mitchell: Yeah.

[Phil: I totally got you!]

Claire: And there's mine. You think it's weird that we both chose people who are so–

Mitchell: Uninhibited?
uninhibited [ˌʌnɪnˈhɪbɪtɪd]: behaving or expressing yourself freely without worrying about what other people think 不受

Claire: I was gonna say "embarrassing", but, yeah. Look at them now. They're the life of the party.
life: the quality of being active and exciting 活力;生气

[Phil: Oh yeah.]

Mitchell: Uh, you know, I gotta say, for all his craziness, I love my clown.
for all: despite 尽管,虽然

Claire: Me too. They're good for us. I would've totally tanked this party.
tank something: to make something fail completely 使惨败

Mitchell: Oh, and I would've gotten my butt kicked at a gas station.

Claire: Sorry?

Mitchell: Turns out Fizbo is a real badass.
badass ['bædæs]: a tough and aggressive person 不好对付的人(有时亦可用作一般的赞扬语)

Cameron: Aah! Aah! Scorpion! Scorpion! Scorpion! Scorpion! [people screaming] Aah! Aah! Aah! Aah!

Phil: No, no-no. Too close. Too close. Too close.

Jay: What the hell? Oh! Oh, crap!

[people screaming]

Claire: Calm down. What happened?

Luke: We fired the crossbow.

Claire: No, I know. Oh, my God. It’s right there.

Manny: Bianca, I'm coming.

Claire: Who else is in there? Get out!

Manny: Aaaahh!


Manny: It turns out I'm not the sweet guy or the funny guy.


Gloria: No, Manny, don't go in! Por favor!
por favor: (西班牙语)拜托,请

Manny: I must! I'm coming!


Manny: Manny Delgado is a man of action.
man of action: 实干家,活动家,不空谈的人


Bianca Douglas: Wait. My dog is still in there.

Manny: I'll be right back. [grunts]

Luke: Ow! My arm!

Claire: Sweetie? Luke?

Phil: What-what happened, buddy? What happened?

Claire: What happened, honey?

Phil: Hey, hey, hey, hey, what happened?

Luke: I slipped on these stupid beads.

Claire: Oops.

Phil: Come on. Here we go.

Luke: Ow!


[police siren blaring]
blare [blɛr]: to make a loud unpleasant noise 发出响而刺耳的声音

Gloria: How is he?

Claire: Oh, he's gonna be fine.

Gloria: Ay, Dios mio.
Dios mio: my God (西班牙语)我的天啊

Jay: Hi, honey. Hey, Manny. How are you, kid?

Claire: Oh, there he is.

Gloria: Pobrecita.
pobrecita: poor thing (西班牙语)可怜的人,可怜的家伙

Haley: You poor thing!

Luke: Wow. Everybody's here.

Jay: Of course we are. How's that busted flipper?
busted [ˈbʌstəd]: 断裂的;损坏了的
flipper [ˈflɪpər]: 手,手臂

Luke: Okay.

Phil: Sorry about today, buddy. We'll try again next year, huh?

Luke: Are you kidding? This was the best birthday ever.

Claire: What?

Luke: I got a cast.

Claire: You like the cast?

Luke: I've always wanted one. After a few weeks, they start to smell.

Gloria: Ew!

Alex: You are so weird. You know that?

Manny: Can I sign it?
Can I sign it?: 在美国,让亲朋好友在受伤后打的石膏(cast)上签名(sign),是一种惯常的做法。人们相信有了这些祝福,

Luke: Sure.

Alex: Hey. Me first.

Luke: Here.


Phil: If you'd asked me before the party if I wanted there to be a chain reaction of disasters that led to Luke
breaking his arm, I probably would've said no.
chain reaction: a series of events, each of which causes the next (事物的)连锁反应

Claire: Probably?

Phil: Prob-- Definit-- Definitely not. Would not want that. But, one way or another, Luke was the center of
on his birthday, and the whole family was together, just the way it should be.
one way or another: 不管怎样;反正


Cameron: Fizbo delivery! I brought the cake!

[cheers and applause]

Gloria: Bravo!

Phil: I can't do this. Oh, God. I'm out. [wheezing]
wheeze [hwiz]: to breathe noisily and with difficulty 喘息;气喘吁吁

Claire: Cake!

Gloria: Blow the candles. Blow the candles.

[cheers and applause]


Manny: Bianca Douglas called me three times tonight. I'm not gonna lie to you. I'm starting to feel
smother somebody [ˈsmʌðər]: to give somebody too much love or protection so that they feel restricted 过分爱护;爱


Luke: I really like my cast, but it's starting to itch. Good thing my Mom made me this personal scratcher.
Oh, that's
good stuff.
scratcher ['skrætʃər]: a person, animal, or thing that scratches 抓扒者;抓扒工具


Haley: If another woman is messing with your man, you have to get proactive. I don't care how pretty she is
or how many stupid reptiles she has
. She tries to take what's mine, girlfriend's gonna get stung. [screams]
mess with: 乱搞男女关系;与…厮混在一起
proactive [proʊˈæktɪv]: (of a person or policy) controlling a situation by making things happen rather than waiting for
things to happen and then reacting to them 采取主动的;(预料未来的问题或需要而)先期采取行动的
sting (somebody/something): 此处双关 (1) to make somebody feel angry or upset 使痛苦,使苦闷(2) (of an insect
or plant) to touch your skin or make a very small hole in it so that you feel a sharp pain (昆虫等)叮,刺,螫


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