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07月 23rd, 2017

【原创】志萍版摩登家庭英语笔记 01×11: Up All Night – Part2

摩登家庭笔记, by 李志萍.

Okay, they're on their way.

Phil: Okay. Kids, gather around. Like you're hugging me, but don't touch me, okay? Now, look, I'm gonna
be fine.

Alex: We know, Dad.

Phil: We don't know that. It's a miracle I'm standing up. But, look, in case  anything happens, [exhales
sharply] I want you to know that if I'd had time, I would have fixed that step.

Alex: Thanks, Dad.

Haley: I love you.

Luke: [sniffling]

Phil: Don't cry, Luke. I'm okay.

Luke: I broke the coffee table.

Phil: That's okay. What?

Luke: I broke the glass coffee table.

Phil: The one you swore you didn't break and then we blamed Esperanza and fired her, and she stole a
turkey at Thanksgiving for her family, and got
Esperanza: a Spanish feminine given name, meaning "hope" or "expectation" (西)埃斯佩兰萨
deport somebody [diˈpɔrt]: to force somebody to leave a country, usually because they have broken the law or
because they have no legal right to be there 将

4. 1620年,英国的一些清教徒不堪忍受宗教迫害,搭乘五月花号在北美洲的普利茅斯登陆。第一个冬天,半数以上的移
沿续了下来,并逐渐风行各地。1863年,美国总统林肯宣布每年十一月的第四个星期四为"感恩节"(Thanksgiving or
Thanksgiving Day)。

烤火鸡(roasted turkey)是感恩节晚餐的传统主菜,通常是把火鸡肚子里塞上填料(如面包、凤梨、火腿、虾干),然后整

Luke: Yeah.

Phil: Damn it!

Luke: I'm sorry!

Phil: [straining] You will be sorry. Okay!

[doorbell rings]

Haley: They're here.

Alex: Really?

Phil: Okay. [exhales deeply] Did you hear that?

Claire: Hmm?

Phil: Luke broke the-- Hey, you changed your clothes.

Claire: Well, I had-I had to get dressed.

Phil: Into that sexy, clingyOh, my God. It's the firemen.
clingy: (of clothes or material) sticking to the body and showing its shape 贴身的;紧身的

Claire: No, sweetie.

Phil: And lipstick! I'm out here convulsing in agony, and you're looking for cute tops to wear?
convulse [kən'vʌls]: to cause a sudden shaking movement in somebody's body; to make this movement 抽搐;剧烈

Claire: I just threw on the first thing I could find.
throw on something: to put on a piece of clothing quickly and carelessly 匆匆穿上

Phil: Well, we got a minute, if you wanna try on some tighter jeans.

Claire: Oh, Phil, sweetie.

Phil: [grunts] Oh, no. By all means, Claire, we want you looking your sexiest when the hunky, gay firemen
get here!
by all means: emphatically yes; certainly; definitely 一定,务必 

Fireman: How we doing?

Claire: We're great.

Phil: He meant me!

Claire: All right.

Phil: Oh!



Mitchell: Cameron.

[crying intensifies]


Javier: Oh, listen, Jay, you're a tough guy to compete with. I mean, look at all you have.

Jay: So Manny has to suffer?

Javier: No. You're right. Look, I'm going to try harder. But, you know, maybe it's a good thing that he has
the two of us. From you, he learns stability. From me, he learns how to be spontaneous-
- grab life by the

Jay: Well, we do a little throat-grabbing ourselves around here, you know. We were on our way to Benihana
when you showed up.

Javier: Hey, as long as my boy follows his passion. The worst career decision I ever made was playing
baseball, but I loved every minute of it.

Jay: You played baseball?

Javier: [scoffs] I lived baseball. I only made it to Triple-A, but I played with all those guys– Sosa,
. Hey, you look like you played some.
live + noun: to spend your life in a particular way 过…的生活;度过
Triple-A: 3A等级,美国职棒小联盟(Minor League Baseball)的最高等级。
Sammy Sosa: 萨米·索萨(1968-),海地-多米尼加前职业棒球运动员,1989~2007年在职棒大联盟(Major League
比赛。1998年,他同Mark McGwire完成的全垒打赢得了全国的知名度。
Mark McGwire: 马克·麦克维尔(1963-),美国前职业棒球运动员,1986~2001年在职棒大联盟中比赛。

Jay: Well, I played in high school. I was all right. Never hit a curve ball.
curve ball: (in baseball) a ball that moves in a curve when it is thrown to the batter (棒球)曲线球;使其很难被击打的

Javier: So that's a dream of yours? To-to hit a curve?

Jay: Used to be.

Javier: "Used to be." Ugh, por favor.

Jay: I said that again, right?

Javier: Hey, please, come on.

Jay: You're right. I shouldn't say that.

Javier: [laughs]

Manny: What are you guys doing?

Jay: Manny, did we wake you up? I'm sorry.

Manny: No, I was doing my science extra credit.
extra credit: an academic concept, particularly used in American schools. Students are offered the opportunity to
undertake optional work, additional to their compulsory school work, in order to gain additional credit that would
boost their grades. 额外的学分

Jay: Of course you were.

Manny: So, can I play?

Jay: That's up to your Dad.

Javier: Actually, I think we're done with pool for right now. I have a better idea for the three of us. Vamos.
vamos: let's go (西班牙语)我们走

Jay: So, how do you know this guy?

Javier: He owes me a little favor.

Manny: This is the coolest night ever!

Javier: Now, let's see about that curve ball.



Mitchell: Out!

Cameron: I thought you were--

Mitchell: Those were pillows. Come on. Come on. Cameron, do you realize how infuriating this is? The
whole point of Ferberizing
is to teach her to put herself to sleep, and you keep ruining it.
infuriating [ɪn'fjʊrɪetɪŋ]: making you extremely angry 令人非常生气的,使人大怒的

Cameron: I can't help it. I'm like a mother bear. When I hear my cub crying, I have to run to her.

Mitchell: Except you're not a bear. Get in our room. Get Cam, get in there. Get in there.

Cameron: Cut it out.

Mitchell: All the way. Our room. Get! Get in there. Come on. Come on. Get in there. Get!


[siren wails]

Haley: That's so unfair. Why not?

Claire: Because that's how girls end up dead. Hey, honey.

Phil: Hey, guys.

Claire: We just wanted to see how you're doing. Is this a bad time?

Nurse: No, we're just giving him something to relax before the procedure.

Phil: Which is gonna go just fine.

Alex: Oh, we know.

Phil: We don't know. In case it doesn't, promise me you'll be nice to your new fireman Daddy.

Claire: Unbelievable.

Phil: My wife got dressed up for the firemen last night.

Claire: I didn't get dressed up for the firemen.

Alex: Those heels were really hot.

Phil: You put on heels?

Claire: Let's drop it.

Luke: What are they doing to you, Dad?

Phil: I have a little scratchy rock inside of me, and they're sliding in a tube and sucking it out.
scratchy: 令人发痒的,刺痒的

Luke: You're not scared, are you?

Phil: When was the last time you saw your old man scared?
old man: a person's father 老爸 

Luke: When you walked through the spiderweb. When we were playing with the Ouija board, and the wind
blew the door shut.
spiderweb: a fine net of threads made by a spider to catch insects 蜘蛛网

5. 通灵板(Ouija board)是流行于欧美的一种占卜方式,其目的在于让使用者与亡灵对话。它的外型为一块平面木板,上

Phil: There was no wind, buddy. We brought something forth. Oh, this stuff's really hitting me. My insides
feel like velvet.
bring something forth: to produce something 使产生;引起
hit (somebody/something): to have a bad effect on somebody/something 使受严重影响;对…造成不利影响
insides: (plural) a person's stomach and bowels (复数)某人的内脏;(尤指)某人的肚子,某人的肠胃

Claire: Why don't you guys wait out in the hallway, okay?

Alex: Feel better, Dad.

Phil: I will.

Haley: Love you, Dad.

Phil: Love you.

Haley: Love you.

Phil: Luke, buddy, hold back a sec. This is not gonna happen, okay? But there is a scenario where you
could be
the man of the house, and you need to know all the PIN numbers and passwords. 741--
man of the house: (男性)家长,一家之主
PIN number: a number given to you, for example by a bank, so that you can use a plastic card to take out money
from a cash machine 识别码,辨识码(PIN: the abbreviation for 'personal identification number')

Luke: I don't wanna be the man of the house.

Phil: Now, don't talk black to me.

Claire: Honey, your Dad's gonna be fine. Why don't you wait out in the hall? I'll be right out, okay? Honey,
I'm just gonna run them to school. I'll be back right after.

Phil: Okay. Claire?

Claire: Yeah?

Phil: You did get dressed up, didn't you?

Claire: I pulled on the first thing I saw.
pull on: (尤指匆忙或费力地)穿上,戴上

Phil: Okay.

Claire: Okay.

Phil: I'll drop it, 'cause this stuff is making me fall asleep.

Claire: Mm-hmm.

Phil: And if I never wake up, I'd hate for the last thing you ever said to me to be a lie.

Claire: I might have gotten dressed up just a tiny bit.

Phil: I knew it.

Claire: Oh, damn it!


Gloria: Manny, we're gonna be late for school. Why are you so tired today?

Jay: Any reason I can't take him?

Gloria: I'm surprised you're up. I know what time you went back to bed.

Jay: Oh, it was nothing. We just went out. We hit a few balls. And you'll never guess where. I guess Javier
knew a guy-

Gloria: And you know what? Now that he knows you, the next time he needs something, you are the guy. 
Dios mío! Did you took him with you?

Jay: You couldn't wait to get to school to do that?

Gloria: Manny, vámonos para el colegio. Let's go. We're gonna be so late. Vámonos! Vamos a llegar
tardsimo, Manny, qu te pasa? Get in the car.
vámonos: let's go (西班牙语)我们走

Jay: I thought you said you wanted me to bond with Javier.

Gloria: I said be nice, Jay. I didn't say take Manny up all night and play games.

Manny: Then we got hot dogs.

6. 热狗(hot dog)就是在剖开的长形小面包中夹一条肠,食用前先烤热。吃热狗的时候可以配上很多种类的配料,比如

Gloria: Ay. Go to sleep! If I wanted to be married to a wild man, I would have stayed with Javier.
wild: lacking discipline or control 难以约束的;不受控制的;放荡不羁的

[horn honking]

Javier: Aha! Qu pasa?

Manny: Dad!

Gloria: Por Dios, no.
Por Dios: (used to express annoyance) for God's sake (西班牙语)天哪,哎呀;看在上帝份上

Jay: What the hell?

Javier: [laughs] Hey, hey, hey. Wait a minute. You're not leaving, are you?

Manny: I've got school.

Javier: What? School?

Gloria: Yes, school. That's where people go to learn things, like not to keep children up all night!

Javier: He told her?

Jay: He's weak.

Javier: Well, listen, you said you used to like riding motorcycles, right? So I brought you one.

Jay: I know, but I kind of got work.

Javier: [scoffs] Work.

Manny: Go, Jay.

Javier: Yeah, go, Jay.

Gloria: Yes, go, Jay, and take Manny with you, too!

Manny: Okay.

Gloria: No, Manuel Alberto, in the car, or I put you in the trunk! Jay, I'm not gonna argue anymore. I'm not
gonna say anything else. Do whatever you want. But I don't wan
na hear you any more saying that
Colombians are crazy, because you're the one that is acting crazy, even though he's the one that is making
you act crazy
. So I don't know what the hell I'm talking about! Manny!


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