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08月 1st, 2017

【原创】志萍版摩登家庭英语笔记 01×13: Fifteen Percent – Part1

摩登家庭笔记, by 李志萍.

Can people change? Well, that's a…
That is a tough one, but I would say yes. People can change.
That's what I believe, anyway
, and I will till the day I die.

Claire: You do realize you're proving the exact opposite of your point?

Phil: See? She's changed. She used to be very supportive of me.


Claire: Come on… [screaming] Phil!

Phil: Ow! Ow! Why is it so loud?

Claire: My ears are bleeding!

Phil: Why is it so loud?

Claire: I don’t know! Make it stop!


Phil: I just installed a sweet home theater system at the family room. The, um, the trouble is Claire
struggles with technology of any kind. I mean, remotes, cell phones, computers.
home theater: television and video equipment designed to give a similar experience to being in a cinema/movie
theater, with high-quality pictures and sound and a large screen 家庭影院


Claire: Haley, have you seen my blue--

Dylan: Hey, Mrs. Dunphy.

Claire: Oh, hey, Dylan.

Dylan: You know I can see you, right?

Claire: No, I did not know that.

Dylan: Haley's just in the bathroom. She'll be back in just a minute.

Claire: Thank you.


Phil: Where were you pointing it.

Claire: At the TV.

Phil: [chuckles] This-- Honey, uh, no, I'm sorry. It's-it's a home theater.

Claire: What, so I-I can't point it at the TV when I wanna watch the TV?

Phil: No. You-you point it at the receiver.
receiver [rɪˈsivər]: a piece of radio or television equipment that changes broadcast signals into sound or pictures 接

Claire: What's a receiver?

Phil: Okay, imagine our home theater system is a human body. So then the receiver is the brain. The TV is
the face.

Claire: I know what part you are.
I know what part you are.: ass


Jay: So, he says to his wife, "you don't love me anymore?"His heart-- Boom! Quadruple bypass, blown a
quadruple bypass [kwɑ'drupl]: 心脏四重旁路手术
bypass: a surgical operation performed on or near the heart, in which the flow of blood is redirected so that it does
not flow through a part of the heart that is diseased or blocked 心脏分流手术
valve [vælv]: a structure in the heart or in a vein that lets blood flow in one direction only (心脏的)瓣膜,瓣

Cameron: Hey! Look who it is!

Jay: Hey. There he is.

Cameron: What a coinkydink. I was just getting some flowers for Gloria for babysitting Lily.
coinkydink [kəʊˈɪŋkiːdɪŋk]: (humorous) a coincidence 巧合

Jay: You want me to take 'em to her?

Cameron: I would, but I have the most hilarious card for her at home. It's-it's a hunky Antonio Banderas
in silk boxers. And on the inside, it says, "thank you for last noche, but I can't find my pantalones."
[laughs] I'm not
doing it justice, really. Hi, I'm Cameron.
noche: (西班牙语) night 
pantalon: (西班牙语) pants 

1. 安东尼奥·班德拉斯(Antonio Banderas,1960-),美国演员、导演、歌手和制片人,出生于西班牙,身形健硕的拉
丁情人。代表作品电影有:《贝隆夫人》(Evita)、《夜访吸血鬼》(Interview with the Vampire)、《佐罗的面具》
(The Mask of Zorro)等。

Jay: Oh, geez. I'm sorry. Guys, this is Cameron. He's a… friend of my son's. This is, uh, Scotty, Dale, Hugo,
and Shorty.

Cameron: It's nice to meet you guys. You guys look like a scene out of Jersey Boys. [chuckles]

2. 《泽西男孩》(Jersey Boys)是2005年上演的百老汇音乐剧,荣获托尼奖四项大奖,故事根据四季乐队(The Four



Gloria: Ay! So handsome!

Manny: Thank you.

Gloria: Manny, are you wearing aftershave?

Manny: Yes, for my date. This will be the first time she will ever smell me.


Manny: Her name is Whitney. I met her in an online book club. We both like vampire fiction and the
romance of eternal life.
book club: a group of people who meet together regularly to discuss a book they have all read 读书俱乐部,读书会
romance [roʊˈmæns]: a feeling of excitement and adventure, especially connected to a particular place or activity 浪
eternal life: life without beginning or end 永生


Gloria: I think it's adorable that Manny has a date. He even picked out the lunch menu– grilled cheese
sandwich and tomato soup.
 Tomato soup because, you know, the tomato soup is like the blood and
the vampires like to eat the blood. And then he wants me to take them out for ice cream
, well, because
Manny likes ice cream.

3. 烤奶酪三明治(grilled cheese sandwich),两片面包中间夹奶酪片,面包片外层抹上黄油,在平底锅两面

4. 番茄浓汤(tomato soup)是一道经典的西式汤肴,也是最受美国人欢迎的安慰食品之一。将西红柿、橄榄油、黄油、



[doorbell rings]

Manny: Oh, that must be her. If this goes well, you don't need to stick around.

Whitney: Hi, I'm Whitney. I'm here for Manny.



Mitchell: See how that works?

Cameron: Sorry, sweetie. Sorry, Daddy.

Mitchell: Oh, no, it's all right. We were just-- Me and Lily were just using the time to finally figure out how to
use the car's
voice-command thingy.

Cameron: Oh.

Mitchell: Here, check it out. Watch. [beep] CD player, next track.
track: a piece of music or song on a record, tape or CD (录制在CD、唱片或磁带上的)一首歌曲;一首乐曲

Car: Say a command.

Mitchell: No. [beep] [sighs] CD player, next track.

Car: Air conditioner on.
air conditioner: a machine that cools and dries air 空调机

Mitchell: Damn it.

Cameron: Wow, you're worse than your sister with this kind of stuff. It's a good thing Lily doesn't have an
ejector seat. Oh, guess what? I ran into your Dad and some of his friends.
ejector seat: a seat that allows a pilot to be thrown out of an aircraft in an emergency (军用飞机的)弹射座椅

Mitchell: Oh, really?

Cameron: Yeah. And get this. He, uh, he referred to me as "a friend of my son."
get this!: used to say that you are going to tell somebody something that they will find surprising or interesting 告诉

Mitchell: Seriously?

Cameron: Yeah.

Mitchell: That's a little disrespectful to you.

Cameron: I wasn't offended by it.

Mitchell: Well, I am. I mean, would-would he refer to Phil as "a-a friend of Claire's?" No.

Cameron: I've heard him call Phil a lot worse. Just let it pass. I should have never said anything.
let it pass: 不去追究它,且不去管它

Mitchell: No, I'm not letting it pass. He needs to know that's not okay. And if he doesn't like it, he knows
where he can go.

Car: Enter a destination.

Mitchell: Hell!
go to hell: 去你的,滚开,见鬼去吧 

Car: Mexican food.

Mitchell: Shut up!


Mitchell: I came out of the closet in my mid-20s. I-I had to actually come out to my Dad three times before
he finally acknowledged it. I'm not sure if maybe he was hoping he heard it wrong
, like I had said, "Dad,
come out of the closet: to state openly and publicly one's homosexuality 出柜,承认是同性恋

Cameron: And my parents, they always just knew. My mother says labor with me took 36 hours because
I came out of the womb like this


Jay: I gotta lay off these cannolis. [indistinct conversations]
lay off something: to stop using something 停止,放弃;戒绝

5. 奶油甜馅煎饼卷(cannoli)是意大利西西里的小吃。将面饼卷在中空的管子上入锅油炸,保留填馅的空间。炸制后,

Mitchell: Hey, Dad.

Jay: Mitchell. Hey, you guys know my son, Mitch.

Hugo: Hey, Mitch, how they hangin'?
how they hangin'?: how's it going?

Scotty: Hey, Mitch.

Shorty: Hey, hey, hey. That's a great coat. Where'd you get that?

Mitchell: Um, you know, I don't know. It was a gift.

Shorty: Really? What is it? Suede? Microsuede? Some kind of lambskin? It's very soft, you know.
microsuede: a microfiber knit blend fabric with a soft finish 仿麂皮
lambskin [ˈlæmˌskɪn]: the skin of a lamb, esp with the wool still on 羔羊皮

Mitchell: Thank you. Uh, can I talk to you for a second?

Jay: Yeah. Yeah, yeah, yeah. Be right back.

Mitchell: Thanks. Good seeing you.

Jay: What's the matter?

Mitchell: Um, "a friend of my son"? That's how you introduce Cam?

Jay: That's why you came here?

Mitchell: Dad, it's-it's just more than a little insulting. Cam and I have been together for five years. We-we
have a daughter.
more than a little: 非常;十分

Jay: Look at these guys. They look like they came out of the 1800s. You see Hugo over there? After lunch,
he ordered a
Sanka: 山咖,速溶无咖啡因的咖啡品牌,由卡夫食品公司分销。

Mitchell: No, they're-they're not the ones that are uncomfortable with this. You are. You– You've never been
completely accepting of me
. And now that I have a family, it's getting a little old.
old: 老生常谈的,陈词滥调的

Jay: These guys don't understand the gay thing. Why create an awkward situation? That's all I'm saying.

Mitchell: That's weird, because your friend Shorty there-- gay as they come.
as they come: 极;最

Jay: You gotta be kidding.

Mitchell: No. My gaydar is never wrong, and it is pinging like we're at a bathhouse.
gaydar [ˈɡeɪdɑːr]: the ability that a homosexual person is supposed to have to recognize other people who are
homosexual 同性恋"雷达"(同性恋识别他人是否同性恋的能力)
ping: to make a short, high ringing sound 发出"砰"的声音
bathhouse ['bæθhaus]: a public building in which there are baths, steam rooms, etc. (带有浴缸和其它设施如桑拿的)

Jay: What are you talking about? Gay? The guy used to be married.

Mitchell: Okay, well, that makes-- So did Elton John, Merv Griffin, Cole Porter.

6. 艾尔顿·约翰(Elton John,1947-)是英国创作歌手、作曲家、钢琴家,被誉为"英国乐坛的常青树"。1994年,为电影
《狮子王》创作的歌曲《今夜你能感受到我的爱吗》(Can You Feel The Love Tonight)红遍全球。1997年,为纪念戴
安娜王妃创作的歌曲《风中之烛1997》(Candle In The Wind 1997)在全球卖出3300万张,是史上最卖座的单曲之一。


7. 梅夫·格里芬(Merv Griffin,1925-2007)是美国电视节目主持人、媒体大亨。1965~1986年,主持自己的脱口秀节目
·格里芬秀》(The Merv Griffin Show)。他还通过自己的制作公司发明了游戏节目《危险边缘》(Jeopardy!)和
《幸运之轮》(Wheel of Fortune)。梅夫

8. 科尔·波特(Cole Porter,1891–1964),美国作曲家、歌词作家,20世纪二三十年代老汇主要的歌曲作家之一。作品
琅琅上口,融优美抒情与诙谐俏皮于一炉。1948年创作的《吻我,凯特》(Kiss Me, Kate),是他最成功的音乐剧。虽

Jay: You know what? You know what? Listen, you couldn't be more wrong about this.

Mitchell: No, Dad. You could not be more wrong-- about a lot of things. Good seeing you guys.

Hugo: You take care, man.

Shorty: That's a great coat!  

Dale: Yeah, later.

Mitchell: Ping!


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