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08月 7th, 2017

【原创】志萍版摩登家庭英语笔记 01×16: Fears – Part1

摩登家庭笔记, by 李志萍.

Mitchell: What am I most afraid of? Hmm. Let's see.


Alex: Global warming… and getting a "B."
global warming: the increase in temperature of the earth’s atmosphere, that is caused by the increase of particular
gases, especially carbon dioxide 全球(气候或气温)变暖


Claire: The phone ringing in the middle of the night.

Phil: That I'm too much of a perfectionist.
perfectionist [pərˈfekʃənɪst]: a person who likes to do things perfectly and is not satisfied with anything less 完美主义

Claire: Honey, this isn't a job interview.

Phil: Oh, man. Job interviews.


Jay: Nothing.

Gloria: Yeah, right. What about the pigeons?

Jay: Oh, I don't like them. They're shifty.
shifty [ˈʃɪfti]: seeming to be dishonest; looking guilty about something 诡诈的;鬼鬼祟祟的


Cameron: Losing Mitchell.

Mitchell: Oh! Hotel bedspreads.
bedspread [ˈbɛdˌsprɛd]: an attractive cover put on top of all the sheets and covers on a bed 床罩


Haley: Never getting my driver's license. Or getting one and the picture sucks.
driver's license: an official document that shows that you are qualified to drive 驾驶执照


Manny: Dying alone.


Claire: Oh, Haley, sweetie, did you find your shoes?

Haley: Mom, please, not today.

Claire: I just wanted to know if you found your shoes.

Haley: Why are you hounding me? I'm freaking out right now.
hound: to keep following somebody and not leave them alone, especially in order to get something from them or ask
them questions 追逼;(不断地)烦扰 

Claire: You need to relax. It's just a driver's test.

Haley: It's my third driver's test, and if I fail again, I have to wait six months to retake it. That's six more
months of you driving me everywhere.
retake: If you retake a course or an examination, you take it again because you failed it the first time. 重考;重修


Haley: Then I'm like "There's no way I'm wearing that." And she was like--
I'm, he's, she's, etc. like: used in very informal speech, to mean "I say", "he/she says", etc. 说,认为(引导要说的话或

Claire: Like.

Haley: "Well, if you don't wear it, then you can't play." And then I was like "That's fine by me."

Claire: Honey, like.

Haley: And then she was like "Well, if you don't play--"

Claire: Like! Like!

Haley: Mom! Mom!

Claire: Stop! Stop saying "like" all the time.

Haley: You're embarrassing me! Stop it!

Claire: Like, like, like, like, aah!


Claire: Hmm.

Alex: Haley. Found your jacket.

Haley: Why is everyone on me? God!
on: 针对

Claire: Ignore her. She can't focus on two things at once.

Alex: Always a good quality in a driver.

Claire: Sweetie, we need to get you some shoes for the dance tonight.

Alex: No, we don't. I'm not going.

Claire: What are you talking about? Why would you not be going to the dance?

Alex: [exhales] Because school dances are lame. A bunch of immature boys trying to impress you with how
cool they are when they're really just a bunch of dorks.


Phil: [Australian accent] Ready to go down under, mate?
mate: (British English, Australian English) used as a friendly way of addressing somebody, especially between men

Luke: Yes.

Alex: What are you doing?

Phil and Luke: Treasure hunting.
treasure hunt: 寻宝游戏(玩家按照线索寻找奖品)

Claire: Wow.


Phil: A few days ago, the cable guy was under the house. When he was leaving, he said to Haley, "Wow.
That's quite a collection you've got down there." Here's the thing. We have no idea what he's talking
about. All week, Luke and I have been getting more and more excited about what it could be.


Luke: I bet it's really cool old magazines.

Phil: Yeah. Or a bunch of necklaces made out of animal teeth.

Luke: Or bugs frozen in amber.

Phil: What if it's really expensive bottles of wine?

Luke: Or a suit of armor.
a suit of: 一套
armor [ˈɑrmər]: special metal clothing that soldiers wore in the past to protect their bodies while fighting 盔甲

[video game sounds]

Phil: What if there's ancient Indian arrowheads under there?
arrowhead [ˈæroʊˌhɛd]: the sharp pointed end of an arrow 箭头;箭镞

Luke: What if it's gold bars?
gold bar: 金条

Phil: Oh, you think?

Claire: For God's sakes, why don't you go under the house and look?


Mitchell: Hey, Cam. Cam, where did we get this dolly from?

Cameron: Oh, from Janice and Olivia. They brought it over yesterday. Lily loves it.

Mitchell: Seems a little frilly, you know, coming from them.
frilly ['frili]: having a lot of frills 镶褶边的;有饰边的

Cameron: What, because they're lesbians? That's sort of an offensive stereotype, don't you think?
stereotype [ˈstɛriəˌtaɪp]: a fixed idea or image that many people have of a particular type of person or thing, but
which is often not true in reality 模式化形象;刻板成见

Mitchell: Yeah, I suppose. I'm sorry. Oh, hey, did they bring back our coffee maker?
coffee maker: a small machine for making cups of coffee 咖啡壶

Cameron: No. It was too big. They were on their motorcycle.


Cameron: We got off to an awkward start with our pediatrician, a very nice Asian lady--
get off to an awkward start: 有尴尬的开端 (get off to a flying start: to make a very good start; to begin something well

Mitchell: Irrelevant.

Cameron: Named Dr. Miura. So I took the bold step of inviting her over for brunch.
bold: (of people or behavior) brave and confident; not afraid to say what you feel or to take risks 大胆的;需要冒风险

Mitchell: [chuckles] I'm sorry. Uh, bold?

Cameron: She said no patient had ever done it before.

Mitchell: Yeah. Subtext, "This is weird."
subtext [ˈsʌbˌtɛkst]: a hidden meaning or reason for doing something 潜台词;言外之意

Cameron: I didn't hear any subtext.

Mitchell: Do you hear any now?


Mitchell: [exhales]I don't even know why we're doing this.

Cameron: Because what if Lily gets sick and there's a Tamiflu shortage? Who do you think's gonna get
that medicine? The patient she likes, that's who.
Tamiflu [ˈtæmɪˌflu:]: an oral antiviral drug that attacks the influenza virus and prevents it spreading inside the body 达

Mitchell: Well, maybe if you bake her a cake, she'll give us free X-rays.

Cameron: It's all about making connections. Why do you think the dentist gives me all that free stuff?
connection: (usually plural) a person or an organization that you know and that can help or advise you in your social
or professional life (通常复数)(尤指有权有势的)人脉,关系

Mitchell: Um, because he's a huge queen and he has a big crush on you.

Cameron: Really? Do you think so?


Manny: Mom?

Gloria: Hmm?

Manny: I have a fever.

Gloria: Ay, mi amor. Come here and I feel you.

Manny: Ooh. I don't wanna get you sick. It could be fatal.

Jay: Then by all means, stand next to me.

Gloria: Let me feel you. Ay, papi, but you're not warm.

Manny: Uh, probably because you were cooking and your hands are warm. I better skip the party tomorrow
just to be safe.
skip something: to not do something that you usually do or should do (故意)不做;无故缺席

Gloria: Oh. Yeah, the party.

Jay: What?

Gloria: [whispering] The party.

Jay: I understand about 20% of what goes on around here.


Gloria: The party is at an amusement park, and Manny's afraid of roller coasters.
amusement park: a large park which has a lot of things that you can ride and play on and many different activities to
enjoy (公共露天)游乐场

Jay: Poor kid.

Gloria: I don't know where he gets his fear from, because his father's not afraid of anything. No bulls, no
heights, no helicopters, no fast cars-

Jay: But go to dinner with him and wait for the check to come. Then you'll see fear in his eyes. Like the
waiter's a ghost.


Phil: Excited?

Luke: Yeah.

Phil: We're like Ponce de León and his son, Little Ponce.

1. 庞塞·德莱昂(Ponce de León,1474-1521)是西班牙的探险家、征服者,被西班牙王室任命为波多黎各的第一任总
是在寻找"长生不老泉"(Fountain of Youth)。

Luke: Who's that?

Phil: Famous treasure hunters.
treasure hunter: 寻宝猎人

Luke: His name was Ponce? He'd get made fun of at my school. They'd probably call him "Pants."

Phil: [laughing] Pants. [chuckles] Or maybe, um, "Fancy Ponce."

Luke: [laughs] That's a good one.

Phil: All right. Let's do this. [squeaking] Oh! Hey! Wow.

Luke: You okay, Dad?

Phil: Yeah. Yeah, I am. Yep. Gonna take a little more than getting trapped in a small, dark space with a wild 
animal to rattle your old man.
rattle somebody: to make somebody nervous or frightened 使不安;使恐惧

 All right.


Phil: You never want your kids to see you scared. You wanna be that rock that they can grab ahold of in a
stormy sea. Actually, a rock would sink. So a floating rock. Let's start over. It's windy, and you've got a lot of
grab ahold of: 把…抓到手


Phil: Okay. Let's do this, buddy. [clears throat] [squeaking] Okay! Good recon. Got the lay of the land, so--
recon [ˈriˌkɑ:n]: the activity of getting information about an area for military purposes, using soldiers, planes, etc. 侦察
(= reconnaissance)(军)
the lay of the land: the way the land in an area is formed and what physical characteristics it has 地形,地貌

Luke: Aren't we going in?

Phil: Yep, we are. But won't it be fun if we did it with ski goggles and barbecue tools?

Luke: I guess.

Phil: Yeah. Yeah. Let's do that.

Luke: All right.


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