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08月 10th, 2017

【原创】志萍版摩登家庭英语笔记 01×17: Truth Be Told – Part2

摩登家庭笔记, by 李志萍.

 Manny? Manny, come here a second, pal.

Manny: Huh?

Jay: I got some bad news, buddy.

Manny: What is it?

Jay: Well, there's no easy way to say this. Shel Turtlestein is dead.

Manny: What? How?

Jay: I was down here reading the paper, and I heard this commotion up in your room. So-- so naturally, I
go running up there. And this
mangy raccoon had busted through your screen. He must have scampered
up to
 where Shel was. By the time I walked in, he had-- the little bastard had him by the neck and shaking
him. Gravel was flying everywhere. He didn't even flinch. He just stared at me with that smug look and then
bolted. If only I'd have got here earlier.
commotion [kəˈmoʊʃən]: sudden noisy confusion or excitement 喧嚣声;嘈杂声
mangy [ˈmeɪndʒi]: A mangy animal looks dirty, uncared for, or ill. (动物)肮脏的;无人看管的;患病的
bust something: to break something 打破;打碎;打开
screen: a wire or plastic net that is held in a frame and fastened on a window, or a door, to let in air but keep out
insects (
scamper + adv./prep. [ˈskæmpər]: (especially of children or small animals) to move quickly with short light steps (

Manny: May I see the body?

Gloria: Baby, are you sure that's a good idea?

Manny: It's something I have to do. That's him.

Jay: Sorry, pal.

Manny: It just doesn't make any sense.

Jay: Yep. Only the good die young.
Only the good die young.: well-regarded people who are morally upright, kind, and beneficent tend to die at a
younger age than do most people, often used sarcastically or gloomily with the connotation that justice is lacking
in the moral order of the world.

Manny: But in school, we learn raccoons are nocturnal. They sleep during the day.
nocturnal [nɑkˈtɜrnəl]: (of animals) active at night (动物)夜间活动的;夜间出没的

Jay: They sure do, and this one must've got up for a midnight snack. You know, we've all done that.

Manny: I guess so.

Jay: Yeah. It all adds up.

Manny: I don't think I can be in here right now. Too many memories.

Jay: He'll be okay.

Gloria: You lie.

Jay: What?

Gloria: I'm Colombian. I know a fake crime scene when I see one.

Jay: I was hanging up the new poster and it fell on top of him. It was an accident.

Gloria: You have to tell him.

Jay: No. I've been through this before. When Mitchell was nine, I was supposed to take care of his bird. It
got out and flew into a fan. It was like a bloody pillow fight.

Gloria: My God. How many pets have you killed?

Jay: Just the two. I took the heat on the bird. It was a big mistake. To this day, Mitchell looks at me, I see
him thinking, "That's the guy who killed Fliza Minnelli."
heat: pressure on somebody to do or achieve something 压力

3. 丽莎·明尼里(Liza Minnelli,1946-),早年在拉斯维加斯做过夜总会歌手。19岁时因出演戏剧"Flora the Red
"活着的传奇"。值得特别指出的是,丽莎·明尼里和她的母亲——因主演《绿野仙踪》(The Wizard of Oz)
成名的朱迪·嘉兰(Judy Garland,1922-1969),都是美国著名的同志偶像,拥有广大的同性恋粉丝群。

Gloria: And what if he finds out? Then what? You'll be the guy that killed his pet and lied to him.

Jay: He's not gonna find out because I covered my tracks.
cover your tracks: to try and hide what you have done, because you do not want other people to find out about it

Gloria: Okay. Fliza Minnelli?

Jay: How did I not know that kid was gay?


Alex: Hey, Luke. Big day for you, huh?

Luke: Why?

Alex: Because you will get to meet your real Mom.

Luke: What?

Alex: [scoffs] We all made a pact we'd deny it until you turned 21. But that's the real reason Dad's old
girlfriend's coming over. She's your Mom, and if she likes you, you'll go live with her.

Luke: I'm not adopted. I'm asking Mom.

Alex: You mean Mrs. Dunphy? She's not going to tell you the truth.

Luke: I-I'm not--

Alex: I know.

Haley: [whimpers] Just 'cause he called you a dork-to-dork salesman?

Alex: The empire strikes back.
strike back: to try to harm somebody in return for an attack or injury you have received 反击;回击

4. 《帝国反击战》(The Empire Strikes Back)上映于1980年,是科幻电影《星球大战》(Star Wars)系列的第五集,也是
重要剧情包括:邪恶的西斯尊主斯·维德(Darth Vader)率领银河帝国(the
Galactic Empire
)军队开始在整个银河搜寻义军(Rebel Alliance)。卢克·天行者(Luke Skywalker)跟随尤达大师(Jedi Master
Yodathe Force
)学习原力(the Force)。达斯·维德告诉卢克他是他的父亲。

Manny: Raccoons have five toes.

Jay: What's that?

Manny: I don't mean to bother you. It's just confusing. The footprints in my room only have four toes.

Jay: You know, I bet I know what happened. I'll bet he lost those toes in a fight. And that guy looked like he'd
been in a
brawl or two.
brawl [brɔl]: a noisy and violent fight involving a group of people, usually in a public place 斗殴;闹事

Manny: One toe from each foot?

Jay: Maybe. You know, Manny, I think the only thing that's gonna get you to stop asking all these questions…
is for you to have a little closure.

Manny: What do you mean?

Jay: Well, I'd like to throw a little memorial for Shel. It'll be good for all of us. That way we get our grief out,
and then we never have to talk about this ever, ever again.


[doorbell rings] 

Phil: Hi. Oh, careful. There's a thing. [squealing] Yeah. Good to see you.

Denise: Hi! Hi! Oh, my God.

Claire: Hi. I'm Claire. You must be--

Denise: Oh. Yeah. Hi. I was–

Claire: Denise.

Denise: Well-- Okay. Oh, and you're even prettier than the pictures that Phil's always posting.

Phil: Just a couple.

Claire: Oh?

Denise: Shut up. Every week. He loves showing you off. And my boyfriend likes your Acapulco pictures,
probably a little too much.
Acapulco [ækə'pulkəu]: 阿卡普尔科(墨西哥西南部港市,度假胜地)

Phil: [chuckles]

Claire: Well, thank your boyfriend for me. Come on in, please.

Denise: Oh, I brought you, um, some lifting intensifier. Not that you need it. It's a limited edition, so--
lifting intensifier [ɪnˈtɛnsəˌfaɪər]: 紧致精华
limited edition: a fixed, usually small, number of copies of a book, picture, etc. produced at one time 限量版;特定版

Claire: Thank you. Thank you.

Denise: Never mind.

Phil: Oh, Denise, I think you might know these people. Uh, that's Haley--

Denise: Hi.

Phil: Alex and--

Denise: Luke. Oh! I had curly hair just like that when I was little.

Luke: So? That doesn't mean anything. [whimpering]

Claire: Why don't we, uh, come on in? Have a seat. Please.

Haley: So what was my Dad like in high school?

Denise: Only the most amazing breakdancer ever.
breakdancer [ˈbreɪkdænsər]: a person who does breakdancing 霹雳舞者

Haley: No way.

Phil: Oh, don't fire it up. What? What?
fire something up: to start a machine, piece of equipment, computer program, etc. 点燃;发动(机器等)

Claire: Oh, no.

Phil: Yeah.

Denise: He had a boom box and a piece of cardboard in his locker. And what was your dance name?
boom box: a large portable machine for playing music, especially one that is played loudly in public by young people
locker: a small metal or wooden cabinet with a lock, where you can put your personal possessions, for example in a
school, place of work, or sports club (

Phil: O-Zone. Yeah. 

Claire: Mmm.

Denise: I drove him to his Star Search audition.

5. 《星搜索》(Star Search)是美国的一档电视节目,1983~1995年播出,2003~2004年重新推出。参赛选手按照男声、

Phil: Which is totally political, by the way.

Haley: O-Zone. That is deadass funny. I'm so calling you that.
deadass: 完全地,非常,极

Phil: Thank you.

Denise: Wow. You really lucked out. You have a beautiful wife
luck out: to be lucky 走运;交好运

Claire: Oh. 

Denise: A gorgeous house. And those kids-- I could take Luke home with me.

Claire: Well, be my guest. Seriously, you go right ahead.
be my guest: used to give somebody permission to do something that they have asked to do 悉听尊便


Luke: No! I like it here! [whimpers]

Claire: Alex, honey, will you go find out what's wrong with your brother?

Alex: Okay.

Denise: You know, um, if it's okay, I think I'm just gonna use the, um--

Claire: Oh, yeah. Of course.

Denise: Okay.

Claire: Down the hall. Left-hand side. You can't miss it.
left-hand: on the left side of something 左边的;在左的;向左的

Denise: Thanks.

Claire: Okay, she's fantastic.

Phil: Yes?

Claire: Yes. I feel awful. When did I become this horribly cynical person who would assume the worst about

Phil: I first noticed it seven years-- You're not.

Denise: Such an idiot. Is it--?

Phil: Oh, I'll show you.

Denise: Okay.

Phil: Yeah, yeah, yeah.

Denise: Thanks.

Phil: [clears throat] Yeah.

Denise: So how are we gonna do this?

Phil: I-I thought I'd just point at the door. So I was thinking--

Denise: I was thinking too. Here… is my hotel room key. You can come by whenever you want.
come by: to make a short visit to a place, in order to see somebody 来访;路过

[door closes]


Mitchell: That was funny this morning, huh? When I-when I pulled up next to you at that stoplight?
stoplight [ˈstɑpˌlaɪt]: a set of colored lights which controls the flow of traffic on a road 交通信号灯

Mr. Jennings: Funny?

Mitchell: Yeah. Because I was on the phone with my partner talking about how horrible his boss was-- his.
And then you pull up. So-

Mr. Jennings: Anyway, I'm glad I ran into you. I'm getting worried they're gonna move up our court date. I-I
need you to bust ass preparing [cell phone rings] 'cause if they call us on Monday-- [ringing continues] Uh,
you need to get that?
bust one's ass: 拼命干

Mitchell: No-no. It's-it's fine. It's just a… picture of my daughter standing for the first time.

Mr. Jennings: Yeah, they do that. It's a big day. Anyway, I need you here tomorrow. I know it's a Sunday, but,
uh, you think you can be on time, okay?

Mitchell: Actually, um, I-I have plans tomorrow, uh, so I won't be here. I-I have plans to stay at home with my
family and do absolutely nothing. Okay. But I will see you on Monday.

Mr. Jennings: Mm-hmm. So, so you're in charge now, is that it?

Mitchell: Well, I just figure if my daughter can stand up, then so can I.
stand up: 此处双关 (1) 站立;(2) 勇敢地维护的权利(或观点)

Mr. Jennings: All right, look. We've all been working hard lately, okay? But that's the job. So either come in
tomorrow or don't bother coming back again.

Mitchell: Okay.

Mr. Jennings: [laughs] Hmm.

Mitchell: Need the, uh, I.D. to-- 

Mr. Jennings: Uh-huh. 

Mitchell: Make the elevator go down to freedom and this to complete my set.
set: (衣服穿在身上的)样子


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