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08月 14th, 2017

【原创】志萍版摩登家庭英语笔记 01×19: Game Changer – Part1

摩登家庭笔记, by 李志萍.

Luke: Today Sam Riley kicked a soccer ball and it hit another kid so hard his eye popped out.

Phil: Awesome!

Claire: Really? His eye popped out.

Luke: Never mind.

Phil: Well, gotta hit the sack. Big Saturday tomorrow.
hit the sack: to go to bed 上床睡觉,就寝

Claire: That's right. It's somebody's birthday.

Phil: Not just that. The iPad comes out on my actual birthday. It's like Steve Jobs and God got together to
say, "We love you, Phil."
iPad:  苹果平板电脑,第一代于2010年4月3日发布,本集首播出2010年3月31日。
come out: to be produced or published 上市;上映;发行;出版

1. 史蒂夫·乔布斯(Steve Jobs,1955-2011)是美国企业家、发明家和工业设计师,美国苹果公司(Apple Inc.)联合创始人

Claire: What is so great about that doohickey anyhow?
doohickey [ˈduˌhɪki]: a small object whose name you have forgotten or do not know, especially part of a machine (

Phil: "Doohickey," Elly May? It's a movie theater, a library and a music store all rolled into one awesome
rolled into one: combined in one person or thing 合为一体;兼于一身

2. 《贝弗利乡巴佬》(The Beverly Hillbillies)是美国的一部情景喜剧,1962~1972年在CBS电视台播出,讲述一家暴发户
·梅(Elly May)是剧中的女儿,性格像假小子,喜爱动物,由唐娜·道格拉斯
(Donna Douglas)扮演。

Alex: A library is a place where people get books.

Haley: A movie theater is a place where people go on dates.

Phil: I better load the beach chair into the trunk. I'm gonna need it for the line in the morning.
beach chair: a simple chair with a folding frame, and a piece of canvas as the seat and back 沙滩椅(多为帆布或塑料

Claire: Wait, honey. Hang on. You can't spend your birthday in line.

Phil: Well, not the whole day. I have to be there at 6:00, you'll forget about it. Then I'm out by 10:00.

Claire: Why don't you let me do it?

Phil: Claire, you don't have to do that.

Claire: No, I know, but I want to. And that way on your birthday you'll wake up and you'll have your brand-new

Phil: Okay. Well, in spite of you calling it a toy, this is shaping up to top the best birthday I ever had.
shape up: to develop in a particular way, especially in a good way 开始成形;有可能发生

Haley: Oh, thank God we didn't have to hear that stupid story about that place that's– 

Phil: It was called the Fun Zone. I was 11.

Luke: [groans]

Phil: I hit 10 straight fastballs in the batting cage. Then my best friend Jeff Sweeney stepped in and took
one in the groin. I yelled out "
ball two!" Everybody laughed. That was when I knew I was funny. Good night.
fastball [ˈfæstˌbɑl]: (in baseball) a ball that is thrown at the pitcher’s fastest speed (棒球)(投手以最快速度投出的)
batting cage: a movable screen placed behind home base to catch balls during batting practice 击球练习的挡网
ball: 此处双关 (1) (in baseball) a throw by the pitcher that is outside the strike zone (棒球)(投手投出的)坏球;(2) a
testicle 睾丸


Manny: B-E-L-I-E-V-E. Believe.

Gloria: Are you sure there's not an "E-I" in the middle?

Manny: No. It's "I-E."

Gloria: Good, papi! If I can't fool you, then your teachers can't fool you either.

Manny: I don't think they're trying to fool me.

Jay: Wait until you see what I got Phil for his birthday. I found it on the SkyMall catalog.

Gloria: Ay. It's not one of those talking alarm clocks? "It's 6:05. It's 6:25. Wake up. Wake up."

Jay: Even better. A rosewood chess set. As a matter of fact, before I wrap this thing, what say we take it for
a spin
? Come on, Manny. I'll teach you.
rosewood: the hard reddish-brown wood of a tropical tree, that has a pleasant smell and is used for making
expensive furniture 红木(数种热带和亚热带豆科乔木所产坚硬木材的统称,具玫瑰香,用于制作家具);(尤指)黄檀木
chess set: checkerboard and a set of 32 pieces used to play chess (国际象棋的)棋具(包括棋盘和棋子);一副象棋
take something for a spin: to test or try out something, especially an automobile 试用,尤指试开汽车

Gloria: He knows how to play. His father taught him.

Jay: I'm gonna teach him real chess, not the Colombian version. We actually use the pieces to play the
game, not
smuggle stuff out of the country.
piece: one of the small figures or objects that you move around in games such as chess (棋类游戏等中的)棋子(尤指
smuggle something/somebody (+ adv./prep.) [ˈsmʌgəl]: to take, send or bring goods or people secretly and illegally
into or out of a country, etc.

Gloria: I know one Colombian piece you won't be playing with later.
piece: 性感女子

Jay: Manny, come on. Let's see what you got.

Gloria: You'll be surprised. [Spanish] Let him win.


Gloria: Manny's an excellent player, but Jay is a grumpy loser. He mopes, he makes the face, he slams the
door, then he said he didn't slam the door. It's better that he wins.
mope [moʊp]: to feel miserable and do not feel interested in doing anything 闷闷不乐


[crying on baby monitor]

Mitchell: Mm, I got this.

Man on Baby Monitor: Everything's gonna be okay. It's okay. It's okay.

[crying continues] [whispers]

Mitchell: Cam!

Cameron: [mutters] Leave me alone.

Mitchell: There's a-- There's a man in Lily's room.

Cameron: Huh?

Mitchell: There's a man in Lily's room!

Cameron: It's go time. Oh, thank God.

Mitchell: [yells] No, no. It's me, it's me, it's me, it's me.

Cameron: She's fine. She's fine. We must have just heard a neighbor with the same monitor.

Mitchell: Thank God.

Cameron: Boy, if a spider would have broken in here, he would have been in trouble.


Claire: Light-up barbecue tongs. This was the lame gift I got Phil. So, was I bummed to get up at 5:00
in the morning and wait in line? [alarm beeping] No. No, because I was finally getting my husband
something that he really, really wanted. I was
every bit as excited as he was. [exhales] No. [muttering]
tong: 钳子;夹具
every bit as good, bad, etc. (as somebody/something): just as good, bad, etc.; equally good, bad, etc. 完全像


Jay: Hey, buddy. I hope you're not upset about our chess match yesterday. Hey, what do you say we play

Manny: I'm good.

Jay: That's the spirit. Downloaded this for you. It's kind of a kid's guide to chess.

Manny: No, Jay. I'm good.

Jay: Nah, it's not all dry like that. They have fun with it. See, you can color in the little players with your
dry: dull and uninteresting 枯燥乏味的;干巴巴的
like that: 都是那样;一概如此
color in: to put color inside a particular area, shape, etc. using colored pencils, crayons, etc. 填色,用颜色填
crayon [ˈkreɪən]: a colored pencil or stick of soft colored chalk or wax, used for drawing 彩色蜡笔(或炭笔、粉笔)

Manny: Now you are making me want to play again.

Jay: Now we're lighting a fire. Let me toss this out. If you beat me, if that day should ever come, I'll give you,
toss out: 提出(建议等);抛出…供讨论

Manny: I want your watch.

Jay: Wow, you had that loaded up, huh? Okay. Game on. Now, I want you to go first. Now remember, try to
open up the middle of the board. I'd have moved that guy two spaces. More aggressive. And you don't
na bring your queen out that quickly. See, now you could've protected that with that, but now you're
queen: the most powerful piece used in the game of chess that can move any number of squares in any direction (国

Manny: Checkmate.
checkmate: (象棋)"将(军)!"

Jay: Huh? What? How'd you do that?


Cameron: You will not believe what's going on at Jake and Debbie's house.

Mitchell: Who?

Cameron: The people on the monitor. They must live nearby. So much drama. Okay, Jake told Debbie
that he had to work late. So she called his boss and found out that he didn't.
Busted! So she spent all
morning on the phone crying and crying and crying to her mother and said if Jake has to work "late" one
more time, she's
filing for divorce.
busted: caught in the act of doing something wrong and likely to be punished (做坏事时)被当场逮住的;被抓现行的
file for: 法律上提出(离婚等)

Mitchell: Huh.

Cameron: That's it? I give you that tasty dish and all you give me is a "huh"?

Mitchell: I'm-I'm s- Cam, I froze last night. I froze. I thought Lily was in danger and I froze. But not you. No,
 sprung right into action. You even had the cool "it's go time" line.  
freeze: to stop moving suddenly because of fear, etc. (尤指因恐惧、惊吓等而)呆住,僵住,一动不动
spring into action: (of a person, machine, etc.) to suddenly start working or doing something 马上行动起来

Cameron: That comes to me naturally. I spent a year as a crossing guard.
crossing guard: 学校安全员,儿童上学和放学时的交通安全员

Mitchell: Cam, I mean, what kind of parent am I if I can't even protect my own family, you know? J-just once
I would love to be the
-the guy with no fear who can stand up and, I don't know, you know, kick some ass.

Cameron: You're so cute when you're angry with your little fists. Just wanna put you in my pocket.


Alex: Think he's coming.

Haley: He's coming? 

Alex: [gasps] Here he comes.

Haley: Dad!

Haley, Alex and Luke: Happy birthday!

Phil: You guys! That's awesome. Oh, who are these from?

Alex: Cam and Mitchell.

Phil: Those guys are a class act.
class act: If you describe someone or something as a class act, you mean that they are impressive and of high
quality. 出类拔萃的人;值得盛赞之事

Haley: We're making you breakfast.

Alex: Uh-huh.

Haley: French waffle cakes.

Phil: Let me guess: One waffle in between two pieces of French toast wrapped in a pancake.

3. 华夫饼(waffle)将面粉、鸡蛋、淡奶、砂糖等搅成面糊,倒入呈格子状的烤模(waffle iron)中烤制而成。比利时华夫饼
(Belgian waffle)用酵母粉发酵,饼身较大,格子较深。美式华夫饼
(American waffle)则下泡打粉,饼身较小,格子较浅


4. 煎饼(pancake)典型的美式早餐,主要材料面粉、泡打粉、牛奶、鸡蛋、盐,有时也会加些香料,如肉桂粉和香草

Haley: Nailed it.

Phil: Bring it in here, monkeys. Love you! Get over here! Good enough.
monkey: If you refer to a child as a monkey, you are saying in an affectionate way that he or she is very lively and
naughty. 淘气鬼;捣蛋鬼

Luke: Where's Mom?

Phil: You mean the greatest woman in the world? She is standing in line at the Apple Store, making all my
birthday wishes come true. 
Apple Store: a chain of retail stores owned and operated by Apple Inc., dealing in computers and consumer
electronics 苹果直营店,由苹果公司经营的连锁零售商店,以销售电脑和消费性电子产品为主。

Alex: Oh!

Phil: Let's see how these bad boys taste.

Alex: Oh, no. Don't touch…

Phil: Son of a… Oh! [clattering] It's hot!

Luke: Are you okay?

Phil: Fresh out of the oven, eh? That is

Haley: Do you want some ice?

Phil: Yes. Oh, man! This[ice rattling] Oh, that feels better. That feels better.

Alex: Sorry, Dad.

Phil: No, it actually-- That feels weird. That burns in a different way! Ow! Oh! Don't wash this until we see if I can get my skin back. Okay?


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