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08月 17th, 2017

【原创】志萍版摩登家庭英语笔记 01×20: Benched – Part2

摩登家庭笔记, by 李志萍.

Phil: Father-in-laws are tough, because you can't let 'em
push you around, and you also have to show them
respect. It's like walking a
tightrope, which, by the way, I can do because I went to trapeze school. Did Jay?
I doubt it. 
push around: to bully; keep telling (a person) what to do in a bossy manner 欺负;把(某人)差来差去
tightrope [ˈtaɪtˌroʊp]: a rope or wire that is stretched tightly high above the ground and that performers walk along,
especially in a circus (
trapeze [træˈpiz]: a bar of wood or metal hanging from two ropes on which people in a circus swing and perform
skillful movements (


Jay: All right, when you back into--

Phil: Hey!

Claire: Honey, I'm gonna take off. I'm gonna buy Alex some clothes.

Phil: Okey-doke.
okey-doke [ˌoʊki ˈdoʊk]: used to express agreement 好,对,可以

Claire: How come you're not coaching?

Phil: 'Cause your Dad coached football.

Claire: I'm sorry. And I am going to make it up to you tonight.

Phil: And I'll be thinking of your Dad while you do.

Claire: Mmm. Disturbing.

Mitchell: Hey, Phil.

Phil: Hey.

Mitchell: How's it going?

Gloria: Ay.

Phil: Great. Your Dad coached football.

Mitchell: Ah, a fellow victim. Thank you again for taking care of Lily. I know it's last-minute.
fellow: used to describe somebody who is the same as you in some way, or in the same situation 同类的;同种情况的

Gloria: Ay, don't be silly. [chuckles]

Cameron: We'll probably just stick around for a few minutes. You know how fussy she gets when we pass
her off, so–
fussy: having a tendency to fuss, cry, or be ill-tempered (especially of babies) (婴儿)不安的,欲哭的,坏

Gloria: Oh, she seems fine.

Cameron: Yeah.

Gloria: Ay, I think she's getting used to being away from you now that you have the new job.

Cameron: [whimpers]

Gloria: Mwah! So proud of you!

Manny: We need to talk.

Gloria: Okay. What happened?

Manny: Mom, I love you, but your words of encouragement encourage the other kids to make fun of me.

Gloria: Ay. Okay. I won't say anything else on the next game. Promise.

Manny: We both know that your Latin blood makes that impossible. I think it would be better if you didn't
come to the next game.

Gloria: [whimpers]


Mitchell: Ah!

Cameron: I know.

Mitchell: I hate our house.

Cameron: I know!

Mitchell: What's-what's this thing?

Cameron: I don't know, but it's fancy.

Mitchell: Stop-stop playing with it. Come on. Just-- Don't break it.

[doorbell rings] [music playing]

Charlie Bingham: Hey, Mitchell!

Mitchell: Yes.

Charlie Bingham: Charlie Bingham.

Mitchell: Nice to meet you.

Charlie Bingham: Hi!

Mitchell: This is my partner, Cameron Tucker.

Cameron: Pleasure.

Charlie Bingham: Cameron.

Mitchell: So, uh, we just went ahead and parked on that round thingy in the driveway. Is that-- That's fine,
go ahead: 擅自行事;独自行动

Charlie Bingham: No problem. It's a turntable, so you don't have to back out.
turntable [ˈtɜrnˌteɪbəl]: a large round surface that is able to move in a circle and onto which a railway/railroad engine
is driven in order to turn it to go in the opposite direction (
back out: (使)(车辆)退出

Cameron: Oh. [chuckles] You have a car turntable and you're wearing rubber. You're like Batman.

Charlie Bingham: I really am. Come on in. Turn the music down!

Mitchell: Wow.

Charlie Bingham: Pardon the get-up. Killer waves today. You guys surf?
pardon [ˈpɑrdən]: to forgive somebody for something they have said or done (used in many expressions when you
want to be polite)
killer: 极好的;了不起的

Cameron: Um, only for bargains on the Web.

Charlie Bingham: Everybody say hi.

Everybody: Hi. Hello!

Charlie Bingham: Hi! That's Jolie. She's head of my Europe division. She cheats at poker. You do. And
that's my girlfriend, Jenny. She makes a hell of a margarita. Want one?

4. 玛格丽特(margarita)是常见的鸡尾酒,基本款以墨西哥龙舌兰酒、橙皮香甜酒、酸橙汁或柠檬汁调制,味道较为浓

Cameron: Absolutely.

Mitchell: Oh, not right– Okay.

Charlie Bingham: Everybody, Mitchell Pritchett and his partner, Cameron.

Cameron: Business partners. Mergers and acquisitions. [chuckles] I'm kidding. We're gay.
mergers and acquisitions [ˌækwɪˈzɪʃən]: 并购;兼并与收购

Mitchell: Stop talking.


Cameron: When things are relaxed, I'm great in social situations. I would have fit in at the Algonquin
Round Table
. But when the stakes are high, I get a little tense. I'd be the guy that would knock over the
round table. Then Dorothy Parker would make a quip, James Thurber would laugh, and then I would
end up leaving, crying.
relaxed: (of a place or situation) calm and informal 平静的;不受拘束的
Algonquin Round Table: 阿尔冈琴圆桌会,这个组织是纽约市的一些作家、评论家、演员在20世纪20年代形成的一个
quip [kwɪp]: a quick and clever remark 俏皮话;妙语


多罗茜·帕克(Dorothy Parker1893-1967)是一位美国女诗人、短篇小说作家、评论家和讽刺作家、编剧,代表作品
有《足够长的绳索》(Enough Rope)、《致生者的挽歌》(Laments for the Living)等。她才华横溢、谈吐机智,在当时


6. 詹姆斯·瑟伯(James Thurber1894-1961)是美国作家、漫画家、幽默大师,他的漫画和短篇小说主要发表在《纽约
客》上。他一生著书约有四十本,代表著作有《我的人生和艰难岁月》(My Life and Hard Times)、《当代寓言集》
(Fables for Our Time)等。他的绘本《公主的月亮》(The Princess Who Wanted The Moon),获得美国权威儿童图书


Claire: How long you been on the lam?
on the lam [læm]: escaping from somebody, especially from the police 在潜逃中

Alex: What?

Claire: Honey, you are looking around like the Feds are after you.
Fed: an officer of the FBI or another federal organization (美国)联邦调查局特工;联邦政府工作人员(或官员)
be after someone/something: trying to find or catch somebody/something 寻找某人(或某物);追赶某人

Alex: No, I'm not. Let's just get this over with.

Claire: Oh! All right.

Alex: Oh, no. It's them.

Claire: Oh! Oh, you know those girls from school. Hey!

Alex: Let's go! Over here.

Claire: What-what is your problem?

Alex: [sighs] Nothing. I'll meet you at the car in an hour. Please, Mom. Please. [sighs] Hi, Jenna.

Jenna: Hi.


Claire: And just like that, my baby girl became a teenager. She entered that dreaded phase where my
very existence embarrasses her.
dreaded [ˈdrɛdɪd]: You can use the dreaded to describe something that you, or a particular group of people, find
annoying, inconvenient, or undesirable.

Phil: I-I think I can help. You're not your Mom. Wow. That's your Mom. Oh, I just got chills.
chill: an uncomfortable and numbing sense of fear, dread, anxiety, or alarm, often one that is sudden and usually
accompanied by a trembling nerve response resembling the body's response to biting cold


Charlie Bingham: So, first off, I'm a fan. Saw you in court once.
first off: before anything else 首先

Mitchell: [chuckles] Seriously?

Charlie Bingham: Yeah. Mayhew vs. Propyltech. You are a good lawyer.

Mitchell: Oh, I don't know.

Charlie Bingham: If you'd handled my divorce, this house would be twice as big.

Cameron: Oh, he's better than good. Try winning an argument with him. Last night, I wanted to have Indian

Mitchell: And we're talking again.

Charlie Bingham: Top of your class at Cornell and Columbia Law. Had your pick of jobs but instead
chose to work in
environmental law until last month.
Cornell [kɔrˈnɛl]: 康奈尔大学
have one's pick: to choose; to select (随意)挑选
environmental law: 环境法

Mitchell: Well–

Cameron: And he used to be a really great figure skater.

Charlie Bingham: Why'd you quit?

Cameron: His sister lost interest, and then there was--

Mitchell: He means my job.

Charlie Bingham: Could tell me about figure skating, too.

Mitchell: Um, well, it was-- She did lose interest.

Charlie Bingham: That's enough.

Mitchell: Okay.


Gloria: Ay, qué linda! Ay, qué linda!
qué linda: how pretty/beautiful (西班牙语)好漂亮

Claire: Oh, my gosh! I didn't know you guys were gonna be here.

Gloria: Hola, Claire. Mwah!

Claire: Hi, Lily. Mwah, mwah!

Gloria: I had enough basketball for one day.

Claire: Oh, I know. Come here, sweetie. Oh, sweet thing, you love me and you want me to buy you a dress.

Gloria: Ay, but I'm gonna buy her some shoes first.

Claire: Mmm. What's that, Lily? Do you want me to buy you a dress? She said "yes."

Gloria: "Yes?" She did not say "yes."


Jay: Okay, "win" on 3.

Jay and Children: 1, 2, 3, win!

Phil: Don't forget the pick and roll. These guys won't know how to defend it.
pick and roll: (basketball) an offensive play in which a player stops to block a defender for a teammate handling the
ball and then slips behind the defender to accept a pass (

Jay: Phil, try not to confuse my boys, okay?

Phil: Okay. I sleep with your daughter.

Jay: What?

Phil: Good luck.

Jay: All right. Let's go! Let's go. Come on! Let's go! Let's get out there. Hustle up! Get the tip, get the tip.
hustle up [ˈhʌsəl]: to prepare quickly 快速准备

[whistle blows]

Referee: Watch, skip and go.

Jay: Oh! All right. Keep the hustle, keep the hustle. Come on, boys. Don't let 'em push you around. Oh!
All right, little defense. Play defense
hustle: busy noisy activity of a lot of people in one place 奔忙;赶紧

Phil: I did a little scouting, and the other team only has two shooters. If we isolate both of them--
scouting [skaʊtɪŋ]: 侦察;侦察活动
shooter [ˈʃutər]: (篮球)投篮者
isolate [ˈaɪsəˌleɪt]: to separate somebody/something physically or socially from other people or things 使分离;使隔

Jay: Good, Phil, good. Thank you. Good. Manny, pay attention! What are you looking at?

Manny: What?

Jay: Oh!


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