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08月 20th, 2017

【原创】志萍版摩登家庭英语笔记 01×21: Travels With Scout – Part3

摩登家庭笔记, by 李志萍.

Jay: Hey, what's with the big sweater at a concert? Is that a gay thing?

Mitchell: No, Dad, it's for my friend pepper's après-ski fondue– Yeah, yeah, it's a gay thing.

Claire: Hope they start soon. I don't think Scout likes to be left alone.

Phil: You love the dog.

Claire: No, I don't love the dog. I love my couch, and the dog was looking at it like it was a giant sausage.

Frank Dunphy: Good news, you two. You're getting your driveway back. I'm hitting the open road in the
open road: 公路

Claire: Oh, already?

Frank Dunphy: Yeah.

Phil: Anxious to get home and see Mom, huh?

Frank Dunphy: No, I'm just gonna drive wherever the wind blows me, which is usually into the next lane.
lane [leɪn]: a section of a wide road, that is marked by painted white lines, to keep lines of traffic separate 车道

Luke: Can we get some sodas, grandpa?

Frank Dunphy: Okay, but just one. I'm driving. Come on.

Phil: He's not going home? He's never been away from my Mom for longer than a doctor's appointment.

Claire: Honey, I know. I told you.

Phil: I always felt bad for people with emotionally distant fathers. It turns out I'm one of them. It's a miracle I
didn't end up a stripper.

Dylan: Hey, thanks, everybody, for coming out. These are some songs we wrote. 1, 2! 1, 2, 3! 
♪ baby, don't leave me ♪ 
♪ I just, I want you to know ♪ 
♪ I want you to know ♪ 
♪ there's something inside me that I cannot control ♪ 
♪ I cannot control ♪

Haley: Our boyfriends totally rock!

Mitchell: I know, right?

Dylan: ♪ I heard you screamin' my name I'm goin' insane 


Mitchell: Well, the plan was to watch him for 10 minutes and then run out to Pepper's party.


Dylan: ♪ coursing through my veins ♪
course + adv./prep.: (literary) (of liquid) to move or flow quickly 急行,奔流


Mitchell: But he was so great up there. How-how could I leave?


Dylan: ♪ but don't be afraid ♪ 
♪ I'll be your vampire ♪


Mitchell: It was his moment.


Dylan: Come on!

Mitchell: Wow!

Haley: I know!

[drum solo]


Mitchell: And his moment went on for a really… really long time.


[solo continues]


Mitchell: Turns out I could have run to the party and made it back for the end… of his moment.


Gloria: Manny, go brush your teeth and get ready for bed, okay?

Jay: Your bed.

Manny: Can I watch TV?

Gloria: Mmm, only 10 minutes.

Manny: Okay.

[television plays]

Ben: Hey, Jay, it's Ben Dugan. I got your message. Uh, yes, I'm happy to help out. I'll swing by tonight.
swing by: to visit a place or person for a short time 短暂参观,拜访

Gloria: What's that?

Jay: That's Ben. That's the guy who was in the movie. I figured when Manny sees him, sees how nice he is,
he'll realize it's all pretend.

Gloria: You think that will work?

Jay: That guy's a sweetheart. Manny's gonna spend two minutes with him. He'll explain how the movie's
made. He's even bringing his fake machete. Thing
's made of rubber.
sweetheart: 好心人;可爱的人;慷慨的人

[television plays]

Ben: [knock on window] Hey, are you Manny? I'm here for you! Look what I got.

Manny: Aah! Mom, he's here!

Gloria: ¿Qué pasó?! ¿Qué pasó?! ¿Qué pasó?! Ay! We're gonna need a bigger bed!
¿Qué pasó??: What happened? (西班牙语)发生了什么事?

Ben: [knock on window]

Jay: Oh, geez.


Mitchell: Oh, my God! I think that's him. [laughs]

Cameron: Hey! You stayed.

Mitchell: Yeah. Well, you know, I'm-I'm with the band.

Cameron: I thought the gig was a little sloppy in spots, but I think once I learn all the songs…
sloppy [ˈslɑpi]: that shows a lack of care, thought, or effort 粗心的;马虎的;凌乱的
in spots: 在几个点上,在某些方面

Mitchell: I thought-I thought this was a one-time thing?

Cameron: Are you kidding? We destroyed in there. Did you hear that one lady screaming my name?

Mitchell: That was Phil. He had a Red Bull.
Red Bull: an energy drink 红牛,一种功能饮料

Cameron: Hey, guys. Good gig, huh?

Dylan: Yeah. Totally awesome, man.

Cameron: Heck of a gig.
a heck of: People use a heck of to emphasize how big something is or how much of it there is. 极大;极多

Brian: Hey, guys.

Dylan: Hey. I thought you were in Portland.

Brian: No. My parents broke up again. I'm not moving. I can stay in the band.

Cameron: [chuckles] Well, this-this is awkward.

Dylan: Uh…

Mitchell: Cam.

Cameron: Oh, a-awkward for me. Good luck following that, Ringo.

6. 林戈·斯塔尔(Ringo Starr,1940-)是英国鼓手、歌手、歌曲作者、演员,以摇滚乐队披头士(the Beatles)的鼓手身份



Frank Dunphy: I believe this belongs to you. I don't want to drag the house along with me. Come here, you
little monkeys.

Haley, Alex and Luke: Bye, grandpa. We'll miss you.

Frank Dunphy: I wish I could take you with me.

Alex: Yeah, drive safe, grandpa.

Frank Dunphy: Oh, I'll try.

Claire: You sure you don't wanna stay for breakfast?

Frank Dunphy: No, I ought to be hitting the road. Well, adiós.
adiós: good-bye (西班牙语)再见

Phil: Dad, hold on.

Frank Dunphy: Hmm?

Phil: Can I talk to you for a second?

Frank Dunphy: Sure.

Claire: Guys, come on.

Phil: I don't think you're being honest with me. I-I know something is going on with you. What's up?

Frank Dunphy: Something up? Well, my boxers are, uh, riding a little high.
ride: 翱翔

Phil: I'm not in the mood for jokes right now, although you nailed that.

Frank Dunphy: Thanks. Thanks.

Phil: Great stuff.

Frank Dunphy: Thanks. It's nothing.

Phil: Oh, it's nothing? Nothing to do with Mom?

Frank Dunphy: No! Well, yeah. I've fallen in love.

Phil: Oh, my God! Who is she?

Frank Dunphy: He!

Phil: What?

Frank Dunphy: It's that little guy right over there. Come on over here. Come on. Come on. There you go.
Oh, look at him. Driving across country, this little bastard
 nuzzled his way right into my heart, didn't ya?
nuzzle [ˈnʌzəl]: to touch or rub someone or something with the nose or mouth, especially to show affection (用口鼻)

Phil: So this is just about you not wanting to leave the dog? Well, you should tell Mom.

Frank Dunphy: Those three days on the road with him were the happiest of my life.

Phil: You should leave that part out.

Luke: I don't wanna keep Scout if it makes grandpa sad.

Claire: Yeah, I know, sweetie. But grandma has allergies, so Scout has to stay with us.

Phil: Well, she could always just get some allergy shots.

Claire: Honey, you don't wanna put her through that.

Frank Dunphy: Hell, back in the day, I got a vasectomy for her.
back in the day: in the past 从前;在过去
vasectomy [væˈsɛktəmi]: a medical operation to remove part of each of the tubes in a man's body that carry sperm,
after which he is not able to make a woman pregnant 输精管切除术

Phil: Dad, Dad, please. Scout's-Scout's your dog. He should go with you.

Frank Dunphy: [sighs] Okay, you twisted my arm. [laughs] Thanks, son. Thanks for poking through the
twist somebody's arm: to persuade or force someone to do something 向某人施加压力,强迫某人做你要他做的事

Phil: You're poking through the armor down there.

Frank Dunphy: What?

Phil: Made you look.

[both laugh]

Frank Dunphy: You are a treasure. Come on, Scout. Let's mosey.
treasure [ˈtrɛʒər]: a person who is much loved or valued 被珍爱的人;难得的人才
mosey [ˈmoʊzi]: to set off, get going; to start a journey 出发,动身,离去

Claire: Oh, oh, oh, oh, wait. He loves that, yeah.

Frank Dunphy: Oh, I bet he does. No, Scout. This time I drive.

Phil: You still got it!


Phil: I can't believe I'm saying this, but I think I might have actually gotten even closer with my Dad.

Claire: I can't believe he took my dog.


Phil: Bye-bye!

Haley, Alex and Luke: Bye, grandpa! Love you!

Phil: Bye, Dad.

Luke: Bye, grandpa! I love you!

Phil: Luke, stay! Luke, stay!

Luke: Come back soon! I'll see you later!

Phil: Luke, stay!

Claire: Luke!

Phil: Stay!


Jay: Frank.

Frank Dunphy: Hey, Jay! Good to see you.

Jay: Great to see you. Didn't expect to find you here.

Frank Dunphy: Well, listen, when my granddaughter's boyfriend's band plays an under-21 club with my
daughter-in-law's brother's gay partner, I show up. That's just how I was raised.

Jay: I don't think you met my wife, Gloria.

Gloria: Hola.

Frank Dunphy: Oh, it's a pleasure. You are a lovely woman.

Gloria: You must be Frank.
Frank: 此处双关 (1) 弗兰克(男子名);(2) honest and direct in what you say, sometimes in a way that other people
might not like 诚实的;直率的;毫不掩饰的

Frank Dunphy: Okay, then, you are hotter than a Las Vegas sidewalk on the Fourth of July.
the Fourth of July: a national holiday in the U.S. when people celebrate the anniversary of the Declaration of
Independence in 1776

Jay: [laughs]

Frank Dunphy: Did I go too far?

Jay: Not you, Frank. No.


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