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09月 3rd, 2017

【原创】志萍版摩登家庭英语笔记 02×01: The Old Wagon – Part1

摩登家庭笔记, by 李志萍.

Honey, do you need me to move the car?

Phil: No, it's nothing. I'm alright. Oh no! Iron Cross, she's going down.
oh no: (表示惊愕)啊,不好
Iron Cross: the highest decoration for bravery awarded to the German armed forces in wartime: instituted in 1813

Claire: Oh God! Phil… You okay?

Phil: Yes. I am. I am okay.

Claire: Honey, why do we keep this car?

Phil: It's a classic!

Claire: No, it just sits here. And the seat belts don't work. The doors stick. It leaks fluids. We haven't put
fluids in it in 10 years.
stick: If something which can usually be moved sticks, it becomes fixed in one position. 卡住;动不了;发生故障
fluid [ˈfluɪd]: a liquid; a substance that can flow 流体(液体和气体的总称)

Phil: Well, I'm gonna fix all that anyway. And then, uh, it's gonna be Haley's car.

Claire: Oh, we're not giving this car to Haley. It's way too easy to fit a mattress in the back.

Phil: Remember?

Claire: Oh, no. We're selling it.

Phil: What?!

Claire: Mm-hmm. Unless you don't think you can.

Phil: Really?

Claire: Yeah.

Phil: Seriously?

Claire: You can't.

Phil: You honestly think that's gonna work?

Claire: You can't sell it.


Phil: You know what? You can insult a lot of things about me. My hair, my voice, my balance-board 
exercises… But don't insult my selling. That crosses a line. What line? Oh, you don't see it? That's 'cause
I just sold it.
balance board: 平衡板,一种健身器材,特别适用于锻炼双腿灵活性。


Cameron: "While the spray-tanned starlet claims to be six weeks sober, sources down under say she has
bar-hopping like a coked-up kangaroo."
spray-tan: 用喷雾剂把皮肤喷成小麦色
down under: to or in Australia and/or New Zealand 澳大利亚及新西兰
source: (usually plural) a person, book, or document that provides information, especially for study, a piece of written
work or news (通常复数)消息来源
bar-hop [ˈbɑrˌhɑp]: to drink in a series of bars in a single day or evening 从一家酒吧喝到另一家酒吧;逐店喝酒
coked-up [ˈkəʊkdʌp]: showing the effects of having taken cocaine 吸食过可卡因的

Mitchell: Ah, what's Daddy reading to you?

Cameron: If I have to read "The Very Hungry Caterpillar" one more time, I will snap.

1. 《好饿的毛毛虫》(The Very Hungry Caterpillar)是一部儿童绘本,由艾瑞克·卡尔(Eric Carle)创作,发表于1969年。

Mitchell: Oh, it's not that bad.

Cameron: I will snap!

Mitchell: So, um, I laid the toolbox outside, and all the supplies are ready, and I think we are good to go!
lay: to put someone or something in a particular position, especially when it is done gently or carefully 放置;安放;

toolbox [ˈtulˌbɑks]: a box with a lid for keeping tools in 工具箱

Cameron: Terrific.

Mitchell: Aren't you gonna change into a working man's outfit?
working man: an employee who performs manual or industrial labor 工人

Cameron: No, I'm good. And I don't think workmen really call them "outfits."
workman: a man who is employed to do physical work ()工人;劳动者


Mitchell: We are building a princess castle for Lily. [chuckles] Uh, it's something every father wants to be
able to do for his daughter. You know, and I
fancy myself as a bit of a castle designer. I have done a few
fancy oneself as: 认为自己可以成为…;自以为是某种人材
sketch [skɛtʃ]: a simple picture that is drawn quickly and does not have many details 草案;略图素描

Cameron: Which we have archived so we can use the kit.
archive [ˈɑrˌkaɪv]: to put or store a document or other material in an archive 把存档
kit: a set of parts ready to be made into something (供组装用的)配套元件

Mitchell: Mm, yeah.

Cameron: The kit.

Mitchell: Uh, the kit. Which, uh, we're gonna do together.


Cameron: I am petrified to do this with Mitchell. He built a couple of theater sets in college or something,
and now he thinks he knows everything about building. [
jigsaw rumbling] Well, he doesn't. Every
home-improvement project that we've undertaken has been a near-death experience
petrified [ˈpetrɪfaɪd]: extremely frightened 吓呆的;非常害怕的
set: the scenery used for a play, movie, etc. (话剧的)布景(电影的)摄影棚拍片现场
jigsaw [ˈdʒɪgˌsɔ]: a saw with a fine blade for cutting designs in thin pieces of wood or metal 线锯;钢丝锯;镂花锯
rumble [ˈrʌmbəl]: to make a long, deep sound or series of sounds 发出隆隆声;隆隆作响
home improvement: changes that are made to a house, that increase its value 家庭改建计划
undertake: to make yourself responsible for something and start doing it 从事;承担
near-death experience: an occasion when you almost die, which is often remembered as leaving your body or going
down a tunnel 濒死经历


Cameron: Make the appetizers. [pounding] And then we'll be…


Cameron: If an accident does happen, I hope he kills me… Because I don't think I would be a very inspiring
disabled person
inspiring [ɪnˈspaɪrɪŋ]: exciting and encouraging you to do or feel something 鼓舞人心的;激励人的;给予启发的 
disabled person: 伤残人士;残疾人


Gloria: Honey, relax. She's not here yet.

Jay: You might wanna play it a little cooler. You don't wanna scare off your girlfriend.
play it cool: to deal with a situation in a calm way and not show what you are really feeling 抑制住感情;不表态;采取

Manny: She's not my girlfriend! She's just coming over to study the life cycle of silkworms. [doorbell rings]
Oh. She's here. She's here! Okay, how's my hair?
life cycle: (biology) the series of forms into which a living thing changes as it develops (生物学)(动植物的)生命周期
silkworm [ˈsɪlkˌwɜrm]: the young form of a Chinese moth and it produces silk 蚕

Jay: I thought it was just a friend.

Manny: I heard that.

Jay: I wasn't whispering.

Gloria: Manny, open the door. Make her feel welcome.

[door opens]

Manny: Kelly! Good morning. Uh, I'm glad you're here. Um, this is my Mom.

Gloria: Nice to meet you!


Gloria: In my culture, mothers are very clingy to their sons. In fact, the leading cause of death among
Colombian women is when their sons get married. But I'm not like that. [chuckles] I just want my Manny
to be happy.


Gloria: Manny, why don't you give your friend Kelly an empanada?

2. 肉馅卷饼(empanada)来自西班牙语,是西班牙及拉丁美洲国家的一种点心。馅料有肉、奶酪、蔬菜等,通过烘烤或

Kelly: Oh, no, thank you. I try to stay away from trans-fats.
trans-fat: (also trans-fatty acid) a type of fat produced when oils are changed by a chemical process into solids, for
example to make margarine. Trans-fatty acids are believed to encourage the harmful development of cholesterol.

Gloria: Oh, I'm sure one won't make a difference. They're Manny's favorite!

Manny: I… think I'm going to stop eating trans-fats, too.


Luke: Mom? When was this from?

Claire: Oh… That's the year your Dad and I went to the Rose Bowl.

3. 玫瑰碗比赛(Rose Bowl Game)是美国一年一度的大学橄榄球比赛,通常于元旦举行,得名于位于加州帕萨迪纳
(Pasadena)的玫瑰碗球场(Rose Bowl stadium)。首届玫瑰碗举办于1902年,1916年以后该赛事每年都举办一次。作
为全美新年庆典活动的一部分,还包括历史悠久的玫瑰花车大游行(Rose Parade)。

Phil: Incredible game.

Claire: Yeah.

Luke: Mom, you look really pretty.

Claire: Thank you, sweetheart.

Luke: So, what happened?

Phil: Well, Lukey, everyone gets older. Just 'cause parts of your Mom aren't what they used to be, it doesn't

Luke: I mean, what happened in the game?

Phil: We got our butts kicked by Penn State. The parade was awesome, though. Angela Lansbury was the
grand marshal. "Good time," she wrote.
Penn State: Pennsylvania State University 宾夕法尼亚州立大学,美国的一所公立大学,设立于1885年
grand marshal [ˈmɑrʃəl]: 游行大礼官,由玫瑰花车游行理事长所任命的荣誉职位。许多大礼官都是因为与当年游行主题

4. 安吉拉·兰斯伯瑞(Angela Lansbury,1925-)出生英国伦敦,二战来到美国。1944年出演处女作《煤气灯下》

Claire: Okay, guys. Let's get back to it. No one's gonna buy this heap looking this way.
get back to: If you get back to an activity, you start doing it again after you have stopped doing it. 重新开始(工作、
heap [hi:p]: (humorous) a car that is old and in bad condition 破旧汽车

Haley: Eww, Mom, which one is the garbage can?

Claire: Um, it… Honey, you can't throw that away. It's blankety.
blankety: 小毯子 (<词缀>后缀-y加在名词后,用于构成昵称、诨名等,表示"小的、可爱的"。)

Haley: It's disgusting.

Claire: No, sweetie, you loved blankety. You wouldn't go anywhere without him.

Phil: Yeah, until Luke threw up on it.

Luke: [chuckles] Yeah. I used to throw up all the time. Remember buckety?

Claire: Oh! Oh, look at this.

Haley: What is that?

Claire: [sighs] We went to the beach one day, and Luke had such a good time that he wanted to bring home
a jar of sunshine so he could always remember it. Do you remember, honey?

Luke: Oh, no, no, no, don't-don't open it.

Alex: You really think you trapped sunshine in there? I'm just letting you know now, I'm not taking care of him
when you guys die.
trap: to catch or keep something in a place and prevent it from escaping, especially so that you can use it 采集;储

Claire: Stop. It's sweet.

[cellphone rings]

Luke: Still feels hot.

Claire: Mm.

Phil: Hey! It's that guy who came by earlier. He was really interested. What was his name? Shoot!


Phil: Well, you can't be in sales and not remember people's names. That's why I like to use what they call
devices. They're little tricks to help you remember. Um, like, uh, the other day, I met this guy
named Carl.
Now, I might forget that name, but he was wearing a Grateful Dead T-shirt. What's a band
like the Grateful Dead? Phish.
 Where do fish live? The ocean. What else lives in the ocean? Coral.
Hello, "
device: a method of doing something that produces a particular result or effect (为实现某种目的的)手段;方法;策略

5. 感恩而死(Grateful Dead)是美国的一支摇滚乐队,组建于1965年。乐队阵容有过多次变动,从5人到7人不等,最终

6. 费西合唱团(Phish)是美国的一支摇滚乐队,成立于1983年,目前由4人组成,以即兴演奏、混合风格和忠实的粉丝

Claire: I think it's "mnemonic."
mnemonic [niˈmɑnɪk]: a word, short poem, or sentence that is intended to help you remember things such as
scientific rules or spelling rules. For example, "i before e, except after c" is a mnemonic to help people remember
how to spell words like "believe" and "receive." 助记符号

Phil: I… I think I'd remember.

Claire: Okay.

Luke: You can do it, Dad.

[cellphone ringing]

Phil: Okay. [clears throat] He looked like the drummer from Foreigner. A foreigner's from France. France
rhymes with "ants." Ants ruin a picnic. What's up, Nick? Really? Really? Well, that's great. Yeah, no, swing
by anytime. We're here all day. Thanks. Guess what? You said I couldn't sell this? Well, you're gonna be
eating a humble pie stuffed with crow and a big side of sorry, 'cause I just did. In your face, girl with the
tattoo! [clattering] Honey… Wait.
eat humble pie: (also eat crow) to say and show that you are sorry for a mistake that you made 低头谢罪;忍辱含垢
(亦作eat crow)
in your face: an exclamation of derision and contempt (表示嘲弄和轻蔑)去你的

7. 外国佬合唱团(Foreigner)是一支摇滚乐队,成立于1976年的美国纽约。原始成员共6人,其中3人是英国人,3人是美
8000万张。1976~1991年,担任鼓手的是丹尼斯·艾略特(Dennis Elliott)

Claire: No!

Luke: Whoa. Someone doesn't like to lose.

Phil: Honey. Honey!

Claire: I'm sorry. [door closes] I'm sorry. When I woke up this morning, I hated that car, and even thinking
about it made me mad. [voice breaking] But then when we were
going through it and blankety… all that
stuff… I just…
The thought of that whole part of our life driving away
go through: to look at or examine something carefully, especially in order to find something (常指为了整理或寻找

Phil: We can keep blankety.

Claire: No… [inhales sharply] Look at them. Come on. A minute ago, they were babies. And now they're
driving. And soon we'll all be dead.

Phil: Whoa! You're leaving out a few great minutes there. Retirement, old age… Cool chair that goes up
the stairs.
old age: the period of years toward the end of your life 老年;晚年

Claire: Yeah. I'm sorry. I'm… being ridiculous. [sniffles]

Phil: Don't apologize. I love you when you're human. Listen. Hey! Listen! [sighs] We don't have to sell the
human: having the same feelings and emotions as most ordinary people 有人性的,通人情的

Claire: Oh, sweetie, of course we do. It doesn't make any sense to keep it.

Phil: Well, what can I do to make you feel better?

Claire: [sighing] Nothing. Unless you can build me a time machine.

Phil: [chuckles] Honey… Until someone can figure out how to keep a wormhole from collapsing in on itself,
that's just a pipe dream.
wormhole [ˈwərmhoʊl]: (physics) a possible connection between regions of space-time that are far apart 蠕虫洞(宇宙
collapse in on itself: 向自身内部坍缩

Claire: Uh-huh. Phil! Come on back, Phil.


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