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09月 18th, 2017

【原创】志萍版摩登家庭英语笔记 02×06: Halloween – Part3

摩登家庭笔记, by 李志萍.

Behold, my creation! Monster, do my bidding!
behold: used for calling attention to a surprising or annoying thing (用以引起注意)瞧,看
do someone's bidding: obey someone 照某人的意旨办事,服从某人的命令

Manny: I do as you command, master. 

6. 《科学怪人》(Frankenstein)也翻译成《弗兰肯斯坦》,是英国作家玛丽·雪莱在1818年发表的长篇小说。小说主角

Haley: Okay. Mom. You cannot have a problem with this. I'm Mother Teresa.

Claire: Are you kidding me?

Haley: What? I'm her back when she was hot.
one's back: 某人的真面目或真象

Claire: I will pay you $10 to go put on more clothes.

Alex: Bet it's the first time you ever heard that one.

Claire: Okay. You know what? Here. Here we go. Let's just cover you up. All right, now, I just want to run
 this really quick with everybody. Um, first, it's "trick or treat?" And then, Phil… 
run through: to perform, act, or practice something 排练;排演

Phil: "Come in if you dare."

Claire: Right, and then Dad does the thunder and the lightning and the fog. Usher the children in past Alex
in her cage.
usher somebody + adv./prep.: to politely take or show someone where you want them to be, especially within a
building 引;领;陪同

Alex: I'm in a cage?

Claire: Yes! You're in a House of Horrors being held against your will
hold: to keep someone and not allow them to leave 关押;扣留
against your will: when you do not want to 违背意愿地

Alex: Yeah, I know, so why do we need the cage?

Claire: And then Gloria pops up as the evil village bruja, and she says… [imitating Gloria] "Welcome to your
nightmare. Ah ha ha ha ha!" [normal voice] And the
n Cam and Haley do their thing. Kids get their candy.
They are ushered out. They think it's all over, but it's not! Because out on the porch, the scarecrow
pops to
. Wow! For one final "Aha!" [laughs] And that's Mitchell, you're the scarecrow!
pop to life: 突然活过来 (<注>come to life: to start to act or move as if alive 像活的一样动起来)
aha: used when you are expressing pleasure that you have understood something or found something out 啊哈(表示

Mitchell: Oh, no, no. I was in a costume all day. It was awful.

Cameron: It's nothing compared to when I was…

Mitchell: You don't own bad Halloweens.
own: 完美演绎 (<注>She owns that song! 那首歌她唱得太好了。)

Cameron: Don't I?

Claire: We get it, Cam. Hard day. Mitchell, please. The costume's in the kitchen. Come on.

Mitchell: Ohh.

Claire: [giggles]

Phil: All right, Claire, Claire. Before you go, I just want you to know I love you more now than I ev 

Claire: Okay. The wig. That-that's nice. Thanks, honey.

Phil: You're my best friend!

Jay: Hey, guys.

Phil: Hey. Wow. God, you guys look great.

Gloria: [over enunciating] Thank you, Phil. I try my best. You look very dead-like. 
enunciate [iˈnʌnsiˌeɪt]: to say or pronounce words clearly (清晰地)(),吐()
try one's best: 竭尽所能;尽自己最大努力
dead: 死者
-like: to combine with nouns to form adjectives which describe something as being similar to the thing referred to by
the noun 像…一样的(与名词一起组成复合形容词)

Jay: Gloria, stop it. I said I was sorry.

Gloria: Oh, no, no, Jay. From now on, I only speak in proper American so I don't embarrass you. 
American: 美国(式)英语;在美国说的英语

Phil: Did she just get back from the dentist?

Jay: She's mad at me because I told her sometimes people can't understand her.

Phil: Make it right, Jay. We're all just hanging by a thread.

Claire: Hey! Dad! Oh, you look great! Oh, good. Okay, Gloria's in position. Hi, Gloria. There you go. Right
back here.
in position: 就位;在适当的位置

Cameron: Claire, I don't know that I'm-I'm feeling up to this.
feel up to something: to have the strength and energy to do or deal with something 觉得有精力做;觉得担当得起

Claire: Why, Cam? Why? What happened that is so awful you simultaneously can't speak of it and yet can't
stop talking about it?
simultaneously [ˌsɪməlˈteɪnɪəslɪ]: at the same instant 同时地

Cameron: I can't. It's too emotional.

Claire: Okay. Some other time.

Cameron: I was 10.

Claire: Oh, God.

Cameron: Dressed as Quasimodo on a front porch with my best friend, Timmy Reglar, a ghostbuster. 
There was a bucket of candy with a sign. It said "take one." 

7. 卡西莫多(Quasimodo)是一个虚构人物,1831年发表小说《巴黎圣母院》(The Hunchback of Notre-Dame)里的主
·雨果(Victor Hugo)创作。卡西莫多是巴黎圣母院的敲钟人,他生来畸形,相貌丑陋,被镇上

Claire: One.

Cameron: Timmy took the entire bucket and put it in his bag.

Claire: Mmm.

Cameron: Timmy didn't play by the rules. It's what I liked and feared about him.
play by the rules: to deal fairly and honestly with people 按规矩办事

Claire: Oh.

Cameron: Then the bag broke as a crowd of kids rounded the corner, saw the pile of candy, Timmy said,
"Cam did it!"
round something: to go around a corner of a building, a bend in the road, etc. 绕过;拐过

Kids: Trick or treat?

Claire: Oh, good. Aren't you glad you got that out? Okay, everybody, our first victims! This is not a
rehearsal. You ready? You ready?
get something out: to say something with difficulty (困难地)说出

Phil: Yes. Yes.

Claire: Okay.

Phil: [distorted voice] Come in… if you dare.
distorted [dis'tɔrtid]: (声音、图像等)失真的

Claire: Dad.

Jay: Huh? Oh. L-let me see.

Phil: Thank you for joining us on our sp 

Claire: No, no, no. First the thunder and the lightning!

Jay: Yeah, right. I got it.


Claire: Perfect.

Phil: Thank you for joining us… on our special night.

Claire: Other children haven't fared so well.
fare [fɛr]: If you say that someone or something fares well or badly, you are referring to the degree of success they
achieve in a particular situation or activity.

Gloria: Welcome to your nightmare. Ha ha ha ha!

Claire: What the hell is that?

Kid #1: Uh… can we just get our candy?

Haley: Okay, but beware of the fog, for you may not be able to see… "ahead." Ahhh! 
beware of: 谨防,当心,注意(常用于祈使句)
ahead: further forward in space or time; in front 在前面;在前方 (<注>ahead音同a head: 一颗头)

Cameron: Boop! Timmy started running. I wanted to run too, but my hand got stuck on a rose bush and
that's when I fell. I fell hard.

Kid #2: I can see his feet.

Claire: Okay. Here, here, children, have some candy. Happy Halloween. Okay, that was bad. That was a
bad st
art. Er… First of all, Dad, thunder, lightning, fog cue. And we skip Alex altogether. And… Gloria,
since when do you speak English? 
cue: 开拍,开始(示意电影开拍,与"Action!"意思相同)
altogether: (used to emphasize something) completely; in every way 完全;全然

Gloria: Oh! So now you have a problem with the way I speak? Like father, like daughter. In this
dog-eat-dog family.
like father, like son: (saying) used to say that a son's character or behavior is similar to that of his father (谚语)有

Kids: Trick or treat?

Claire: Okay. Places! Places! Good, Mitchell's gone.

Phil: Honey, I love you so much!

Claire: Not now, not now.

Phil: Come in… if you dare.

Claire: Dad.

Jay: What?

Claire: Dad.

Jay: Oh, right, right. Phil, it's you!

Claire: No, Dad, fog, fog.

Phil: Thank you for joining us… on our special night.

Claire: Other children haven't fared so well.

Alex: Oh! Help me! Help me!

Gloria: Welcome to your nightmare. Ha ha ha ha.

Haley: Now your treats are over here, but with all the fog, you may not be able to see…"ahead".

Cameron: And everyone was screaming! "That's him! Get Quasimodo!" And then the townspeople started
chasing me! And that's when I wet my pants! [crying] I wet my pants! I wet my pants. [thunder crashes]
townspeople [ˈtaʊnzˌpipəl]: people who live in towns, not in the countryside; the people who live in a particular town 

Kid #3: This place is weird. Let's go. [thump]

Phil: Mother of God. Ohh! Son of a…
Mother of God: expression of surprise, contempt, outrage, disgust, boredom, frustration 用于表示怀疑、失望、烦恼、

Claire: What is wrong with everyone?! Cam, "townspeople"? Really?

Cameron: I lived on a farm. They lived in town. They were the townspeople.

Claire: And, Dad! Dad! It goes: lightning, thunder, fog cue!

Jay: This whole thing is a colossal fog cue.
colossal [kəˈlɑsəl]: extremely large 巨大的;庞大的

Gloria: Claire just doesn't understand, Cam. Maybe she's never been picked on for being different.

Claire: When, Gloria? When have you ever been picked on for "being different"?

Gloria: Ask the "gargle."

Claire: [whispering] What did she say?

Jay: Gloria!

Luke: I think she went insane.

Manny: She's not insane. She's my mother.

Luke: I'm your mother now!

Jay: Gloria… I want to tell you a story… about a guy eating in a diner, alone. Behind him he hears a woman
talking. He doesn't turn around, 5 minutes, 10 minutes. Just listening to the woman, the life in her voice.
And before he even sees her he realizes he's fallen in love. Now, I'll give you a guess who that guy is.

Mitchell: Aw, my Dad was… Oh! Oh, my God!

Cameron: You know what? I'm just gonna go.

Claire: No. Come on, Cam.

Alex: Uh, if Uncle Cam is leaving, I'm just gonna go upstairs and study.

Haley: Yeah, I have a party to go to, so…

Mitchell: Ohh! She punched me in the face!

Gloria: [normal voice] He came out of nowhere, and he scared the baby "cheeses" out of me!
scare the daylights/hell/life of somebody: to scare someone very much 吓死了

Jay: Hey, you're talking normal again.

Gloria: Oh, yeah, I loved the story about the old man.

Jay: Well, nobody said "old."

Mitchell: Oh, Cam, can we please just go?

Cameron: Yes.

Claire: Yeah, go, please. I don't care.

Phil: Oh. Claire.

Claire: No, no. I'm done. I'm done. I'm not done. So not done. Look, here's the thing. We-we have fireworks
at Christmas now because that's what they do in Colombia, and I don't mind. Thanksgiving
that used to be
me roasting a turkey, until the gays took it over with whatever new turkey-cooking
craze it is that you saw on
Food Network, and I'm fine with that too. All I ask– all I ask is that you leave me Halloween. Yeah,
Halloween. I realize it is a
crazy-ass holiday for a grown woman to care about this much, but it is my
crazy-ass holiday. Mine.
craze [kreɪz]: an enthusiastic interest in something that is shared by many people but that usually does not last very
long (
Food Network: 美食联播网,美国第一家全天候24小时播放的美食专业频道,1993开播。
crazy-ass: very crazy 疯癫的

Cameron: That's a lot of complaining from somebody who asked for thirds of our tandoori turkey last year. 
tandoori [tɑnˈdʊri]: (often used as an adjective) a method of cooking meat on a long, straight piece of metal (called
aspit) in a clay oven, originally used in S. Asia (


Phil: Claire.

Claire: No! No! Not ready to talk! No.

Phil: [clears throat] Listen… I know I haven't been much help today. That-that whole Jerry and Judy thing, it
hit me hard.
hit hard: 使…受到沉重的打击,使…遭受严重的挫折

Claire: Is that why you've been acting like such a nut all day?
nut: a strange or crazy person 怪人;疯子

Phil: You know, what if someday that's us?

Claire: Honey! Okay, you-you might not want to hear this right now after the meltdown I just had in there,
 you're kind of stuck with me.
meltdown: a loss of control over your emotions that happens very fast 情绪崩溃

Phil: You promise?

Claire: I do.

Phil: Mm.

Claire: Oh. That's great.

Kids: Trick or treat?

Claire: We should just put out a bowl of candy and have a cocktail, right?

Phil: Yeah.

Claire: Yeah.

Manny: [deep voice] Come in if you dare.

Luke: Thank you for joining us on our special night.

Haley: Other children haven't fared so well. 

Claire: [gasps]

Phil: Hey!

Alex: Help me! Help me!

Claire: She's doing it.

Gloria: [eerily] Welcome to your nightmare, muchachos! 
eerily [ˈɪrəli]: in an unnatural eery manner (因阴森或怪诞而)令人恐惧地

Phil: [laughing] No! No!

[children scream]

Haley: But with all this fog, it might be hard to see "ahead."

Cameron: Aaaaahhh!

[children scream]

Phil: Yeah!

Claire: Yeah! [both laugh]

Mitchell: Wha-ha-ha! 

[children scream]

Phil: We're back in the game! Let's go!

Claire: I love it! I love it!

[maniacal scream]

Phil: Whoa! That was for you. That was for you. I just did it for you.

Claire: No, it wasn't.


Manny: Oh, and one time she says, "don't choke or I'll have to give you the 'hindenburg' maneuver".
Hindenburg ['hindənbə:ɡ]: German field marshal and statesman; as president of the Weimar Republic he reluctantly
appointed Hitler as chancellor in 1933 (1847-1934)

8. 海姆利克氏操作法(Heimlich Maneuver)是一种解除呼吸道梗阻(choking)的急救措施,由美国医生亨利·海姆利克
(Henry Heimlich)

Cameron: Oh, one time she caught me staring off. And she goes, "Cam, what's wrong? You look like a
deer in 'head lice'
stare off: 发呆
deer in the headlights: a person with a stunned or glazed expression 呆若木鸡
head lice: 头虱 (<注>lice是louse的复数形式)


Jay: In the service, I had a job, briefly, handling explosives, which sounds dangerous, but it's not. You store
them at the right temperature, you have no problems… 
service: the army, the navy, the air force and the marines (包括陆、海、空军和海军陆战队在内的)部队
briefly [bri:fli]: in few words 简言之
explosive [ɛkˈsploʊsɪv]: a substance that is able or likely to cause an explosion 炸药;爆炸物


Phil: If you tell her she doesn't have a choice, she'll say, "don't you give me an 'old tomato.'" [laughter]
ultimatum [ˌʌltəˈmeɪtəm]: a final warning to a person or country that if they do not do what you ask, you will use force
or take action against them
最后通牒 (<注>音近old tomato)

Mitchell: Or when she says…

Gloria: Okay! Enough! You try speaking in another language! Everybody out of my house!


Jay: …until you do.



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