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09月 21st, 2017

【原创】志萍版摩登家庭英语笔记 02×07: Chirp – Part1

摩登家庭笔记, by 李志萍.

What are you doing?

Phil: Shush! Shush! One of the smoke alarms is chirping. I'm trying to figure out which one it is so I can
change the battery.
smoke alarm: (also smoke detector) a device fixed to the ceiling of a room which makes a loud noise if there is smoke
in the air, to warn people 烟雾报警器(亦作smoke detector)

Claire: Well, if anybody can find it, [inhales sharply] it's you. Ugh.

Phil: You s-sound horrible. Why don't, uh, why don't you go back to bed?

Claire: 'Cause I've got too much to do. I've got to make the ladyfingers for the bake sale, and I've got to go
the gym I left my phone there yesterday.
bake sale: an event at which cakes, etc. are baked and sold to make money, usually for a school or charity (为募捐所
go by: 顺便走访

1. 指状小松饼(ladyfinger)发源于意大利,质地干燥、轻柔松脆、口味香甜。可以直接入口,也常用作其它糕点的基底、

Phil: I'll do all that. We're a team. When one of us is weak, we lean on the other.
lean on somebody: to depend on somebody for help and support 依靠;依赖(帮助和支持) 

Claire: Honey, you don't have to do that stuff.

Phil: Honey, with all you do for me, including going to the gym four times a week to keep me interested, I
got this.

Claire: Don't you have houses to show today? [sniffles]

Phil: They… canceled.

Claire: Ohh, pumpkin.

Phil: Are you kidding me? It's… lucky. This way I get to stay here and take care of you.

Claire: Okay.

[doorbell rings] [Claire coughs]

Phil: Hey!

Dylan: Hey, Mr. and Mrs. Dunphy.

Claire: Hey.

Dylan: Is Haley ready for school?

Phil: She's on her way down. Don't get too close to my wife.

Dylan: Haley told you about that? It's just a dream.

Claire: Oh, God

[smoke detector chirps]

Phil: Okay, that came from the kitchen.

Dylan: I-I thought it was in here.

Phil: Really? Okay, you wait in here and listen for it. I'm gonna wait in there.

Dylan: I mean, it's the least I can do… after… well, you know.

Claire: I'm coming with you. Boy, I wish Haley would date some other boys.

Phil: What's that you say, Mrs. Robinson? 

2. 《毕业生》(The Graduate)是美国1967年上映的一部浪漫喜剧电影,获得了奥斯卡最佳导演奖。由达斯汀·霍夫曼
(Dustin Hoffman)扮演的本杰明·布拉多克(Benjamin Braddock)是一名21 岁的大学毕业生,对未来生活感到十分茫然。
他被徐娘半老的罗宾逊太太(Mrs. Robinson)引诱,却爱上了罗宾逊太太的女儿。

Claire: Don't. [chuckles] I just feel like she owes it to herself to see what else is out there. The way that
Dylan's always hanging around here, he's probably gonna try to marry her the second she turns 18.

Phil: Hey, you never know. Maybe those two were meant to be together… like we were.

Claire: [swallows] Honey, Haley and Dylan are not us.


Cameron: No, I think that amount will be fine. I'm just happy you want Lily. I-I think you're gonna be very
happy with her. Okay. Oh!
amount: a sum of money 金额

Mitchell: Cam? Did you just sell our baby?

Cameron: No, but do you remember that agent we met that represents child actors, the one who said Lily
have what it takes and gave us his card?
represent somebody/something: to act or speak officially for somebody and defend their interests 代理;代表
have what it takes: to have the qualities, ability, etc. needed to be successful 具备成功(或出名)的一切必要条件(如金

Mitchell: Yeah, that I threw away.

Cameron: That I fished out of the trash? That was him on the phone! They're shooting a children's-furniture-
store commercial today, and they want Lily!
fish something out of something: to take or pull something/somebody out of a place 找出;掏出

Mitchell: Look, I threw away that card for a reason.

Cameron: Come on, it'll be fun, and Lily will be on TV, and we can put the money in her college account.

Mitchell: No. Le- [sighs] Let's just let our daughter have a normal childhood, huh?

Cameron: I think that gay cruise has sailed. It's just one commercial.
that ship has sailed: your chance to do something has passed 为时已晚

Mitchell: I don't like it. No. No.

Cameron: Oh, what, so that's it? You're the parent with the final say? Why is that? Because you make the
final say: the right to make a final decision 最终决定权

Mitchell: It's not about that, and you know it.

Cameron: I wouldn't expect you to understand us. You're not theater folk.
folk: people from a particular country or region, or who have a particular way of life 一类人;同一地区、阶层的人

Mitchell: Neither are you. You did "Godspell" one summer in a barn. You're barn folk.

3. 《福音》(Godspell)是一部音乐剧,1971年在外百老汇首演。该剧由一系列寓言成,基于《马太福音》(Gospel of

Cameron: Get used to that jealousy, Lily. Ordinary people just don't understand us.


Woman on P.A.: Dennis to shipping and receiving. Dennis to shipping and receiving.
shipping and receiving: 发货和收货

Gloria: Hola, Jack.

Jack: Hey! What are you guys doing here?

Gloria: Manny had a doctor's appointment, so we're gonna catch lunch with Jay. Is he there?

Jack: Yeah, he's in back.

Manny: Good day, Jackson.
good day: used to say hello or goodbye politely when people first see each other or leave each other during the day
Jackson: a surname 杰克逊(姓) 

Jack: Good day, Manuel.
Manuel ['mænjuəl]: 曼纽尔(男子名),是Emanuel的简称,Manny是Emanuel的别称

Manny: I see you're still forklifting.
forklift: to move or stack using a forklift 用铲车搬运(或堆放)

Jack: More like lifting the fork.

Manny: Man, I was gonna say that joke!

Jay: I'm sorry, but I gotta have lunch with my wife today. I know, baby, but I had to marry her so she could stay
in the country.

Gloria: Oh, no! Where am I gonna find another husband that wears sweatpants to work?

Jay: Resort wear.
resort wear: 休闲服

Gloria: Mm-Hmm. Maybe last resort.
last resort: 最后一着,最后手段,最后的补救办法

Jay: Listen, I'm glad you guys stopped by for lunch, 'cause you know what? I got to work a little late tonight.

Gloria: No, not tonight. Did you forget our date?

Jay: No! No. I was kidding!


Jay: I had no idea what she was talking about. Gloria, God love her, likes to celebrate every possible
 in our relationship Day we met. Our first date… which I forgot, so we got in a big fight. Now we
commemorate the big fight. 
possible: reasonable or acceptable in a particular situation 合乎事理的;可接受的
milestone [ˈmaɪlˌstoʊn] : a very important stage or event in the development of something (人生、历史或事物发展过


Gloria: I thought we could re-create the day. Do everything that we did the first time. So romantic.

Jay: You know, that's exactly what I was thinking.

Gloria: [giggles] Ay. Jack is so nice. I think he really likes Manny.

Jay: What he likes is getting out of work. Wait a minute. Is that Manny driving?
get out of something: to avoid a responsibility or duty 逃避(责任、义务、职责等)

[forklift beeping]

Gloria: Is it? Aah!


Jay: Yeah, it's him.


Gloria: Ay, my poor papi. Two doctors in one day.

Manny: Mom, I'm fine. The hospital said I could go back to school.

Gloria: No, you suffered a traumatic experience.
traumatic [trɔ:'mætik]: A traumatic experience is very shocking and upsetting, and may cause psychological damage.

Manny: I barely remember it! I remember crashing through the wall and the ambulance ride to the hospital.

Jay: That wasn't an ambulance. I drove you.

Manny: Then what was that siren?

Jay: That was your mother.

Gloria: I was not that loud.

Jay: Cars pulled over, honey.
pull over: (of a vehicle or its driver) to move to the side of the road in order to stop or let something pass (车)开到旁

Manny: Jay, I'm sorry about your wall.

Jay: Wasn't your fault. It was Jack's. And I've already taken care of him.
take care of: to be responsible for or to deal with a situation or task 对付,处理

Gloria: You killed him?

Jay: You can't kill people here. I fired him.

Manny: But it was just an accident! He didn't mean it!

Jay: The guy's a screw-up. Should have been gone months ago.
screw-up: a person who often makes substantial mistakes (经常搞砸事情的)蠢货,废物点心
go: If someone goes, they leave their job, usually because they are forced to. (常指被迫)离职

Manny: Can't we just give him another chance?

Jay: What is this "we"? Let me explain something to you people. Here in this family, it's we. At work, it's me.
My rules, my decisions…
period: and nothing else; and nothing less; used for emphasis 没有了;就是这么回事(强调话已讲完)

Manny: That's not fair!

Jay: You mad at me, too?

Gloria: No. You're right. It's your work. Besides, I can't be mad at you… not on our special day.

Jay: Honey, I was thinking… with what happened to Manny, maybe we better postpone our special day until
next weekend.

Gloria: No. Next weekend is the anniversary of the first time that I cooked for you.


Jay: [sighs]


[television playing indistinctly]

Phil: How you doin', Typhoid Clairey? 
typhoid [ˈtaɪˌfɔɪd]: a serious infectious disease that causes fever, red spots on the chest and severe pain in the
bowels, and sometimes causes death. It is spread by dirty water or food. 伤寒
-y: added to a name or a noun in order to give it a more affectionate or familiar form 加在名字后,表示亲昵

4. "伤寒玛丽"(Typhoid Mary)的本名叫玛丽·梅伦(Mary Mallon,1869-1938),爱尔兰美国人,是一名家庭厨工。她是

Claire: Hey. What are you doing home?

Phil: She caught your cold and had to come home. I thought we should contain you two and keep it from
spreading through the house.

Claire: Come here. I'm so sorry. Aw.

Haley: [congested voice] It's okay.
congested [kənˈdʒɛstɪd]: (medical) (of a part of the body) blocked with blood or mucus (病理学)充血的;被黏液塞住的

Claire: Hey, did you finish my ladyfingers?

Phil: Not yet.

Claire: Did you pick up my phone from the gym?

Phil: Not yet.

[smoke detector chirps]

Claire: Is that the smoke detector? I thought you fixed that.

Phil: Boy, you're really starting to sound like your old self.

[groans, sighs] [door opens, closes]

Claire: You know what this reminds me of?

Haley: Huh?

Claire: When you were little and we used to snuggle and watch soap operas together. Remember that?
Nothing's changed.
Sonya's still married to that guy. 

5. 索尼娅·米切尔(Sonya Mitchell)是一个虚构人物,来自澳大利亚肥皂剧《邻居》(Neighbours)。该剧从1985年开始播
赌博,后来搬到了新区重新开始。她嫁给Toadfish Rebecchi

[cellphone rings]

Haley: One second.

Claire: The one with the… bad hairline.

Haley: Dylan?

Claire: O-kay.

Haley: God, I miss you, too. [chuckling] Oh, it's just a cold, silly. You don't have to conceive of a world
without me. [
both chuckle] Oh, nothing. I'm just in bed with my Mom. Stop freaking out. It is not coming true. 
conceive [kənˈsi:v]: to imagine something; to form an idea, a plan, etc. in your mind 想象…;设想…(常与of连用)  


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