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09月 24th, 2017

【原创】志萍版摩登家庭英语笔记 02×08: Manny Get Your Gun – Part2

摩登家庭笔记, by 李志萍.

We are so kicking your Dad's butt! We are the best ones!

Luke: How come you and Dad are breaking up?

Claire: What?

Luke: If it's just a little disagreement, can't you just work it out?

Claire: Oh, sweetie, you thought that when I said we were splitting up No. No, your Dad and I are fine,
honey. We just were gonna take separate cars to see who could get to the restaurant faster.

Luke: Oh, that's a relief.

Claire: Ohh, you must have been feeling awful back there. I am so sorry.

LukeIt's okay.

Claire: Why did you say you'd go with your Dad?


Haley: Great. Mom gets to be right again.

Phil: Hey, bad attitudes lose races.

Haley: No, swerving into a curb and popping your tire loses races. 
swerve [swɜrv]: (especially of a vehicle) to change direction suddenly, especially in order to avoid hitting someone or
pop [pɑp]: to burst, or make something burst, with a short explosive sound (使)砰地爆开

Alex: We should call the cops and say Mom's car was stolen. They arrest her, we win.

Phil: No, they trace those calls. But this is great. Thinking like a team! Good practice for family camp.

Haley: We're, uh, we're doing that again?

Phil: Oh, yeah! And this year I predict total white domination
predict [priˈdɪkt]: to say that something will happen in the future 预言;预测;预报;预料
domination [ˌdɑməˈneɪʃən]: (sport) playing much better than your opponent in a game 领先地位;绝对优势


Haley: Can't go back there.

Alex: I heard this summer there's gonna be a hoedown
hoedown ['həudaun]: a social occasion when lively dances are performed (乡村音乐伴奏的)大型舞会及音乐会

Haley: I can't.

Alex: Haley!

Haley: I can't! I can't.


Mitchell: Eight minutes talking to the lady at the stationery store and still no present. 
stationery [ˈsteɪʃəˌnɛri]: materials for writing and for using in an office, for example paper, pens, and envelopes 书写

Cameron: You know, I think a new friend is like a present.

Mitchell: Yeah, I read that card, too. Can we please just buy the next thing we see and get out of here?

Cameron: You know, why can't you enjoy this? It's a beautiful afternoon, Lily's with a sitter. The day is ours!

Donald: Helen! Helen! Helen!

Cameron: Helen!!  

Mitchell: Oh, look at that. Another friend. Off we go. Very busy.

Cameron: No. Stop. You are too tied to your rigid schedules. You're missing life. It took all of two seconds
to help this nice man. 
tied: 被限制的;被束缚的
rigid [ˈrɪdʒɪd]: (often disapproving) (of rules, methods, etc.) very strict and difficult to change (法律、规章或制度)僵死

Donald: W-w-wait. Wait. There's more.

Cameron: Two seconds. Yeah.

Donald: Tell her I'm so sorry, I've always loved her.

Cameron: He says he's so sorry! And that he's always loved you!

Donald: Please come up and talk to me.

Cameron: Please come up and talk to him! His life would be empty without you! I'm sorry I'm going off
script. It just felt right.
script: a written text of a play, movie, broadcast, talk, etc. (戏剧、电影)剧本,脚本;广播稿

Donald: Good. Oh. Too late.

Cameron: No, you know what? Give him your cell phone. I'll chase Helen down and give her my phone.
They can
 hash it out. 
chase down: to pursue and apprehend someone or something 追捕;追踪
hash out: If people hash out a problem or a dispute, they discuss it thoroughly until they reach an agreement. 充分讨

Mitchell: Are you– are you serious?

Cameron: Yes, I'm serious as a heart attack. 
serious: 此处双关 (1) sincere about something; not joking or meant as a joke 认真的;严肃的;(2) bad or dangerous


Jay: You always do this. Now we're gonna be late to our own party.

Gloria: Stop shouting.

Jay: Well, technically, I wasn't really 

Manny: Uh, yes, hello. Is Seymour Butts there? 
Seymour ['si:mɔ:]: (1) 西摩(男子名)(2) 音近see more
Butts: 此处双关 (1) a surname 巴茨(姓氏);(2) 屁股


Manny: I'd never made a prank callnever mixed different sodas together to see what they'd taste like.
So I knew I had to
make the most of what little childhood I had left. 
prank call: a practical joke made using the telephone 恶搞电话
make the most of something/somebody/yourself: to gain as much advantage, enjoyment, etc. as you can from
somebody/something 尽量利用,充分利用


Manny: Not "Lutts." I'm looking for Butts. Yes, I'm trying to get ahold of Butts. Very funny. I don't have time
for this
foolishness ['fu:liʃnis]: behavior that shows a lack of good sense or judgement 傻;愚蠢

Jay: Maybe if you had a system for where you leave things.

Gloria: I have a system. I put down things, then I remember where I put them.

Jay: And that would be preferable to, say, putting them on the key holder which just happens to look like a
large key. 
preferable [ˈprefrəbl]: more attractive or more suitable; to be preferred to something 更可取的;更好的;更合意的
holder: a container in which you put an object, usually in order to protect it or to keep it in place 支持物;支架

Gloria: Stop screaming!

Jay: What are you doing?

Manny: Turning back the clock. Disgusting
disgusting: 此处双关 (1) extremely unpleasant 令人作呕的,倒胃口的;(2) unacceptable and shocking 令人无法接受

Jay: Don't judge me. You've never been married. This never happened.

Manny: I don't know what you're talking about.

Jay: That's a good man.

Manny: Boy. I'm a boy!


Mitchell: You all right? You okay?

Donald: W-why do you ask?

Mitchell: Oh. Okay. Well, I think this is for you.

Helen: I-I don't know what to say to him.

Cameron: Just open your heart and listen, Helen. Okay.

Helen: Hello?

Donald: I dropped your phone.

Mitchell: Yeah. I was here when it happened. Okay. It's all right. We'll just…

Helen: I can't. I-I just can't.

Cameron: Helen, you have to try. I once almost let my own fears stop me from embarking on a relationship,
and I would have lost the love of my life. 
embark on something [ɛmˈbɑrk]: to start to do something new or difficult 开始;着手实行

Helen: Ohh. 

Donald: Helen!

Helen: Donald!

Mitchell: Cam…

Cameron: Hang on. Hang on, Helen! I'll have you down in a jiffy! Hold on tight! Ow. Nails. Helen. Nails.
Nails. Nails. 
in a jiffy [ˈdʒɪfi]: very soon 一会儿;马上;立刻

Donald: Helen. Helen, please just give me a chance.

Cameron: Give him a chance!!

Mitchell: She's right here. Cam, come on. We're running out of time.

Cameron: We're running out of time? Sensitive. Go to him.

Helen: Ohh, i-it's nice that you care so much about us.

Cameron: Without love we're nothing.

Helen: But what about his wife?

Cameron: It was a pleasure meeting you both.

Helen: Ohh.

Mitchell: Okay.


Claire: I get it, Luke. You think he's the fun one. That's why you'd go with him.

Luke: What?

Claire: You think your Dad is more fun than I am.

Luke: Definitely.

Claire: "Definitely."

Luke: Dad's, like, crazy fun.
crazy: very, extremely 非常,极

Claire: Mm-hmm.

Luke: But you're nice.

Claire: I'm nice?!

Luke: Well, not now.


Haley: Tell him.

Phil: Tell me what?

Alex: Nothing.

Phil: Hey, what do we call Daddy's car, girls?

Haley and Alex: The cone of trust.
cone [koʊn]: a solid or hollow object that is shaped like a cone 锥形物

Phil: The cone of trust. Exactamundo. Where you can speak your mind with no judgment. So, what is it?
Boys? Your bodies are changing?
speak your mind: to say exactly what you think, in a very direct way 把心里话痛快地说出来,畅所欲言
egg: (in women and female animals) a cell that combines with a sperm to create a baby or young animal (女性、雌性

2. exactamundo是exactly的强化形式,由exact + -amundo组成,-amundo从西班牙语mundo借用而来。这种说法
经由方兹(Fonzie)流行开来。方兹(Fonzie)是情景喜剧《欢乐时光》(Happy Days)中的角色,全名阿瑟·方兹雷利
(Arthur Fonzarelli),昵称The Fonz,exactamundo、correctamundo都是他的口头禅。

Alex: No! No. We were just thinking that maybe…

Phil: Mm?

Alex: if- if you're open to it
open to something: (of a person) willing to listen to and think about new ideas 乐意听取;愿意考虑

Haley: Dad, we love you, but we do not want to go to family camp this year. Dad?

Alex: Are you upset?

Phil: Nope.

Haley: Then what was that sniff?

Phil: Sniff? What sniff? I'm-I'm, uh… I'm actually relieved. The day that I've been dreading, uh, the day when
you two finally
outgrow me, has finally arrived, and I'm handling it really well. 
outgrow somebody: to grow taller, larger or more quickly than another person 长得比…高(或大、快),生长速度超过

Haley: Dad, are you crying?

Phil: Nope.

Alex: Are you sure you're okay?

Phil: Yep.

Haley: Oh, my God. He is crying.

Alex: I've never seen Dad cry before.

Haley: But, Dad, if you cry, then I'll cry!

Phil: I'm not crying.

Alex: We made our Daddy cry!

PhilYou called me Daddy?

Haley: Because you are our Daddy!

Phil: I'll always be your Daddy


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