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10月 1st, 2017

【原创】志萍版摩登家庭英语笔记 02×10: Dance Dance Revelation – Part1

摩登家庭笔记, by 李志萍.

Claire: Okay. I'll
-I'll get that. Hello?

Jay: Hey, Manny's getting his outfit together for the dance tonight.
get something together: to collect things in one place 备齐;收集
outfit: a set of clothes that you wear together, especially for a particular occasion or purpose (尤指精心挑选的)全套服

Claire: I was just taking some supplies out to the car. Isn't this exciting– the boys' first dance?

Jay: Greatest day of my life. Does Phil have a green pocket square for him?
pocket square: a handkerchief used as an accessory to a suit (插在西服上衣口袋中的)装饰手帕

Manny: Teal!
teal [til]: a blue-green color 蓝绿色

Jay: Teal.

Claire: I don't know. I don't think Phil's really a pocket-square kind of a guy.

Phil: Wow! Wow.

Claire: Why don't we conference in Mitch?
conference: 举行或参加(系列)会议

Gloria: Ay! Look. This might work.

Manny: Well, except that it's turquoiseoh, and a bra?!
turquoise [ˈtɜrˌkɔɪz]: a green-blue color 青绿色,绿松石色,苹果绿色

Gloria: Do you think the kids in my village had pocket squares?

Manny: Here we go with the village.

Claire: Dad, are you still there?

Jay: Unfortunately, yes.

Gloria: Please ask Claire what time do I need to be at the school to help set up.

Jay: Gloria wants to know–

Claire: No, I heard. I heard. Um, tell her "thank you so much ", but we have all the help we could possibly
need, and she doesn't even have to come tonight if she doesn't want

Jay: Claire said–

Gloria: I heard.

Mitchell: Hello?

Claire: Oh, hey, Mitch! Where are you?

Mitchell: Oh, we're at the park. You would not believe how some of these people dress their kids. Lily's
friend just pulled a
Britney Spears getting out of a sandbox car.
Britney Spears: 布兰妮·斯皮尔斯参见109.文化详解3.
sandbox [ˈsændˌbɑks]: an area in the ground or a shallow container, filled with sand, for children to play in (供儿童玩

Claire: So, Dad's on the line.

Jay: Do you have a teal pocket square for Manny?

Mitchell: Cam, Manny needs a teal pocket square.

Cameron: Oh, I've got teal, I've got aqua, I've got seafoam
aqua [ˈækwə]: a shade of blue tinged with green 浅绿色,水绿色
seafoam: 海沫绿

Mitchell: Yeah, Cam's got one.

Jay: Cam's got one.

Manny: Yes!

Cameron: Oh, you know what? I lent it to Andre.

Mitchell: Ah. He lent it to Andre.

Jay: Flag on the play.

可以准确地投掷更远的距离,通常包裹着沙子或豆子"Flag on the play"这个术语,就表示事情出


Manny: What's that mean? What's that mean?!

[thumbs down]
thumbs down: used to show that something has been rejected or that it is not a success. In contests in ancient Rome
the public put their thumbs up if they wanted a gladiator to live, and down if they wanted him to be killed. 表示反对(或

Jay: Now I got to go to the mall.

Luke: Is this okay?

Claire: Oh, hey! Luke has to go to the mall, too.

Luke: What?

Claire: Phil.

Phil: Let's go, Incredible Hulk.
Incredible Hulk: 绿巨人,参见110.文化详解13.


Tyler's Mom: Hey. 

Mitchell: Hi.

Cameron: Hi.

Mitchell: Hi.

Tyler's Mom: Uh, is that your little girl over there Lily?

Mitchell: Yes. Look at her.

Cameron: Yes.

Tyler's Mom: Uh, well, this is a little bit awkward, but she bit Tyler.

Mitchell: Oh, no.

Cameron: Oh, my goodness. I… I don't even know what to say.

Mitchell: She's never done anything like that before. How did it happen?

Tyler's Mom: I don't know. I didn't see it.

Mitchell: Uh-huh.

Cameron: Mm-hmm.


Mitchell: It's time to play everyone's favorite game.

Cameron: "Let's blame the gay Dads"!

Mitchell: You know who had straight parents? Adolf Hitler.

2. 阿道夫·希特勒(Adolf Hitler,1889-1945)是德国政治家,德意志第三帝国元首、总理,纳粹党党魁。作为独裁者,希

Cameron: Charles Manson.
Charles Manson: 查尔斯·曼森,参见104.文化详解6.

Mitchell: Shall we go on?

Cameron: Naomi Campbell.

3. 娜奥米·坎贝尔(Naomi Campbell1970-),英国超级名模和演员。她是第一位登上美国《时代》封面的黑人模特,也
版和法国《Vogue》封面的黑人模特。90年代的巅峰时期辛迪·克劳馥(Cindy Crawford)
凯特·莫斯(Kate Moss)等并称模特圈的"Big Six"。娜奥米·坎贝尔身上的争议很大,她是多宗伤害案的主角,袭击的对象
(Charles Taylor)赠送的钻石



Tyler's Mom: I-I know it happened. He's got bite marks on his arm.

Mitchell: Oh. Wow, yeah. Oh, gosh, someone really sunk their teeth into you, huh? It's 'cause you're such
a yummy little guy! Yes!
 Our daughter didn't do that.
sink something into something: 将…刺入;用(牙)咬

Tyler's Mom: But he said–

Mitchell: Right. He's probably just confused. You know who I bet did it, though? Billy. Rhymes with Lily. Plus,
he is very aggressive.

Cameron: His babysitter's right over there. She'sshe's not much of a disciplinarian. 
disciplinarian [ˌdɪsəplɪˈnɛriən]: a person who believes in using rules and punishments for controlling people 信奉及执

Mitchell: Ohh.

Cameron: Because I can assure you, if our child did something like this, we would be on her like white on
. And I know that sounds a little bit like a racial slur because we're white and she presumably likes rice,
but I didn't
intend it that way.
on: 跟随
like white on rice: in very close proximity; following closely 密切追踪;紧紧跟随
racial [ˈreɪʃəl]: happening or existing between people of different races 与种族有关的;源于种族的
slur [slɜr]: an insulting remark which could damage someone's reputation 诽谤;诋毁;侮辱
presumably [prɪˈzuməbəli]: used to say that you think that something is probably true 很可能
intend: to plan that something should have a particular meaning 意思是,意指


Jay: Ah. Finally. There's a spot.

Phil: Oh. Guys, I am just bursting with pride right now. Your first dance. Soon you're gonna be men. I want
you to know that there's more to being a man than just
 shopping for fancy outfits.
burst with: 充满(自豪感、怒气、活力等)

Jay: Yep. Pretty soon, you get some hair on your chest, you start answering the phone, people don't think
you're ladies. Come on, today, Miss Daisy.

Manny: Actually, Miss Daisy was the one being driven, not the one driving.

Jay: Never saw it.

Manny: It's called "Driving Miss Daisy."
Driving Miss Daisy: 《为黛茜小姐开车》,参见108.文化详解6.

Jay: You got a real lip on you today. You know that? Hey! That was our spot! What are you doing? You're
gonna let him
snake your spot?
snake: to steal slyly 狡猾地偷走

Phil: Not worth it.

Jay: Boys, here's the only thing you got to know about being a man– never let someone take what is yours.

Phil: Unless it's just a parking spot and there's plenty of others.

Jay: That's sweet, Phil. You ought to write that down. You got any lipstick in your purse?


Phil: I love Jay. Are you kidding me? He's my boy. Yeah, he gives me a hard time, but that's the deal with
a father-in-law. The key is, I never let him see just how much it
 devastates me.
my boy: term of address for a male friend 哥们
give somebody a hard time: to deliberately make a situation difficult and unpleasant for someone 粗暴对待某人;使某
devastate [ˈdɛvəˌsteɪt]: to make someone feel very shocked and sad 使极度震惊;使伤心欲绝;使垮掉


Phil: It's "Dunphy."

Jay: That's what I said"Dumphy."

Phil: No, not "dumb." "Dunphy."

Jay: "Dumphy."

Phil: Say "done."

Jay: Done.

Phil: Say "fee."

Jay: Fee.

Phil: "Done-fee."

Jay: "Dumphy."


Claire: All right, just bring it this way? This way… There it is. Perfect. Thank you. Perfect.

Bethenny: Cla-a-aire?

Claire: What?

Bethenny: Can you ask Gus to fix that light? I asked him, but he just growled at me.
growl [graʊl]: to say something in a low angry voice 咆哮;发低沉的怒吼

Claire: Oh, gosh. Okay. Gus, stop scaring Bethenny and fix the light, please? Don't make me come over

Gus: I'm busy. You fix it.

Claire: Is this because I said I wouldn't come to the dance with you? Gus, I'm a married woman. People
would talk.

Gus: One dance with me, you'd forget all about him.

Claire: Yeah, I already have a husband who doesn't fix lights. Please?

Bethenny: Thank you so much. This school would literally fall apart without you.

Claire: Oh, well, I don't know about "literally," but–

Gloria: Hola, hola! I'm here!

Claire: Oh, you came anyway. That's great.

Gloria: I think it's great, too.


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