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10月 7th, 2017

【原创】志萍版摩登家庭英语笔记 02×12: Our Children, Ourselves – Part3

摩登家庭笔记, by 李志萍.

 Honey, do you want popcorn or anything?

Phil: No, I'm good… 'n' plenty. So hold your water 'cause I've got some "Twix" up my sleeve.

9. 好又多(Good & Plenty)是一种甘草糖,裹着糖衣,呈药丸型。1893年面世,是美国最古老的糖果品牌,现在由好时食
品(Hershey Foods)生产。

10. 特趣(Twix)巧克力棒由玛氏公司(Mars, Inc.)制造,由焦糖牛奶巧克力包裹着饼干组成。该产品于1967年在英国首次生

Claire: You may be cool, but I'm… wine cooler.

Phil: I love us. Thank you.

Vish Patel: Well, hello, Dunphys!

Phil: Hey!

Claire: Hey!

Phil: Who is that?

Claire: It's the Patels, Sanjay's parents.

Phil: Hey. 

Vish Patel: Hey, how are you?

Phil: How are you?

Claire: I heard Sanjay did so well on his test today. Wow.

Nina Patel: Oh, yes, we're very proud of him.

Vish Patel: Indeed. 

Claire: Yeah. Yeah.

Vish Patel: Are you here to see "Deux Jour de la vie"?
deux: (法语) 二
jour: (法语) 日
de la vie: 法语中的部分冠词,用于抽象名词前,表示抽象概念

Claire: Well, we're not here to see "Croctopus"!

Nina Patel: Forgive Vish if you hear him groan. He gets annoyed if the subtitles are mistranslated.
subtitle [ˈsʌbˌtaɪtəl]: (usually plural) words that translate what is said in a film/movie into a different language and
appear on the screen at the bottom. Subtitles are also used, especially on television, to help deaf people. (常用
mistranslate ['mistræns'leit]: translate incorrectly 把…误译;把…译错

Phil: Well, that makes "Deux" of us.

Vish Patel: I guess we'll… see you in there.

Phil: All right.

Claire: You bet.

Phil: See you in there!

Claire: Phil, where are you going?!

Phil: "Croctopus".

Claire: Honey. Honey! I think we should go see this movie.

Phil: Why do I have to watch a French movie? I didn't do anything wrong.

Claire: Well, maybe Alex has a point. How can we encourage our kids to have intellectual curiosity when we
don't have any?

Phil: I don't know.

Claire: It's two hours of our life.

Phil: Fine.

Claire: For our kids.

Phil: Sometimes I hate the kids.

Claire: I know.

Phil: I'm so confused.

Claire: I'm not. I love this.

Phil: You do not. Name one thing you've liked about this.

Claire: I liked the scene with the old man on the beach.

Phil: That was a trailer for a different movie.
trailer [ˈtreɪlər]: a series of short scenes from a film/movie or television programme, shown in advance to advertise it

Claire: So he's not coming back?

Phil: No, he's not coming back, and I'm not coming back, either!

Claire: Some of us are trying to enjoy this film.


Phil: While Claire watched one of the most highly acclaimed films of the year, I sat through a badly made
schlockfest with absolutely no redeeming value. And it was awesome.
acclaimed [əˈkleɪmd]: greatly praised or lauded, revered, highly respected 大获好评的
sit through something: to stay until the end of a performance, speech, meeting, etc. that you think is boring or too
long 一直挺到结束,耐着性子看完
schlock [ʃlɑk]: things that are cheap and of poor quality 劣货;次品
-fest: (in nouns) a festival or large meeting involving a particular activity or with a particular atmosphere (组成口语
redeeming [ri'di:miŋ]: serving to compensate for faults or deficiencies in quality, etc 能起补偿作用的;能弥补缺点的


Phil: Oh, my God. It feels like I have ink on me!


Phil: Sweetheart… Hey. Hey, hey, hey.

Claire: What?

Phil: Honey…

Claire: Oh, my God. I fell asleep. I missed it.

Phil: Yeah, let's go home.

Claire: I can't believe I fell asleep and you left. Alex is rightwe're idiots.

Phil: Claire, stop it. Look… our kid got the second-best grade in the class. Dumb parents don't make kids
that smart. She got the best of both of us.
second-best: not as good as the best 仅次于最好的;居第二位的

Claire: Mm.

Phil: Kind of like if you combined the jaw strength of a crocodile and the ink-spraying capabilities of an
octopus. You'd end up with something
crocodile [ˈkrɑkəˌdaɪl]: a large reptile with a long tail, hard skin and very big jaws. Crocodiles live in rivers and lakes
in hot countries. 鳄鱼
unstoppable [ʌn'stɑpəbəl]: that cannot be stopped or prevented 无法阻止的;不可抗拒的

Claire: But they did stop him in the end, didn't they?

Phil: "Her". And she laid eggs.

Claire: Croctopi.
octopi ['ɔktəpai]: octopus 的复数

Phil: Yeah.

Claire: Ohh.

Phil: Hey. Hey. Check out Einstein over there.
Einstein: 爱因斯坦,参见105.文化详解2.

Claire: Well, that's just sad. Hey, Vish. You just do this.

Vish Patel: Thank you. So, did you enjoy the film?

Claire: Not in the least.
not in the least: not at all 一点也不,丝毫不,决不 

Phil: I actually found it quite two-dimensional.
two-dimensional [ˈtudəˈmɛnʃənəl]: If you describe fictional characters as two-dimensional, you are critical of them
because they are very simple and not realistic enough to be taken seriously. (指虚构人物形象)没有深度的;肤浅

Claire: Hmm.

Phil: Hmm. 

Vish Patel: Hmm. 

Phil: Well, lovely to see you.

Vish Patel: Good to see you, too.

Phil: All right.

Vish Patel: Bye.

Phil: Bye. After you, doctor.
after you: a gesture, usually polite, urging another person to take a turn at something ahead of the speaker 您先请

Claire: After you, professor.


Tracy: Mitchell, Cameron. Come on in.

Mitchell: Hi. Um, so… w-we need to talk.

Tracy: About what?

Mitchell: Do you mind if we sit down?

Tracy: Please.

Mitchell: Um, Tracy, I… I have something to say, and I'm afraid that if I just don't say it all at once, I'm never
gonna say it. So…
all at once: suddenly 突然;一下子

Tracy: Ohh. This takes me back to prom night.

11. 在美国和加拿大,正式舞会(prom)通常在高中学年即将结束时举行,所以常被译作"毕业舞会"男生穿正式西装,女
在毕业舞会上,还会揭晓"舞会王后"(prom queen)"舞会之王"(prom king)。


Mitchell: Again… sorry about that. Anyway, uh, I saw you yesterday across the mall after we spoke and
couldn't help but notice that you weren't alone. Uh, you were
 with, um… I don't even know how to put this,

Tracy: His name… is Bobby.

Mitchell: Bobby.

Cameron: Such a lovely name.

Mitchell: Tracy… I-is he…?

Tracy: Yes, Mitchell. He is.

Mitchell: Oh, my God. Oh… Okay. Um… Why didn't you tell me?

Tracy: Mitchell, you and I don't have a relationship anymore. I called you after our little… visit to the nurse's
room. You never returned any of my calls.

Mitchell: I-I was freaked out, Tracy, and

Cameron: Hey, let's not rehash the past… but rather focus on the future.
rehash something [ˈriˌhæʃ]: (disapproving) to arrange ideas, pieces of writing or pieces of film into a new form but
without any great change or improvement 只作轻微改动;改头换面地重复

Mitchell: Yes, yes. Yes, Cam and I, um, want to know if you're open… to us… getting to know Bobby.

Tracy: I don't think that's a very good idea.

Mitchell: Okay, I understand. No, it might be a little awkward at first, but I think after some time…

Cameron: We brought him a present.

Tracy: For Bobby?

Cameron: Mm-hmm.

Mitchell: Please, we just… we really just want to meet him.

Tracy: Fine.

Mitchell: Okay.

Tracy: Bobby? Could you come out here?

Bobby: Hey, honey. What's up?

Tracy: Hi. I wanted to introduce you to Mitchell and Cameron. This is my husband.

Bobby: Hey. How ya doin'?

Mitchell: Hey, what's up, dude?

Bobby: How ya doin'?

Mitchell: Good.

Bobby: Nice to meet you.

Mitchell: Yeah.

Cameron: Hi. Cameron.

Bobby: Hi, there. Yeah.

Mitchell: Partner.

Bobby: So, uh, how do you know Tracy?

Mitchell: Um, uh, how… uh, we, um…

Tracy: Mitchell took me to the prom.

Mitchell: The prom.

Cameron: The prom.

Bobby: Oh, a redhead. You really have a type, don't you?
redhead [ˈrɛdˌhɛd]: a person who has red hair 有红头发的人

Tracy: Um, they got you a present?

Mitchell: Oh… it's not… You don't need to…

Cameron: I wouldn't even… You don't…

Bobby: "Little Slugger"?
slugger [ˈslʌgər]: (in baseball) a player who hits the ball, especially one who hits it very hard and for long distances

Cameron: I'm just gonna go and let you two catch up. So…

Mitchell: Um… 'Sup?


Jay: I never realized you ever had sex with a girl.

Mitchell: Oh, yeah. Yeah. I kind of got around back then, actually.
get around: to be sexually promiscuous 淫乱

Jay: More than one?

Mitchell: Please.

Jay: Well, there was Tracy. Who else?

Mitchell: Uh, Betty Rizzo.

Jay: Don't remember her.

Mitchell: Eliza Doolittle? Nellie Forbush?

Jay: These were classmates?

Mitchell: Well, s-s-some were older. S-some were younger. Uh, Liesl and Gretl von Trapp. Sisters,
 too far?
Liesl and Gretl von Trapp: 音乐剧《音乐之声》中两个女儿的名字。最大的女儿Liesl von Trapp,16岁。最小的女儿
Gretl von Trapp,5岁。(参见201.文化详解10.)

Jay: I'm not an idiot. You played that record night and day. Why would you tell me a thing like that?

Mitchell: I'm… I just…


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