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10月 11th, 2017

【原创】志萍版摩登家庭英语笔记 02×14: Bixby’s Back – Part2

摩登家庭笔记, by 李志萍.

So, my boyfriend, David, blows me off on the most romantic night of the year… to study! This is the
worst Valentine's Day.

Manny: Best Valentine's Day ever! David stands up Haley, and old boyfriend Dylan is out of the picture.
out of the picture: not involved in a situation 不相关的

Haley: I'm not saying I miss Dylan, but at least he was romantic. David never sent me a jar of his own tears.

Manny: I'm playing the long game here. Like me today, love me tomorrow. She's had the romantic. She's
had the intellectual. How about all of that in one fine, little brown package?
play the long game: to follow a long-term strategy 从长计议
the romantic: 浪漫主义者
the intellectual: 知识分子 (注:"the+形容词",表示具有某种特征的人)


Haley: [sighs] I've hit a new low.
hit a new low: 创新低

Manny: You can talk to me.

Haley: And I'm lower.

Phil: Just picking up some things. I am not here. Name tags, name tags, name tags. Come on! Bingo!
pick up: to collect something from a place 停下来把带走;中途把带走
bingo: used to express pleasure and/or surprise because you have found something that you were looking for, or
done something that you were trying to do (

Haley: I know what to do. Dylan's been texting me again. I bet if David knew that, he'd come running right
over here.

Manny: Wait. Before you start playing these games, let me ask you one simple question. Who is Haley
Dunphy? Don't do it, Haley!

Haley: Stop following me.

Manny: Let me just say my piece. 
say your piece: to say exactly what you feel or think 公开说出自己的意见;发表自己的观点

Haley: No!

Manny: Look, you can be the Haley who defines herself as David's girlfriend, or Dylan's girlfriend, or you
can be your own Haley. Maybe you haven't met her, but I know her. She's an amazing person. So when
you're ready, I'd like to introduce you.


Broderick: Cameron! Is there something I can do you for?

Cameron: No. I just came by to pick up my man. I'm taking him to Ibiza tonight.

Broderick: Ooh, I've heard good things about Ibiza. But I'm afraid he may have to meet you there. He's in
the middle of a meeting.

Cameron: On Valentine's night?

Broderick: I didn't realize when I scheduled it. It's my fault.

Cameron: Gasp. I'm shocked.

Broderick: I could drop him off at the restaurant as soon as they wrap it up.
wrap something up: to complete something such as an agreement or a meeting in an acceptable way 完成;结束

Cameron: Oh, aren't you a dear? I'd like to mount your head in my trophy room.
dear: 谐音双关 (1) a very kind, loving person 善良有爱的人;(2) deer(鹿)同音
mount: (动植物)作为标本展出
trophy room: 战利品陈列室

Broderick: Cam! Wait. Have I upset you in any way?

Cameron: Oh, please. Let's not play this game. We both know what's going on.

Broderick: Have I been that obvious?

Cameron: Uh, the flowers that don't get delivered, the Valentine's Day plans that get interrupted… Do I
really need to spell it out for you? Me, Mitchell, wedge.
spell something out: to explain something in a simple, clear way 讲清楚
wedge [wɛdʒ]: something that creates a division, gap or distance between things 导致分裂的东西 (<>drive a
wedge between:

Broderick: Don't hate me. It's just so hard to see someone else have something you want and can't have.


Cameron: Does Broderick have a crush? Yes. On someone he frequently sees at the office? Yes.


Cameron: Hi.


Cameron: Does that man have red hair and a beard? No, but his boyfriend does. It's me. The-the crush is
on me.


Broderick: This is you. Oh, did I validate you?
validate [ˈvæləˌdeɪt]: to recognize the value of a person or their feelings or opinions; to make somebody feel valued

Cameron: Oh, yes.


Phil: Appletini?

3. AppletiniApple Martini的缩写,这款"苹果马提尼"鸡尾酒以伏特加为基酒,加入苹果汁(或苹果酒、苹果利口酒、苹

Claire: It was. You're looking handsome as ever, Clive.
as ever: 像从前一样;依旧

Phil: As are you, Juliana. You are hot enough to cook a pizza on in.

Claire: I see the speaker business is treating you well.

Phil: I don't like to talk about money…

Claire: Uh-huh.

Phil: …but I have exactly $10 million…

Claire: Mm!

Phil: ….minus the cost of your next drink. Two. Just two appletinis, please. Thank you so much. Yeah…

Claire: Why do I get the feeling you're not really a salesman?

Phil: Ohh… pretty and smart, or should I say "pretty smart"? I might do some high-risk work for Uncle Sam
that takes me clear around the country.
high-risk: involving a lot of danger and the risk of injury, death, damage, etc. 高危的
clear: completely完全,十足
around the country: 在全国范围内

4. 山姆大叔(Uncle Sam)是对美国或美国政府的拟人说法,是美国文化中的流行象征和爱国主义情感的表现。一般认为,
(James Montgomery Flagg)绘制。设计初衷是为一战征兵,二战时得到了沿用。

Claire: Mm, so you could say you're a… national man of mystery.

Phil: Shh… Never did catch what you do.
catch something: to hear or understand something 听懂;理解

Claire: Didn't you?

Phil: Surprising, I know. I'm usually pretty good at catching things from women in bars.

Claire: Well, Clive, I am just a bored housewife with a dark side and an hour to kill.
kill time, kill an hour, a couple of hours, etc.: to spend time doing something that is not important while you are waiting
for something else to happen

Phil: Is that what I think it is?

Claire: It's not a gift card. Or maybe it is. I'll be upstairs, Clive. Don't take too long.

Phil: I never do.


Gloria: Jay, relax.

Jay: I'm sorry. The place is a dump.

Gloria: It's beautiful.

Jay: Nothing good on the menu. You see the hands on our waiter? Looks like he's been birthing hogs. Let's
just get out of here.
birth: 助产

Gloria: I don't know what's wrong with you tonight, but I'm hungry, I look fantastic. We're staying.


Jay: Five-course dinner waiting at home, and she's strapping on the feedbag at Ibiza. But then an angel
from heaven saved the night.
strap on the feedbag: to eat a meal; It suggests that the diner will pay little attention to etiquette, and that the meal
will be taken simply to satisfy one's hunger.


Cameron: You took our reservation! "Pritchett for two" is us. Come on, let's go! Move your bottom. Come
on. Come on.


Jay: A big gay angel.


Phil: Hello?

Claire: Hello, Clive. How close are you?

Phil: I am right outside your door.

Claire: Oh. Are you ready?

Phil: Oh, I'm ready.

Claire: I don't think you are, because I can still hear your pants.

Phil: Well, maybe I should just shut them up.

Claire: I'll be out in a minute.

Phil: So… will… I. Juliana?

Claire: Clive, where are you?

Phil: You have to come find me.

Claire: Oh! Hello? Um… I give up. Where are you?

Phil: I'm right here on the bed.

Claire: Phil, what room are you in?

Phil: Who's this "Phil"?

Claire: Seriously, what room are you in?

Phil: I'm in… 702.

Claire: I'm in 226.

Phil: What?! Well, w-whose room is this, then?

Older Woman: Ah!

Phil: There's been a tiny mistake.


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