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12月 30th, 2017

【原创】志萍版摩登家庭英语笔记 02×19: The Musical Man – Part1

摩登家庭笔记, by 李志萍.

Phil: Excuse me, I'm so sorry. I never do this with celebrities, but are you by any chance the foxy Mom on
the New Horizon realty ad?

Claire: Am I gonna regret doing that?

Phil: Did the Marlboro Man have any regrets? This ad is perfect. See, I'm not just selling houses, I'm selling
myself, and the best part about me is my family. And my teeth. And both… are on display in this ad.

1. 万宝路牛仔(Marlboro Man)是用于万宝路烟草的人物,史上最为经典的广告案例之一。1924年万宝路问世时,早期
定位是女士烟。1954年,著名的营销策划人李奥·贝纳(Leo Burnett)在万宝路香烟的广告中成功运用了西部牛仔的形象,


Luke: "I can't be satisfied until you're satisfied"?

Phil: Coming soon to a bus bench near you, not to mention our minivan.
minivan [ˈmɪniˌvæn]: a large, tall car whose seats can be moved or removed, for example, so that it can carry large
loads 小型货车

Claire: So that's really happening?

Haley: Wait. What's happening to our minivan?

Phil: Having this bad boy shrink-wrapped on it.
shrink-wrapped: wrapped tightly in a thin plastic covering 用收缩性薄膜包装的

Luke: Classy.

Phil: Yep. Now all that driving around your Mom does will serve a purpose.
serve a purpose: 有用

Alex: Good morning, family. How are you all doing on this beautiful day?

Claire: Okay. What's this?

Alex: Haley's S.A.T. scores are available online.

Haley: I hate you.

Claire: Oh! Today's the big day. Let's take a look, see how she did.

Haley: Do we really have to look at them now?

Phil: Don't worry. We're not expecting any miracles.

Haley: Thank you.

Claire: Are those Haley's scores? Are you sure?

Haley: Why? Are they bad?

Claire: No, they're not bad.

Haley: Are they good?

Claire: No, they're average. Sweetie, we did it. Our baby's average.

Phil: Medium five!
medium five: 模仿"high five",(表示庆祝或致意)举手击掌

Claire: Oh.

Alex: This is just a fluke. She can take them again.

Claire: Yeah, and she'll probably do even better. You are gonna have your choice of some pretty good
colleges when the time comes.

Haley: If I go to college.

Claire: What?

Haley: I've been thinking about it lately, and I might… not. Later!

Alex: Well, we took the scenic route, but we ended up in the same place.
scenic route [ˈsinɪk]: 风景线


Cameron: From Zimbabwe to Algeria. Come on, let me hear ya. These are the countries, these are the
Zimbabwe [zɪmˈbɑbˌweɪ]: a country in south-eastern Africa 津巴布韦(非洲东南部国家)
Algeria [ælˈdʒɪriə]: a country in North Africa 阿尔及利亚(非洲西北部国家)


Mitchell: Cam recently became Franklin Middle School's interim musical director.
interim [ˈɪntərɪm]: intended to last for only a short time until someone or something more permanent is found 过渡期

Cameron: Go, Franklin! I was volunteering for their spring musical festival when their regular director
suddenly and mysteriously became ill.
festival [ˈfɛstəvəl]: a series of performances of music, plays, movies, etc., usually organized in the same place once
a year (常为定期举行的)音乐节,戏剧节


Cameron: [sneeze] Oh, sorry.


Cameron: It may have been a blessing. Their show lacked focus. I gave it a theme"A musical trip around
the world."
blessing [ˈblɛsɪŋ]: something that is good or helpful 好处;有利条件

Mitchell: Yeah, see, he focused it by making it about the world.


Cameron: You don't like it.

Mitchell: No Cam. I do. Do you… do you think that the kids, though, are gonna be able to learn it by
tonight? I mean, maybe you should stick with something that they already know.

Cameron: I knew this would happen. Why do you have to throw a wet blanket on my dreams?
throw a wet blanket on: 对…泼冷水;使扫兴;使锐气受挫折

Mitchell: I do not.

Cameron: You do it all the time. And you know what I end up with? Wet dreams. I heard it as soon as I said
it. Just leave it alone.
wet dream: a sexually exciting dream that a man has that results in an orgasm 梦遗;梦交

Mitchell: All right, well, Cam, it's just that sometimes you can be a little, you know, overenthusiastic.
overenthusiastic ['əuvərinθju:zi'æstik]: excessively enthusiastic 过热情的

Cameron: Is it really that big of a deal that I want this to be the best show in the world?

Mitchell: Well, as long as you heard me.

Cameron: Be in my corner. Don't be so critical.
corner: (总称)(某运动员的)捧场观众

Mitchell: Wha? Is that really how you see me?

Cameron: Sometimes, yeah, I do, Mitchell.

Mitchell: Oh. Cam, well, if-if that's true, then I'm-I'm sorry. No, you know, okay, from now on, I am in your
corner 100%. Yeah, that song is gonna
 knock everyone out.
knock somebody out: to surprise and impress someone very much 使震惊;给…留下深刻印象

Cameron: Well, I don't know, but wait till you see the dance I have prepared.

Mitchell: A dance? A dance!


Gloria: More toast, Manny?

Manny: Why won't you call me, Emma?

Gloria: More toast, Emma?

Manny: Do you have to be on all the time?
be on: (演员)登场

Gloria: Okay, I'm sorry. Who is this Emma?

Manny: She's in the show with me tonight. I'm thinking of taking a run at her.
take a run at: to attempt to achieve or acquire 试着做,尝试

Gloria: You don't "take a run" at a woman. You woo her. You make her feel special.
woo [wu:]: (of a man) to try to persuade a woman to love him and marry him 向…求爱;追求

Jay: Hey, hon, take a look at this. It's a picture of my butt.

Gloria: And then when you get her, you can tell her whatever you want. Why do you do this?

Jay: I programmed it so my butt pops up when my brother Donnie calls. It's a clever way of saying my
brother's an ass.
program [ˈproʊˌgræm]: to give a machine instructions to do a particular task 设定

Gloria: Is it?

[door bell ringing] 

Jay: That's him. Compose yourselves. Forget I showed you this picture.

Manny: I'm trying.

Jay: How you doing, you dumb son of a bitch?

Donnie Pritchett: You old Mick. Looks like you've put on a few pounds.
Mick [mɪk]: an offensive word for a person from Ireland (贬)爱尔兰佬

Jay: Oh, you too. What, are you eating your hair?

Donnie Pritchett: Oh, Gloria. Oh. What are you still doing here? There's got to be an easier way to get a
green card.
green card: a document that legally allows someone from another country to live and work in the U.S. 绿卡(美国政府

Manny: Hey, Uncle Donnie, are you coming to my school concert tonight?

Donnie Pritchett: Well…

Jay: It's an hour, tops.

Donnie Pritchett: …wouldn't miss it.

Jay: Hey, you know, I think I misplaced my phone. Could you call me on yours?
misplace [mɪsˈpleɪs]: to put something somewhere and then be unable to find it again, especially for a short time 把…

Donnie Pritchett: My phone's at the bottom of my bag. Why don't you use your home phone?

Jay: Oh, come on. It's simple.

Donnie Pritchett: What are you doing?

Jay: I want the phone.

Donnie Pritchett: How about you let go, you…

Jay: Give me the phone, Donnie!

Donnie Pritchett: You still think you can take me?!

Jay: What? Is this all you got, huh?

Donnie Pritchett: I'm gonna wash your mouth out with fist.
wash your mouth out with fist: 参见wash your mouth out with soap

Gloria: I don't understand this relationship, Emma.


Manny: Hey, Emma. Doing this show, it feels like we've become like a little family, huh?

Emma: You mean like you're my brother?

Manny: No. N-no, I don't!

Luke: Oh, no! They're back dinosaur arms!

Manny: This isn't a good time, Luke.

Emma: That is hilarious.

[Emma laughing]

Luke: Half boy, half T-Rex. One foot in both worlds, wanted by neither.
T-Rex: 霸王龙(Tyrannosaurus rex)

Manny: Luke, that's a great way to stretch out a shirt.

Cameron: Okay, okay! Break's over, everyone! Let's take it from the top. Listen, we're running 20 minutes
long, so we're gonna go ahead and cut the
Bollywood number.
Bollywood [ˈbɒlɪˌwʊd]: 宝莱坞的;有宝莱坞特征的 (<注>宝莱坞,位于印度孟买的电影制作中心)

Delroy: Can I go? I'm late for soccer practice.

Cameron: You know who else missed soccer practice, Delroy? The cast of "Rent." And now they have a

2. 《吉屋出租》(Rent)是一部摇滚音乐剧,1996年首演,赢得了托尼奖最佳音乐剧在内的三项大奖。剧情讲述了一群穷

3. 托尼奖(Tony Award)全称安托瓦内特·佩里杰出戏剧奖(Antoinette Perry Award for Excellence in Theatre),以百老汇
知名女演员兼导演Antoinette Perry命名。该奖项首颁于1947年,现在由美国剧院之翼(American Theatre Wing)与百老
汇联盟(The Broadway League)联合举办。托尼奖旨在表彰过去一年为百老汇舞台做出突出贡献的创作者和表演者,被

Luke: We have a Tony.

Emma: [laughing] You are so funny.

Manny: Seriously?


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