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01月 3rd, 2018

【原创】志萍版摩登家庭英语笔记 02×21: Mother’s Day – Part3

摩登家庭笔记, by 李志萍.

Jay teared up in front of me. He'd never shown me that kind of vulnerability, and it embarrassed him.
I'd shamed the proud lion. Only thing to do… hug the proud lion. Oh, I could get bit. I could get scratched.
But you know what's inside every lion? A
pussycat [ˈpʊsiˌkæt]: a child’s word for a cat (儿语)猫咪

Jay: I need you to get away from me.

Phil: Yep. Okay, I'm just gonna say this one time so we can move on. It's okay.

Jay: Gotcha.

Phil: You-you know what "it" is? It's you crying.

Jay: Which I didn't.

Phil: You teared up.

Jay: It was the onions.

Phil: Okay, okay. Maybe I'm… maybe I'm just putting myself in your place, but if I came across something
from my childhood, and it reminded me of my
Mom, I might get a little misty, maybe even wanna talk about
put oneself in someone's place: 设身处地;假如自己处在某人的情况
come across somebody/something: to meet or find somebody/something by chance 偶然遇见;偶然发现
misty [ˈmɪsti]: 泪汪汪的;泪水模糊的

Jay: Here.


Phil: So proud.


Cameron: They offered me a bouquet, Mitchell.

Mitchell: Which you accepted.

Cameron: Why can't you ever take my side? They think of me as a woman!

Mitchell: Cam, no, come on. We're just a new type of family, you know? They don't have the right
vocabulary for us yet. They-they need one of us to be the Mom.
vocabulary [voʊˈkæbjəˌlɛri]: the words that people use when they are talking about a particular subject (某学科的)专

Cameron: So why does it have to be me? Do I wear a dress?

Mitchell: Well…

Cameron: That's a nightshirt!
nightshirt [ˈnaɪtˌʃɜrt]: a long loose shirt worn in bed (男用)衬衫式长睡衣

Mitchell: It's kind of satiny.
satiny ['sætini]: looking or feeling like satin 缎子似的;光滑的,柔软的

Cameron: What are you saying?

Mitchell: Come on, you know.

Cameron: No. No, no, no. I don't know.

Mitchell: All right, if-if-if I'm thinking about it, of the two of us, if-if I had to pick, I-I-I might say that you're

Kid: Excuse me. Can you throw that ball?

Cameron: Can I throw a ball? You don't… you don't think I can throw a ball?

Mitchell: Cam.

Cameron: No, no, no.

Mitchell: That's not what he said.

Cameron: No, apparently, this gentleman doesn't think I can throw a ball.

Mitchell: Well, that's not what he said.

Cameron: You think I can't throw a ball? Well, let's find out! Ugh.

[hitting an old man and he fell]

Mitchell: Oo God. He looks old.
oo: =ooh

Cameron: Oh, oh, sorry!

Mitchell: Cam, hands.

Cameron: Sorry!

Mitchell: There you go.


Gloria: Oh, Manny. I didnt mean any of it. Please forgive me!

Manny: I don't think I can. Let's just get in the van. Oh. Sorry for the rhyme. I know how you "hate my poetry."

Gloria: Please, stop my suffering! Say something terrible about me so that we can be even like Steven.
suffering [ˈsʌfərɪŋ]: physical or mental pain 痛苦;折磨
be even like Steven: 扯平了

Manny: Why would I say something terrible to someone I love?

Gloria: I curse my tongue!

Claire: I'm gonna intervene here. Manny, let's talk about what really happened, okay? Your Mom said you
should go out and throw a ball around. That can't be the first time you've heard that.
intervene [ˌɪntərˈvin]: to become involved in a situation in order to improve or help it 介入;干预;插手

Manny: No. But there was some hurtful stuff said about my poetry.
hurtful [ˈhɜrtfəl]: (of comments) making you feel upset and offended 伤人感情的;令人受伤的

Claire: Which your Mom regrets.

Gloria: I do!

Claire: So? That's what parents are for. Sometimes they criticize because it helps make you stronger. Kids
these days get… get trophies just for showing up
. What's that gonna lead to? A bunch of 30-year-olds
living at home. Manny, your
Mom loves you very much. But she's a human being. So she let off a little steam. Honestly, it's probably a great thing for your relationship.
let off steam: to get rid of your energy, anger or strong emotions by doing something active or noisy 撒气,出气,发

Manny: I guess I can…

Gloria: Stop. He needs to know the real truth. Manny, Claire was feeling bad because she wants to hit her
own children, so I tried to make her feel better by
inventing terrible things about you.
invent [ɪnˈvɛnt]: to say or describe something that is not true, especially in order to trick people 虚构;编造;捏造

Manny: You mean you don't have a problem with my poetry?

Gloria: No, the only problem that I have is that I never have enough of it. You're the perfect kid in every way.
Ay, mi amor.

Claire: Wow. That's healthy.

Alex: Good. You're back.

Claire: Uh-huh.

Alex: Are we done?

Claire: Unless you have something to say to the person who gave you life on her special day.

Haley: Nope.

Alex: I'm good.

Claire: My baby, Luke?

Luke: Uh… No.


Mitchell: Hey.

Cameron: Hey.

Mitchell: Here.

Cameron: What's this?

Mitchell: Well, it's a Mother's Day card. And I know… Stop it! Okay. Cam, that was Gloria's card from
. But I just wanted you to see what its definition for "mother" was on it. It's warm, nurturing,
supportive. You know, maybe when the world sees you as a
nurturing: 抚养的;养育的

Cameron: Not just the world.

Mitchell: Fine. Fine. Me too. But maybe this is what we're seeing, and I don't know why that's such a bad
thing. It certainly doesn't make you less of a man, right?

Cameron: Maybe you're right.

Mitchell: Yeah. Come on, let's join the party. And, Cam, put down the scotch. You're not fooling anyone.

Cameron: It is so burn-y. Oh, my God.
burn-y: 有火辣感的;辣得难受的 (<注>-y用于构成形容词,表示"有…的,以…为特征的")

Jay: Come on, people! Everybody to the table!

Claire: It's just hard, you know? Having your Mother's Day ruined. I never thought it would be you, Lucas.

Alex: Don't even think about it.

Luke: But she's sad.

Haley: Sad she's losing. She just hit you with her best shot. We need to stay strong.

Luke: But I feel…

Haley: Don't feel! Just go splash water on your face and man up! We're your mother now.
splash [splæʃ]: 泼;泼洒
man up: to adopt a stereotypically masculine approach or course of action 采用男性行为方式;拿出男人的样子

Claire: How was your day with my Dad?

Phil: Awkward, actually. He, um… he cried a little.

Claire: My Dad?!

Phil: Shh!

Mitchell: Dad what?

Claire: He cried.

Phil: No, I didn't say he cried.

Cameron: Who cried?

Mitchell: My Dad.

Phil: Stop!

Cameron: Why would you make Jay sob like that?

Phil: I didn't make him sob. He teared up when I found this poem he wrote for his Mom as a boy.

Claire, Cameron and Mitchell: Ohh.

Gloria: What is "ohh"?

Mitchell: Phil saw Dad cry.

Cameron: Jay misses his Mama.

Phil: Everybody, stop!

Jay: Is anybody hungry? What?

Gloria: You cried for your Mommy?

Jay: Oh, crap. I did not.

Gloria: Yes, Phil just told us…

Phil: No, that's not true. She's a liar.

Jay: What's wrong with you? Look, I know you would all be so happy if you thought I had some big
moment about my Mom, but I didn't.

Manny: So you don't miss your Mom?

Jay: Of course I do. She was a great lady. And she also left me a fantastic recipe for sauce, which now
is getting cold. So can we please eat?

Phil: Hear! Hear!
hear! hear!: used to show that you agree with or approve of what somebody has just said, especially during a speech

Jay: Just grab some wine.

Claire: Oh, my gosh, smell that. It smells like grandma's house.

Jay: Hey, you guys remember that?

Claire: Yeah.

Mitchell: I remember the first time I cut spaghetti. Do you remember? 

Claire: Eh-eh!

Mitchell: That's what she did! Eh-eh! Yeah, no, you can't cut spaghetti. She taught me to twirl.
twirl [twɜrl]: 轻快旋转(或转动)

Cameron: Oh, so she's the one.

Jay: Yeah, she was tough. I remember I had this little league coach. And one time after a game, he was
laying into me about something. I don't remember. But Mom comes charging out of the stands. She
goes right up to the guy. I mean,
face to face, nose to nose, and she says to him, "Let me tell you
Nobody, and I mean nobody, yells at my little b-boy."
lay into somebody: to attack somebody violently with blows or words 痛斥,责骂
comes charging out of the stands: 从看台上冲出来
nose to nose: 面对面

Gloria: Oh, my God! It's happening again!

Cameron: It's okay, Jay. Let it out. Let it out.

Jay: You only get one Mom.

Haley: I'm sorry, Mom.

Alex: Me too!

Phil: A bottle of red, a bottle of… what?!

Luke: Oh, yeah, and I'm the weak one.

Manny: Mitchell?

Mitchell: Oh, I'm good.


Claire: Ohh. Phil!

Alex: Oh. Dad!

Claire: Come on, honey!

Phil: I'm sorry.

Haley: Ew, get off of me!

Phil: I'm sorry!


Lily: Dada!
dada: 爹爹

Mitchell: Oh, I think she's calling you.

Cameron: Don't even try. I have that pottery class in the morning.


Gloria: Jay, let's go to bed.

Jay: Be right up. Son of a bitch.


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