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01月 4th, 2018

【原创】志萍版摩登家庭英语笔记 02×22: Good Cop Bad Dog – Part1

摩登家庭笔记, by 李志萍.

Oh, good, you're up. Oh, it is such a beautiful day. Let's go have brunch somewhere outside
where I can wear my new sunglasses, huh? Ew, gross! What happened to you?

Cameron: I don't feel good. I'm hot. Now I'm cold.

Mitchell: Oh, no.

Cameron: And we have that concert tonight.

Mitchell: I know, but, honey, that's the furthest thing from my mind, okay?


Mitchell: Why me?! We had amazing seats for Lady Gaga, and he gets sick. I'd been looking forward to
that concert for months. It's the one gay
cliché I allow myself.
Lady Gaga: 嘎嘎小姐,参见123.文化详解3.
cliché [kliˈʃeɪ]: a phrase or an idea that has been used so often that it no longer has much meaning and is not
interesting 陈词滥调;老生常谈


[kids quarreling]

Claire: No more fighting! No more fighting! For the rest of your lives, you are not allowed to yell at each

Alex: But you're allowed to yell at us?

Claire: Yes, Alex, I am, because I feed you and I clothe you and I pay the mortgage.
feed: to give food to a person or an animal 喂养
clothe [kloʊð]: to provide clothes for someone to wear 为…提供衣服

Phil: Wow. Pretty sure old Dad deserves a shout-out right about now.
old Dad: 老爸

Claire: Phil!

Phil: Sorry. Should've taken the temperature of the room first. What's up?

Claire: Well, I'm dealing with a lot of high dr…

Haley: Luke and Manny barged into our room while we were changing, the little pervs!
barge into: 闯进;冲入

Manny: Can I just say, in Europe this would be no big deal.

Luke: Yeah. You can see me in my underwear whenever you want. Here, I'll make it even.

Claire: No, hey, Luke, Luke, Luke!

Alex: Mom!

Claire: Luke, keep your pants on, okay?! And, girls, stop getting so hysterical over everything! Come on!
Now, grow up a little! I need things to start changing around here, or I will change things, okay? There will
be no more TV and no Internet and no whatever else I can think of. May I
have a word with you, Phil?
have a word with somebody: 和某人说几句话

Phil: I'd rather not.

Claire: What was that?

Phil: Nothing.

Claire: Phil, you sold me out behind my back.
sell somebody out: to disappoint or hurt someone who trusted you (尤指通过秘密协议)出卖,背叛

Phil: No! It's just that sometimes you can get a little intense, and I feel like I need to swoop in to let the kids
know they're still loved.

Claire: I could kick you.

Phil: Honey, these are just the parts that we're playing. Am I wrong, or has it been working? I feel like it's
been working.

Claire: I'm tired of being the bad cop. You need to discipline them sometime and let me swoop in with all
the love.

Phil: Shouldn't we just stick with the stuff we're good at?

Claire: Oh, my God! This bathroom is disgusting! The girls told me they would clean it days ago. I can't
yell at them about it one more time, Phil. You handle it.

Phil: I would, but I promised Luke and Manny I'd take them go-karting for their good report cards.
go-karting: the sport of racing or riding on go-carts 卡丁车运动(或比赛);微型单座赛车竞赛
report card: a written statement about a student's work at a school, etc. that is sent to their parents (学生的)成绩报告

Claire: What was good about Luke's report card?

Phil: He didn't lose it.

Claire: Let me take them. Yes, let me take them. You stay here. Hound the girls about cleaning up this
mess, and I will take Luke to do something fun.
hound [haʊnd]: to keep following someone and not leave them alone, especially in order to get something from
them or ask them questions 紧追;追逼

Phil: But… I want to go go-karting.

Claire: Yeah, I don't know what to tell you. This is happening. Boys! Hey, guys, guess who's taking you
go-karting today. Me.

Luke: Why? Are we in trouble?

Claire: No! You're not in trouble. Today's just all about having fun! And you know what? Go-karting's just
the beginning.

Manny: What else are we doing?

Claire: Whatever you want.

Luke: I want to bring Dad.

Claire: Well, tough. You can't. He's doing something else.
tough: unfortunate for someone in a way that seems unfair 不幸的;倒霉的(有时表示反讽)

Haley: Goodbye. We will be back in a few hours.

Claire: Oh, whoa! Where you guys going?

Haley: I am taking Alex to the movies, and then I'm going to the mall.

Claire: How fun! That sounds like fun, doesn't it, Phil?

Phil: I'm not much of a shopper, but it would depend on

Claire: Clean bathroom.

Phil: Oh. Uh… Girls… How about you clean your bathroom before you go, huh? It'd really help your Mom

Claire: Oh, no. It's not about what Mom wants. You Mom is cool, very cool with whatever. It's about what
Dad wants.


Phil: Dad wants to go go-karting.


Phil: I would really like it if you would clean your bathroom.

Alex: But my movie!

Haley: Why do we have to do it now?


Phil: Because Claire says so.


Phil: Because I say so. And because I'm your Dad. And I'm older than you, and I call the shots around here.
call the shots: to be the person who controls a situation 发号施令;指挥操纵;控制事态

Claire: Yes, you do.

Alex: This is so unfair!

Claire: Come on, guys, let's go have some fun!

Luke: Ow! You're hurting me.

Claire: Oh, you're fine!

Phil: Have fun, guys.

Claire: Let's go! Let's go! Let's go!

Phil: So… how does this usually start?


Guillermo: Good morning, Mr. Pritchett.

Jay: How you doing, sport?
sport: 小伙子,朋友,老兄(用作称呼)


Jay: I didn't know who that was. I never do. At least once a month, I find a total stranger sitting in my kitchen.
Gloria collects every kind of
stray looking for work, money, you name it. She's got a big heart. It's the one
thing I'd like to change about her.
stray [streɪ]: 流浪者,无家可归者(尤指儿童)
you name it: 凡是你想到的说好了;无奇不有
big heart: 宽阔的胸怀,高尚的气度


Jay: Hey, a dog. That's new.

Guillermo: That was Mr. Pritchett.

Gloria: Oh, Jay, there you are. Come. I want to introduce you to Guillermo.

Jay: Just met him. Really hit it off. Honey, keep it under a hundred bucks, you don't even have to tell me.
I'm going golfing.

Gloria: No, señor! He's a very nice man that works at the grocery store and needs a little bit of business

Jay: Oh, why didn't you say so? I thought he was just some nut who lived behind the dry cleaner's. Oh,
that's the guy we bought
corrective shoes for last month.
dry cleaner's: 干洗店
corrective [kəˈrɛktɪv]: designed to make something right that was wrong before 矫正的

Gloria: Jay, he knows how successful you are, and all he wants is an hour of your t-… half-hour. 10 minutes.
I promise him!

Jay: Honey, I love you, but why do you drag me into these things? You've got to learn to say no to people.

Gloria: Fine. Ask me if you can go golfing now.

Jay: Other people.

Gloria: All I want is, when I go to bed at night, to be laying next to a man that is generous and giving. And
that man doesn't necessarily need to be you.

Jay: Okay, let's do this.

Gloria: Okay. Guillermo!


Mitchell: Do you want me to move the wastebasket closer to you?
wastebasket [ˈweɪstˌbæskit]: a basket or other container for waste paper, etc. 废纸篓

Cameron: Oh, no. It's fine where it is.

Mitchell: Really? 'Cause the bed kind of looks like a rose parade float.
float: a truck on which displays and people in special costumes are carried in a parade 游行彩车;花车

Cameron: Thank you for taking care of me.

Mitchell: Well, what else would I be doing?


Mitchell: Um, seeing Lady Gaga, that's what.


Mitchell: So, uh, Cam, you know, I hate to bring this up, but what are we gonna do about that concert?

Cameron: What do you mean?

Mitchell: Well, you know, we were both looking forward to going. You were looking forward to going. I was
really looking forward to going. And I just… I-I hate to see those tickets
 go to waste.
go to waste: 浪费,糟踏;未被利用

Cameron: I know, I know.

Mitchell: But what are our options? We could both go to the concert. [Cameron coughing] That's not
 happen. Uh, well, we could sell the tickets online. Oh. But there's that Craigslist Killer. Oh,
what to do? What to do? What to do? What to do? What to do? Other options, other options.
Craigslist Killer: Craigslist是一个大型免费分类广告网站,创建于1995年。菲利普·马可夫(Philip Markoff)被称为
"Craigslist Killer",他利用网站的广告,犯下一连串谋杀案。

Cameron: Mitchell, are you hinting that you wanna go to that concert without me?

Mitchell: Wha-? No! No! Not in a million years! But that's very sweet of you to offer.

Cameron: I didn't offer.

Mitchell: Oh, really? 'Cause that just seems like something that you would say. "You go, I'll be fine. You
spent all the money on the tickets, and I'm just gonna lie in bed anyways." That's classic Cam.

Cameron: I'm just so weak.

Mitchell: Okay, good. You know what? It's settled. We're just gonna put this whole "You insisting I go to the
concert without you" thing behind us.

Cameron: You know what?

Mitchell: What?

Cameron: Can I get one of my little pudding cups?

MitchellYes, you can. Yes. You eat the pudding, and I'll eat the tickets.


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