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01月 8th, 2018

【原创】志萍版摩登家庭英语笔记 02×24: The One That Got Away – Part3

摩登家庭笔记, by 李志萍.

What the hell were you thinking? I'll answer that for you. You weren't thinking. You think that's funny,

4. 大力水手(Popeye the Sailor)是一个漫画人物,由E. C. 西格(E. C. Segar)创造,1929年作为连环漫画首次出

Mitchell: No.

Claire: Popeye.

Jay: I should be fishing, but I'm hauling my ass across town trying to save you two from a little dog.
haul oneself +adverb/preposition: to move yourself somewhere slowly and with a lot of effort 费力地到达某地
my ass: I, myself; oneself in the third person; indicates disapproval, disagreement, or disbelief, often with a tone of
disregard, disdain, or disgust 我(

Mitchell: At least we got to have a dog for a few minutes.

Jay: There we go. You could show a little gratitude, you know. These pants are new. Climbing over that
fence, I might have wrecked 'em.
[chuckle] That's mature.
gratitude [ˈgrætɪˌtud]: the feeling of being grateful and wanting to express your thanks 感谢,感激之情,感恩图报

Mitchell: I'm sorry. We're sorry.

Claire: I'm so… we're sorry.

Mitchell: I'm sorry you said "rectum."
rectum [ˈrɛktəm]: (anatomy) the end section of the tube where food waste collects before leaving the body through
the anus 直肠(解剖学)


Claire: I'm sorry, Dad. Um, we're so glad that you came and got us.

Mitchell: Thank you.

Claire: It was very smart the way that you distracted the dog.

Jay: 12 times a year, I get sausages. That's it. What the hell am I gonna to do till June?


Mitchell: Hey.

Gloria: Let's see it. It's beautiful.

Mitchell: We just need some candles.

Gloria: I-I must have in one of the drawers. Okay. Froot Loop necklace… baby Jesus… keys… ay, I was
looking for these keys. Baby Jesus… BB Gun…
more baby Jesus… Ay, another baby… Jesus, Stella!
Don't do that!

Jay: Gloria?

Gloria: No, Jay! Don't come in here! You cannot see the cake! It's the bad luck!

Jay: I already saw the cake. I bought it while I was busy not fishing.

Gloria: No. Go out to the bar. Go!

Jay: You never used to talk to me like that before we got that damn dog.


Cameron: Hey, Manny. I almost called you. How'd it go with Tara?

Manny: Okay, I guess. I used every line you gave me, and she totally ate it up.
eat something up: 对…极为欣赏;喜欢;热切(或贪婪)地吸收(或接受)

Cameron: Oh. Well, then, why just okay?

Manny: She wants to go on a date now… to the batting cage.
batting cage: a movable screen placed behind home base to catch balls during batting practice 棒球打击练习场

Cameron: Ohh. Not so good with a bat?

Manny: I am, as long as I'm using it to roll out dough.
roll out: to make something flat by pushing something over it 将…擀平;将…擀薄

Cameron: I'll bet you just need a little practice. You know, when I was your age, I couldn't hit a balloon with
a bat. Then my father took me out to the field, and a couple hours later, I was
 knocking the hide off that ball. 
It's one of the best days we ever had together.

Manny: Really?

Cameron: Yeah. I just bet you need some time in a batting cage. What are you doing this weekend? That'd
be fun, huh?

Manny: That's a great idea! I'll ask Jay. He loves stuff like this.

Cameron: Oh. That'll be great for you guys.

Manny: Yeah. And thanks for your help today, Cam.

Cameron: You got it.


Luke: I don't think grandpa's having the best time. He keeps going and getting more drinks.

Haley: Well, not every time. One time he went in to check on the women's basketball score.

Jay: The Sparks are up by 8, if anyone cares.

Claire: Okay, Dad, we all owe you an apology. We were so worried about giving you a great night that we
ruined your day, and I'm really sorry we didn't let you go fishing.

Mitchell: Sorry, Dad.

Cameron: Sorry, Jay.

Haley and Alex and Luke: Sorry, grandpa. Sorry, Jay.

Jay: You know what? I'm acting like a jerk. What am I, 12?

Luke: Hey.

Jay: So I didn't get to go fishing. What, am I gonna pout about it? I still have my family, and you guys made
such a big fuss
. I love you all.
pout: to show you are annoyed  撅嘴;板脸;面露不悦
make a fuss: to pay a lot of attention to someone, usually to show how much you like them 过分关怀;感情过分流露

Claire: Aww.

Jay: So let's go get some cake and presents.

Claire: Yes! Cake and presents! Come on, everybody!

Phil: Honey?

Claire: Yeah?

Phil: Have I told you how lucky I am to have you? Gloria, excuse me. 'Cause I am.

Claire: Okay.

Mitchell: Hap

Jay: No singing. What the hell happened to the cake?

Gloria: Nothing. It's beautiful. Okay, let's open the presents.

Claire: Yes! Presents! Who's first?

Gloria: Mine first. Mine first.

Mitchell: And as you know, Claire and I… We didn't quite finish ours, but we will be getting that to you.

Jay: Fine.

Phil: And our gift is a fuller version of that and a card.

Jay: Wonderful.

Cameron: And, of course, the cake is, uh, mine.

Jay: Fantastic. And here we have a phone… in the shape of a mouth.

Gloria: Ah, you're welcome! Very sexy!

Jay: Oh, wait a minute. Don't tell me. Let me work this out. I mentioned a few times that I was thinking of
taking up the
saxophone, and you give me this. I got it! Is this a sexy phone?!
saxophone [ˈsæksəˌfoʊn]: a metal musical instrument that you blow into, used especially in jazz 萨克斯管

Gloria: Happy Birthday!

Claire: Wow.

Jay: All right, what else we got?

Claire: Oh, uh… N-nothing. Hmm. Maybe not a perfect showing on behalf of the adults in the family, but
don't forget the kids still have their big gift.

Haley: And it took us a year to make.

Luke: It's in the DVD player. You've got to come watch it.
DVD player: DVD播放器

Mitchell: Okay.

Gloria: I'm so excited! Let's go, Jay! And bring your sexy phone.

Jay: Oh, don't forget that.

Mitchell: Okay, and-and, uh, we all participated, so this is kind of from all of us.
participate [pɑrˈtɪsəˌpeɪt]: to take part in or become involved in an activity 参与;参加(某项活动、事业

Luke: Yeah. Hit the lights!


Claire: Dad!

Cameron: Jay!

Gloria: Jay!!

Luke: Grandpa…

Mitchell: We…

Phil: Love…

Haley: Eww!
Eww: 发音似you

Mitchell: Capisce?


Luke: Well, who wants to see it again?

Claire: Um…

Alex: That's it? That's all you used? I wasn't even in it!

Haley: That totally sucked.

Jay: You know what? Great party. Thank you all for coming. And I hope you forgive me. I'm gonna go
curl up with a Ludlum, and call it a day. Hello. Manny? Where are you? What are you doing
out there? What the hell?
curl up: 蜷腿躺着
call it a day: (认为做完一天的工作而)到此结束,收工,休息;结束当天的活动

Manny: I dragged it back here this afternoon. I know it's not the lake, but maybe we could pop open a few
drinks and hang out on the water?


Jay: Now, the old Jay would have said, "I wanted to be on a lake with a fishing rod and sunshine, not
bobbing around at night in a swimming pool." I miss the old Jay.
fishing rod: a long wooden or plastic stick with a fishing line and hook attached to it, which is used for catching fish 钓
bob: to move or make something move quickly up and down, especially in water 上下浮动


Manny: This is the life, huh?

Jay: It ain't half bad.
not half bad: (used to show surprise) not bad at all; good 不错,很好,相当好

Gloria: Ay, I want to get in the boat!

Jay: Captain?

Manny: All right.

All: Me too! I want to get in! Come on, let's get in.

Cameron: So, how was your day with Claire?

Mitchell: You know, it was actually… It was really great. I don't I don't always think about it, but I-I was really
lucky to have her to grow up with. You know, I cannot imagine dealing with my crazy parents alone.

Cameron: Yeah.

Mitchell: Cam?

Cameron: Hmm?

Mitchell: I I want to have another baby.

Cameron: What would you think about a boy this time?

Jay: All right, easy!

Gloria: Ay!

Jay: Easy! Easy!

Gloria: No, no, no! You're rocking the boat!
rock: to shake or to make something shake violently 使剧烈摇晃 (<注>rock the boat: to do something that upsets
a situation and causes problems 从中作梗;惹是生非)

Phil: I got Claire! I got Claire!

Mitchell: All right, ahoy! So, if we all just, uh…
ahoy [əˈhɔɪ]: used by people in boats to attract attention 喂!啊嗬 (海员招呼他船或远处的人的喊声)


Claire: Okay, everybody upstairs and, Luke, I want you to get in a hot bath right away.

Luke: I'm still shivering.
shiver [ˈʃɪvər]: (of a person) to shake slightly because you are cold, frightened, excited, etc. 发抖;颤抖;哆嗦;战栗

Claire: Ohh.

Alex: That's why you don't stand up in a boat.

Luke: I was king of the world.
I was king of the world: 模仿电影《泰坦尼克号》中 Jack的台词"I'm the king of the world!"

Haley: Well, now you're dork of the night.

Phil: Honey… Have I told you how lucky I am?

Claire: You mean since dinner?

Phil: I can't help it… your beautiful eyes, your silky hair. Promise me you'll never… change.
silky [ˈsɪlki]: soft, smooth, and shiny like silk 丝绸般的;柔滑光洁的
change: 此处双关 (1) 改变;(2) 零钱

Claire: I have to admit, that's kind of hot. Maybe I will go change.
change: 更衣

Phil: I still got it. Knock it off!


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