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01月 17th, 2018

【原创】志萍版摩登家庭英语笔记 03×02: When Good Kids Go Bad – Part2

摩登家庭笔记, by 李志萍.

No way, Haley! It was my idea! I'm taking this room!

Haley: Over my dead body! This is going to be my room, and there's nothing you can do about it!
over my dead body: used to show you are strongly opposed to something 除非我死了(表示强烈反对)

Alex: Seriously?

Luke: What are you guys fighting about?

Haley: Okay, so we both think that this would make a totally awesome bedroom.

Alex: But only one of us can have it. Don't you think it should be me?

Haley: Oh, so not. It should be me. Right, Luke?

Luke: Why do you guys wanna move into the attic?

Haley: Oh, you mean "the penthouse"?
penthouse [ˈpɛntˌhaʊs]: a luxurious apartment or set of rooms at the top of a tall building 顶层豪华公寓;顶层豪华

Alex: With all the privacy of being on its very own floor?
on one's own: 独自的;独立的

Luke: It is kinda cool.


Luke: I'm not an idiot. I knew what they were up to, but I've been wanting to move for a while. There's a
line of ants
 going to a trick-or-treat bag in my closet, and I don't want to still be there when they get tired
of candy.
up to: 策划;密谋


Mitchell: Good morning, princess. Good morning, Lily.

Cameron: Very adorable, Mitchell, but I'm having kind of a rough morning,

Lily: Daddy, up.

Cameron: I'm sorry, Lily, those days are over. Now here's your lunch. Go get your bag. We will be leaving

Mitchell: Cam, you don't have to ice her out completely.
ice out: (在社交场合)使…受冷遇;不理睬,排斥

Cameron: Do you think I'm enjoying this? But I need her to detach from me before the new thing comes
or who knows what she'll do to it.
detach from: 使从…分离(或分开、脱离、拆开)

Mitchell: Why are you saying "thing" instead of "baby"?

Lily: Kill the new baby.

Mitchell: Oh. Um, look, I-I-I know this is hard, but I really appreciate what you're doing. And believe me, I
take no pleasure in seeing you suffer like this.
take a pleasure in: 以…为乐,喜欢…


Mitchell: I take a little pleasure. No, but there-there are very few parenting issues where I come out on
 You know, I'm distant. I work too much. My French braiding is "sloppy." Finally, you know, something
that isn't my fault.
come out on top: to win a contest or an argument 获胜,翻身
distant [ˈdɪstənt]: not friendly; not wanting a close relationship with someone 冷淡的;不亲近的
French braid: a hairstyle for women in which all the hair is gathered into a flat braid against the head 法式辫子
sloppy [ˈslɑpi]: If you describe someone's work or activities as sloppy, you mean they have been done in a careless
and lazy way. 马虎的


Lily: Ready.

Cameron: Okay. Could you please just go put her in her car seat while I compose myself?
car seat: a special safety seat for a child, that can be fitted into a car (汽车内可移动的)婴儿坐席

Mitchell: All right, you know what, Cam? Why don't I just take Lily to preschool on my way to work?

Cameron: I think that would be best. Let me just whip up a smoothie for you before you go.
whip up: to quickly make a meal or something to eat 匆匆做好

Lily: I push the buttons, Daddy.

Cameron: You certainly do.


Manny: What do you think the principal's going to do to me? I am a first-time offender. [school bell
Oh, great. Now I'm tardy. Strike two.
first-time offender: 初犯
tardy [ˈtɑrdi]: late in happening or arriving 迟的;晚的;不准时的

Gloria: Manny, think of this in a positive way, like it is your "ha ha" moment.

Manny: What does that mean?

Gloria: That means that one day, you're gonna laugh about it.

Manny: Ah, I should've just given that stupid necklace back to Alicia when she was standing right next to
her locker.
[sigh] This is the worst day of my life, till tomorrow…

Gloria: Oh.

Manny: And every day after that. Come on, Mom. Let's get this over with.

Gloria: Wait.

Manny: What?

Gloria: Which one did you say that it was her locker? This one?

Manny: Mm-hmm. The one that smells like rose oil. Mom?
rose oil: a volatile fragrant oil obtained from fresh roses by steam distillation 玫瑰油

Gloria: Keep the lookout. Now promise me that you will never, ever do anything dishonest again.
keep a lookout: 警觉地注意

Manny: I promise.

Gloria: Okay, because that's not the way I raised you. Don't tell Jay anything, okay?

Manny: Mnh-mnh.


Miss Elaine: Hi, Lily.

Mitchell: All right, Lily.

Miss Elaine: Hi.

Mitchell: Have fun, sweetheart. Bye.

Miss Elaine: She is so sweet.

Mitchell: Oh, thanks. Well, you should've seen her yesterday. Yeah, she pushed a baby off of Cam's lap.

Miss Elaine: Huh.

Mitchell: I know. I know. She is so possessive of him, but, you know, Cam's really working on trying not to
coddle her so much,

Miss Elaine: I'm not really sure it's about coddling. Sounds more like a sharing issue. You know, we've
noticed Lily
has a hard time with that.
have a hard time with something: 在某事很费劲,在某方面很吃力

Mitchell: Really?

Miss Elaine: I wouldn't worry. Kids usually pick that habit up from other kids, except the ones that pick it up
from their parents. We have a few of those in here. Of course, I can't share those names with you…
until I
get a glass of wine in my hand.

[both laughing]

Mitchell: Oh. Oh, Miss Elaine.


Mitchell: I have been told that I might have the teensiest issue with sharing. But is that something Lily
would even
 pick up on?
teensy ['ti:nsi]: very small 很小的;极小的


Mitchell: My chicken.


Mitchell: My pillow.

Cameron: Ow! Mmm.


Mitchell: Daddy's pen.


Mitchell: Okay, it's possible. And I suppose for Lily's sake, I-I should work on that… privately, because
right now we really need to get Cam's coddling problem under control.
privately ['praivətli]: 秘密地;私下地


Claire: What's going on?

Luke: Moving into the attic. Give me a day or two to get settled, then I'll have you up.
a day or two: 一两天
to get settled: 安顿下来

Claire: When did all this happen?

Luke: Depends on who you ask. My plan's been in motion for three weeks.
in motion: 在开动中

Claire: Honey, this is a terrible idea. You're gonna hate it up there.

Alex: Mom, stay out of this.

Haley: Yeah. We all have our own rooms now. Everybody wins.

Claire: Well, don't get too comfortable in there, girls. Luke, it's cold, and it's scary up there. You're gonna
be back in your own room by tomorrow night.

Phil: I don't know, Claire. It's got a lot of potential. This is a lot nicer than the attic I lived in when we met.

Claire: One night, if that. Trust me on this.

Haley: Oh, yes, because you're always right.

Claire: Sweetheart, I would love to be wrong. I just don't live with the right people for that.

Phil: Let it go, kids. She's not gonna budge. Kept me up all night with the…
budge [bʌdʒ]: (usually used in negative sentences) to change your opinion about something; to make someone
change their opinion (使)改变意见(或

Claire: Phil, you did push me!

Phil: Your word against mine. Guess it's one of those things we'll just never know, like what really happened
to the "
Titanic: 《泰坦尼克号》,参见122.文化详解5.

Claire: It hit an iceberg.

Phil: Maybe.

Claire: Mm, there's no maybe.

Phil: Oh, you're right, Claire.

Haley: Again.

Luke: Surprise, surprise.

Claire: Okay, I-I will see you over at Uncle Mitchell's. I'm gonna skip this meeting of the "pile on Claire club".
pile on: to express a feeling in a much stronger way than is necessary 大加(赞扬、咒骂等)

Phil: Guess I pushed her into that pile, too.

[Haley and Alex laughing]


Jay: I spend half my life waiting on you. How many times do you have to change your outfit?

Manny: Sorry, Jay. Too many choices is a prison.

Gloria: Just drive before he rethinks the pants.

Manny: What's wrong with my pants?!

Gloria: Go. Go. Go.

Jay: So, Manny, how'd it go with the principal today?

Gloria: It was terrible, but he was brave, and now it's over. Right, Manny?

Manny: Mm-hmm.

Gloria: Mm. So d-

Jay: What'd they give you? Detention? Suspension?
detention [diˈtɛnʃən]: the punishment of being kept at school for a time after other students have gone home (作为处
suspension [səˈspɛnʃən]: the act of officially removing someone from their job, school, team, etc. for a period of time,
usually as a punishment (作为一种处罚的)暂令停学(或停职)

Gloria: No, just a warning because it was first offense. So how was work?
first offense: 初犯

Jay: Great. Just a warning, huh?

Manny: Like she said.

Gloria: So I ask about work, and you change the subject. Are you trying to hide something?

Jay: No, I just wanna make sure he's okay. You okay? 'Cause, I mean, it looks like you're sweatin' bullets 
back there, kid.
sweat bullets: to sweat profusely; especially, to be very nervous or anxious 大汗淋漓;非常担心,很焦急

Gloria: Stop grilling him. First the principal, now you. This poor boy has been screamed at all day.
grill somebody (about something): to ask someone a lot of questions about their ideas, actions, etc., often in an unpleasant way 盘问;反复询问

Manny: Well, not to mention…

Gloria: Quiet! I've got this.


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