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01月 22nd, 2018

【原创】志萍版摩登家庭英语笔记 03×04: Door to Door – Part1

摩登家庭笔记, by 李志萍.

So then what happened?

Haley: Well, she didn't show up to school the next day. And I heard that she slept over at his dorm.

Alex: No way!

Haley: Mm-hmm. Seriously, are you surprised? Do you not know Carley? Have you seen what she wears
to school?

Claire: Girls, lets cool it on the gossip. Okay? It's not right and Carley's got enough problems.
cool it: 保持不偏不倚,持超然态度;不介入

Haley: What do you mean?

Claire: Well, her Mom can't get through soccer practice without a thermos of chardonnay. And don't get
me started on the
Dad. That guy is… [another car coming] Oh! Oh, my God! Oh, my God!
chardonnay [ʃɑ:dən'ei]: a type of white wine 夏敦埃酒(没有甜味的白葡萄酒)

Alex: Mom!

Claire: Oh! This is such a dangerous intersection! 

Haley: Did I get lipstick on my face?

Alex: No, you're fine. And consider yourself lucky you didn't just get, like, felt up by your Mom.

Claire: They need to get a stop sign.
stop sign: (十字路口的)停车标志,红灯

Alex: What is your obsession with traffic?

Claire: It's an obsession with safety. One of these days, Joe speeder's gonna come tearing through here,
and somebody's gonna… Aah!
Joe: 对不知名者的非正式称呼,相当于某人
tear + adv./prep.: to move somewhere very quickly or in an excited way 飞跑;狂奔


Phil: I'm okay.

Claire: Oh! Oh, my God!

Phil: I'm okay. Oh, hey, guys.

Claire: Phil?

Phil: Yeah. No, I'm good. Gotta keep moving. Keep the heart rate up.
heart rate: the rate at which the heart beats; usually measured to obtain a quick evaluation of a person's health 心率

Claire: Oh. Okay. 

Haley: How's my face?

Alex: Still good.

Haley: Okay. Good.


Jay: Gloria, how many times do I have to tell you to pull your car all the way in? The gate was open all night.

Gloria: We live in a nice neighborhood. What are you afraid of? That some money's gonna fly in and then
your gardener is gonna have to
rake it up?
rake up: 把…耙在一起

Manny: Jay, I'm going to need you to cut me a check.
cut a check: to write and sign a check 开一张支票

Jay: What now?

Manny: Drama club trip. "Les Misérables." We're selling wrapping paper to raise money for the tickets.
wrapping paper: colored paper used for wrapping presents (礼物的)包装纸

1. 《悲惨世界》(Les Misérables)是法国大作家维克多·雨果(Victor Hugo)在1862年所发表的一部长篇历史小说,涵盖
绕苦刑犯冉·阿让(Jean Valjean)的个人经历,融进了法国的历史、革命、战争、道德哲学、法律、正义、宗教信仰。

Jay: No. No. Wait. Wait. Slow down. What's the story exactly?

Manny: Well, Jean Valjean spent 19 years in prison for stealing a loaf of bread.

Jay: The wrapping paper.

Gloria: 19 years for a loaf of bread? How good was this bread?

Manny: It wasn't about the bread. It was about the society…

Jay: Focus, people.

Gloria: Manny, we will buy all your wrapping paper.

Jay: No. No, we won't. No, he's got to learn to sell. This is the best business training there is, hell, the best
life training. Manny, write this down…
"A good salesman goes after Moby-Dick in a rowboat and brings the
tartar sauce with him."
rowboat [ˈroʊˌboʊt]: a small open boat that you move using oars 划艇
tartar sauce: 塔塔酱,参见218文化详解12.

2. 《白鲸》(Moby-Dick)是19世纪美国小说家赫尔曼·梅尔维尔(Herman Melville)于1851年发表的海洋题材的长篇小说。


Manny: Jay is always telling me to "write this down." I don't always catch everything he says. "Something,
something, firm handshake." "Never take the first room they show you." Not sure who "They" is. And this
one just says "Pancakes."


Mitchell: Cam, what's this scribble on the "Vanity Fair" about an adoption agency?
scribble [ˈskrɪbəl]: careless and messy writing 乱写乱画;潦草的笔迹
"Vanity Fair": 《名利场》,参见216.文化详解1.

Cameron: Oh, uh, yeah, they called to say they wanted to reschedule our home visit.
reschedule [riˈskɛdʒəl]: to change the time at which something has been arranged to happen, especially so that it
takes place later 重新安排…的时间;将…改期
home visit: 家访

Mitchell: When? Why didn't you tell me? Th-this is kind of important.

Cameron: Well, when does it say?

Mitchell: Uh, well, who knows? It disappears into Jennifer Aniston's hair. You gotta get a better system.

3. 詹妮弗·安妮斯顿(Jennifer Aniston,1969-),美国影视演员、制片人、女商人。1994~2004年出演情景喜剧
《老友记》(Friends),因瑞秋·格林(Rachel Green)一角而红遍全球,并获得日间艾美奖。剧中的"瑞秋头"
(The Rachel Haircut)也成为时尚潮流标识。
她的其它电影作品包括:《马利与我》(Marley & Me)、《冒牌天神》
(Bruce Almighty)、《他没那么喜欢你》(He's Just Not That Into You )等。安妮斯顿在2000年嫁给了布拉德·皮特
(Brad Pitt),但是两人最终在2005年离婚。2015年,安妮斯顿在未婚夫贾斯汀·塞洛克斯(Justin Theroux)的生日
派对上秘密完婚,正式再嫁 。

Cameron: There is nothing wrong with my system. Ask me anything about any upcoming event. I can tell
you when and where it is.
upcoming [ˈʌpˌkʌmɪŋ]: going to happen soon 即将到来的;即将来临的

Mitchell: When is the adoption agency visit?

Cameron: [sigh] Okay. Is that a "5" or a curl? Oh, I hope Jen's finally found love.

Mitchell: What happened here?

Cameron: Well, Lily and I woke up in a French mood, so we decided to whip up some crêpes.
crêpe: 可丽饼,参见111.文化详解7.

Mitchell: When are you gonna be in the mood to wipe up some crepes?
wipe up: 擦掉,擦去(溢出的液体、粉末等)

Cameron: Oh, I know, it's a little messy, but… You know what? I'm gonna clean it up. [chewing]

Mitchell: Okay.

Cameron: I'll clean it up.

Mitchell: Will you?

Cameron: Just say what's on your mind.

Mitchell: You never clean up. Save the gasp. Cam, whenever you get creative in the kitchen, I'm the one
who ends up cleaning it up, okay? The homemade pizza,
fondue, molecular gastronomy. I'm still
cleaningshrimp foam out of the curtains.
fondue: 奶酪火锅,参见121.文化详解4.
molecular gastronomy [gæsˈtrɑnəmi]: 分子美食。把葡萄糖、维生素C、柠檬酸钠、麦芽糖醇等可以食用的化学物质

Cameron: Okay, you know what, Mitchell? Just go to work, okay? I'm gonna take Lily to school, and then
when I get home, I'm gonna
scrub this place like a crime scene, which it is, because you've murdered joy.
scrub [skrʌb]: to clean something by rubbing it hard, perhaps with a brush and usually with soap and water 擦洗;
crime scene: a place that is being investigated by the police because a crime has taken place there 犯罪现场


Phil: Hey, buddy. What's up?

Luke: Hey, Dad. Think fast.

Phil: Oh, my God!

Luke: Oh, my God!

Phil: Oh, my God!

Luke: If we had that on tape, it'd be the greatest YouTube video ever!

Phil: We'd get, like, a million hits. This is our double rainbow!
hit: (对网络站点的)一次访问
double rainbow: 双彩虹,是YouTube上一个非常流行的视频,发表于2010年1月8号,截止到2017年6月,已经有

Luke: We need to do it again.

Phil: Oh, I would, buddy, but, uh, your Mom's all over me to change a bunch of lightbulbs.

Luke: How many Moms does it take to screw on a lightbulb?
lightbulb joke: 灯泡笑话,通常问换一个灯泡需要几个人,巧妙地嘲笑某一个类型的人群。比如:How many marxists
does it take to screw in a lightbulb? None,
 the lightbulb contains the seeds of its own revolution.

Phil: I don't know.

Luke: None, 'cause they get you to do it, sucker. Huh.

Phil: Ah, ha-ha-ha.


Phil: I laughed, but… it hurt a little.


Alex: We're home!

Phil: Us, too.

Claire: Oh, great. You're all here.

Phil: What's up, girl?

Claire: Oh. You know that really dangerous intersection?

Phil: Where desire meets jealousy, and the result is murder?

Claire: Mnh-mnh. The one where I almost killed you this morning.

Phil: Oh, yeah. Sorry. That was my bad. I got lost in my jams. Dangerous combospeed walking and
Speedwagon. Oh. I wasn't even trying for that.
jam: a song; a track 歌曲
combo [ˈkɑmˌboʊ]: a number of different things combined together, especially different types of food 结合;结合体
speed walking: 快速

4. REO快速马车(REO Speedwagon)是美国的一个摇滚乐团,组成于1967年,在80年代的热门歌坛,可以说是最受欢
(Keep on Loving You)和《无法抗拒这种感觉》(Can't Fight This Feeling)

Luke: Nice.

Claire: Well, I am getting us a stop sign. I called City Hall, and how is this for amazing? The Traffic
Committee meets tonight.
City Hall: the local government of a city and the offices it uses 市政厅

Alex: I've got goosebumps.

Claire: I know, right? All I have to do is get 50 signatures, show up, make my case. It's on.
case: a set of facts or arguments that support one side in a trial, a discussion, etc. 令人信服的论据(或证据);(言行的)

Phil: I am so proud of you.

Haley: We all are.

Claire: Mm.


Alex: We love when Mom gets on a project because usually the minute any of us walks in the door, she
gives us something to do.

Haley: "Do your homework. Clean your room."

Luke: "Put on pants."

Phil: Like the Queen's coming over. Am I right? So when she's not around or gets busy, Luke and I
capitalize on the situation.
capitalize on something [ˈkæpətlˌaɪz ɑn]: to gain a further advantage for yourself from a situation 利用…;从…获利


Phil: There you are, my good man. Squire, let's do it. Get you some!
my good man: (称呼语)老兄,老弟,我的朋友
squire [skwaɪr]: (in the past) a young man who was an assistant to a knight before becoming a knight himself (骑士的)


Alex: Well, I think it's awesome.

Claire: I am so glad because I could really use your help getting these signatures.

Phil: I'll do it, soon as I change those lightbulbs you wanted.

Claire: Great. Kids?

Alex: Crud. You know, I've got a ton of homework.
crud [krʌd]: 哎呀(表示厌恶、失望等)

Luke: Uh, science project.

Claire: Haley?

Haley: I need to get started on my college essay. You know what? Maybe I'll write it about you. You're just
inspirational. Girl power! You rock.
college essay: 申请大学入学短文
inspirational [inspə'reiʃənl] : providing inspiration 激发灵感的;给予启发的;鼓舞人的;激励人的

5. 上世纪90年代初,第三次女权主义思潮兴起。90年代中期,英国红极一时的女子乐团辣妹组合(Spice Girls)提出了
"女孩权力"(Girl Power)的口号。她们强调女性之间强烈而忠诚的友谊力量,掀起了一股女权热潮,带来了文化上的冲
击。Girl power被牛津辞典收录为新词汇,You go
, girl!这一短语也作为女权主义的象征在媒体上广泛传播。

Claire: Thanks, honey. I do rock.



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