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01月 25th, 2018

【原创】志萍版摩登家庭英语笔记 03×05: Hit and Run – Part2

摩登家庭笔记, by 李志萍.

Hey. Whatcha doing? Playing?

Luke: Yeah.

Haley: Do you have any money saved up?

Luke: I'm comfortable.


Luke: I've saved $1,217. It wasn't even that hard.


Claire: Don't forget your lunch.

Luke: Thanks, Mom.

Phil: Don't forget your lunch money, buddy.

Luke: Thanks, Dad.

Phil: You bet.


Haley: Please. It's really important.

Luke: Look, I'd love to help you out, but I'm not very liquid right now.
liquid: (finance) that can easily be changed into cash 流动性的;易变为现金的


Luke: It's in a block of ice. I got the idea when I heard about rich guys with frozen assets. [chuckling] Assets.
frozen assets: 冻结资产


Claire: I am running for town council, and I understand that I can pick up a form here.

City Clerk: Fourth floor. Elevator down the hall.

Claire: Oh.

Duane Bailey: Beyoncé, when'd you start working here? 

8. 碧昂丝(Beyoncé,1981-)是美国女歌手、演员。上世纪90年代末,担任R&B女子演唱组合"真命天女"(Destiny's Child)

City Clerk
: Oh, Duane. He's always saying stuff like that.

Duane Bailey: Duane Bailey. Running for reelection.

Claire: You're joking. I just saw you in the parking lot two hours ago.

Duane Bailey: Oh, hey. It's you! Oh, it's you. What… are you doing here?

Claire: I am entering the race for town council, and I am running against you.

Duane Bailey: Oh. Well, don't you have pluck.
pluck [plʌk]: courage and determination 勇气;胆量;毅力

Claire: No, I plan on winning, so…

Duane Bailey: Oh, yeah, I bet you do. Marcia! Rocking the bangs! Love it. Do you know why, of all the dogs
in the world, I breed puggles?

Claire: Why do I feel like this is a rhetorical question, and you're about to l…
rhetorical question [rɪˈtɔrɪkəl]: a question to which no answer is required; used esp for dramatic effect. An example is
Who knows? (with the implication Nobody knows) 不必回答, 只为加强语气及效果的反问

Duane Bailey: It's because they're lovable, yes, but they're also tenacious hunters who won't quit until the
 is complete.
tenacious [təˈneɪʃəs]: that does not stop holding something or give up something easily; determined 坚定的;顽强的

Claire: Really? 'Cause I feel like they just yip a lot.
yip [jɪp]: (狗)吠

Duane Bailey: Look, lady, you're going down. I've won six straight elections. I don't plan on losing to some
bored housewife, so don't quit you
r lack of a day job.

Claire: Excuse me! Excuse me! [phone ring] Excuse me. Hello? Anne. Haley did that? Oh, God. Okay.
Um… I'll call you right back. For your information, sir, I am no bored housewife. No, I-I would
kill for
 "Bored." Why isn't this lighting up?

Duane Bailey: Oh, it's because it's, uh, staff only. Yeah. Here. Allow me to… not get that for you. Good
staff only: 非本店(厂、公司等)职工请勿入内


Luke: Dad, I cut my arm.

Phil: Oh, wow. You sure did, buddy. I'll get you fixed up.

Luke: Where's Mom?

Phil: She belongs to the people now.

Alex: [coughing] My allergies are acting up again.
act up: (身体某部分)疼痛起来;(疾病)发作 

Phil: Well, it is your lucky day, because, missy, Dr. Dad has everything you need. Behold the healing
 of grape flavoring.
behold: to look at or see somebody/something 看;注视

Alex: Where's Mom?

Luke: Some people took her.

Phil: Drink this. Listen, guys, your Mom is taking on more responsibilities outside of the-the house, but
don't you worry. Good old… Oh, my goodness!
take on: to agree to be responsible for something or someone 承接;承担

Luke: Ow!

Phil: I'm so sorry!

Luke: You punched me!

Alex: Dad, you gave me the drowsy kind.
drowsy [ˈdraʊzi]: making you feel relaxed and tired 催眠的;使人昏昏欲睡的

Phil: There's a drowsy kind?!

Alex: I have to study for a tes!

Luke: Oh! It really hurts!

Phil: Well, I'll get you some ice.

Luke: No. No, no, no. I'll get it.


Gloria: Oh, you made it. How was it?

Jay: Eh.

Gloria: Why? What's wrong, babe?

Jay: I don't want to talk about it.

Gloria: Do it anyways.

Jay: Uh, this stupid kid's been in the business about ten minutes. He barely looks at my proposal, and he
says he wants more "wow."

Gloria: What does he mean by more "wow"?

Manny: It's the "Bieber-ization" of America.

9. 贾斯汀·比伯(Justin Bieber,1994-)是加拿大歌手兼词曲作者。2008年,14岁的少年比伯因为在YouTube翻唱其他

Jay: What do beavers have to do with anything?

Gloria: The beavers… they build the dams all over the country so there's no floods, is the "beaver-ization"
of the Americas.

Manny: I'm finding there's less and less we can talk about.

Gloria: So why didn't you tell him that you've been in the business for such a long time…

Jay: It's not gonna make any difference. He wants to make a change. And I got a factory full of people depending on this.

[door bell]

Gloria: Yeah, but maybe if you tell him that…

Jay: Gloria, please. I-I-I've had a tough day. Can we please not talk about it?

Gloria: But I want to help.

Jay: Trust me. I wish you had the answers.

Gloria: I do!

Jay: Hey, guys.

Haley and Luke: Hey, grandpa.

Alex: Hey, Jay.

Jay: What's with her?

Phil: Just tired. Growth spurt.
spurt [spɜrt]: a sudden increase in speed, effort, activity, or emotion for a short period of time 迸发;加速;突然卖力

Cameron: Hey.

Mitchell: Hi, guys. 

Jay: Hi, baby girl.

Gloria: Hola, Lily. How are you?

Lily: Dads are fighting.

Cameron: No, uh, we're not fighting.

Mitchell: No, not at all, honey. No. Okay, uh, go play, sweetheart. Okay?

Cameron: Let's go play with some blocks. Let's go stack some blocks.
block [blɑk]: wooden or plastic cubes, such as those used as toys by children 积木

Mitchell: All right. Okay, the reason we're fighting is 'cause this one thinks he's Dirty Harry.

10. "肮脏的哈里"(Dirty Harry)是一套系列电影,以克林特·伊斯特伍德(Clint Eastwood)扮演的警探哈里·卡拉汉
(Harry Callahan)的办案经历为主线,串联起多个警匪间斗智斗勇的侦破故事。系列共分五集,从1971年的第一集


Jay: Having a hard time picturing Clint Eastwood in that shirt.

Cameron: Okay, let me ask you something. Today, at a stoplight, a guy ran into our car, and then just took
off. I wanted to chase after him. Mitchell…

Mitchell: Kept a level head and called the police.
level head: 清醒的头脑;冷静的判断

Luke: Pfft. Police. Aren't they too busy winning the war on drugs?

Mitchell: Okay, so which one of us did the right thing?

Jay: Hit and run. Gotta chase him down.
hit and run: 肇事逃逸

[snapping the fingers]

Gloria: I chase the people all the time.

Mitchell: No. No. That's… that's irresponsible and dangerous. Okay, well, what if he had been armed?

Cameron: He wasn't armed. He had a Hillary bumper sticker.
bumper sticker: a sign with a message on it that people stick on the bumper of their car (机动车上的)保险杠(或后窗)

11. 希拉里·克林顿(Hillary Clinton,1947-)是民主党籍政治家,美国第42任总统比尔·克林顿的妻子,美国第67任国务

Mitchell: This isn't an isolated incident. This morning he flipped out at somebody at The Muppet movie.
isolated [ˈaɪsəˌleɪtəd]: single; happening once 孤立的;个别的;单独的

Lily: You saw The Muppet movie without me?

Mitchell: Oh, no. No, honey. Just the first two numbers.

Cameron: No, Lily. Wait.

Claire: Hi. Hi. Hi. Phil, where are you, honey? I need to talk to you. Do you know what our daughter did?

Phil: Nothing. She's fine. She's reading.

Claire: No, not her. Haley. Haley! Come over here. I want to talk to you.

Phil: There she is. Not a scratch on her.

Claire: Do you have something you want to say to us?

Haley: Uh…

Claire: Mmm… let me help you out here. Fake I.D.s?

Phil: What?!

Claire: Mm-hmm. Haley tried to get her and her friends some fake I.D.s.

Haley: I wasn't gonna use them for drinking. We just wanted to get into this club to see a band.

Claire: She took a bunch of money from them and then she lost it.

Phil: How much?

Alex: $900.

Phil: You're kidding me!

Claire: Oh, my God! Oh!

Haley: It's not my fault! I gave money to this guy. He's the one who ripped us off.
rip somebody off: to cheat someone, by making them pay too much, by selling them something of poor quality, etc.

Claire: What happened to your face?

Luke: Oh. I ran into a door.

Phil: Yeah.

Claire: What happened to your face?

Luke: Dad&nbs