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01月 31st, 2018

【原创】志萍版摩登家庭英语笔记 03×08: After the Fire – Part2

摩登家庭笔记, by 李志萍.

The pain must have been pretty bad if I was asking Phil for help. His need for my approval is
exhausting. In ten years, I've asked him for one thing… to
hook up my wireless printer. He still won't
shut up about it.
hook up: to connect someone or something to a piece of electronic equipment, to a power supply, or to the
Internet 把(计算机或其他电子设备)与(类似机器或电源)连接起来


Phil: How's that printer working out for you?


Phil: Still loving that printer, eh?


Phil: You know, if your printer breaks from here, I can fix it on my phone.

Jay: Can you?

Phil: I can, but I don't need to, because I fixed it forever.


Jay: Just once, I wish he wouldn't make such a big deal about everything.


[door opened] [music]

Phil: Okay. Now just disrobe and place the towel over your buttocks.
disrobe [dɪsˈroʊb]: to take off your or someone else's clothes; to take off clothes worn for an official ceremony 脱衣服


Cameron: Riding the open road in a big rig like this sure can work up a man's powerful appetite.
open road: 公路
rig: a large truck with two sections, one in front where the driver sits and one behind for carrying goods. The sections
are connected by a flexible joint so that the rig can turn corners more easily. 铰接式卡车
work up an appetite: 引起食欲

Alex: We've gone five blocks.

Cameron: Do you want a burger or not?

Haley: I could eat. Hey, Alex, maybe Uncle Cam will let you borrow his hat later. You know, since you dress
like a dude.

Alex: I like the way I dress.

Haley: Uncle Cam, as her future prom date, will you please talk to her? You know fashion.

Cameron: First of all, you're each beautiful in your own way, but you're both playing for second, because
I'm too sexy for this truck.

Alex: I have to say, you do drive it surprisingly well.

Haley: Yeah, who would have thought?


Cameron: Surprising? What, that-that a gay man can drive a truck? You know, I expect that kind of thinking
from Jay's generation. But from our future generation? No.


Cameron: Wow. This place got crowded.
crowd something: to fill a place so there is little room to move 挤满;使拥挤

Haley: Whoa. You're really wedged in there.
wedge somebody/something in [wɛdʒ]: 把…塞进

Alex: You want us to help guide you out?


Cameron: That question… it was like a hate crime.



Cameron: Sorry! [crashing on a car]

Haley: Hey, you're really close on this side.

Cameron: Yeah, I see it.

Haley: Careful!

Cameron: I'm being careful. Gasping? Really? Holding hands? We're not in a nosedive. Okay, you know
what, if it would make you feel better, get out and guide me. Okay, come on. Let's go.
nosedive: a sudden sharp fall of an aircraft toward the ground with its front part pointing down (飞机的)俯冲

Haley: Please don't yell at me, but there's not enough room.

[car door opened]

Cameron: Okay, climb over. [falling down and screaming] You're fine. [car door closed]


Phil: You know, the Native Americans believe that burning sage kept bad energy away.
Native American: a member of any of the races of people who were the original people living in America 印第安人
sage [seɪdʒ]: a plant with flat, light green leaves that have a strong smell and are used in cooking as an herb (用于

Jay: How'd that work out for 'em? Get to the back.

Phil: That's the spirit. Thank you. I just need to make sure that the oil is a perfect 98.6. And it is perfect.
Now I want you to take a deep breath and let me transport you to a land I call
relaxistan (<注>-stan构成地名,如Tajikistan: 塔吉克斯坦)

Jay: Oh, what the hell? Get off me. I knew this was a terrible… Oh, Mama Lucian, that's good.
Lucian ['lu:sjən]: ("Lucian of Antionch", "Lucian the Martyr")卢西安("安提阿的卢西安","殉教者卢西安")约
240~312,生于叙利亚的基督教神学家、《圣经》评论家,以其讽刺性著作《神的对话》(Dialogues of the Gods)
和《冥间对话》(Dialogues of the Dead)而闻

Phil: Shh!

Jay: Oh.

Phil: Shh!

Jay: Oh.


Luke: So you wanna try it?

Manny: I don't know. I'm still feeling guilty. It's Reuben's helicopter.

Luke: Reuben is the whole reason we should be doing this. He's barely living proof that life can change
 a second. You gotta grab what you can when you can.

Manny: What is this hold you have on me? Wow.
hold (on/over somebody/something): influence, power, or control over someone or something 影响力

Luke: Okay, now ease up.
ease up: to reduce the speed at which you are traveling 放慢速度

Manny: Okay, I'm easing up. Okay, it's not working.

Luke: Get ahold of yourself, Manny! She's getting away!

Manny: I can't… I… I can't hold her!

Luke: Give it to me! Mayday! Mayday! Oh, well.
Mayday: an international radio signal used by ships and aircraft needing help when they are in danger 国际遇险无线

Manny: What do you mean "Oh, well"? My Mom's gonna kill us.

Luke: Us? You were flying it. I was in the attic packing boxes.

Manny: You're gonna help me find it, or the next search will be for you.

Luke: I like this guy. Where's he been?



Phil: Just relax. Let me know if I'm hurting you.

Jay: Are you kidding me? It's fantastic. I love you. This! I love this!


Jay: It just slipped out. Those are the worst three words I could say to Phil. I was just praying he would let it
go and not make a big deal about it.


Phil: Oh, my God. This is huge. Jay, I'm sorry. I need a minute.

Jay: Son of a bitch! Son of a bitch.


Mitchell: Oh, these are fantastic. Why is Manny getting rid of them?

Gloria: He said that they were last season.
season: a period of time during one year when a particular style of clothes, hair, etc. is popular and fashionable 流行

Mitchell: I used to have a pair like these. I can never find 'em anymore.

Gloria: Oh, there's an outlet store. They don't have men's size, but I'm sure the biggest size for boys would
fit you perfectly. I'll take you.
outlet store: 折扣店;工厂直销店

Mitchell: All right. It's a date.

Claire: Oh. Another date.

Gloria: Claire, I heard what happened with the vase, but I don't want you to worry about it.

Claire: I'm so sorry. I should have told you about that sooner. It just… I have really been shaken by this whole
fire thing. You know, life is so
fragile [ˈfrædʒəl]: 此处双关 (1) weak and uncertain; easily destroyed or spoiled 脆弱的(2) easily broken or
damaged 易碎的

Gloria: I know, like a vase.

Claire: You tattled on me?
tattle [ˈtætəl]: If you tattle on someone, you give information about them to a person in authority, especially if they
have done something wrong. This word is used by and about children. 告状(儿童使用或关于儿童的词)

Mitchell: She asked me about it. What was I supposed to do? [chuckling] Why are you making those cruel
sounds with your mouth?

Claire: You don't see it? You're turning Gloria into Mom.

Mitchell: What?

Claire: Mm-hmm. First you got all defensive of her, and then you tattled on me to her. That's exactly what
you did with old
Mom. It's what you're doing with new Mom.
defensive [diˈfɛnsɪv]: 辩解的;辩护的

Mitchell: Okay, okay.

Claire: Mm-hmm.

Mitchell: Only you could make my friendship with Gloria into something ugly.

Claire: Don't get me wrong. I think it's sweet. We've all got our thing. You have Mommy issues.

Mitchell: I do not have Mommy issues!

Gloria: Okay. So I pick you up tomorrow, we go get you your big boy pants, and then we go and get a little
ice cream, okay?

Claire: Perfect.

Mitchell: I don't wanna hear it.


Gloria: Hi. You still don't feel very good?

Jay: I told Phil I loved him.

Gloria: Oh.

Jay: It was an accident. You know how he gets with that stuff.

Gloria: Ay, I know.

Phil: Jay, can I talk to you later about what just happened?

Jay: Yeah.

Phil: Thanks. Jeez, I just worked that out.

Gloria: You're screwed.


Phil: Today is the biggest day of my life.


Phil: Just relax. Let me know if I'm hurting you.

Jay: Are you kidding me? It's fantastic. I love you. This! I love this!

Phil: Oh, my God. This is huge. Jay, I'm sorry. I need a minute.


Phil: The two guys who left the firm asked me to quit my job and partner with them at the new agency. Big
opportunity, big risk, and they need an answer by the end of the day. I don't always make great decisions
under pressure.


Claire: What the hell is that?

Phil: An alpaca. I got the last one.
alpaca [ælˈpækə]: a S. American animal that is related to the llama and has long hair (南美的)羊驼


Man Voice: Come on, man! Move that truck! [honking]

Cameron: I hate you!

Haley: Okay, so… [car door closed] I flirted with a table of truckers who have offered to help us.

Cameron: No! No help! I've come too far!

Alex: Have you?

Cameron: Oh, hey! They don't sell pizzas at this restaurant! You parked here illegally! Congratulations, sir.
You're destroying America.

Haley: Hey, there are no cars behind us. Go!

Alex: Gun it! Oh! Ow!
gun it: to accelerate or speed up quickly or suddenly (开车)加速前进

Cameron: All right! All right! Everybody relax! We're fine! We're fine!

Haley: We are not fine!

Alex: And we're all smooshed!
smoosh: to mash; or push; especially to push down or in; compress 压碎;捣烂

Haley: And we're scared!

Alex: And we're tilted at a 30-degree angle!
tilt: to move, or make something move, into a position with one side or end higher than the other (使)倾斜
30-degree angle: 30度角

Haley: Nerd! And we're dirty and tired and late!

Cameron: Okay! Can you please just be quiet!

Haley: Why couldn't we have just asked for help?

Cameron: 'Cause I'm teaching you girls a very valuable lesson… that gay men can do anything straight
men can do.

Haley: Yeah, we know that. Do you think you're the only gay guy that we know?

Alex: Yeah. My soccer coach is gay…

Haley: Our pediatrician
pediatrician [ˌpidiəˈtrɪʃən]: a doctor who studies and treats the diseases of children 儿科医生;儿科学家

Alex: My Latin tutor.Latin [ˈlætn]: of or in the Latin language 拉丁语的

Haley: Nerd! Our electrician.
electrician [ˌilɛkˈtrɪʃən]: a person whose job is to connect, repair, etc. electrical equipment 电工

Cameron: Well, then why were you so surprised when I said I could drive a truck?

Haley: Not because you're gay, because you're you.

Alex: And by the way, you can't.

Cameron: Okay, wow. I guess I owe you an apology. I made a leap there. I'm just used to dealing with
stereotypes. I'm a little sensitive about it.
make a leap: 匆忙下结论

Haley: Oh! There's the trucker that I talked to. Hey! Excuse me! Hi! Could you give us a hand, please?
give somebody a hand: 帮某人一把

Trucker: Sure thing, sweetie.

[relaxing voice]

Cameron: Oh, like she'll be able to help us.


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