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02月 15th, 2018

【原创】志萍版摩登家庭英语笔记 03×11: Lifetime Supply – Part2

摩登家庭笔记, by 李志萍.

Chip: Okay, Phil, time is up. What is your answer?

Phil: 3.14159.

[beeping sound] [audience astonishing voice]

Chip: Oh! I'm sorry, Phil. The correct answer is banana cream. Banana cream.

Phil: Banana cream. Well, you got me there, Chip. [giggling]

Chip: But you're not leaving empty-handed, no. You're going home with a lifetime supply of Genesis
empty-handed: without getting what you wanted; without taking something to somebody 两手空空的;一无所获的
genesis [ˈdʒɛnəsɪs]: the beginning or origin of something 开端;创始;起源
twin-blade: 双刃的

Phil: What?! Two blades in one razor? Man, it'll never get better than that! [laughing]


Claire: You must have used them all up.

Phil: They said "a lifetime supply."

Claire: Honey, you got 15 years of free razor blades. Put that in the "Win" column and move on.

Luke: Mom, is it okay if my friend Walt comes over to play "Rebel Fighters 3"?
rebel [ˈrebl]: 叛乱的;反叛的;持不同政见的 

Claire: Honey, don't you think it is a little weird that one of your best friends is an eighty-year-old man?

Luke: No, it makes it more fun, because he was in a real war. He says cool things like "See you in hell,
[giggling] I don't even know what that means. Oh, hey, Dad, some doctor called for you.

Phil: Dr. Sendroff?

Luke: Yeah, that's it. You were in the shower.

Phil: What did he say?

Luke: He wants you to call him right away. Oh, well. See you in hell, Klaus.

[making a phone call]

Claire: What's wrong?

Phil: I don't know. He ran a few tests on me yesterday. He said he'll call if something was wrong. And now
he's calling. Hi, this is Phil Dunphy. I'm returning Dr. Sendroff's call. Are you serious?

Claire: What?

Phil: He's on a flight to London. Um, is there any way I can reach him, or… uh, uh, someone else I can talk
to? Okay. Fine. Please just tell him it's urgent. Thank you. Oh, boy.

Claire: Honey, I am sure it's nothing.

Phil: Claire, I'm tender under my arm.
tender: (of part of the body) painful when you touch it 一触即痛的

Claire: Maybe Luke hit you with his broomstick when you guys were playing Quidditch.
broomstick [ˈbrumˌstɪk]: a broom with a long handle and small thin sticks at the end, or the handle of a broom. In
stories witches (= women with evil magic powers) ride through the air on broomsticks. 扫帚柄;扫帚把
quidditch: an imaginary game in which players fly on broomsticks 魁地奇比赛(参赛者在飞天扫帚上进行的一种虚构

Phil: I'm way too fast, he never touched me.

Claire: I can assure you you are perfectly fine.

Phil: That's very comforting, coming from a marketing major at a party school.
party school: used to refer to a college or university (usually in the United States) that has a reputation for heavy
alcohol and drug use or a general culture of licentiousness 派对大学


[horses walking]

Jay: I like the number 4 horse. He loves this track, his Dad won the Preakness, last three finishes were
in the money.
Preakness: 普里克内斯赛马会
finish: 比赛最终排名
in the money: (在赛马、赛狗中)赌胜,赌赢,处于获奖者的地位

Manny: I like "Miranda's Miracle."

Jay: Why?

Manny: There's this girl Miranda in my class, and she is really pretty. If she likes me back, it will be a
miracle. Would you bet $2 on that one for me, Jay?

Jay: Sure, but you are throwing your money away.

Javier: You both are. The winner of the race will be number 7… "My Hometown."

Jay: Number 7… Well, he's carrying 3 extra pounds, and he hates the distance.

Javier: Those are just words on a page. I look the horse in the eye, and he tells me… he is the winner.

Jay: Tells ya, huh?

Javier: Perhaps this will sound crazy.

Jay: No need for the qualifier.
qualifier [ˈkwɔləˌfaɪər]: (grammar) a word, especially an adjective or adverb, that describes another word in a
particular way 修饰语(如形容词、副词)(语法)

Javier: But I have always been able to see into the soul of a horse. It is a gift, and I do not question it. Just
like I always end up on the shortest line at the bank.

Manny: Maybe I should bet on your horse.

Jay: Are you kidding me? These aren't just words. They give you all this information, so you can make an 
decision and beat the odds.
informed [ɪnˈfɔrmd]: 有情报(或资料)根据的
beat the odds: 战胜困难,取得成功

Javier: Yes, of course, and this is why everybody with a racing form is rich. Now come on. It's time to place
our bets. What's it gonna be, Manny?
racing form: 赛马新闻;赛马消息报
place something: to give instructions about something or make a request for something to happen 发出;下

Manny: $2 on "My Hometown." You really think he's going to win?

Javier: Well, I only know what he tells me with his eyes. Don't ask me why, but maybe in some previous life,
I was a horse.

Jay: Or part of a horse.


[door closed]

Cameron: Oh, hey, Alex called. She left her cell phone here. She's gonna come back and get it.

Mitchell: Cam, did you do something to your fish trophy?

Cameron: Oh, yeah, I forgot about this fun middle part. You see, now it looks like a fish jumping out of the

Mitchell: Yeah, right over mine.

Cameron: Do I sense something, Mitchell? You know, just because mine's a little taller than yours, doesn't
make yours any less important.

Mitchell: Oh, no. That's not what I was feeling, not even a little bit.

Cameron: Oh, my God. You don't like that I put my trophy up.

Mitchell: I just think it's a little weird that immediately after I win a trophy, You feel the need to dig this thing
up and
plop it down next to mine.
plop something + adv./prep.: to drop something into something, especially a liquid, so that it makes a plop 把…"啪"的

Cameron: I'll have you know that I want to display this for quite some time. But I put it in box in the garage
with all my other awards… Yes, award-z…
Out of courtesy to a sadly award-less you.
courtesy [ˈkɜrtəsi]: polite behaviour that shows respect for other people 谦恭有礼;礼貌
award-less: 无奖的 (<注>-less置于名词后构成形容词,表示"没有…的")

Mitchell: It looks ridiculous. Mine is a distinguished professional award given to me by my peers, and yours was given to you on a pier.

Cameron: Okay, well, for your information, when I won this, it was a very big deal. I cut a ribbon at the
grocery store and signed autographs. "Best fishes, Cameron Tucker"

Mitchell: Oh, you know what? I just remembered! Mine comes with a really fun pedestal, too! Oh! Look at
that! Oh, and proper
hierarchy is restored.
pedestal [ˈpɛdəstəl]: the base that a column, statue, etc. rests on (雕像等的)基座
hierarchy [ˈhaɪərˌɑrki]: a system, especially in a society or an organization, in which people are organized into
different levels of importance from highest to lowest 等级系统
restore: 重新确立(秩序、制度等)

Cameron: Uh-huh.

Mitchell: Unless you suddenly remember that your fish came with a top hat.

Cameron: Okay. Well, you know what? I'm gonna go get Lily from her party and go to the park.

Mitchell: OK.

Cameron: This award has changed you, Mitchell. You may be flying high now, but pretty soon, you're
gonna be free falling, Tom Petty…
 Because you're petty. Tom Petty. Hmm? Get it?

7. 汤姆·佩蒂(Tom Petty,1950-2017)是美国摇滚男歌手,是汤姆·佩蒂与伤心者乐队(Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers)
自由下降(Free Fallin')是汤姆·佩蒂的一首歌,发行于1989年。

Mitchell: About three sentences ago.

[door shut]


[door opened]

Gloria: Hola, Haley.

Haley: Hi, Gloria. Thanks for coming over.

Gloria: En español, por favor.
español: (西班牙语) 西班牙语

Haley: Uh, hola, Gloria. Gracias for coming over.

Gloria: No, the whole thing.

Haley: I don't know the whole thing. Why do I even need to learn Spanish? I live in California. I'm never
gonna use it.

Gloria: That's the problem with Americans. They expect all of us to know their language, but they don't
even make the effort to learn ours.

[door opened and closed]

Walt: Win a war sometime. Then we'll start talking like you.
sometime: 在将来某个时候,日后,哪天

Luke: Ha. So wrong. [chuckling]

Phil: Oh, hey, Gloria.

Gloria: Hi, Phil. How are you?

Phil: I wish I knew.

Gloria: Why? What's wrong?

Phil: Uh, I don't wanna bum you out. My doctor did some tests and said he'd call if something was wrong,
and he called this morning.
bum somebody (out): to make somebody feel upset or disappointed 令人烦躁(或失望)

Gloria: And what did he say?

Phil: I don't know. I missed the call. Now I can't reach him.

Gloria: Ah. The black mouse.

Phil: What?

Gloria: In my dream. It was a bad omen. But probably not for you. [shocking voice] The staircase. No, no,
no. You're fine. You're fine.
omen [ˈoʊmən]: a sign of what is going to happen in the future 预兆;征兆;兆头

Phil: Am I? Get this… 15 years ago, I won a lifetime supply of razor blades. They ran out… today.

Gloria: [shocking and spitting]

Phil: What's with the spitting? Are you warding off death?
ward off: to protect or defend yourself against danger, illness, attack, etc. 避免,防止(不良或有害的事物)

Gloria: No. When I did [breathing], I think I suck in a little bug.


Manny: $16 for the first race, $10 from the second race, plus $34… $60? You're a genius, Dad.

Javier: Well, I cannot take all the credit. It is a particularly chatty group of horses today.
chatty: talking a lot in a friendly way 爱聊天的

Manny: I love gambling! It's so easy!

Jay: It's not easy.

Javier: Well, not for you. You've lost, what, three in a row?

Manny: Oh, burn, Jay! I'm sorry. That was uncalled for. This is all so heady.
burn: an exclamatory response, generally used by a third party when he witnesses a first party being thoroughly
humiliated or insulted by a second party 当目睹一方被
uncalled for: (of behavior or remarks) not fair or appropriate (评价、批评)不必要的
heady: having a strong effect on your senses; making you feel excited and confident (胜利、芳香等的)令人陶醉的,

Jay: $50 on "Little Bacon" to win.

Javier: Ooh-ee.

Manny: Yeah, ooh-ee.

Jay: What? What ooh-ee?

Javier: There is something not right about that horse.

Manny: I think I saw it, too.

Jay: You didn't see anything. This horse is a heavy favorite. The rest of the pack couldn't beat a 
. I'm sticking with "Little Bacon."
pack: a group of animals that hunt together or are kept for hunting 一群(猎犬、野兽等)
merry-go-round: a round platform with model horses, cars, etc. that turns around and around and that children ride
on at a fairground 旋转木马

Manny: It's your funeral. Who are we going with, Dad?

Javier: Nobody in this race, papito. It was quiet down there in the paddock just now… too quiet.
papito: (西班牙语) 拉美对男性的昵称
paddock [ˈpædək]: (in horse racing) an area where horses are taken before a race and shown to the public (赛马前)

Jay: Oh, gee. You know what? Make it $300.

Manny: Oh, my.

Jay: I'm telling you, kid, this is the one. And you know how I know? 'Cause it said, "pfft."

Javier: They don't talk like that.


Gloria: "Maria bought a beautiful white dress for her wedding."

Haley: Um, [Spanish] Maria compró un hermoso vestido blanco para su… I-I'm sorry. I cannot concentrate
with him here. What are you doing?

Phil: Just taking it all in. [mwah] You're a beautiful, intelligent woman… And don't you ever forget it.
take it all in: 仔细聆听;全部听进

Haley: Wow, he is so weird sometimes.

Gloria: No, he's not weird! He's a saint! And you will miss him when he's gone… One day.


[door opened]

Alex: Hey, Uncle Mitchell.

Mitchell: Your, uh, phone's on the table.

[door closed]

Alex: What's that?

Mitchell: Oh, Cam's old fishing trophy. Yeah, when I woke up this morning, that's where I found it.

Alex: Right after you got yours?

Mitchell: Thank you!

Alex: Oh, my God. Welcome to my world. Last week, I got this beautiful plaque from the debate team for
outstanding achievement, and what did my Mom do? She found one of Luke's "participant" ribbons and
a certificate Haley got for showing up somewhere on time, and put all three of them together on the same
shelf! It's, like, so unfair!
plaque [plæk]: 勋章;奖章;徽章
outstanding achievement: 杰出成就
participant [pɑrˈtɪsəpənt]: 参与的;有份的


Mitchell: I was so glad I talked to Alex, because she agreed with every single thing I was feeling which
made me realize that I was acting like a 14-year-old girl.


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