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02月 24th, 2018

【原创】志萍版摩登家庭英语笔记 03×13: Little Bo Bleep – Part1

摩登家庭笔记, by 李志萍.

[Manny is cutting paper]

Gloria: Did you see it?

Mitchell: Does she know?

Phil: This is the last thing she needs today. No!


Phil: Busy day at the Dunphy compound. We have a wedding tonight, and this afternoon, Claire is debating
Duane Bailey
in the race for town council. And now the "Weekly Saver" says that some voters find Claire…
quote… "angry and
unlikable." To those voters, I say, "Wait till she sees this."
compound [kɑmˈpaʊnd]: an area surrounded by a fence or wall in which a factory or other group of buildings stands
voter [ˈvoʊtər]: a person who votes or has the right to vote, especially in a political election 选举人;投票人;选民
unlikable [ʌnˈlaɪkəbəl]: 不可爱的;不讨喜的


Phil: No one can mention it to her. We can't have some unscientific poll shaking Claire's confidence.
unscientific [ʌnsaiən'tifik]: not scientific; not done in a careful, logical way 不科学的;不按照科学方法做的;不符合科
poll [poʊl]: the process of questioning people who are representative of a larger group in order to get information
about the general opinion 民意调查,民意测验
shake one's confidence: 动摇信心

Claire: Phil… What poll?

Phil: Too late. She knows.

Mitchell: Who told her?

Phil: What is this, a witch-hunt?
witch-hunt: an attempt to find and punish people who hold opinions that are thought to be unacceptable or
dangerous to society (针对异见群体的)政治迫害

Claire: Oh, my God.

Phil: I have to go.


Claire: Well, I just don't think it's a big deal. I mean, how many people read the "Weekly…"

Haley: "Saver"?

Claire: "Saver," anyway?

Phil: 22,000… ish. My company adver… used to advertise with that newspaper.
advertise [ˈædvərˌtaɪz]: to tell the public about a product or a service in order to encourage people to buy or to use it

Claire: And how am I angry and unlikable?

Alex: Can I take this one?

Phil: I wouldn't.

Haley: You seem angry now.

Claire: I am angry, at that poll.

Luke: I think it's the yelling. I would tone down the yelling.
tone down: 使降低

Claire: Honey, I don't yell for no reason.

Luke: You yelled at my teacher for calling me "special."

Claire: Honey, that was not a compliment.

Phil: Sweetheart, [sigh] you're not unlikable.

Claire: Thank you.

Phil: You just seem unlikable.

Claire: Ohh.

Phil: But if we work on it, it's totally fixable.
fixable [ˈfɪksəbəl]: 可以修好的;可以解决的;可以纠正的

Claire: How? How, Phil? How are we gonna "work on it"?

Phil: First of all, lose the snippy attitude.
snippy ['snipi]: rude; not showing respect 言语粗鲁的;目中无人的

Claire: Mm-hmm.

Phil: And I don't know… maybe we could have a mock debate.
mock [mɑk]: that is a copy of something; not real 模拟的;练习式的

Alex: Oh. Good idea. That way, Mom can rehearse her views on the issues.

Phil: Yeah, and we can point out all the little things she does that turn people off. Like that look. I would lose
that look. Spooky, but better.
turn somebody off: to make somebody have a feeling of disgust 使(某人)厌烦,使不喜爱


Mitchell: All right. Thank you very much. Hey, Lily! Come here, honey! [giggling] Hi! Do you know what this

Lily: A box.

Mitchell: Containing?

Cameron: She doesn't know "containing."

Mitchell: Well, that's how she learns new words, by us using them.

Cameron: Or, that's how we lower her self-esteem, by bombarding her with confusing vocabulary.
bombard somebody (with something) [bɑmˈbɑrd]: to attack somebody with a lot of questions, criticisms, etc. or by
giving them too much information (用话语)不断攻击;向…连续提出问题

Lily: What's the box containing?

Mitchell: Told you.

Cameron: Okay. It's your dress. It's finally here!

Mitchell: Aah!


Cameron: It's every little girl's dream to be a flower girl in a wedding.
flower girl: a very young girl who walks behind the bride at a wedding and holds flowers or throws flower petals. She
is usually a member of the family of one of the people who are being married. 女花童(婚礼时在新娘前拿花或撒花的

Mitchell: It's Lily's chance to shine.

Cameron: I was a 3-time ring bearer.
ring bearer: a person, usually a boy, who carries the rings for the bride and groom at a wedding 在西式婚礼中,负责

Mitchell: It's Lily's chance to shine.


Mitchell and Cameron: Oh!

Lily: Pretty!

Mitchell: Oh, no, Cam… Cam, she's gonna look like Little Bo Peep.
Little Bo Peep: 牧羊女小波比,参见102.文化详解1.

Cameron: Or Little Bo Cheap. Look at this fabric. It's already pilling.
pill [pɪl]: (of a piece of clothing, especially one made of wool) to become covered in very small balls of fibre 起球;结

Mitchell: Maybe it will look better on.

Cameron: You mean turned on?

Mitchell: No, it does not… Cam!

Cameron: Oh!

Lily: I love it!

Cameron and Mitchell: No, you don't.

Cameron: Oh, my gosh. Are we really gonna let her wear this?

Mitchell: You know what? If the bride wants to have a tacky wedding, she can have a tacky wedding. Lily
will be
the bright spot.
the bright spot: a good or pleasant part of something that is unpleasant or bad in all other ways 亮点,尤指其它表

Cameron: Literally.

Mitchell: Heard it as soon as I said it.


[door opened]

Jay: Stella! [door closed] Where's my good girl? Gloria, is Stella up there?

Gloria: No. But I am. Why don't you say "hello" to your wife when you come home?

Jay: Well, why don't you greet me at the door, wagging your tail? Stella, honey! Where are you? Stella!
My baby! Stella, I'm coming! I'm coming!
[jumping into the pool] You okay? You okay?
wag (something) [wæg]: if a dog wags its tail, or its tail wags, its tail moves from side to side several times (狗)摇摆

Gloria: Why are you swimming in your clothes?

Jay: Because I'm self-conscious about my body. Stella fell in the pool.

Manny: It's my fault. I let her out, and then I got caught up in my couponing.
get caught up in something: 专心致志做某事
couponing [ˈkjuːpɑːnɪŋ]: the practice of collecting and using coupons that offer discounts on goods or services 收集

Jay: Any coupons for swim lessons? 'Cause Stella needs some.
coupon [ˈkuˌpɑn]: a piece of printed paper which allows you to pay less money than usual for a product, or to get
it free 优惠券

Gloria: Seriously? Manny you teach to swim by throwing him in the pool, but the dog gets swimming

Manny: I gotta say, it was unpleasant but effective.

Jay: We have to teach Stella how to swim. Otherwise, she could drown.

Gloria: Why don't you teach her not to jump in the pool?

Jay: She didn't jump in the pool. She fell in the pool. Why, suddenly, would she jump in the pool when she
doesn't know how to swim?

Gloria: Why does she bark at the vacuum? It's a thing. It is never going to play with you.

Jay: Are you saying that Stella is stupid?

Gloria: Are you covering her ears?

Jay: Let's have a little compassion. She's probably still traumatized from her near-death experience. [dog
jumping into the pool]
Again? What's happening?!
compassion [kəmˈpæʃən]: a strong feeling of sympathy for people who are suffering and a desire to help them 同情;

[Jay jumping into the water]

Gloria: Ay, no!


Alex: Welcome, candidates. Mrs. Dunphy…

Claire: Thank you for having me.

Alex: And councilman Bailey.

Phil: Gosh, thank you so much, Alex. I'm deeply honored to be here, and I remain, as ever, a humble
servant to the greatest little town in the greatest darn…
as ever: 像从前一样;依旧
servant [ˈsɜrvənt]: a person who works for a company or an organization (政府)雇员


Luke: Eye-rolling.

Claire: Playful eye-rolling.

Haley: How do we, as voters, know it's playful? I would avoid it.

Claire: Okay. No eye-rolling.

[horn sound]

Haley: And don't purse your lips like that. It makes you look annoyed.
purse your lips: to form your lips into a small tight round shape, for example to show disapproval 噘起嘴

Claire: Mm-hmm.

[horn sound]

Luke: And don't touch your face.

Haley: Yeah, no face touching. Seems nervous.

Claire: Some of this is subjective. [horn sound] What? What now?
subjective [səbˈdʒɛktɪv]: based on your own ideas or opinions rather than facts and therefore sometimes unfair 主观

Haley and Luke: Finger.

Luke: It looks like you're scolding us.
scold [skoʊld]: to speak angrily to somebody, especially a child, because they have done something wrong 责骂;

Claire: I will keep my hands at my sides.

Phil: Not on your hips. You're not Superman.


Alex: Can we get started?

Claire: We haven't started?

Alex: I've prepared some questions.

Claire: Oh, goody! Actual questions.
goody [ˈgʊdi]: a word children use when they are excited or pleased about something (孩子表示高兴或赞许时发出

Phil: Honk. Sarcasm.
sarcasm [ˈsɑrˌkæzəm]: a way of using words that are the opposite of what you mean in order to be unpleasant to
somebody or to make fun of them 讥讽;挖苦的语气;嘲讽意味

Claire: Just go.

Alex: Okay, Mrs. Dunphy, why are you running for local office?

Claire: Okay, that's, um, that's good. I… um, I…

Alex: Mom, you really shouldn't stutter over a basic question like that. You should at least know why you're
stutter [ˈstʌtər]: to have difficulty speaking because you cannot stop yourself from repeating the first sound of some
words several times 结结巴巴地说话

Claire: I thought the moderator was supposed to be objective.
moderator [ˈmɑdərˌeɪtər]: In debates and negotiations, the moderator is the person who is in charge of the
discussion and makes sure that it is conducted in a fair and organized way. (争论和谈判的)主持人
objective [əbˈdʒɛktɪv]: not influenced by personal feelings or opinions; considering only facts 客观的;不带个人感情

Alex: Not if she's the only one in the room who has actual debate experience. Now why are you running?

Claire: I saw the need for a stop sign in…

Phil: Liar!

Claire: Phil!

Phil: I-I just think you should be ready for anything.

Claire: I saw the need for a s… [horn sound] What?

Luke: Sorry. Accidental buzz.
accidental [ˌæksəˈdɛntəl]: happening by chance; not planned 偶然的;意外的

Claire: I saw the need for a stop sign in my neighborhood, and although I collected the necessary
signatures and did the
paperwork, I found local government to be entirely unhelpful… when… [horn sound]
paperwork [ˈpeɪpərˌwɜrk]: all the documents that you need for something, such as a court case or buying a house 文

Haley: Too long. I'm bored.

Luke: Yeah, next question. I feel like I'm in school.

Alex: Some say the political system is bogged down by ideological hardliners unwilling to compromise.
bog down: 使受到阻碍;使陷于停顿使不灵活
ideological [ˌaɪdiəˈlɑdʒɪkəl]: based on or connected with an ideology 思想观念上的;思想体系的;意识形态的
hardliner [,hɑrd'laɪnɚ]: a person who has very fixed beliefs and who is unlikely or unwilling to change them 奉行强硬

Claire: Mm-hmm. Mm-hmm.

Alex: How would you respond to that, councilman Bailey?

Phil: I would like to use my lifeline.
lifeline [ˈlaɪfˌlaɪn]: 救生索

Claire: I'll take this. If elected, I would consider all perspectives, and I would not ignore opposing viewpoints.
perspective [pərˈspɛktɪv]: a particular attitude towards something; a way of thinking about something 观点;视角
opposing [əˈpəʊzɪŋ]: (of attitudes, views, etc.) very different from each other 对立的;不同的;相反的
viewpoint [vjuˌpɔɪnt]: a way of thinking about a subject 观点;看法;(思考的)角度

Phil: Helicopter. Just keep going.

Claire: I would consider all perspectives, and I wouldn't ignore opposing…

Luke: You suck!

Claire: You Luke!

Luke: You have to be ready for hecklers.
heckler [ˈheklər]: a person who interrupts a speaker at a public meeting by shouting out questions or rude remarks

Phil: He's right.

Claire: Mm. Okay. I'm doing over. No buzzing. If elected, I… [making noise] What?
do over: to do something again 重复;重做

Phil: Too close to the mic.
mic [maɪk]: = microphone 麦克风

Claire: Phil, it's a hairbrush.
hairbrush: a brush for making the hair tidy or smooth 梳子

Phil: Okay.

Claire: If elected, I would consider all opinions and not ignore those of the opposition, as councilman Bailey
has done for six
terms. [horn sound] What? That was a great answer.
the opposition [ˌɑpəˈzɪʃən]: (singular + singular or plural verb) the people you are competing against in business, a
competition, a game, etc. 对手;反对派;对方(用作单数或复数)
term: a period of time between two elections during which a particular party or government is in power (政党或政府的)

Haley: Well, I couldn't hear it because you were showing me the bad side of your face.

Claire: I have a bad side?

Haley: Yeah, the left.

Phil: No. It's the right.

Haley: Uh, Dad, it's totally the left. I mean, look at it.

Phil: Sweetheart, why do you think I chose my side of the bed?

Claire: Okay! Okay. Thank you. Thank you, family. This has been super-duper helpful.
super-duper [ˌsuːpər ˈduːpər]: excellent 极出色的;非常好的

[horn sound]

Haley: Hands, lips, sarcasm, eye-rolling, wrong side of the face.

Claire: Mm.

Phil: Oh, yeah. Now I see it. Yep. [footsteps] She's ready.


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