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03月 28th, 2018

【原创】志萍版摩登家庭英语笔记 03×16: Virgin Territory – Part1

摩登家庭笔记, by 李志萍.

Ooh! Individual frittatas! What a treat. You're a lucky man, Phil.

1. 菜肉馅煎蛋饼(frittata)是一道意大利菜,以鸡蛋为基底,混合各种蔬菜和肉类,再铺上芝士。成品像一块糕饼,口感

Phil: I'm always saying, I'm…

Claire: Phil.

Phil: Sorry.

Claire: You left the milk out again.

Cameron: Mmm.I may have to take one of these little guys home. Claire, did you ever find that
Tupperware I lent you?
Tupperware [ˈtʌpərwer]: (trademark) a range of plastic containers with tight-fitting lids that are used for storing food

Claire: Sweetie, for the hundredth time, I gave it back to you, remember?

Cameron: I remember you telling me a hundred times, yet my pea soup is in Baggies.
Baggie [ˈbæɡi]: (trademark) a small bag made of clear plastic that is used for storing sandwiches, etc. (商标)巴奇(用

Gloria: Did you check your car? In the…

Jay: Trunk.

Gloria: Because that's where you found that thing that you thought that you gave me long time ago, the…

Jay: Pizza cutter. Good, give me another one.
pizza cutter: 披萨刀

Cameron: Yes, I was wrong that time. I…

Mitchell: It's a piece of plastic. You're ruining brunch.

Jay: Don't sweat it, Cam. I forget things all the time. Like I can never remember the name of that weather
guy that I liked. Uh… Thunder something. Stormy… Flash
Stormy? Ah, whatever the hell it is. I don't know.
don't sweat it: used to tell somebody to stop worrying about something 别担心

Gloria: Mm, just eat your eggs, Jay.

Lily: Yeah, just eat your eggs, Jay.

All: Oh, ho ho ho!

Cameron: Grandpa got told!
get told: 受到责备


Luke: Look at them. They all think Lily's so great.

Manny: The novelty will wear off.
novelty [ˈnɑːvlti]: the quality of being new, different and interesting 新颖;新奇;新鲜
wear off: to gradually disappear or stop (药性、感觉、感情等)逐渐减弱,逐渐消失

Luke: We used to be the cute ones. Now she gets all the attention. We need to take her down.
take somebody down: 把…放倒;干掉

Jay: And I should remember his name, too, because your Mom and I got in a big fight over him. She was
using the
convertible, and I told her, "Put the top up because it's supposed to rain tonight, according to…"
P-p-p-partly Mccloudy? Whatever the hell his name is. Anyway…
she didn't. Ruined the car.
convertible [kənˈvɜːrtəbl]: a car with a roof that can be folded down or taken off 折篷车;敞篷车

Mitchell: Well, not to be the one that always come to Mom's defense[Claire making noise] What? It
 20 years ago. What, you think he's gonna ground you?
come to somebody's defense: If you come to someone's defense, you help them by doing or saying something to
protect them. 为某人辩护

Jay: It was you?

Claire: Yes. Yes, I left the top down, and I let Mom take the fall.
take the fall (for somebody/something): to accept responsibility or punishment for something 代人受罪

Mitchell: And then they got divorced.

Claire: 12 years later.

Mitchell: I'm just saying.

Claire: Ugh. You're ruining brunch.

Jay: Relax. It was years ago. There's a statute of limitation on this stuff.
statute of limitations [ˌstætʃuːt əv lɪmɪˈteɪʃnz]: the legal limit on the period of time within which action can be taken on
a crime or other legal question 诉讼时效

Claire: And in that case, I should probably let you know I let the top down to let out the cigarette smoke.
cigarette smoke: 香烟烟雾

Phil: Oh!

Claire: Not-not mine. Not mine. My-my bad friend Eleanor.

Mitchell: Eleanor being her boyfriend Allen.

Claire: Statute of limitations.

Jay: Oh, relax, it's okay. Remember when I told you that I couldn't get to your figure skating semi-final
because I was stuck at work?
semi-final [ˌsemi ˈfaɪnl]: one of the two games or parts of a sports competition that are held to decide who will
compete in the last part (the final) 半决赛

Claire: Yeah.

Jay: Well, by "stuck" I meant "drunk," and by "work" I meant "the golf course."

[laughing and exciting]

Claire: Wow. Dad!

Mitchell: Oh, no. I got one. I got one. Remember that time we went golfing together, and you got a
hole-in-one: an occasion in golf when a player hits the ball from the tee into the hole using only one shot 从开球处

Jay: Yeah?

Mitchell: You never got a hole-in-one. I got bored and I kicked it in the hole.


Phil: This is fun. Here's a corker. They didn't used to label babies as carefully in hospitals, so for two
corker [ˈkɔːrkər]: a person or thing that is extremely good, beautiful or amusing 非凡的事物;出类拔萃的人

Jay: Not now, Phil. What do you mean, you-you kicked the ball in the hole? What, was it, like, on the edge?

Mitchell: Yeah, it was on the edge of that, uh… What? That-that sandy thing.
sandy [ˈsændi]: covered with or containing sand 含沙的;多沙的;铺了沙子的;覆盖着沙子的

Jay: Gee, it's sure gonna be fun to face my friends today.

Mitchell: Well, you don't have to tell them.

Jay: They call me "Ace," Mitch. I haven't paid for a lemonade down there in 20 years.
ace [eɪs]: a person who is very good at doing something 专家;能手;高手

Mitchell: You're mad at me?

Claire: Mm.

Lily: Great, Daddy. You ruined brunch.


Cameron: You did!

Manny: This ends today.


Luke: A little help here?

Manny: You can't expect me to focus when Miranda Cornell lives right down your street. She's like a dream
wrapped in a wish
poured into jeggings.
jeggings [ˈdʒeɡɪŋz]: (plural) trousers/pants for women, made of cloth that stretches easily, that fit tightly over the legs
and look like jeans (复数)牛仔样式打底紧身裤

Luke: Yeah, yeah, that's nice and all, but we got a trap to set.
and all: used to suggest certain unstated relevant implications or what has been stated 以及其他一切;之类等等

Manny: Are you sure this is going to work?

Luke: Trust me. We'll use these cookies as bait. Lily's crazy for them.

Manny: Asian metabolism.
metabolism [məˈtæbəlɪzəm]: the chemical processes in living things that change food, etc. into energy and materials
for growth 新陈代谢

Luke: When she grabs them with her grubby little hands, off goes the trap. Boom– big puddle of milk.
She'll get in so much trouble. My
Mom hates messes.
grubby [ˈɡrʌbi]: rather dirty, usually because it has not been washed or cleaned 肮脏的;邋遢的;不整洁的
puddle [ˈpʌdl]: a small amount of water or other liquid, especially rain, that has collected in one place on the ground

Manny: I'm familiar with Claire.

Luke: Lock… and loaded. Mmm! These cookies are so good and so easy to reach. Lily!
lock and load: 子弹上膛,准备战斗

[Cameron slipping down]

Cameron: Oh, oh, oh, oh, oh.

Mitchell: Oh, my God! Cam!

Cameron: Oh! Ohh!

Gloria: What happened? Are you okay?

Cameron: Oh! That milk… fell, and I must have slipped in it!

Phil: Did I leave that out again? I'm so sorry!

Cameron: Oh! My back! Ooh! My back!

Phil: Can I give you a Swedish massage, accent optional?
Swedish massage: massage combined with a system (Swedish movements or gymnastics) of passive and active
exercising of muscles and joints (控制肌肉运动的)瑞典式按摩法
optional [ˈɑːpʃənl]: that you can choose to do or have if you want to 任选的;可选择的;非强制的

Cameron: Oh! Oh, no, I just need to lie down.

Phil: Come on. Let's just get you over to the sofa.

Cameron: Do you think it would be offensive if I asked our daughter to walk on my back?

Phil: I'd say so. I just offered to give you a massage.

Lily: Oh, no! You broke Beatrice. Now she can't feed the dolphins.

Gloria: What is she talking about?

Mitchell: Oh, it's a "my sweet companion" doll. They all have these elaborate backstories. Beatrice works
with blind dolphins and models.
elaborate [ɪˈlæbərət]: very complicated and detailed; carefully prepared and organized 精心设计(或计划、制作、装
backstory: the things that are supposed to have happened to the characters in a film/movie, novel, etc., before the
film/movie, etc. starts 背景故事

Gloria: There are blind models? That's so sad. They cannot see how pretty they are.

Phil: Okay. Hold on. Here we go. Give me some. Give me some. Give me some. Oh! Let me buy Lily a
new doll. It's my fault Cam fell.

Mitchell: No, no need. Uh, the "my sweet companion" store actually has a hospital with an on-call doctor.
on-call: (of a doctor, police officer, etc.) available for work if necessary, especially in an emergency 随叫随到的,待

Phil: Well, I can go. I'm taking the girls to the mall anyway.

Cameron: Oh, that'd be great. Yeah. And don't worry. She has medical insurance.
medical insurance: 医疗保险

Mitchell: Yeah, and I think we've met our deductible for the year, so you should be good.
meet: to pay something 支付;偿付
deductible [dɪˈdʌktəbl]: that can be taken away from an amount of money you earn, from tax, etc. 免赔额(指保险单

Cameron: Yeah.

Gloria: Do you know what a doll is in my village? An apple on a fork.



Alex: I never really got dolls. Does that make me weird?

Haley: It's on the list.

Phil: You're not weird. You just kind of skipped the little girl stage.

Haley: And jumped to the "I dare you to ring her doorbell" stage.

Alex: The only stage you're ever going to jump on has a pole on it.

Haley: Hey, at least I have the body…

[arguing and quarreling]

Phil: Okay! Okay! We're gonna have to settle this dispute in court the food court. The honorable Judge
food court: a place, for example, in a shopping mall, that has several small restaurants and a common eating area. 美
preside [prɪˈzaɪd]: to lead or be in charge of a meeting, ceremony, etc. 担任主审法官

2. 桂香卷(Cinnabon)是美国的一家烘焙连锁店,通常开设在人流较高的商场、机场等地。该店的招牌甜点是肉桂卷。

Haley: The food court? That place smells like the inside of Luke's bicycle helmet.

Alex: I like the food court.

Lily: Me, too.

Phil: Don't worry, girls. We're not gonna deprive ourselves just 'cause of Haley's aversion to food…
deprive [dɪˈpraɪv]: 使不能享受
aversion [əˈvɜːrʒn]: a strong feeling of not liking somebody/something 嫌恶;厌恶

[bursting into laughter]

Alex: Oh. Oh, Haley's "aversion." I thought you said… Never mind.
Haley's "aversion.": 错听成了Haley's a virgin.


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