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07月 15th, 2018

【原创】志萍版摩登家庭英语笔记 03×17: Leap Day – Part2

摩登家庭笔记, by 李志萍.

Jorgen: Ja! Ja! Ja! Ja! Ja! Ja! Ja! Ja! Ja! No! No!

Gloria: Si! Si! Si! Si! Goal! Goal! You should call your country "the Never-lands" because you're never…
(the) Netherlands [ˈneðərləndz]: a country in western Europe, also called Holland 荷兰(欧洲西部国家)

Jorgen: Ja, because we are never going to win. You said that a billion times. Just go home.

Gloria: Why don't you Dutch people go home?

Jorgen: Someone should shut your Colombian mouth!

Gloria: Okay, I wanna see you try!

Jay: Uh, is there a problem over here?

Jorgen: Yes. There is a problem, and you're married to her.

Jay: Really? Well, let me make a suggestion. Why don't you sit down, I send you over a beer, my wife
and I watch from over there? That way, everybody enjoys the game except me, 'cause I prefer a game
where something happens. Gloria, let's go. Let's go.


Gloria: I thought you were going to punch that guy back there.

Jay: Ah, I got 60 pounds on the kid.

Gloria: Yeah. It's just that I've heard so many stories about you fighting.

Jay: And… it's not worth the trouble.

Gloria: Yeah, and he has all those friends and…

Jay: Well, his friends had nothing to do with it. I mean, sometimes it's better to take the high road.

Gloria: Yeah, it's better that you walked away.

Jay: Gloria, I get-I get the impression you're disappointed I didn't punch that guy.

Gloria: Of course not. Who needs all that manly, protect-your-woman stuff?

Jay: No, see, like, right there. You're saying one thing, but it feels like you mean the opposite.

Gloria: No.

Jay: That's a "Yes."

Gloria: Look, Jay, I just came to watch the game. I don't want to fight.

Jay: Neither do I.

Gloria: I know.


Party Planner: So in keeping with the film, this area will be in black and white, and then an explosion of 
technicolor. Best part– as the guests are coming in… Auntie Em! Auntie Em! [giggling] A simulated 
in keeping with: 与…协调;与一致
explosion [ɛkˈsploʊʒən]: a large, sudden or rapid increase in the amount or number of something 剧增,激增;大规
technicolor [ˈteknɪkʌlər]: the state of having many bright colors (尤用作夸张)五彩缤纷
simulated [ˈsɪmjuleɪtɪd]: (of fur, leather, pearls, etc) being an imitation of the genuine article, usually made from
cheaper material 模仿品的

Mitchell: Yeah. Oh, he's gonna love that.

Party Planner: So the Appletinis are canceled…

Mitchell: Yes.

Party Planner: The little Toto dog is ordered, and… Please tell me that you are not mixing punch in

punch: 潘趣酒,参见306.文化详解2.

Mitchell: Oh, no! W-what is Cam doing home?

Micky: Hey.

Davy: Hey. 

Micky: We're the monkeys.

Mitchell: Yes, hi. Hi. Come on inside. Quickly, quickly. Hi. Okay, one second. [door closed] Hey!
Whatcha doing home? Are you checking on me and the party again?

Cameron: No, no. I left my cell phone in your car and I gotta be in touch with Mama today. She's talking
to the 
insurance agency for the first time to see if they're gonna rebuild grandpa's farm.
insurance agency: 保险代理公司

Mitchell: Rebuild the… Because of the tornado.


Mitchell: I totally missed the connection. A month after the most devastating twister to ever hit Cam's
hometown, I throw a party based on gay cinema's most famous tornado.
devastating [ˈdevəsteɪtɪŋ]: causing a lot of damage and destruction 毁灭性的;极具破坏力的
twister [ˈtwɪstər]: a violent storm that is caused by a powerful spinning column of air 龙卷风


Cameron: Yeah, you know, it's been a month, and she hasn't heard anything, and she's just beside
. And then you know what else? Lily succumbed to her injuries.
beside oneself: unable to control yourself because of the strength of emotion you are feeling 对自己的感情失去
succumb [səˈkʌm]: to not be able to fight an attack, an illness, a temptation, etc. 被压垮;死去

Mitchell: Your Aunt Lily died?

Cameron: No, the family pig.

Mitchell: Aunt Lily was a… We named our daughter after a pig?

Cameron: Could you just witness my pain instead of criticizing? I just wanna be in touch with my family
today, get all this tornado stuff behind me so I can enjoy… the fabulous party you're planning for me!

Mitchell: Yeah! [chuckling] You gotta get outta here! Okay. Hey, listen. Hey, Cam?

Cameron: Yeah?

Mitchell: You just call your family, tell them I said "hi." And don't worry about being back at 6:00 on the
 There's a little breathing room.
on the dot: exactly on time or at the exact time mentioned 准时地,一秒不差地
breathing room: 有足够的时间来准备或从紧急情况中恢复过来;呼吸的空间;喘息的余地

Cameron: Oh, what, are you kidding me? The sooner I can start to party, the sooner I can start to forget.

Mitchell: But then again, hey, if you keep running from every reminder of the tornado, doesn't the
tornado win?

Cameron: Mitchell, my grandpa runs to his pickup truck every morning because he thinks the pitchfork 
is gonna come back down. The tornado always wins.
pickup truck: a vehicle with low sides and no roof at the back used, for example, by farmers 敞篷货运轻便卡车,小卡

pitchfork [ˈpɪtʃˌfɔrk]: a farm tool in the shape of a large fork with a long handle and two or three sharp metal points,
used especially for lifting and moving hay (= dried grass), etc. 干草叉;长柄草耙

Mitchell: Yeah. Okay, well, it's gonna be so much fun tonight!

Cameron: I know! The big 1-0!

Mitchell: 4-0!

Cameron: Hey, Mitchell!

Mitchell: I'm over here!

Cameron: I could've hit you!

Mitchell: But you didn't! I'm doing my "I love ya" dance.

Cameron: Okay, I'm doing my "I love you" car dance. [giggling] Look at you! Stop that! Okay, go. This is

Mitchell: Okay, okay.

Cameron: Go.

Mitchell: Get out of here, you. Out!

Cameron: It's my birthday!

Mitchell: All right, guys, come here. We need to talk. [breathing deeply]


Manny: There they are.

Haley: Stop rushing us!

Phil: Buddy, what's wrong?

Manny: Yes, you've been a little off all morning.
off: 不正常的,不对头的,有点怪的

Luke: I've been feeling a lot of stress lately. My head's all foggy, and I'm kind of emotional.
foggy [ˈfɔgi]: 模糊的;困惑的;混乱的

Phil: Oh. Well, I sure hope you feel better soon 'cause you really need your wits about you when you're
wits: (plural) your ability to think quickly and clearly and to make good decisions (复数)(清醒的)头脑

Claire: This is weird because the three of us haven't exactly been feeling our best today either.

Phil: Really?

Claire: Mm.

Alex: I can't find my other sock!

Haley: Try looking under the one you have one.

Alex: I am not you. I don't do that. See? Oh, God, I am you.

Claire: Would you mind if we sat out trapezing?

Phil: Really?

Claire: Yeah.

Phil: Are you sure? Okay.


Claire: Why does he do that? Every month. Yeah, I get a little moody, but unrelenting physical discomfort
will do that to a person. Doesn't he know that tiptoeing around someone like they're crazy makes them
unrelenting [ˌʌnrɪˈlɛntɪŋ]: (of an unpleasant situation) not stopping or becoming less severe (不愉快的事情)没完没了


Claire: All right, you and Manny go ahead. Luke can just stay here with us.

Luke: Wait. What?

Phil: Luke's actually looking better.

Luke: I am better.

Claire: Well, let's not take any chances. He can stay here. You go ahead.

Luke: Dad?

Phil: Um, I…

Luke: Daddy?

Phil: See you later, buddy.

Manny: What are we going to do?

Phil: We leave no man behind.

Manny: I think I'm just gonna go home.


Scarecrow: We have time. Just take down the decorations and have a normal party.

Mitchell: Yeah, and throw a boring party in our house that looks like I just threw it together this
afternoon? Think!
throw something together: to make or produce something in a hurry 匆匆张罗出;仓促做成

Party Planner: Okay, we have a few options. I can get you the back room at Amelia's.
back room: a room at the back of a building, away from the entrance, often where secret activities take place 里屋,

Mitchell: Spilled juice on the owner's white rug and almost killed her toddler. Next.

Micky: Bowling alley?

Mitchell: Not classy enough. What have you got?

Scarecrow: Uh…

Mitchell: You're no help. You.

Davy: Well, last weekend, I did a party on a boat.

Micky: You said you were visiting your parents.

Davy: Shh! You're suffocating me.

Mitchell: What's this boat? Tell me about the boat.

Party Planner: Okay, we did an elegant dinner party on a luxury yacht for about 25 people. It takes you
around the harbor, dancing under the moonlight.
yacht [jɑt]: a large sailing boat, often also with an engine and a place to sleep on board, used for pleasure trips and
racing 游艇

Mitchell: Okay, okay. Uh, maybe we can-we can make a theme out of this. You know, Cam's life is like a
long voyage. Sometimes choppy but-but always forward, ever forward.
voyage [ˈvɔɪɪdʒ]: a long journey on a ship or in a spacecraft 航程
choppy [ˈtʃɑpi]: (of the sea, etc.) with a lot of small waves; not calm (海、湖等)波浪起伏的

Party Planner: We have two hours.

Mitchell: Book it.


Jay: Hey, you survived trapeze class, huh?

Manny: Didn't happen, and common decency prevents me from telling you why. How was the soccer
common decency: 一般人应有的礼貌

Jay: Thrilling. 1-1 tie. One of the goals was an accident.

Manny: I'm sure my Mom was happy you went.

Jay: I don't know what to make of her today. She got into it with this guy, and I swear she was pushing 

me into a fight with him. Now is that something she'd want?
what to make of: to understand the character of somebody 看待;理解
get into: (使)进入(生气等状态)

Manny: I don't know. I always thought of women as the more evolved sex. But after today… I've seen
things, Jay.

Jay: 'Cause, you know, I had my share of fights in my time. You know that. Mmm! Mm. Mm. It's too warm
for me. Yeah, I remember this time I was crossing the street with Dede, and some jackass almost 
her. I had the guy on the ground, my foot on his neck, before the car stopped moving.
clip: to hit the edge or side of something 猛击;斜撞

Manny: Yeah, we've heard all those stories. Maybe my Mom wouldn't mind a glimpse of that Jay. 
[honking] That's her. She wants me to help pick out Cam's gift.
glimpse [glɪmps]: A glimpse of something is a brief experience of it or an idea about it that helps you understand or
appreciate it better. 初步的感受

Jay: I'm still that guy, you know. 100%. What the hell? How do you cut your finger on a cracker? Anyway,
if I thought there was a fight worth fighting, I'd fight it. Ow! Now I got salt in this. That stings!

[door opened and closed]

Gloria: Next time, don't scream at your boss so that he doesn't make you work during the weekends. 
[Spanish] And you can come to see your son! Si. Adios.

Manny: Hey, Mom. [car door closed] Who were you yelling at?

Gloria: Your father, baby. He cannot make it this weekend.


Gloria: Okay, I admit it. I wanted Jay to kick that little Dutch man's ass at the bar. But two seconds on the
phone with Javier, and I remember what that stupid 
hothead behavior gets you– Nothing. It's better to be
calm like Jay. Like Jay and me. Like Jay.
hothead [ˈhɑtˌhɛd]: a person who often acts too quickly, without thinking of what might happen 头脑容易发热的人;


[sound in TV] [door closed]

Phil: I'm back! Wouldn't you know, I forgot my ding-dang sunglasses.

Claire: Aw.

Phil: Huh. Luke, could you give me a hand?


Claire: What were the chances that Phil had come back to apologize for all the game playing and have
an open conversation with me about what I was feeling?


Phil: Okay, I got a bottle of fake blood out of the Halloween supplies. Put a dab on your finger, say you
cut it. I say I need to run you by the doctor. Easy trapezy. Got it?
dab [dæb]: an act of gently touching or pressing something without rubbing 轻轻的抚摸;轻拍;轻按

Luke: See ya on the other side, brother.

[hugging each other]


Claire: Just once, I would like Phil to have a little empathy, give me some sense that he understands
what women go through.
empathy [ˈɛmpəθi]: the ability to understand another person’s feelings, experience, etc. 同感能力


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