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07月 23rd, 2018

【原创】志萍版摩登家庭英语笔记 03×20: The Last Walt – Part2

摩登家庭笔记, by 李志萍.

Phil: Now setting a course for adventure! Beep. Boop. Beep. Bop. Boop. Boop. Boop.


Phil: I've had great experiences with all my kids, but I… I might have fallen behind a bit with Alex. My
fault completely.


Alex: Adventure? We are throwing dog tag into an already polluted ocean where they will probably
choke an
polluted [pəˈluːtɪd]: 被污染的;被弄脏的
otter [ˈɑtər]: a small animal that has four webbed feet (= with skin between the toes), a tail and thick brown fur.
Otters live in rivers and eat fish. 水獭


Phil: 80% my fault.


Phil: Honey, we're bringing closure to a man's life. We'll hike up to the scenic overlook, where
apparently, Walt proposed to his wife, wait for the light to be just right, say a few words. Share some
scenic [ˈsinɪk]: having beautiful natural scenery 风景优美的

Alex: That's kind of poetic. Kind of Navajo.
Navajo [ˈnævəhoʊ]: a member of the largest group of Native American people, most of whom live in the US states of
Arizona, New Mexico and Utah 纳瓦霍人(居于美国亚利桑那州、新墨西哥州、犹他州的北美印第安人)

Phil: Now you're getting it. We'll be sending him off with a level of dignity, that if we're lucky, someday
we'll experience, too. It's called…
 [a bird taking the dog tag away] Huh.
level: 大小,数量

[car door closed]


[knocking the door]

Claire: Hey. What do you got there? Walt's old TV?

Luke: He said I could take one thing after he died. I wish he would've said two things. I would've taken
that phone with the big buttons.

Claire: I bet you guys had some really good times watching this thing, right?

Luke: No. I just wanted a TV in my room.

Claire: You know, Luke, there might be a nicer way to honor Walt's memory.
honor somebody's memory: 纪念…

Luke: What do you mean?

Claire: Well, I mean, you guys liked to garden. We could, uh, we could take one of his flowers and plant
it in our yard, and then every spring, when…
garden: to work in a garden 从事园艺活动;栽培植物;打理花园

Luke: [banging the TV set] There we go.

Claire: Sweetie, how are you feeling? You sad? Angry? Confused? Frustrated? You know you can talk
to me.

Luke: I know, but I can't see through you. Could you scootch?
scootch [skuːtʃ]: to move a short distance, especially while sitting down 让开,躲开,一般用于借过等提醒对方对自己

Claire: No. No. You know, this is not okay. It's going back.

Luke: What? He said I could pick one thing.

Claire: This isn't picking. It's looting, and it's going back.
loot [lut]: to steal things from shops/stores or buildings after a riot, fire, etc. (战争或暴乱时)抢劫(商店或房屋)

Luke: Ugh. You are so mean. When Walt used to look through those binoculars and say, "Your Dad's
one lucky man," he was wrong.


[door opened]

Manny: Hi, Haley.

Haley: Hi. Stef, Sam, this is Manny.

Sam: What's up, dude?

Haley: Kitchen's over there and pool's in the back.

Manny: So where are your parents?

Haley: They're not coming.

Manny: I was told there'd be a chaperone.

Haley: There is. It's you. My parents are totally fine with it.

Manny: Well, exits, fire extinguisher, burn kit. Okay, let's have some fun.
kit: a set of tools or equipment that you use for a particular purpose 工具包;用具箱


Manny: I believe I was clear the bedrooms were off-limits. Young lady, I don't think you're ready up here
for what you're planning to do up there. Ugh. Not on my watch.
off-limits: (of a place) where people are not allowed to go 禁止入内的


Merle Tucker: Oh, this was a delicious meal, Mitchell. I wish my wife could cook a roast like this. You
got a good one there, son.
roast: a large piece of meat that is cooked whole in the oven 烤肉

Cameron: Oh, well, I'm very lucky, just like you and Mama. Never had a bad patch. Except the winter of
'85. Remember that?
bad patch: (一段)倒霉时光,倒霉的日子,不走运的年头

Merle Tucker: Oh, I spent several nights in the cow bed then.

Cameron: Oh, here. Let me help you.

Merle Tucker: No, no, no. You sit… sit down. Let… lets us guys catch up here a little bit.


Jay: I'll tell you why I don't like that guy… and I could never say this to Mitch… He treats my son like the
wife in the relationship. Always has.


Merle Tucker: Before we get to dessert, I've got some presents here.

Gloria: Oh!

Cameron: Oh, you didn't need to, Dad. Love it!

Mitchell: Oh, Merle, thank you so much. Look at this. Oh. So elegant, huh? Oh, this is so sweet. I think I
might cry.

Jay: Don't.


Alex: Dad, I really gotta get home.

Phil: I know. I know. You gotta do homework. But you can't expect me to see a sign that says, "world's
greatest milk shake… 50 miles," and not drive to it.

Francine: Sorry, sweetie. Machine's broken.

Phil: Huh?


Phil: I just wanted a special day with my daughter, you know, like "the time we gave an old man a
send-off at the beach," or… or "the time we drove 100 miles for the world's greatest milk
send-off: an occasion when people come together to say goodbye to somebody who is leaving 送别;欢送


Diner Patron: Call us when it happens, Francine.

Francine: Oh, it could be before you get home. I'm a week past my due date as it is. What can I do for
due date: 预产期


Phil: "The time we delivered a baby." We were the only ones there, and she was so close, the sound of
a pin dropping could
induce labor.
induce [ɪnˈdus]: (medical) to make a woman start giving birth to her baby by giving her special drugs (医学)用人工


Phil: Okay! [banging the table] What looks good? What looks good? What looks good?

Francine: Well, um…


Lily: Bam!


Merle Tucker: Wh-whoa! Kids love to destroy things.

Gloria: Not Manny. He's always been a little bit too serious. I would make the buildings, and he would
inspect them. And if they weren't
up to code, ay, ay, ay, the paperwork.
up to: 达到(某数量、规格等)

Merle Tucker: [giggling] I remember Cam, one time, rolled a tractor tire right through a chicken coop.
He was 3 at the time.
coop [kup]: a cage for chickens, etc. 禽舍;笼子


Jay: I remember Mitchell, one time, karate-chopped a plate glass window. Got 17 stitches.
karate-chop [kə'rɑ:tetʃɔp]: (空手道中)手掌的斜向猛劈,掌劈
plate glass window: 厚玻璃板的窗户

Gloria: Ah, yes. I love that story. Which one of the Charlie's Angels he was being again?

3. 查理的天使》(Charlie's Angels)是美国的一部犯罪剧集,1976~1981年在ABC电视台播出,共制作了五季。三个
女人在查理声音的指导下打击犯罪,演员费拉·福赛特(Farrah Fawcett)扮演其中一名"天使"。该节目还产生了两部电

Jay: That's not important.

Merle Tucker: I think it was Farrah. Yeah, the thing I remember is, when Mitchell told that story, how…
how he giggled all the way through.

Jay: I'm sure he wasn't giggling.

Merle Tucker: Oh, yeah, he… he was giggling, all right. [giggling]

Jay: No, see, Mitchell has a booming laugh. It's Cameron, actually… has the high laugh. You know… 
[giggling in a weird way]
booming: (声音等)低沉而有回响的,浑厚的

Merle Tucker: No, I think Mitch has a higher laugh than… it's… [giggling in a weird way]

Jay: No, it's… [giggling in a weird way] [imitating each other's son]

Cameron: [chuckling] Listen to them.

Mitchell: Best of friends.

Cameron: Oh, man. I'm sorry I doubted Jay. He's been lovely.

Mitchell: Oh, well, confession time… He kinda didn't want to come.

Cameron: [giggling] Well, you're gonna laugh because my Dad was kinda hoping he wouldn't.

Mitchell: Wha? [chuckling] Oh. They just needed to get to know one another better. I am so glad that 
we did this.

Cameron: Yeah, me, too.

Mitchell: Oh, that's so funny. Wh-what did your Dad not like about my Dad?

Cameron: Oh, well, you know Jay. He's a Teddy bear, but sometimes he can kinda come off as a tough
come off as: 带给别人…的印象、感觉

4. 泰迪熊(teddy bear)是一款填充玩具,诞生于20世纪初期,以美国第26任总统西奥多·罗斯福(Theodore Roosevelt)的

Mitchell: Yeah, that's true.

Cameron: As an actual tough guy, you can kinda see how that would rub my Dad the wrong way.

Mitchell: Oh, it's… I-I could see that, but, you know, my Dad's actually pretty tough himself, so…

Cameron: Oh, yeah, city tough, you know, not farm tough.

Mitchell: Uh-huh. You mean cities, where there are gangs, as opposed to farms, where there are
gang: a group of criminals who work together to commit crimes 犯罪团伙
as opposed to: used to make a contrast between two things 完全不同,截然相反,对照


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