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07月 26th, 2018

【原创】志萍版摩登家庭英语笔记 03×21: Planes, Train and Cars – Part3

摩登家庭笔记, by 李志萍.

But, you know, there's something about driving your kids around. You're in the front, they're in the
back. They forget you're there, and you learn so much.
You're like Sigourney Weaver in "Gorillas in
the Mist."
 Except gorillas make less noise chewing.

《雾中猩猩》(Gorillas in the Mist)是美国1988年上映的一部剧情片,改编自女动物学家黛安·霍赛(Dian Fossey)
的生平故事,由西格妮·韦弗(Sigourney Weaver)饰演。霍赛在毫无经验的状况下于1967年前往非洲进行研究及保


[Haley chewing]


Claire: Once I hit the coast highway, I didn't stop. I turned off my cell phone. I ate fish tacos for lunch.
It was insane! I haven't felt that free in years. All my stress completely disappeared… And so did my


Mitchell: I'm sorry, but… these signs are ridiculous.

Cameron: Oh, you're right. I should have used Helvetica. It much better represents the urgency of our
Helvetica: a typeface in which characters have no serifs (字体)海维提卡;赫维提卡体
urgency [ˈɜrdʒənsi]: the quality of needing to be dealt with or happen immediately 急迫;紧急

Mitchell: No, the lengths that we're going to for a stuffed animal. You know, Cam, maybe it's time Lily
learned about loss.
lengths: (常用复数)(行动或思想的)彻底程度;极端

Cameron: No, she's 3, and I know. Do you know how many times I had to say good-bye to a furry friend
on the farm?

Mitchell: And didn't it make you stronger?

Cameron: Yeah, because I was a growing boy and they were chock-full of protein. But it was still
chock-full: completely full 塞满了的
protein [ˈproʊˌtin]: a substance found in food and drink such as meat, eggs, and milk. You need protein in order to
grow and be healthy. 蛋白质

Mitchell: It builds character. You know, once, when I was a kid, my Dad left my Luke Skywalker doll on
an airplane, and I was so angry…
Luke Skywalker: 卢克·天行者,参见117.文化详解4.

Cameron: Wait, which… which Luke? Shorty robe or dress blacks?
shorty: (产品等)短尺寸的;(同类型中)短型的

Mitchell: Shorty robe.

Cameron: Oh, my.

Mitchell: And you know what he did to get it back? Not a damn thing. Nope. He didn't lift one pudgy
finger to make a single phone call, and I got over it.
pudgy [ˈpʌdʒi]: slightly fat 短而粗的;矮胖的;圆胖的 

Cameron: Yeah, well, I want you and Lily to have the same healthy relationship you and your father
have. For sure.

Mitchell: All right, give me these flyers. I'm gonna take everything to this side of the homeless guy.

Cameron: Mitchell!

Mitchell: Sorry, what are we supposed to say now? Home-challenged? Or…
-challenged [ˈtʃælɪndʒd]: If you say that someone is challenged in a particular way, you mean that they have a
disability in that area. Challenged is often combined with inappropriate words for humorous effect. 表示"有…缺陷
的"、"有…残疾的" <婉> (<例>physically-challenged 身体有残疾的)

Cameron: No, look!

Mitchell: Oh, my God! It's Bunny!

Cameron: Oh, Lily's gonna be so happy.

Mitchell: Oh, that's so great. Go ahead and get it.

Cameron: What, me?

Mitchell: Yeah.

Cameron: Why should I go and get it?

Mitchell: Well, I-I'm not gonna do it.

Cameron: Why? I spotted it.

Mitchell: You're closer.

Cameron: It's your journey. Luke Skywalker? Pattern-breaking? Your father? Get in there.
pattern-breaking: 突破模式

Mitchell: Fine. Sir… hi, sir. Hello, you… you… Hello. Yeah. Hello. He-hello? Sir… I-I can't…

Cameron: Oh, for God's sake!

[the hobo coughing and spiting on the Bunny]

Cameron: Let her hate us. You turned out great.

Mitchell: I did, didn't I?

Cameron: You're a big lawyer.


[vibrating sound]

Manny: This is not the massage I had in mind.

Jay: All right. Okay. In about an hour, a train goes through town that will get us close to Pebble Beach.
Now it's not technically a-a
passenger train, so it won't be stopping.
passenger train: 客运列车;旅客列车 

Gloria: What?

Jay: So we gotta get running real good. No high-heeled shoes. And it wouldn't be wrong if we took that
blanket with us, either, huh? So what do you say? Anybody up for a hobo adventure?
high-heeled ['hai'hi:ld]: (of shoes) with very high heels (女鞋)高跟的

Manny: If we're voting, I'm a "no."

Gloria: Manny, we're gonna be right back. We're gonna get some ice from the machine in the parking

Manny: Classy.

[vibrating sound]

Gloria: Jay, this is getting crazy. Is it worth it?

Jay: I wanna see the old gang.

Gloria: Do you wanna see them or you want to show off to them? The private plane, the fancy watch.
You still want to feel that you're the big
kahuna on the campus.
kahuna [kəˈhuːnə]: an important person; the person in charge (某一领域的)专家,能手

Jay: That's not it. That's not even a thing.

Gloria: You know what? I'm taking Manny home. If you want to go in the takka-takka-takka-takka, okay.
Go to Pebble Beach by yourself.

Jay: No, what? That's not the plan.

Gloria: If you wanna go there so bad, that's the only way you're gonna get there.

Jay: I'm not trying to get me there. I'm trying to get you there!

Gloria: What?

Jay: Look… I may have exaggerated the size… kahuna I was. I may not… technically have been a
kahuna. I was shy, and I spent most of my time… on the bench.

Gloria: But you always made it sound like you…

Jay: Oh, I know what I made it sound like. People didn't expect much from me, and, um… they certainly
didn't expect me to end up with… somebody like you.

Gloria: So this is all about you parading me around like a trophy?
parade somebody/something + adv./prep.: to show somebody/something in public so that people can see them/it 展

Jay: Yes.

Gloria: Why didn't you say so? I can be a trophy! Come on. We need to get this up to Pebble Beach.
Manny! We're leaving! Get ready!

Manny: Oh, good. If we get out of here in the next ten minutes, we don't have to pay for the second hour.


Phil: How you doing there, sport?

Claire: I'm sorry.

Phil: That's okay.

Claire: Thanks.

Phil: So… Whatcha doing all the way up here? Did someone snap?
snap: to suddenly be unable to control your feelings any longer because the situation has become too difficult (精

Claire: A little. Yeah. I was mad at you for buying that stupid sports car.

Phil: I knew it!

Claire: And I was wrong. It's a great car. God, I had the best day. Phil, I did cartwheels.
cartwheel [ˈkɑrtˌhwil]: a fast physical movement in which you turn in a circle sideways by putting your hands on the
ground and bringing your legs, one at a time, over your head (体操动作中的)侧手翻,横翻筋斗

Phil: Without me?

Claire: Mm-hmm. Yeah.

Phil: Hey, did you know there's a girl with a crush on Luke?

Claire: Olivia.

Phil: Yeah. Oh, and Haley's totally done with Corey.

Claire: That's new.

Phil: Alex is teaching herself Chinese so she'll be useful when they finish buying us.

Claire: She's so weird.

Phil: I really want to be able to drive the kids around. I need a bigger car for work. I made a mistake.

Claire: No, you didn't. You bought it for a reason. When did we stop coming to the beach?

Phil: I think it was when Alex started printing out water quality reports.
print out: If a computer or a machine attached to a computer prints something out, it produces a copy of it on paper.

Claire: She'll be China's problem soon.

Phil: You know… We don't need a sports car to get out here.

Claire: Mm.

Phil: We should just make a pact. Once a month, we get out to the beach.
make a pact: 来个约定

Claire: And we tell everyone we're running errands.

Phil: Yeah.

Claire: Yeah.

[kissing each other] [music]

Phil: So you didn't get to the dry cleaner?


Manny: They say the important thing in life isn't the destination. It's the journey, the challenges you face
along the way…
the unexpected twists and turnsthe disappointments you overcome.
twists and turns: 意想不到的曲折变化


Cameron: Look what I found on the Internet.

Mitchell: Oh, my God! It's Luke Skywalker in his shorty robe! I love it, Cam…

Lily: Mine!


Manny: But they're wrong. It's all about the destination, especially when the destination is your amazing
oceanfront hotel. Thank you again, Serena. Warmest regards. Manny Delgado.
oceanfront ['əuʃənfrʌnt]: located on land near the ocean 沿海的,海滨地带的
warmest regards: 最热烈的问候

Jay: What's he doing?

Gloria: He's sending flowers to the concierge.

Jay: Oh, jeez.

Manny: Hey… Credit card.


Andre: She wore you down, didn't she?
wear somebody/something down: to make somebody/something weaker or less determined, especially by
continuously attacking or putting pressure on them or it over a period of time 由于坚持而克服…的反对,逐渐克服;

Phil: This is not about Claire. I really want to sell you the car.

Andre: It's sad. She got you to believe that.

Phil: No, I… Turns out I'm just not a convertible guy.

Well, your loss is my gain. It's a sweet ride, Phil.
ride: 供乘坐的车辆,交通工具

Phil: Right?

Andre: It really is. Uh-oh.

Phil: What?

Andre: I'm getting, like, a whiff of mildew.
whiff (of something): a smell, especially one that you only smell for a short time 一阵(微弱的)气味
mildew [ˈmɪlˌdu]: a very small white fungus that grows on walls, plants, food, etc. in warm wet conditions 霉霉菌

Phil: I don't smell anything.

Andre: Yep. That's mildew.

Phil: Huh?

Andre: This car's been in the flood. It's a Katrina car! I'm offended that you tried to sell me a Katrina car,
Katrina: 飓风卡特里娜

Phil: Your wife won't let you have a convertible, will she?

Andre: We will never know, 'cause I'm afraid to ask. See you later, Phil.

Phil: Why are you running again?


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