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07月 27th, 2018

【原创】志萍版摩登家庭英语笔记 03×22: Disneyland – Part1

摩登家庭笔记, by 李志萍.

Luke: Please, please, please, please.

Alex: Okay, what is this?

Luke: We're making sure I'm tall enough to ride all the rides at Disneyland without having to spike up 
my hair.
spike up: 用耙翻起;耙松

Phil: Buddy… we are good to go.

Luke: Sweet!

Phil: I have been waiting for this day ever since the doctor pointed to the ultrasound of your Mom's
womb and said, "
Either that's a fifth limb, or you got a boy."
ultrasound [ˈʌltrəˌsaʊnd]: a medical process that produces an image of what is inside your body; an image produced
by this 超声检查
limb: your arms and legs 四肢

Haley: Okay, no. Gross.

Claire: All right… I want everybody to eat a lot at home because "the happiest place on earth" is also
home to the most expensive churro on Earth.

1. 西班牙油条(churro)是一种条状面食,将生面团通过花边挤筒挤出来,经油炸至金黄色,再洒上砂糖或肉桂

Come on. This is gonna be awesome. Who doesn't love a day at Disneyland?


Manny: Can't you and Mom go without me?

Jay: You're the kid. I think we need you to get in.

Manny: Well, it couldn't come on a worst day. The technology sector is tanking.
come on: 碰上;发生
sector [ˈsɛktər]: a part of an area of activity, especially of a country's economy (经济的)部门
tank: (of a company or a product) to fail completely (尤指商业上)失败;崩盘


Manny: We're doing a stock market project in school, and today's the last day. We all get a thousand
fake dollars to invest, and as the market closed yesterday, I'm in the lead. I may not be the tallest or
the most
athletic, but someday I will be the richest, which is good because the ladies love that, and
grown accustomed to a certain lifestyle.
stock market: the business of buying and selling shares in companies and the place where this happens; a stock
exchange 股票交易;证券交易;股票市场;证券市场
athletic [æθˈlɛtɪk]: physically strong, fit and active 有健壮体格的;矫健的
grow accustomed to: 变得习惯于


Jay: Do you really wants girls who only want you for your money?

Manny: I'd like to have that option.


Gloria: Manny, put the stock away and put your ears on.

Manny: Mom, I don't think you have to wear one of these.

Gloria: Be a kid! Put them on!

Jay: Really? Those shoes?

Gloria: What?

Jay: Do you know how much walking you have to do at Disneyland? Why do you think they have so
many fat people on
scooter [ˈskutər]: a child's vehicle with two small wheels attached to a narrow board with a vertical handle. The rider
holds the handle, puts one foot on the board and pushes against the ground with the other. 儿童滑板车

Gloria: I like wearing the high heels. I'm fine.
high heels: (plural) shoes that have very high heels, usually worn by women (复数)高跟鞋

Jay: It's just like that jacket you refuse to bring when I say, "Take a jacket." "Don't tell me what to do!
I'm fine!" Huh? And you're not fine. You're cold and
shivering, and I look like the jerk who won't give
his wife a jacket, so I do, and then I'm cold and shivering, and I brought a jacket.
shiver [ˈʃɪvər]: to shake slightly because you are cold, frightened, excited, etc. 发抖;颤抖;哆嗦;战栗

Gloria: Are you done with your boring jacket story? Because we're going to hit traffic.

Jay: Tell you one thing. I'm not gonna give you my shoes.


[door bell]

Claire: Ah! That must be Ethan.

Haley: Who's Ethan?

Claire: Didn't I tell you? My friend Bethenny's nephew is coming with us today. He moved to town to go
to college. He's very nice, very smart, big hockey player.

Haley: I know what you're doing.

Alex: Really? She was so subtle.
subtle [ˈsʌtəl]: (of a person or their behaviour) behaving in a clever way, and using indirect methods, in order to
achieve something 不露声色的


Claire: Haley has a thing for bad boys, which was so me.

Phil: Clearly.

Claire: So if she's going to be leaving the nest soon, we'd prefer it was not on the back of a motorcycle.

Phil: My college roommate had a motorcycle. Man, I had some good times on the back of that thing.


Haley: I can't believe you did this. I'm not gonna babysit Bethenny's nephew. Alex can have him.

Alex: Okay, I don't need your rejects.
reject: a person who has not been accepted as a member of a team, society, etc. 被淘汰的人;不合格者

[door opened]

Claire: Hi.

Ethan: Hi.

Claire: Ethan! I'm so glad you could make it.

Ethan: Thanks for inviting me.

Claire: Sure.

Alex: Hi. I'm Al…

Haley: My 14-year-old sister. Ethan, was it?

Ethan: Yeah.

Haley: Oh.


Haley: And that's my grandpa and his wife Gloria and her son Manny.

Ethan: Wow. You guys have a big family.

Haley: Ha ha ha ha. Big family.

Claire: She likes him!

Cameron: Yeah, who wouldn't? Where'd you find him, a Tommy Hilfiger catalog? [giggling]

2. 汤米·希尔费格(Tommy Hilfiger)创建于1985年,是美国休闲领导品牌之一,设计风格简单独特,体现"美式经典

Claire: He got a 2200 on his S.A.T.s. And those eyes…

Mitchell: Okay, did you get him for Haley or for you?

Claire: Mitchell.

Mitchell: You know, I haven't been here since Dad brought us when we were kids.

Claire: Ohh, yeah. Remember? You cried in the Abraham Lincoln thing.

3. 亚伯拉罕·林肯(Abraham Lincoln,1809-1865)是美国第16任总统,任期为1861年3月至1865年4月。他领导了

Jay: Hey, he's a great president, and it was the first robot I ever saw.


Jay: When Claire and Mitchell were young, their Mom and I were gonna take them to Disneyland.
But that morning, Dede and I got in this huge fight over
something or other… surprise, surprise…
and I ended up taking them on my own. Claire's biggest fear was running into the evil queen. My
biggest fear was that I married her.
something or other: used when you are not exactly sure about a thing 一件什么东西;一桩什么事情


Phil: Okay, people over 46 inches, first stop… Indiana Jones!

4. 印第安纳·琼斯(Indiana Jones)是一个虚构人物,是系列电影《夺宝奇兵》里面的主人公。《夺宝奇兵》目前
已经拍摄了4部,由乔治·卢卡斯(George Lucas)策划并担任执行制片人,斯蒂芬·斯皮尔伯格(Steven Spielberg)
导演,哈里森·福特(Harrison Ford)主演,讲述一个考古学家的冒险故事。

Luke: Have fun on the teacups, Lily. 
teacup: a cup in which tea is served 茶杯

Jay: Okay, let's do this.

Cameron: Oh, okay, wait just a second here, everybody. All right.

Gloria: Is that a leash?
leash: a long piece of leather, chain or rope used for holding and controlling a dog (拴狗用的)绳索;皮带;链条

Cameron: No, it's a child safety tether. This way, sweetie.
tether  [ˈtɛðər]: a rope or chain used to tie an animal to something, allowing it to move around in a small area (拴动物的)

Mitchell: It… it's a leash. Don't… don't judge us.

Cameron: Go on.


Cameron: We have a runner.

Mitchell: Lily is going through a phase– at least… Oh, we hope it's a phase.

Cameron: She bolts every chance she gets.
bolt [boʊlt]: 猛冲;窜


Cameron: Lily!


Cameron: Lily!


Cameron: Lily!


Cameron: So we had no choice to put her on a child safety tether.

Mitchell: It's a leash. And we did have a choice.


[background music]

Cameron: Lily, sweetie, don't pull.

Jay: Lily, heel!
heel: 跟着(唤狗用语)

Mitchell: Dad.

Jay: If I'd had known you guys were gonna do this, I'd have brought Stella.

Mitchell: It was Cam's idea.

Cameron: So much for the united front. I'll have you know, despite all your jokes, Lily enjoys it.
[imitating barking] Okay, sweetie, you're not helping. You're not helping.
united front: 联合阵线

Alex: Oh, my God. Oh, my God. You guys, is that Dylan?

Haley: What?

Claire: Oh, jeez.

Haley: Dylan?!

Dylan: Oh. Hey!

Haley: Uh, what are you… I didn't even know you were in town.

Dylan: Either did I… Know you were in town. This town. Anaheim.
Anaheim: 美国加州阿纳海姆市迪士尼乐园所在地

Haley: I thought you were still in Wyoming.

Dylan: I was, uh… But, um… Oh, shoot. You know, I, uh, gotta meet up with some friends and I'm…
really late. It was nice to see you, Haley, and everybody.
meet up with: 赶上

Mitchell: Hi.

Dylan: And dude I don't know.

Ethan: I'm Ethan. It's nice to meet you.

Dylan: And polite dude I don't know.

Ethan: Did Haley used to date that guy or something?

Alex: Yep. You date her, that's the club you're joining.

Haley: Of course he would still look amazing.

Claire: Does he? I hadn't noticed. Did you know that Ethan plays the trumpet? No great surprise with
those lips of his, huh?
trumpet [ˈtrʌmpɪt]: a brass musical instrument made of a curved metal tube that you blow into, with three valves for
changing the note 小号

Mitchell: Coo-coo-ca-choo, Mrs. Robinson.
Mrs. Robinson: 罗宾逊太太,参见207.文化详解2.


Phil: Okay, buddy, moment of truth.

Luke: Yes!

[cheering, laughing and running away]

Phil: This is gonna be so awesome!

Luke: Yeah!


Phil: In 45 minutes, this is gonna be so awesome!

Luke: Yeah! [laughing]

Phil: Ha ha.


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