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07月 29th, 2018

【原创】志萍版摩登家庭英语笔记 03×24: Baby on Board – Part3

摩登家庭笔记, by 李志萍.

[music] [applause]

Manny: We're both thinking it. I'm just gonna say it. Lily's dance is not up to the standard of what we
just saw.

Jay: In my head, I'm golfing right now.

Dance Teacher: Hi, Mr. Pritchett? I'm Lily's dance teacher Lucy. We have a little bit of an issue. Lily
doesn't want to perform.
issue: an important topic that people are discussing or arguing about 待解决的重大问题

Jay: Oh, the poor thing. You get the kid, I'll get the car.

Dance Teacher: Oh, no. It's really important for Lily's self-esteem that she go on. I think one of you
should talk to her.

Manny: You know she stinks, right?

Dance Teacher: And I think it should be you.


Jay: Lily. Your teacher tells me you don't want to dance. Is that true? But you were so good back at
the house when you were practicing.

Lily: I wanna go home, to my house!

Jay: Ah, to your house, huh? Are you sad your Dads aren't here? [nodding] Yeah. Well, I know they're
sad to miss this, but they're getting you that baby brother. That's good, right?
[shaking her head] You
know, honey, your
Dads are gonna love you just as much when you get this brother. Trust me. I first
had your aunt Claire, and then your
Dad came along, and I loved them just the same, no matter what
he tells you. You believe me?
Close enough. So what do you say? You gonna go out there and dance
for everybody?

Lily: No.

Jay: Honey, there must be something I can do to get you out there.

Lily: Come dance with me, grandpa.

Jay: No, honey, that's not gonna happen. How about I give you 50 bucks?


Haley: I don't see why I can't do this. I'm totally getting my life together.
get one's life together: 稳扎稳打过日子

Claire: Uh, allow me, if you will, to paint an accurate picture of this life you think you want, okay?

Phil: Yeah.

Claire: Um, at first, it's a blast, buying a dish rack, hanging a sheet up to turn one room into two.
dish rack: 碗碟架

Phil: Allen-wrenching a bookcase called a Nurnk
Allen wrench: (商标)阿伦扳手,方孔螺栓(或螺钉)头用扳手

Claire: Mm-hmm.

Phil: Because you couldn't afford the Sklurg.

Claire: But then… Then those bills start rolling in… So you gotta pick up some extra shifts. Yeah. And
suddenly… Uh-oh, what's that? You're pregnant.
roll in: to arrive in great numbers or amounts 滚滚而来;大量涌来

Phil: Should've been safe.

Claire: Ooh, and you're stressed and exhausted. You've got a garage filled with unsold huge t-shirts.
And, honey, if you think this kind of stress is not gonna
take its toll on that body and that face, think
again. Good-bye, beautiful skin. Farewell, silky hair. And hello, Alex's
hand-me-downs, 'cause you
can't afford to shop.
take its toll: to have a bad effect on somebody/something; to cause a lot of damage, deaths, suffering, etc. 造成损失

[Haley shocked]

Phil: Good one.

Claire: Mm-hmm.


Dylan: Do you think that this is gonna work out?

Luke: Yes. Well, for my parents, I mean. For you? No.

Dylan: God. I just wanna live with Haley so bad. It's like, I missed all this time with her in Wyoming.
Then I thought I was gonna lose her again to college.

Luke: Don't worry. I got your back, buddy. That's not gonna happen.

Dylan: What does that mean?

Luke: Dylan, shut the door. The bedroom door.



Cameron: Excuse me. Excuse me.

Gloria: Okay.

Cameron: We're very confused. Can somebody please just tell us what's happening?

Gloria: Somebody told the grandmother about the baby, and she wasn't supposed to know. If you ask
me, it was the sexy priest.

Ranch Hand: Enough! It wasn't the priest. It was me.

Nurse: Eduardo! Oh!

Juanita: Ay!

Mitchell: Ay! What's happening?

Ranch Hand: Yes, I am alive. And I may be just a ranch hand, but I'm the one that told your abuela
about the baby. I told her because I swore to your mother to look after your family. Your mother…
my lover.
ranch hand: 牧场工人

Juanita: Aqué?

Gloria: Ay, wait a minute. Now I go from English to Spanish. Que él no está muerto…

Mitchell: C-can we please just see our baby?

Abuela: No!

All: Abuela?

Abuela: Cómo te atreves a ocultar esto de mí? El bebé es mi familia, y no va a ser educado por
 [in Spanish]

Gloria: She's saying that she's going to raise the baby.

Cameron: No. [sobbing]

Mitchell: Cam. Come here. Come on.


Phil: Guess what? Suddenly, you're 60 years old, wandering toothless and alone in a post-apocalyptic
post-apocalyptic [əˈpɑkəˈlɪptɪk]: 浩劫后的,世界末日后的
wasteland [ˈweɪstˌlænd]: an area of land that cannot be used or that is no longer used for building or growing things
on 荒地;不毛之地;废墟

Haley: Wait a second. How did Dylan get the nuclear codes again?

Phil: During the robot wars.

Claire: Okay, I think your father might have gotten a little bit off-track here. Honey, listen, the point is,
the choices you make today…

Haley: No, no, the point is, is that it doesn't have to turn out so bad.

Dylan: She's right. It doesn't. Luke?

Luke: This came yesterday.

Claire: What is it?

Dylan: It's from that college. You got in, Haley.

Claire: Oh, d… Oh, my God. You got into college?

Phil: What?!

[laughing, cheering and screaming]

Claire: Oh, my God! Oh, my God! Aah!

Phil: That's amazing!

Claire: It came yest… yesterday? Luke, why were you hiding this?

Luke: I don't know.

Phil: Do you not want her to go to college?

Luke: I don't care.

Haley: Aw! You're gonna miss me!

Luke: Shut up! I am not! I'm never telling you anything again.

Dylan: Sorry, little dude, but she's gotta go to college, even if that means that she can't live with me.

Claire: Oh, Dylan.

Dylan: Could you do one thing for me, though? Could you take me to your prom?

Phil: Really?

Dylan: Yeah. I mean, if you go off to college and you don't come back here, I want you to remember me.
I wanna be your Angela Wilkins.

Claire: Oh.

Haley: Mom?

Claire: Yes.

Haley: Can I borrow that purple dress I said you were too old for?

Claire: Mm, in spite of that, yeah. Yeah.


Dylan: Mr. D. Do you have a tuxedo I could borrow?

Phil: Yeah, sure. I mean, it's the tux I got married in, so it's double-breasted.
double-breasted [ˌdʌbl ˈbrestɪd]: a double-breasted jacket or coat has two front parts so that one part covers the other
when the buttons are done up, and two rows of buttons can be seen (上衣、外衣等)两排纽扣的,双排扣式的

Dylan: Perfect. So am I.

Phil: Okay.


Gloria: I'm going to get something for my stomach.

Cameron: Oh, come on, swipe. Swipe! M-Mitchell, I need your help. It won't swipe, and I'm in no
 "see cashier." Mitchell. Mitchell. Mitchell? Mitch-Mitchell! Where are you going?!
swipe: If you swipe a credit card or swipe card through a machine, you pass it through a narrow space in the
so that the machine can read information on the card's magnetic strip. 刷(卡)
be in no condition to: 不适宜(做某事),缺乏(做某事的)条件

Mitchell: I'm just sick of it, Cam.

Cameron: Mitchell, come back here and talk to me. There are coyotes out here and… and meth addicts!
coyote [kaɪˈoʊti]: a N American wild animal of the dog family 郊狼(北美洲特有的小型狼,分布于沙漠和草原)
meth [meθ]: a powerful illegal drug, methamphetamine, that looks like small pieces of glass 冰毒(甲基苯丙胺)

Mitchell: Every time, Cam. Every time someone says that we're getting a-a baby, I get my hopes up and
then… And then when it all falls apart, I… We just have to go through the whole thing again. And then
meanwhile, the child that we do have is… is at a recital, and… and we're missing it.
get one's hopes up: 抱很大希望

Cameron: I know. I'm as frustrated as you are.

Mitchell: Are you? Because I-I don't… I don't know how much more of this I can take. I am… I am so
tired and… and just disappointed. And… I'm just tired.

Cameron: Then let's take a break.

Mitchell: Really?

Cameron: It must be exhausting, always keeping it together for the both of us. And I'm tired, too.
keep it together: 保持冷静

Mitchell: I think I'm lying on a rock.

Cameron: I'm lying next to my rock.


[background music]

Gloria: There's certain moments in life that you never forget, like when I held Manny in my arms for the
very first time. I was nervous. I didn't know what I was doing.



Haley: What do you think?

Phil: You guys look amazing.

Claire: Oh, our little girl!


Gloria: And I was so excited to see him grow up.


Claire: Bye, sweetie.

Phil: Have fun, man.


Jay: She's asleep. I tell you, kid, I'm too old for this.

Manny: You and me both.


Gloria: And the more he becomes the little man I know today, the more I know I would do it all over
which is good, because I'm going to do it all over again. Turns out that I wasn't carsick. I'm
carsick: feeling ill/sick because you are travelling in a car 晕车的


Phil: Okay, Luke, let's see what else you've been hiding from us.

Luke: Okay, fine. Here's a bill for the birdhouse I blew up at the dude ranch.

Claire: You blew up a birdhouse?

Luke: Let's hold all questions until the end. Here's Dad's jury duty thing for the day we went to
Disneyland. I didn't want you to cancel the trip.
jury duty: a period of time spent as a member of a jury in court 在陪审团作陪审员时间

Phil: Good call.

Luke: Here's a coupon for a gun range for Mom. I don't know what that's about.
range [reɪndʒ]: an area of land where people can practise shooting or where bombs, etc. can be tested 打靶场

Claire: I don't know either. It's…

Luke: Report card.

Claire: Mm-hmm.

Luke: Report card. Notice from the city to take down the tree house or be fined $25 a day… Report card.
Red light ticket from when me and Manny stole that…
fine: to make somebody pay money as an official punishment 对…罚款


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