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07月 31st, 2018

【原创】志萍版摩登家庭英语笔记 04×01: Bringing Up Baby – Part1

摩登家庭笔记, by 李志萍.

Jay: Good morning!

Manny: There's the birthday boy! 65 candles on one cake. This is a big day for you… and for the
astronauts who can see it from space.


Gloria: Happy birthday to you.

Jay: Thank you. And just so everyone knows, I want a quiet day. No surprises.

Gloria: No surprises.


Gloria: Last night, I found out that I am pregnant, so Jay's gonna get one big surprise. Okay, two if you
count the barbecue apron with the bikini body on it.


Manny: I don't blame you, Jay. You'd had enough excitement in one lifetime… The dawn of flight,
printed books,
dawn [dɔːn]: The dawn of a period of time or a situation is the beginning of it. 开端(文学性)
agriculture [ˈægrɪˌkʌltʃər]: the science or practice of farming 农业;农艺;农学

Jay: All right, what's with all the jokes?

Manny: It's insult comedy. I've been watching old Dean Martin roasts online. Like this guy knows from
the Internet. The other morning, I saw him looking for the
crank on the front of his car.
insult comedy: a comedy genre in which the act consists mainly of offensive insults directed at the performer's
audience and/or other performers 冒犯喜剧
roast: an event, especially a meal, at which people celebrate somebody's life by telling funny stories about them 吐槽
crank [kræŋk]: a bar and handle in the shape of an L that you pull or turn to produce movement in a machine, etc. 曲柄

1. 迪恩·马丁(Dean Martin,1917-1995),美国歌手、演员、电视主持人、喜剧演员、电影制作人。作为20世纪中期最
受欢迎和最持久的美国艺人之一,马丁因其看似毫不费力的魅力和自信而被昵称为"酷之王"(King of Cool)。他和杰瑞·
路易斯(Jerry Lewis)组成了喜剧二人组,取得了惊人的成功。此外,他还拥有自己的两档电视秀。他轻松、诙谐、低

Jay: Okay, you're done.

Manny: I make fun, and we laugh. But in all seriousness, if you see a light today, don't walk towards it.
in all seriousness [ˈsɪriəsnəs]: very seriously; not as a joke 庄重地;十分认真地;非常严肃地


Jay: I'm sorry I was asleep when you got home. Cam and Mitch must be disappointed. They were really
geared up to get that kid.
gear up to something: to prepare somebody/something to do something 使(某人、某物)作好(行动)准备

Gloria: But there's a silver lining.

Jay: You might be right. Babies are a lot of work.

[doorbell rings]

Gloria: No, that's not what I mean. I'm…

Jay: Ah, you know, and these two aren't getting any younger. The last thing they need is to start over.

Gloria: Would that be so bad?

Phil: Hey, Jay.

Miles: Hey.

Shorty: Hey.

Jay: How you doing?

Phil: What the heck is that?

Jay: What?

Phil: Get him!



Phil: Jay has been very explicit about what he wants to do for his 65th birthday, but Phil Dunphy reads
between the lines
explicit [ɛksˈplɪsɪt]: If you are explicit about something, you speak about it very openly and clearly. 直言不讳的;坦率
reads between the lines: 体会言外之意;领会字里行间的意思


Jay: What the hell is going on?! What are you doing?!

Phil: Making your birthday dreams comes true.

Shorty: It's your special day, buddy. Should we put him in the trunk?

Phil: Why would we put him in the trunk?

Shorty: You said there were no bad ideas.

Jay: Get this stupid thing off me!

Phil: I thought you said the hood would calm him down.
hood: (鹰、马的)头罩

Miles: It works with my falcon.
falcon [ˈfælkən]: a bird of prey that can be trained to hunt other birds and animals 猎鹰

Shorty: Don't worry, Gloria. We'll have him back in time for dinner.

Manny: Which for him is at 4:00 in the afternoon.

Phil: [laughs] 'Cause he's old! I love it!


Mitchell: This is really good coffee.

Cameron: It really is.

Mitchell: Is it a medium roast or…
medium roast: 中度烘焙

Cameron: Uh, dark.
dark roast: 深度烘焙

Mitchell: Oh. I was gonna say dark. I don't know why I said medium.

Cameron: Well, you would've been right.

Mitchell: Mm-hmm. Is it whole milk or…
whole milk: milk from which no constituent has been removed 全脂奶

Cameron: 2%.

Mitchell: 2%.

Cameron: Mm-hmm.

Mitchell: [clicks tongue] Okay. This is ridiculous. We need to talk about the elephant in the room.


Cameron: The giant stuffed elephant was a gift from our good friend Pepper.

Mitchell: Gay guys having kids is… it's relatively new, so our community has not yet learned how to
modulate baby gifts.
relatively [ˈrelətɪvli]: to a fairly large degree, especially in comparison to something else 比较而言;相当;相对地
modulate [ˈmɑːdʒəleɪt]: To modulate an activity or process means to alter it so that it is more suitable for a particular
situation. 调节;调整(活动或过程) 

Cameron: When Steven and Stefan had little Rocco, our friend Longinus sent over the whole cast of
"Yo Gabba Gabba!"

2. 《嘎巴宝宝》(Yo Gabba Gabba!)是一部结合动画、人偶、真人的美国儿童剧,2007年在尼克电视台首播,共四季。
歌曲。节目由DJ兰斯·洛克(Lance Rock)跟五只怪物玩偶连手主持,每次节目都会有个主题,例如Eat、Sleep、Scary、

Mitchell: Now Rocco cries whenever he sees bright colors.

Cameron: I'm not allowed over there.


Mitchell: I guess we should donate it somewhere, along with the 800-pound gorilla. I mean, you know,
now that we're not getting a baby.

Cameron: A decision, by the way, which seems even better in the light of day.
in the light of day: when you have had time to think calmly about something; in the morning when things are clearer

Mitchell: Mm. No, I totally agree.

Cameron: So we're good?

Mitchell: No, we're great.

Cameron: We couldn't have handled this any better.

Mitchell: No.

Lily: Where's my new baby brother?

Cameron: Okay. Uh, slight oversight.
oversight [ˈoʊvərsaɪt]: the fact of making a mistake because you forget to do something or you do not notice
something 失察;失误;疏忽

Lily: Can I see him? Can we name him Larry?

Cameron: Okay, sweetie. Here, have a seat with us. Um, listen. There's something we need to tell you.

Lily: Is it about Larry?

Mitchell: Well, uh, yes. Uh, sort of. Um, it… it turns out that… we're not getting a baby.

Cameron: Yeah, and I know this… this makes you very sad, but I promise you we're still a family…

Lily: Can I have a kitten?

Cameron: A kitten?

Lily: If I can't have a brother, then I want a kitten named Larry.

Mitchell: Okay, w-what's this about? Is Larry on a show?


Cameron: He's not, which is what's weird.


Claire: Ooh! How was prom?

Alex: So fun. Michael and I danced all night… And then we stayed after and helped clean up, which was
awesome because I got to meet next year's
trig teacher.
trig: (abbr. trigonometry) the type of mathematics that deals with the relationship between the sides and angles of
triangles 三角学

Claire: That is not the prom I remember.

Haley: I have such a bad headache!

Claire: That's the prom I remember. Were you drinking?

Haley: Mom, do we really have to do this? You ask if I was drinking, I say "No," and we both know that
that's not true. I mean, aren't we past this point in our relationship?

Claire: No, young lady, we are not.

Haley: Then I wasn't drinking.

Dylan: Me neither, Mrs. D.

Claire: Dear God. Tell me he did not spend the night here.

Haley: Mom, do we really have to do this?


Manny: Mom, I have a big decision to make about poetry camp this summer.

Gloria: Is this about the walking sticks again? Pack them all and decide when you're there.

Manny: I can either focus on sonnets or free verse. I've always fancied myself a sonneteer, but I'm
thinking the free verse girls will be freer with everything, if you catch my meaning.
sonnet [ˈsɑːnɪt]: a poem that has 14 lines, each containing 10 syllables, and a fixed pattern of rhyme 十四行诗,一
fancy: If you say that someone fancies themselves as a particular kind of person, you mean that they think, often
wrongly, that they have the good qualities which that kind of person has. (自)认为是
sonneteer [,sɔni'tiər]: a writer of sonnets 十四行诗作者

Gloria: Hmm? Ay. I'm sorry, Manny. I'm sure you will make the right decision.

Manny: Are you okay? You seem distracted.

Gloria: Manny, sit down. I have to tell you something.

Manny: What?

Gloria: I am pregnant.

Manny: You're what?

Gloria: I'm going to have a baby.

Manny: Wow.

Gloria: What? You're not happy?

Manny: Yeah. Sure. It's just a lot to take in. And I'll be honest, this isn't coming at a great time for me,
with everything I've got going on.

Gloria: This is not your responsibility.

Manny: Neither is our wooden salad bowl, but I'm the only one who oils it. Without me, that thing would
soak up
dressing like a sponge.
dressing [ˈdrɛsɪŋ]: a thin sauce used to add flavour to salads, usually made from oil, vinegar, salt, pepper, etc. 色拉调料

Gloria: Manny, I can take care of a baby. I took care of you.

Manny: Please. I was an anomaly. I self-potty-trained
anomaly [əˈnɑməli]: a thing, situation, etc. that is different from what is normal or expected 反常事物;异常现象
self-: sed to form words which indicate that you do something to yourself or by yourself (用于构词)表示"对自身的";表
potty-trained: (of a small child) knowing how to use the toilet 如厕训练过的


Manny: I just did not get the appeal of intentionally soiling one's pants. That said, I will admit to missing
the kisses on my tummy. 
appeal: 吸引力;感染力
soil: to make something dirty 把…弄脏;把…弄污
that said: (引导让步说法)即便如此


Manny: How did Jay take it?

Gloria: I haven't been able to tell him yet.

Manny: He might not be too thrilled.

Gloria: Do you think? I was starting to wonder the same thing.

Manny: He doesn't deal well with change.

Gloria: I know. He still checks the front step for the evening paper.
evening paper: a newspaper published in the afternoon or early evening 晚报

Manny: Don't worry, Mom. I'm sure he'll adapt. [sighs] Although, he still does call the remote the "clicker."
adapt [əˈdæpt] : to change your behaviour in order to deal more successfully with a new situation 适应
clicker [ˈklɪkər]: a device that allows you to operate a television, etc. from a distance 遥控器

Gloria: Ay, yeah.


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