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08月 7th, 2018

【原创】志萍版摩登家庭英语笔记 04×04: The Butler’s Escape – Part1

摩登家庭笔记, by 李志萍.


Phil: Is everybody OK?

Claire: I'm fine. Thanks for waiting.

Alex: What was that?

Phil: Water either gas line, the training is the same, people. Just stay low and move out!

Claire: Honey, Luke's gone.

Phil: Claire, spontaneous human combustion is very rare.
combustion [kəmˈbʌstʃən]: the act of burning something or the process of burning 燃烧

Claire: I don't think he exploded, Phil.

Luke: The rope ladder works. At least someone followed protocol.
rope ladder: a ladder made of two long ropes connected by short pieces of wood or metal at regular intervals 绳梯
protocol [ˈproʊtəˌkɔl]: a plan for a course of medical treatment, or a plan for a scientific experiment 医疗方案;科学

Alex: Oh! Oh, it's there! Smoke is coming out of Luke's stupid suitcase.


Phil: Like his old man, Luke is a magician.

Luke: [chuckles] I'm taking lessons from some guy my Dad found online.

Phil: He came personally recommended from the guy who runs The Warlock Conference up in
warlock ['wɔrlɑk]: a man who is believed to have magic powers, especially evil ones 术士;男巫
Modesto [mə'destəu]: 莫德斯托(美国加利福尼亚州中部城市


[loud snoring]

Jay: Ow! Ow, ow, ow! [groans]


Manny: Occupied, big guy. Find another foxhole. [sighs]
occupied [ˈɑːkjupaɪd]: being used by somebody 被占的;有人用的
foxhole [ˈfɑːkshoʊl]: a hole in the ground that soldiers use as a shelter against the enemy or as a place to fire back
from 散兵坑(作战区域掩体的小坑)


[Cameron singing]

Cameron:  This is how we learn to sing. Who can go up here with me?


Mitchell: Cam took a job teaching music at the local middle school. Yeah, his first day is tomorrow.

Cameron: I'm excited for me, but I'm probably more excited for the students because a great teacher
is a gift.

Mitchell: Hasn't started yet.

Cameron: I have to tip my hat to my high school music teacher… [mouths words] A real force of nature 
who was also the
defensive coordinator for the football team and supervised calf birthing for the animal
husbandry club. Doris Olson. Great lady.
I tip my hat to somebody: used to say that you admire somebody very much for something they have done 以手触帽
force of nature: a thing or person that exhibits qualities which appear to be beyond outside control 精力超群的人
defensive coordinator [koʊˈɔːrdɪneɪtər]: typically a coach on a gridiron football team who is in charge of the defense
husbandry [ˈhʌzbəndri]: the raising of farm animals and plants 农牧业

Mitchell: Lady.


Cameron:  This is how… we learn to sing. 

[door slams]


Gloria: Ay, Jay, I'm going to miss you.

Jay: It's one night.

Gloria: No, I don't want to be without you, not even one night in my whole life. What can I make you?


Jay: How about a little room on my side of the bed? I mean, I shouldn't complain. My wife's a knockout.
she's at that place in her pregnancy where, she's, you know… ample. And the snoring. I swear in
the last ultrasound, the baby was like this…
knockout [ˈnɑːkaʊt]: a person or thing that is very attractive or impressive 给人深刻印象的人(或物);绝色美人
ample [ˈæmpl]: (of a person’s figure) large, often in an attractive way (委婉语)粗壮的;丰满的;肥大的

Jay: So I should be home about noon tomorrow.
noon: 12 o’clock in the middle of the day 中午;正午

Gloria: Who drank all the coffee?

Jay: Oh, I, uh, I had quite a bit of that. You know, I haven't, um, been sleeping too well. There's actually
a funny story about what's causing that.
quite a bit: a large number or amount of something 相当程度;相当数量

Manny: Mom, I'm fully aware of the changes your body is going through, and that nasal stuffiness is
very common during pregnancy, but we got a crisis in this house. You've been snoring. But I got you
nasal strips. In the commercial, the old man's angry red sound waves turn a gentle blue.
fully aware of: 充分意识到
stuffiness [ˈstʌfinəs]: the fact of having a blocked nose because you have a cold 鼻塞;不通气
nasal strip: 止鼾贴片
sound wave: a vibration in the air, in water, etc. that we hear as sound 声波

Gloria: So I'm like an old man?

Manny: No!

Gloria: Like a dog then? A pig? What is it, Manny? I'm an old man, a dog, or a pig?

Manny: Jay, help me out here. You've heard it.

Jay: I don't know what the boy's talking about. If this is a glimpse of teenage Manny, I don't love it.
Have a little respect for your beautiful mother.
teenage [ˈtiːneɪdʒ]: between 13 and 19 years old; connected with people of this age 青少年时期的;十几岁的

Gloria: [blows nose] Thank you, Jay.

Manny: You're right. Sorry, Mom. And, Jay, have a great trip to San Francisco.

[blows nose]


Cameron: Okay, Lily's drop-off time is between 8:45 and 8:50, so you should be fine to get to work
by 9. Here is her
checklist for her backpack.
checklist [ˈtʃeklɪst]: a list of the things that you must remember to do, to take with you or to find out 一览表;清单

Mitchell: Uh, wow.

Cameron: Oh, I have this whole thing planned. Okay, I'm gonna walk in, take off my jacket, and
say, "here comes
treble [ˈtrɛbəl]: the high tones or part in music or a sound system 最高声部;最高声部歌手;最高声部乐器

Mitchell: Big swing on the first day.
swing: 强劲的节奏;强劲节奏的乐曲

Cameron: Please don't tamp down my enthusiasm.
tamp something (down): to press something down firmly, especially into a closed space (用多次轻击以)向下压紧;

Mitchell: Okay, what else?

Cameron: Oh! The dimmer came in for the switch, so I want you to call the electrician, but not Brad.
Remember? We had a problem with him last time about the
dimmer [ˈdɪmər]: a switch that allows you to make an electric light brighter or less bright (电灯的)调光器
billing ['biliŋ]: 此处双关 (1) the act of preparing and sending bills to customers 开发票;开账单;(2) the position,
especially an important one, that somebody is advertised or described as having in a show, etc. 在演员表上的排名

Mitchell: He wanted his name above the title?
title [ˈtaɪtəl]: the name of a book, poem, painting, piece of music, etc. (书、戏剧、电影或乐曲的)标题

Cameron: Yes, you've done that joke before. So cute. So funny.

Mitchell: What else?

Cameron: Oh! Lily needs to get a present for Gio's birthday party. And don't be thrown by the
invitation. It is a pirates party, not a
Pilates party. Now sit. I wanna talk juice boxes.

Mitchell: Cam. Cam, I know what's happening here. You're feeling very anxious about your first day
at work, and you're focusing that anxiety on my day with Lily.

Cameron: Really? Are you sure I'm not completely confident about my first day because it's gonna
be a home run, and I am worried about you because you're
taking on a little bit more of the Lily load?
Don't be scared, sweetie. Mwah!
take on: If you take on a job or responsibility, especially a difficult one, you accept it. 承担

Mitchell: She's not scared! Wh-wh-what are you doing?

Cameron: Just call me if you need me.

Mitchell: I won't!

Cameron: And thank you for managing my expectations today. Not necessary.

Mitchell: I saw you practicing a bow last night.

Cameron: That was just in fun. You know, I highly doubt some teenagers are gonna throw rose petals
at my feet.
in fun: 开玩笑地,闹着玩儿地,不是认真地

Mitchell: Yeah.

Cameron: But I wouldn't be surprised if I got slow-clapped out of my first class.
slow-clap: a form of applause (especially used in films for dramatic effect) that slowly crescendoes from one person's
clapping to a crowd's


Alex: Wrong.

Claire: I am thinking.

Alex: If you were thinking, you wouldn't have Seattle as the capital of Washington.
Seattle [si'ætl]: 西雅图(美国华盛顿州西部港市)
the capital of Washington: 华盛顿州的首府是奥林匹亚市(Olympia)

Claire: Oh. Yeah. It's Spokane.
Spokane [spəu'kæn]: 斯波坎(美国华盛顿州东部城市)

Alex: Sure, which makes the 11th President of the United States "James K. Pslk."

1. 詹姆斯·诺克斯·波尔克(James Knox Polk,1795-1849),美国政治家、律师,美国第11任总统。他在1844年大选成


Claire: Okay, Alex, stop. I'm trying to figure this out.

Alex: Buzz. Time's up, dummy. It's Olympia. Make sure you sound out the big scary words.

cackle [ˈkækl]: If someone cackles, they laugh in a loud unpleasant way, often at something bad that happens to
someone else. (当坏事发生在他人身上时)不雅地大笑

Luke: Mom, something's on my mind, and it's really bothering me.

Claire: Yeah, it's really bothering me, too, but I think it's gonna be rich, so we better be nice to it.

Luke: I wanna quit magic.

Claire: What?

Luke: I'm not really interested anymore, but I don't think Dad's gonna be happy.

Claire: Oh, sweetheart. Don't worry about disappointing your father. He only wants you to do it if you
wanna do it. Tell you what. I will talk to

Phil: Whoa! Talk to Dad? That sounds serious. Don't do drugs. Stay in school.

Claire: Luke wants to quit magic.

Phil: That's not happening. Well, see you guys at dinner.

Claire: Sweetheart, don't you even want to talk about this?

Phil: What's to talk about? The kid's a natural. He has everything… the hands, the patter, the outfits.
patter [ˈpætər]: fast continuous talk by somebody who is trying to sell you something or entertain you (小贩、喜剧演

Claire: Okay, let's play this out. Even if he is one in a million, what's our best-case scenario here?
He becomes, what…
one in a million: a person or thing that is very unusual or special 百里挑一;极稀有的人或事
scenario [səˈnɛriˌoʊ]: a description of how things might happen in the future 设想;可能的情况

Phil: A professional magician!

Claire: A professional magician?

Phil: Honey, the boy has a gift. You wanna just throw that away?

Claire: I don't think it's about throwing it away. I think it's about you pushing him…

Luke: Don't I get a say in any of this? I'm sorry I don't like magic as much as you, but I don't.
get a say in: 有说话的权利

Phil: This isn't about magic.

Luke: No, it's about my life and you controlling it.

Phil: Look, you made a commitment. You will honor that commitment.

Luke: Ugh! I hate it here!


Phil: Luke!


Cameron: All right, young ladies and gentlemen, if I can have your attention, please. Let's settle down
and let's say a temporary good-bye to your neighbor and to life as you know it, because here comes
treble. That's right, my friends, we got treble, right here at Franklin Middle. I'm Cameron T., and that
rhymes with "g," and that stands for "good morning"! Huh? Yes! Love the enthusiasm. Go ahead.
First question.
settle down: 安心,专心

Delroy: When's Mr. Namagachi coming back?

Cameron: Okay, Mr. Namagachi isn't coming back, but there is somebody that I'd like to introduce
you to. Don't know that you properly met. She's a good friend of mine, and she
goes by the name of 
"music." And sometimes my friend music can be shy.
[keyboard: "Fur Elise"] Sometimes she can be
[Beethoven's Symphony No. 5] Huh? Sometimes she can be playful. ["The Entertainer"] And
sometimes she can be
downright a-funky! [electronic beats]
go by the name of: 称为,叫做
Fur Elise: 《致爱丽丝》
Beethoven ['bei,təuvən]: 贝多芬(德国作曲家)
Symphony No. 5: 第五交响曲
The Entertainer: a 1902 classic piano rag written by Scott Joplin 一首拉格泰姆音乐
downright: used as a way of emphasizing something negative or unpleasant (强调不快或负面事物)完全的;彻头彻尾
funky ['fʌŋki]: Funky jazz, blues, or pop music has a very strong, repeated bass part. 音低节奏强的(爵士、布鲁斯、

Manny: Train wreck.
train wreck: a situation, a person’s life, etc. that people find extremely interesting because it lacks order, is very bad
or is unsuccessful 怪胎

Luke: There's no way he ran this past Mitchell.

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