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08月 9th, 2018

【原创】志萍版摩登家庭英语笔记 04×05: Open House of Horrors – Part2

摩登家庭笔记, by 李志萍.

Phil: Which brings us back to our formal dining room. Now any questions?

dining room: a room that is used mainly for eating meals in (家里或旅馆里的)餐厅,餐室,饭厅

Einstein: Can we have our candy now?

Phil: Just as soon as we go over what you're gonna tell your parents. Now what was our style?

Trick-or-Treaters: Pre-war craftsman.
pre-war: happening or existing before a war, especially before the Second World War 战前的;(尤指)第二次世界大战
craftsman [ˈkræftsmən]: a skilled person, especially one who makes beautiful things by hand 工匠;手艺人;工艺师

Phil: Good, good. And how many square feet?
square feet: 平方英尺

Trick-or-Treaters: 3,500.


Claire: Still no trick-or-treaters?
trick-or-treater: 玩"不招待就使坏"的恶作剧者

Alex: Not yet.

Claire: Well, maybe people are going out later this year.

Alex: Well, the street's full of kids, but they're actively detouring around our house.
actively [ˈæktɪvli]: 积极地;主动地
detour [ˈdiːtʊr]: to take a longer route in order to avoid a problem or to visit a place 绕道;绕行;迂回

Steven: Move along.


Claire: Uh. Who wants some candy? Plenty of name-brand… Family-friendly candy right here.
name-brand: 有商标的;名牌的

Steven: It's a trap!


Claire: No. I… Ooh, how about you? Hey… You want some candy, right? Come on, have some candy! 

Chimney Sweep: Mom! Mommy, she's got me!

Claire: No, I don't… I'm not trying…

Chimney Sweep: My candy!

Chimney Sweep's Mom: Just leave it!


Gloria: Jay, you have to get ready for Mitch and Cam's party.

Jay: Gloria, does my skin look looser to you?

Gloria: What?

[doorbell rings]

Jay: Maybe I should try some of that fancy neck cream of yours. Don't you have some with specks 
of diamonds in it or something?
speck [spɛk]: a very small piece of a powdery substance (粉状物的)微粒

[door opens]

Skeleton: Trick-or-treat.

Lemon: Trick-or-treat.

Gloria: You guys don't even have costumes.

Skeleton: I'm a skeleton.

Lemon: And I'm… I'm a lemon.

Gloria: Aren't you too old to be trick-or-treating?

Skeleton: Aren't you too old to be having a baby?


Gloria: Ah, you find that funny, lemon? Here's a better joke. Knock, knock. What's gone? Your candy!

[tosses bag] [door slams]

Jay: What was that?

Gloria: Some rude dummies, that they think that they can…

Jay: All right, listen. Let's just calm down. Get ready for the party.

Gloria: Calm down what? Huh? You think I'm a hothead, like Manny?

Jay: No! [thump] You can be emotional. Volatile, maybe. Still, that's a far cry from…
volatile [ˈvɑːlətl]: (of a person or their moods) changing easily from one mood to another 情绪不稳定的;喜怒无常的
a far cry from: 与…有很大差别;完全不同


Gloria: You put egg on my house, I kill what you love!

Jay: Psycho.


Reuben: Plush utility room? Yeah, right. I know a hall closet when I see one.
plush [plʌʃ]: very comfortable; expensive and of good quality 豪华舒适的
utility room [juːˈtɪləti rʊm]: a room, especially in a private house, that contains large pieces of equipment such as a
washing machine, freezer, etc. (配有洗、熨等设备的)附属生活设施间;(住宅的)杂品存储室;住宅维护保养器具设

Luke: And your Dad never lies? What medical school did the great appliance doctor attend?

Durkas: Hey, Delgado.

Manny: Oh, no! Durkas! What I wouldn't give for this umbrella to have Mary Poppins' powers.
Mary Poppins: 玛丽·波宾丝,参见402.文化详解9.

Luke: Oh, I pray he didn't hear that.

Durkas: Heard you pulled the fire alarm today and got us out of that test. Good job.

Manny: Thanks, Mr. Durkas.

Durkas: You know what? You don't need to call me that anymore. Anyway, we're all meeting at the
playground at 8:00 and heading out, if you want to join.

Luke: You're totally going to that.

Reuben: Yeah, if you want to ruin your reputation.

Luke: You're finally gonna be in with the cool kids.

Reuben: You need to talk at the school assembly on Monday and apologize to all the teachers.
assembly [ə'sembli]: a meeting of the teachers and students in a school, usually at the start of the day, to give
information, discuss school events or say prayers together (学校师生的)大会

Luke: Teachers. More like public sector parasites.
public sector: the part of the economy of a country that is owned or controlled by the government (国民经济中的)公营
parasite [ˈpærəsaɪt]: a person who always relies on or benefits from other people and gives nothing back 寄生虫;不

Reuben: Be strong, Manny.

Luke: Be smart. Adventures, parties.

Reuben: Juvie, heartache.
juvie ['dʒu:vi]: 少年犯拘留所

Luke: Girls!

Reuben: But not the kind we want.

Manny: They're all the kind we want. Mr. Dur… Conrad!


[laughter, chattering]

Egg Donor: Take one. I'm an egg donor.


Sugar Daddy: I love your costume, too, Cam. Adora-bull.
adora-bull: 音近adorable

Cameron: Oh, well, thank you. It's all in fun. I half-wanted to wear something tighter. You know, I've been
reduce [rɪˈduːs]: to lose weight by limiting the amount and type of food that you eat (节食)减肥

Sugar Daddy: I can see.

Cameron: Well, you say it like you can't.

Sugar Daddy: No, no, no. I totally can.


Cameron: Impressive, huh?

Sugar Daddy: Yeah. I'm… I'm gonna…

Mitchell: Hey, Cam. I'm hearing a rumor that you keep flashing our guests.

Cameron: Oh, well, not in a perverted way. I just want people to see my body under this stupid costume.
perverted [pərˈvɜːrtɪd]: If you say that someone is perverted, you mean that you consider their behaviour, especially
their sexual behaviour, to be immoral or unacceptable.

Mitchell: That's very close to what actual flashers say.
flasher [ˈflæʃər]: a man who shows his sexual organs in public, especially in order to shock or frighten women (在公共

Lily: Daddy?

Mitchell: Yeah, one second, honey.

Cameron: I'm just tired of throwing out compliments and not getting anything back. I told Roberto his
spray tan looked real. Look for yourself. It's on two of our pillows and our cat.
spray tan: 皮肤喷雾晒黑

Lily: Daddy.

Mitchell: Yeah?

Lily: Look it. It's my Mommy. She came.

Mitchell: Oh. Oh, no, honey, that's not your Mommy.

Lily: It's not?

Mitchell: No, no. That's just one of Daddy's friends.

Cameron: What's going on?

Mitchell: Oh, nothing. She just wants one of these cupcakes.

Lily: But I already had…

Mitchell: Oh, there you go, honey. Okay, off you go. Mingle! Mingle!
mingle [ˈmɪŋgəl]: to move among people and talk to them, especially at a social event 应酬;交往


Alex: Oh! Looks like some people came by.

Claire: Yeah. Oh, yeah, we had a few.

Alex: I saw that.

[phone rings]

Claire: Hello?

Phil: Hey, honey.

[candy rattling]

Claire: Hi. How's your open house?

Phil: Pretty empty, actually. I kind of just took it out on a Harry Potter. Seriously, though, a Gryffindor 
letting his
Mom carry his quidditch broom? How Hufflepuff is that?
took it out on: to behave in an unpleasant way towards somebody because you feel angry, disappointed, etc.,
although it is not their fault 把自己的愤怒发泄在一些物件或他人身上
Gryffindor: 格兰芬多,参见205.文化详解8.
quidditch [ˈkwɪdɪtʃ]: an imaginary game in which players fly on broomsticks 魁地奇比赛(参赛者在飞天扫帚上进行的
Hufflepuff: 赫奇帕奇,参见205.文化详解8.

4. 哈利·波特(Harry Potter)是著名魔幻系列小说《哈利·波特》中的主人公,由英国作家J. K. 罗琳(J. K. Rowling)创作,

Claire: It's pretty lonely here, too. We have been shunned by the whole neighborhood.
shun [ʃʌn]: to avoid somebody/something (有意识地)避开,回避,避免

Phil: That's ridiculous. All over some mild little gag you pulled?
mild [maɪld]: used to describe something such as a feeling, attitude, or illness that is not very strong or severe 轻微的
gag [gæg]: a trick you play on somebody 恶作剧

Claire: It was not mild. There was an investig…

Phil: Shh. Oh, I-I thought I heard someone. I guess it was just trees tapping against the window. It's
pretty creepy over here in this
rattly old house. Anyway, I'll probably give it another 30 minutes, then
I'll see you at home.
rattly ['rætli]: having a rattle; rattling 格格响的

Claire: Okay. Bye.


Alex: What are you laughing about?

Claire: Oh, it's just your poor Dad, you know. Your poor, dumb Dad.


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