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08月 11th, 2018

【原创】志萍版摩登家庭英语笔记 04×06: Yard Sale – Part3

摩登家庭笔记, by 李志萍.


Alex: There you are.

Michael: Hey. Sorry. I got lost in this "Elle Decor." Justin Timberlake is designing his own home line,
and I'm trying to
reserve judgment.
get lost in something: to give all your attention to something so that you do not notice what is happening around you
Justin Timberlake: 贾斯汀·汀布莱克参见315.文化详解4.
reserve judgment: 保留看法

4. 《家居廊》(Elle Decor )是美国ELLE旗下的一个畅销家居类杂志,1989年推出,全球23个版本。提供家居时尚、庭园

Alex: [sighs] Michael, I have to ask you something. I want you to know it's okay either way, but… Are you

Michael: What? No! I'm not! I-I took you to prom. I kissed you. Unless you're a boy, I'm pretty sure I'm
straight. Are… are you a boy?

Alex: No.

Michael: Right. So then I'm straight.

Alex: I didn't mean to make you mad.

Michael: I'm not mad. I'm just… Angry.

Alex: I'm sorry. And those are synonyms.
synonym [ˈsɪnənɪm]: a word or expression that has the same or nearly the same meaning as another in the same
language 同义词;近义词

Michael: You just know everything today. Can you just give me a minute?


Jay: Hey. Can I help you?

Michael: Yeah. Why does everybody think I'm gay?

Jay: God, I hate yard sales.


Gloria: Thank you.

Luke: Sorry for snooping around and finding your old man doll.

Gloria: In Colombia, if you snoop around the wrong box, you might end up inside that box.

Luke: I shouldn't have done it. Now I feel bad for Manny.

Gloria: What do you mean?

Luke: Well, I don't know. He's always talking about how brave you are, how you're not afraid of anything.
Now… he just seems a little sad.

Gloria: How sad?

Luke: Don't worry. It's a good thing. He needs a little dose of reality. You walk around school telling
everyone how great your
Mommy is all the time, you find yourself on the business end of a wedgie.
dose: (尤指苦药般的惩罚、令人恶心或讨厌的东西或其他不愉快经历等的)一番、一次、一份、一剂、一点
business end: (某东西的)危险的、关键性的或最重要的部分
wedgie [ˈwedʒi]: an act of lifting somebody up by his/her underwear, usually done as a joke (为恶作剧)将某人的内裤


Luke: I know how to push buttons to get what I want, and what I want is to see a puppet show.
push buttons: 惹某人生气或不舒服;惹翻


Cameron: J'accuse!
j'accuse [ʒɑ:'kju:z]: (法语)我控诉

Mitchell: I'm sorry. One more time?

Cameron: It's just a dramatic way of accusing you… of stashing my fat pants in a bush! Saboteur!

Mitchell: That's a second way.

Cameron: How… could… you?

Mitchell: And a third.

Cameron: Why, Mitchell? Why?

Mitchell: Cam… oh, come on. All right, the… This is a little hard to say, but… Every time you get rid of
these pants, you have to buy them all over again, and you get depressed, all right? This is just a way
to have a
 safety net.
safety net: an arrangement that helps to prevent disaster if something goes wrong (为防止如经济损失等而提供的)安

Cameron: I can't have a safety net, Mitchell. Otherwise, I won't be successful and keep the weight off.
Have you ever thought of that?

Mitchell: No. No, I didn't.

Cameron: You know, you're not the only one who remembers all the times I failed.

Mitchell: You're right. I-I should support you more. I'm… I'm sorry.

Cameron: I'm happy to hear you say that.

Mitchell: Well, I'm happy you're happy.

Alex: Well, I hope you both are happy. Michael's not gay. Now he hates me. Thanks a lot.

Mitchell: You see? This is exactly why I didn't want to get involved.

Cameron: Now I feel terrible. These feelings would go good with pie.

Claire: There he is! [engine stops] Sweetheart, do you love it?

Phil: No, Claire, I do not love it.

Claire: Oh, that's too bad 'cause you look so cool on that.

Phil: Do I, Claire? Do I really?

Claire: What happened?

Phil: It's a long story. Check your in-box. But suffice it to say, I'm not buying that motorcycle.
in-box: On a computer, your in-box is the part of your mailbox which stores e-mails that have arrived for you. (电子邮
suffice (it) to say (that)…: used to suggest that although you could say more, what you do say will be enough to
explain what you mea
n 一言以蔽之;只要说…就够了

Claire: Uh-huh.

Phil: I know what I am, Claire. I'm not a rider. I'm a strider. I hope that's sexy enough for you.
strider: 阔步走路的人

Claire: Well, I can see stuff.

Phil: Yeah, I know. I can feel air on it.

Claire: Mm.

Phil: It's not like I have another pair of pants.

Mitchell: Oh, uh, today is your lucky day. It's for a good cause.
be for/in a good cause: worth doing, because it is helping other people 为了正当理由

Cameron: Aw. You might need a belt.

Phil: Oh, I doubt it. I bet we wear the same size.

Cameron: Don't do that.

Phil: Copy.
copy: to receive a transmission successfully 收到

Mitchell: Well, we ruined Alex's life, by the way.

Claire: I don't know. She looks okay.

Cameron: Oh, looks like they made up.

Claire: Hmm. If she would just listen to me, I could have avoid her so much pain.

Mitchell: Give it a rest. She's 14, all right? No matter who that boy is, he's not gonna last.
give it a rest: used to tell somebody to stop talking about something because they are annoying you 消停一会(别再

Claire: Mm, you're right.

Cameron: Well, at least with a gay kid, you know she's gonna get a great flower arrangement. Should've
seen the one I made Annabelle. Arranged it myself. It was gorgeous… Till she pulled it apart and spelled
"homo" on my porch.
flower arrangement: 插花

Claire: This doesn't make me feel any better.

Gloria: Gather around, everybody. I want you to meet somebody.

Claire: Oh, but that might.

Manny: Uncle Grumpy.


Gloria: Luke's wise words got to me. I needed my son to respect me again. More than that, I needed to
respect myself.


Gloria: Holy maracas! I think I sat on the right lap! Uncle Grumpy, we're in public. Ay, look at all those
white faces! I see we made it over the wall. Uncle Grumpy, are you in a bad mood? Damn right I am!
I just came from the movies.
 A whole day's pay to see "Basic Instinct." Oh. And what did you think?
Basically, it stinked. You're so grumpy.
 Damn right I am! I just met the girl of my dreams. Ay, that's
such great news. No. She gave me the
maraca [məˈrækə]: breast (女人的)奶子
termite [ˈtɜrˌmaɪt]: an insect that lives in organized groups, mainly in hot countries. Termites do a lot of damage by
eating the wood of trees and buildings. 白蚁(等翅目社会性昆虫的统称,似蚁,发白,分布于温带至热带,一些种食

5. 《本能》(Basic Instinct)是美国1992年上映的一部惊悚片,讲述了警探尼克为调查一宗离奇的冰锥杀人命案而与有

[door closes]

Jay: Gloria, I'm just gonna… Oh, jeez. I don't even wanna know what this is. I'm outta here.

Gloria: You're leaving?

Jay: Damn right. The only difference between this and a home invasion is I get to shoot people at a
home invasion.
home invasion [ɪnˈveɪʒən]: aggravated burglary 严重的入户盗窃

Claire: Oh, my God. She married her puppet. 


Cameron: Uncle Grumpy!


Phil: [on the video] Can anyone hear me?! Please help me! I don't wanna die! If I had to make a playlist
for being trapped under a motorcycle, it'd be, um… "
Stuck in the Middle," "Hit the Road Jack," um,
anything by Heavy D.
 Ooh, Pointer Sisters, "Neutron Dance." Turns out today wasn't the first day of the
rest of my life. Oh, my goodness. There's some DVDs in a shoe box in, uh, my closet that I was holding
for… a buddy. Um, you can go ahead and just throw the whole box away.
[beatboxing] I'm so hungry. I
don't know how long I'm gonna be out here. I gotta
ration my food. I said no tomatoes!
Stuck in the Middle: 《进退两难》Clea乐队2004年发行的一首歌
Hit the Road Jack: 《启程,杰克》,雷·查尔斯(Ray Charles)1961年发行的一首歌
Neutron Dance: 指针姐妹(Pointer Sisters)1983年发行的一首歌
ration [ˈræʃən]: to limit the amount of something that somebody is allowed to have, especially because there is not
enough of it available 定量供应,配给

6. 重D(Heavy D,1967-2011),美国说唱歌手、唱片制作人,嘻哈乐队"Heavy D & the Boyz"的主唱。在20世纪90年代

7. 指针姐妹(Pointer Sisters)是美国的一个歌唱组合,在20世纪70年代和80年代获得了空前的成功,三度格莱美音乐奖
(I'm So Excited)等。随着音乐多元化的发展,指针姐妹合唱团已不满足于走单纯的民谣路线,她们将节奏布鲁斯、迪斯



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