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08月 14th, 2018

【原创】志萍版摩登家庭英语笔记 04×07: Arrested – Part1

摩登家庭笔记, by 李志萍.

[phone ringing]

Phil: Night.

Claire: No.

Phil: Middle of the phone. I got it.

Claire: Get it.

Phil: Oh! My arm's asleep! My arm's asleep!
asleep: If you say that your arm or leg is asleep, you mean that it is numb, for example because you have been
sitting in an awkward position.

Claire: Get the phone. Phil, get the phone.

Phil: Oh!


Claire: That's me. Hello! Hi. Yes, this is she.

Phil: Who is it?

Claire: Okay. Oh, God.

Phil: Tell me what's happening here!

Claire: Haley has been arrested.

Phil: What?


[phone ringing]

Cameron: Phone! Phone. I bet that's mama. I was just dreaming it was raining chickens! Mitchell,
answer the phone!

Mitchell: Look what I am doing. Look what I am doing, huh? Hello?

Claire: Hey, Mitchell. I'm sorry to wake you up, but Haley got arrested.

Mitchell: Oh, God. Haley got arrested.

Cameron: That explains the chickens.

Mitchell: It does. It adds up. What did she get arrested for?

Claire: Oh, she got caught drinking at some party. Look, could you drive up to the college with us?
I think we're gonna need a lawyer.

Mitchell: Yes, of course. And Cam and Lily can come over and stay with Alex and Luke.

Cameron: I'll guard them with my life.

Mitchell: Yeah, yeah.

Claire: I hate to bother him.

Mitchell: No, no, don't be silly. He's happy to do it. Okay, we'll be over in a little bit. [beeps] Okay. 

Cameron: Oh, I get it. When you told Claire I would come over and watch the kids, she was resistant
because she doesn't trust my parenting skills.
resistant [ri'zistənt]: Someone who is resistant to something is opposed to it and wants to prevent it. 抵制的

Mitchell: No. Don't be silly. She just didn't want to put you out.
put somebody out: to cause somebody trouble, extra work, etc. 给某人添麻烦

Cameron: She's got a daughter behind bars and she's got the nerve to say I'm a bad parent? You didn't
defend me.
behind bars: in prison 关在监牢里

Mitchell: Because she didn't say anything.

Cameron: Why are you protecting her?

Mitchell: Why is no one protecting me? No.


[phone ringing]

Gloria: Ay! Answer! Answer!

Jay: [beeps] This better be good.

Claire: [groans] Haley got arrested for drinking. We gotta go bail her out. Do you still have a connection
to that judge
bail somebody out: to pay somebody's bail for them 把…保释出来
upstate [ˈʌpˌsteɪt]: in a part of a state that is far from its main cities, especially a northern part 州北部的;州边远地区

Jay: He died.

Gloria: Ay! Who died?

Jay: An old friend of mine.

Gloria: Ay, Jay, I'm so sorry.

Jay: He died five years ago.

Gloria: Then why are they calling us in the middle of the night to wake us up?!

Jay: Nobody died. Haley's in jail.

Gloria: Okay. That makes more sense.

Jay: Claire has to go bail her out.

Gloria: Okay. Give me that. Claire, listen to me… Take a lot of cash. And when you flash it to the police,
do not speak about it. Let the eyes do all the talking, okay?
flash: to show something to somebody quickly 快速亮一下(证件等)

[door opens]

Manny: I heard the phone. Who died?

Gloria: Jay's friend.

Manny: Oh, Jay, I'm so sorry.

Claire: Okay. I can't do this again. [beeps]


Cameron: [singing] It's breakfast. It's breakfast time. It's breaky breaky time.

Alex: Uncle Cam. I thought I heard your voice. What are you doing here? Where are my parents?

Cameron: Well, the school called, and your sister won a big award.

Alex: Nice try. The only person who would believe that would be Haley.

Lily: She's in jail.

Alex: Jail?

Cameron: Lily, what did I say?

Lily: That it was only a matter of time.
only a matter of time: 只是时间问题

Cameron: Okay, no. Didn't say that. Okay, so here's the truth. Your sister was caught drinking. But it's
no big deal. Your parents are there taking care of it right now. So…

Luke: This is so awesome! I hope she hits the weights so she's totally ripped when she gets out.
hit: 埋头于;劲头十足地做
weights: objects that weigh a known amount and that people lift as a form of exercise 哑铃
ripped [rɪpt]: having strong muscles that you can see clearly 有明显的肌肉线条的

Cameron: Okay. Let's change the subject. Have a seat. Have some breakfast. See if there's anything
on that plate you like a lot.


Alex: Is this bacon?

Cameron: Of course it is, silly.


Cameron: Been on a little bit of a health kick lately, so I took a vegan cooking class, and my new thing
is "
fakon." It's like real bacon.
kick: (短暂而强烈的)爱好;狂热
vegan [ˈvigən]: Someone who is vegan never eats meat or any animal products such as milk, butter, or cheese. 严

Mitchell: Except for the look, the texture, and the taste.
texture [ˈtɛkstʃər]: the way food or drink tastes or feels in your mouth, for example whether it is rough, smooth, light,
heavy, etc. 结构;纹理;质感

Cameron: Maybe the store-bought kind. But I make my own, so it's not even real fakon. It's faux-fakon.
store-bought: bought from a shop/store and not made at home 商店里买的;非自制的
faux- [foʊ]: artificial, but intended to look or seem real 表示"假的"、"仿制的"、"人造的"

Mitchell: It's faux-kon disgusting.

Cameron: You can't tell the difference.


Cameron: And guess which one's the real one?

Mitchell: That one. That one. Still that one.


Luke: This is the best bacon I've ever had.

Cameron: Oh, well. [chuckles] I can't wait to tell your Uncle Mitchell that you love it.

Alex: Why would Uncle Mitch care?

Cameron: Because, my dear, that bacon you're eating isn't bacon at all, no, no, no. It's made entirely
of soy.

Alex: Luke's allergic to soy! His throat closes! He can't breathe!

Mitchell: Hello?

Cameron: Never mind! Okay, okay. We have to, uh, get you to the, uh, hospital!


Alex: Lily! Come on, baby.

Cameron: Okay, Luke! Put the fakon down!

Luke: I'm using it to scratch my throat!

Cameron: Okay. Okay. Let's go. Come on. Go.


Mitchell: Cam? C-Cam? That was weird. Hey, Claire, do you wanna pick it up a little bit? Since when do
you drive the
speed limit?
pick up: 增加(速度或冲力)
speed limit: the highest speed at which you can legally drive on a particular road (道路上的)限速

Claire: My daughter has been arrested for drinking. I would like her to sit in jail and think about that.
As a matter of fact, I might stop and do a little
outlet shopping. Who wants a pair of last year's
sunglasses, huh?
outlet: a shop or organization which sells the goods made by a particular manufacturer or at a discount price, often
direct from the manufacturer 专卖店;直销店

Phil: Honey… Try to relax.

Claire: I don't feel like relaxing, Phil! She has been in college for six weeks.

Phil: Yeah, and everyone goes a little crazy at first. I remember one night freshman year, a bunch of us
on the
Frisbee golf team got a case of zima. Enough zaid.
Frisbee golf: (用飞取代高尔夫球和球棒的)飞高尔夫

1. 飞盘(Frisbee)是塑胶制的、带有突出边缘的盘状器具,1948年第一个现代飞盘被发明出来。1959年玩具生产公司

2. 济马(Zima)是一种清澈的、含有轻碳酸的酒精饮料,1993年推出,作为啤酒的替代品在市场上销售,酒精含量为

More than enough.


Claire: I'm not gonna lie. Sometimes it bothers me how calm Phil is under pressure. It's like… like I'm
the one who's overreacting.

Phil: That's good. Let it out. It's g…

Claire: I'm going to kill you.


Gloria: Jay, do you have some time today? We need to go and pick out a stroller.

Jay: Just get whatever you want. I mean, it's what you're gonna do anyway.

Gloria: What I want is a husband who likes to go shopping for a stroller with me.

Jay: If you had a husband who liked picking out strollers, you wouldn't be having a baby.


Manny: So who wants to come with me to the spoken word festival this evening? I only have two tickets,
so somebody's gonna be disappointed.
spoken word: a type of poetry that is spoken aloud and performed to an audience 口语诗,集创作和表演为一体的
festival [ˈfɛstəvəl]: a series of performances of music, plays, films/movies, etc., usually organized in the same place
once a year; a series of public events connected with a particular activity or idea 表演会,文娱节日;(常为定期举

Jay: I think it's gonna be you.

Gloria: Ay, Manny, I would go with you, but I'm so tired.

Jay: You just woke up. How are you tired?

Gloria: Maybe because I'm turning food into a human! Jay will take you.

[footsteps depart]

Jay: Sorry, I would love to go to the spoken word festival, but I'm already going to the I'd-rather-blow-
jamboree [ˌdʒæmbəˈri]: a large party or celebration 欢乐的大型聚会 

Manny: I can't believe this. I'm living in a cultural wasteland.
wasteland ['weistlænd]: If you refer to a place, situation, or period in time as a wasteland, you are criticizing it
because you think there is nothing interesting or exciting in it. 荒漠(指精神、知识、审美等方面贫乏的地区、历史

Jay: With a heated pool.
heated: (of a room, building, etc.) made warmer using a heater 加了热的;温暖的

Gloria: Manny, vamos. You're gonna be late for school.

[phone ringing]

Jay: Oh, jeez. Hello, DeDe.

DeDe Pritchett: Good morning, Jay. Namaste.

Jay: Let's not do this.

DeDe Pritchett: Oh, fine, silly. I'm on my way to a retreat in Ojai, and since I'm passing through town,
I thought I'd pick up that photo album.
retreat [rɪ'trit]: a quiet, private place that you go to in order to get away from your usual life 隐居处;静修所
Ojai: 奥海镇,位于洛杉矶以北的文图拉县

Jay: You know, it's really not a good time.

DeDe Pritchett: Oh, please.

Jay: All right. I'll meet you on the street. Drive by slow with the window open.


Jay: I was dreading DeDe finding out that Gloria's pregnant. It's the one thing DeDe's hung on to, that
she's the mother of my kids. And considering their history…
dread [drɛd]: If you dread something which may happen, you feel very anxious and unhappy about it because you
think it will be unpleasant or upsetting. 害怕;担忧
hang on to: 紧紧握住;依附


DeDe Pritchett: Ayayayayay! Ooh! Ayayayayay!


DeDe Pritchett: I-I wanna… rip your head off!

Gloria: What?

Phil: No! Please stop it! Whoa!


Gloria: Eh? No! DeDe!


Jay: I wasn't exactly looking forward to round four, especially now that Gloria's a bigger, slower target.
round: a stage in a competition or sports event (游戏、体育)一轮;一场;一局;一盘


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