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08月 15th, 2018

【原创】志萍版摩登家庭英语笔记 04×08: Mistery Date – Part2

摩登家庭笔记, by 李志萍.

Mitchell: That's too cute.

Jay: What the hell is that?

Mitchell: That's the store mascot. That's Hug-a-Bunny. He goes around and he hugs…

Jay: No, I get it. Nice for flu season. He ought to be called conjunctivitis bunny.
flu season: 流感季节
conjunctivitis [kənˌdʒʌŋktɪˈvaɪtɪs]: an infectious eye disease that causes pain and swelling in the conjunctiva (= part
of the eye) 结膜炎

Mitchell: Okay. So, Dad, the cribs are over there, but while we're here, a little advice, you can never
have too many
 Onesies. All right? Any event, day or night. Throw one on, little pair of booties,
boom-ready to go out. Dress it up, you could
dress it down. You could… Dad? Dad?
Onesies [ˈwʌnziz]: one of the more popular brands of infant bodysuits, manufactured by Gerber Childrenswear
(formerly part of Gerber Products Company) (嘉宝公司生产的)连体衣,参见307.文化详解5.
booties: 婴儿袜
dress down: to wear clothes that are more informal than those you usually wear, for example in an office 穿休闲服装


Mitchell: Something was clearly going on with my Dad, but I wasn't about to get sucked in. It's
happened before. "
Dad, you seem sad. Do you wanna talk?" "Talk?! What are we, girlfriends?" To use
a sports reference, put the football away, Lucy. I ain't kickin'.


Jay: So Saturday noon?

Dr. Jensen: Saturday noon's fine, Jay.

Mitchell: Hey, Dad, I picked you up a diaper bag. Fun fact… this insulated pouch will keep a bottle of
prosecco cold for an entire Wiggles concert. Hi.
insulated [ˈɪnsəleɪtɪd]: protected with a material that prevents heat, sound, electricity, etc. from passing through 覆有
prosecco [prəˈsekəʊ]: 普洛赛克(意大利产起泡干白葡萄酒)
the Wiggles: 威格尔斯,参见217.文化详解6.

Jay: Mitch, it's doctor…

Dr. Jensen: Bob Jensen. Nice to meet you. Jay, I will see you.

Jay: Yeah, I'll see you then. Good, Bob.


Mitchell: Doctor? Sweater vest? My Dad acting all shifty? He was seeing a shrink. "Dad, I can see that
you're going through something." "And I can see your bra strap,
Oprah. Mind your own business."
Tee up the football all you want, Lucy. Still ain't kickin'.
shifty [ˈʃɪftɪ]: seeming to be dishonest; looking guilty about something 躲躲闪闪的;鬼鬼祟祟的
Oprah: 奥普拉,参见217.文化详解2.
tee up: 置(球)于球座上


Claire: She clearly misheard the question. The acoustics in here are terrible. Especially for a little girl
just getting over an ear infection.
mishear: to fail to hear correctly what somebody says, so that you think they said something else 误听;听错
acoustics [əˈkuːstɪks]: (plural) the shape, design, etc. of a room or theatre that make it good or bad for carrying
sound (复数)传声效果;音响效果

Alex: Oh, my God, what are you doing?

Claire: I was explaining your…

Alex: I heard, because my ears are fine. I'm sorry. I didn't ask her to do this.

Claire: I'm trying to help you.

Alex: You were not. You were trying to help you. You're just mad because now you can't parade me
around like some show pony.

Claire: That is not true.

Alex: Don't deny it. You bought the 2-day cushion.

Claire: Who are you to judge?


["Hava Nagila" on speakers] [cheering]

Party Attendant: Oh, look at him.


Gloria: Thank you for a fun day, okay? Good-bye.

Cameron: Good-bye?

Gloria: Ay, Cam, sorry, but the lunch was two hours, and then you had to show me your first apartment.

Cameron: Oh, could you believe how I used to live?

Gloria: I really need to take a nap now.

Cameron: No. No, no. No. No. No, no. You know what? I have, uh, something I want you to do that's
even more relaxing than a nap.

Gloria: No. I want to take a nap.


[door opens]

Phil: There's my man.

Dave: That's me. Your man. I brought spinach dip. I don't know why.
spinach [ˈspɪnɪtʃ]: a vegetable with large dark green leaves that are cooked or eaten in salads 菠菜
dip: a thick mixture into which pieces of food are dipped before being eaten 蘸酱

Phil: I'll tell you why. 'Cause it's delicious, and you're an awesome guest. Get in here.

Dave: All right.

Phil: How are you?

Dave: Good. You?

Phil: Good. By the way, I left a message for my brother-in-law and his partner to join us, too.

Dave: Oh. More people. Good. Nice house, by the way.

Phil: Thanks.

Dave: Wait a minute. Is that your family? Are you married?

Phil: Yeah, but don't worry. We have the house to ourselves. They're all out of town. I am long overdue
for a boys' night.
overdue [ˌoʊvərˈduː]: that should have happened or been done before now 早该发生的

Dave: So your wife is okay with…

Phil: Oh, yeah. She suggested it. She knows I need this every so often. Long as I clean up afterwards,
she's fine.
every so often: occasionally; sometimes 偶尔;常常;时常

Dave: Oh.

Phil: You ready for a margarita?
margarita: 玛格丽特,参见108.文化详解5.

Dave: Sure.


Cameron: Soothing, right? You see, as the music relaxes the baby, you relax.

Gloria: No, you're making the baby jump on my bladder. How can it relax listening to a song about a

Cameron: She's not a hooker, she's a private dancer. A dancer for money. She'll do what you want
her to… Oh, my gosh, I taught Lily this song.
[cell phone rings] Excuse me. [beeps] Hello?

Dave: He's married. To a woman. Yeah, she's out of town. I don't know. They must have some sort
of arrangement or something.

Cameron: So what? If they know about it, who cares? You're not ready for a relationship anyway.
Just have some fun.

Dave: It feels weird. He has other people coming over. I think I'm gonna bail on this.
bail on: 爽约,放鸽子

Cameron: He's just feeling you out like you're feeling him out. I promise you, these other guests
mysteriously cancel. Hold on just a second, sweetie.  [beeping] Hello?
feel out: 试探,摸底细
mysteriously [mɪˈstɪriəsli]: in a way that is difficult to understand or explain; strangely 神秘地;莫名其妙地

Phil: Hey, you guys still coming?

Cameron: Oh, I forgot to call you. We have to cancel.

Phil: No problem. Bye. [beeps] Hey. More margaritas for us. The other guys just cancelled.

Cameron: Are you still there?

Dave: You were right. The other guys just cancelled.

Cameron: See? Now listen to me. You're gonna have two margaritas. Maybe start a third. Laugh at his
jokes. But not in that high
falsetto thing. Something more manly. Let's practice.
falsetto [fɔːlˈsetoʊ]: an unusually high voice, especially the voice that men use to sing very high notes (男高音)假声

Dave: I'm not gonna laugh for you. You can be very controlling, you know that?

Cameron: Why does everybody say I'm controlling?

Dave: Oh. Gotta go. 

Phil: Looks like this kennel is for bulldogs only. [high-pitched laugh, deeper laugh] You all right?
kennel [ˈkenl]: a small shelter for a dog to sleep in 狗窝;犬舍

Dave: Yeah, I'm all right. I'm great.

Phil: Oh, good.

Dave: Listen, uh, I-I don't want this to sound weird, but, um… But you and I, tonight… Is this, uh…

Phil: Sorry, Dave, what was that?

Dave: Nothing.


Clerk: Here you go. For a small fee, we can come to your house and assemble it for you.
fee: an amount of money that you pay for professional advice or services 服务费;报酬;酬金

Mitchell: Yeah, my Dad's more of a do-it-yourself-er, plus he's not one for strangers in his personal

Clerk: All right. Uh, well, can I help you carry it to your car?

Mitchell: Yeah, he's not gonna go for that, either. The guy won't even use the wheels on his suitcase.
Likes everyone to think he's this big, tough guy who… Okay.

Jay: Yo! There he is. All right. Let's get this done.

Mitchell: Hey, Dad, you know…

Jay: No, we don't need any help, Mitchell. Just pick up your end.


Mitchell: Dad, stop, stop, stop.

Jay: What? A break already?

Mitchell: Dad, you're obviously going through something. Look, you do not have to go through this
alone. I'm here to talk if you want.

Jay: [exhales] That's really nice of you, Mitchell, but do you wanna do it here? 'Cause I saw a little
princess table with a
tea set on it. You and I could have a real gabfest.
tea set: a set consisting of a teapot, sugar bowl, cups, plates, etc., used for serving tea 茶具
gabfest [ˈɡæbfest]: an informal meeting to talk and exchange news; a long conversation 长时间的闲聊;冗长的交谈


Mitchell: [screaming] I'm such a blockhead.
blockhead [ˈblɑːkhed]: a very stupid person 笨蛋,傻子;榆木脑袋


Jay: Can't we just get this into the car?

Mitchell: Why? So you're not late for your shrink session?
session [ˈsɛʃən]: (为从事某项活动的)会面,集会

Jay: What?

Mitchell: Yeah. I picked up on that. Bunny hugger! Saw that, too. Mobile spinner. I swear to God
pick up on: to notice something and perhaps react to it 了解到;注意到
mobile: a decoration that you hang from a ceiling. It usually consists of several small objects which move as the
air around them moves. (通常由几个小物件组成的可随风摆动的)悬挂在天花板的装饰物


Claire: What are you doing back here?!

Alex: I didn't have the room key, and I don't want to be seen in public.

Claire: I thought about what you said before…

Moderator: When did China's last emperor ascend the throne?
emperor [ˈempərər]: the ruler of an empire 皇帝
ascend the throne: 登基

Alex: 1909.

Claire: And you can say a lot of things about me, but I am not someone who lives through her kids.


Moderator: Sorry. It's 1909.

Claire: Do I like to see you succeed? Of course I do!

Moderator: Tritium is an isotope of what element?
tritium [ˈtrɪtiəm]: an isotope (= a different form) of hydrogen with a mass that is three times that of the usual isotope
isotope [ˈaɪsətoʊp]: one of two or more forms of a chemical element which have the same number of protons but
a different number of neutrons in their atoms. They have different physical properties (= characteristics) but the
same chemical ones. 同位素 

Alex: Hydrogen.
hydrogen [ˈhaɪdrədʒən]: a chemical element. Hydrogen is a gas that is the lightest of all the elements. It combines
with oxygen to form water. 氢(化学元素)

Claire: But do I need that to make myself feel important? Absolutely not.


Moderator: No, the answer is hydrogen.

Claire: As a matter of fact, I'm a little hurt you would think I was so shallow.

Moderator: The Persian satrapy of Skudra included which two areas?
Persian [ˈpɜːrʒn]: from or connected with ancient Persia, or modern Persia, now called Iran 波斯(人)的;伊朗(人)的;
satrapy [ˈsætrəpɪ]: (古波斯帝国的)总督职位(任期、管辖区)
Skudra: a province (satrapy) of the Persian Empire in Europe between 510s BC and 479 BC 斯库德拉

Alex: Macedonia and Thrace.
Macedonia [,mæsi'dəunjə]: 马其顿(巴尔干半岛一古国)
Thrace [θreis]: 色雷斯(自爱琴海至多瑙河的巴尔干半岛东南部地区)

Claire: I know Moms like that, and that is not me. No way.


Moderator: Macedonia and Thrace.

Claire: Are you freaking kidding me?! Macedonia and Thrace? What even is that?! You're hardly even
listening! How could we lose this?! I said "we."

Alex: Yeah. You do that sometimes.

Claire: I'm so sorry. I am one of those Moms. I like it too much when you win. I really love lording it over 
the other
lord it over somebody: to act as if you are better or more important than somebody 向…逞威风,对…称王称霸

Alex: [chuckles] Well, in our house, I'm kind of your only source for that.

Claire: You're telling me. Haley e-mails me pictures of her nails. And Luke asked me if he's part owl.
you're telling me: 这还用你说;我早就知道了
owl [aʊl]: a bird of prey (= a bird that kills other creatures for food) with large round eyes, that hunts at night.
Owls are traditionally thought to be wise. 猫头鹰

Alex: He does get his head pretty far around.

Claire: Alex, I'm so sorry.

Alex: It's okay. Maybe you do put pressure on me, but it's nothing compared to what I put on myself.
I guess I needed somebody to blame for what happened today, and there you were.

Claire: You know I'm in awe of you, right? [both chuckle] Come on. I know a back way out of this place.
be in awe of somebody/something: to admire somebody/something and be slightly frightened of them/it 敬畏,恐惧

Alex: Wait. Don't you have to return that?

Claire: No way. I paid good money for this. We're taking it down the waterslide.

Alex: Okay.


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