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08月 21st, 2018

【原创】志萍版摩登家庭英语笔记 04×11: New Year’s Eve – Part2

摩登家庭笔记, by 李志萍.


Eleanor: Hey, if it isn't Jay Plunkett.

Jay: It isn't. It's… it's Jay Pritchett.

Eleanor: You having a good New Year's?

Jay: Eh, kind of a bust. Everybody bailed on me. I'm gonna hit the sack.
hit the sack: to go to bed 睡觉;就寝

Eleanor: Hey, we just had a guy who bailed on us. You play Hold'em?
Hold'em: 德州扑克

Jay: Yeah, but I should probably, uh… [Gloria snoring] What's the buy-in?
buy-in: (poker) the amount that a player buys in for (扑克)一般现金局一个BI指100个大盲注的金额

Eleanor: Jay… [chuckles] Say hello to, uh, Marty, Bugs…

Bugs: Hey. How ya doin', Jay?

Eleanor: My ex-husband Hugo…

Hugo: Hey, how you doing?

Eleanor: And Billy Dee.

Billy: Hey.

Jay: Are you serious? Billy Dee Williams? I'm a huge fan.

Billy: Well, now you have to stay, since none of these guys have seen me in anything since

3. 《桃花心木》(Mahogany)是美国 1975年上映的一部爱情电影,由戴安娜·罗斯(Diana Ross)和比利·迪·威廉姆斯
(Billy Dee Williams)联袂主演,讲述了一名

Bugs: Never even saw that.

Hugo: Me either.

Jay: You're kidding. Billy Dee's an alderman trying to keep Diana Ross in Chicago, rather than become
an international model and designer. My son made me watch it with him. He's gay.
alderman [ˈɔldərmən]: In some parts of the United States and Canada, an alderman is a member of the governing
body of a city. (在美国或加拿大某些地方的)市政官
Diana Ross: 黛安娜·罗斯,参见106.文化详解2.

Billy: Oh, good. I didn't want to be the one to tell you.

[all laughing]


♪ ♪ [electronic dance on speakers] [chattering]

Cameron: Excuse me! Sir, excuse me! He's doing this on purpose!

Mitchell: He probably just doesn't notice us.

Cameron: How can he not notice us? We're the only people in here in sleeves!

Hot Bartender: Hey there. What can I get for ya?

Cameron: Excuse me, young man. I was here first.

Mitchell: Young man? Why don't you just call him whippersnapper?
whippersnapper [ˈwɪpərsnæpər]: a young and unimportant person who behaves in a way that others think is too
confident and rude 妄自尊大的小人物;狂妄小子;自以为是的年轻人

Cameron: Ugh. This is ridiculous. We can't even get a drink. Everyone in here's 11, and I'm hot!
hot: 热的

Mitchell: If we were hot, we'd be drinking right now. Hi.
hot: 性感火辣的

Cameron: Yeah, and if we'd stayed put, we'd be enjoying cherries jubilee right now!
stay put: if somebody/something stays put, they continue to be in the place where they are or where they have been
put 待在原地

Mitchell: Hey, hey, hey. Cam, come on. It's New Year's Eve. We're out together. Where's fun Cam
who likes to dance?

Cameron: Here.

Mitchell: Wh… where… where is he?

Cameron: I'm over here.

Mitchell: Oh, there he is! Come on!

Cameron: Okay, I'm sorry. I was just feeling invisible! It'll get better! Okay, you know what? That is wet.
I'm done.

Mitchell: Oh! God! God, no!


Alex: They've been in there forever. Do something. You're in charge.

Haley: Oh, please. We both know I'm just a figurehead here. You really think they're doing something
in there? He's 12.
figurehead [ˈfɪɡjərhed]: a person who is in a high position in a country or an organization but who has no real power
or authority 有名无实的首脑;傀儡

Alex: He's 14, but it's touching how close you are.

Haley: [sighs] Fine. [knocks the door]

Luke: What do you want?

Haley: You have to keep your door open.

Luke: Why?

Alex: Uh, well, why do you need it closed?

Luke: Because we're gonna make out.

Haley: Oh. Oh! Well, you… you can't have your door closed.

Luke: Why? Do you wanna to watch or something? That's weird.

Alex: Ew!

Haley: Ew! Of course we don't wanna watch.

Luke: Perfect.

Haley: But you can't…

Alex: What are you d…

[door closed]

Haley: What just happened?



Manny: Can I offer you a pina Delgado? It's my own concoction.
concoction [kənˈkɑːkʃn]: a strange or unusual mixture of things, especially drinks or medicines 调制物;调和物

4. 椰林飘香(pina colada)是一款相当聚集人气的鸡尾酒,墨西哥等地区极为流行,因采用椰子汁而得名。将白色

Joyce: What's in it?

Manny: Let's just say it's cool, it's sweet, and it's not afraid to embrace its own whimsy.
whimsy [ˈwɪmzi]: a way of thinking or behaving, or a style of doing something that is unusual and not serious, in a
way that is either amusing or annoying 怪念头;奇思异想;异想天开的行为

Joyce: I'm not saying that. I'm not drinking it, either.

Manny: So… you making any resolutions?

Joyce: Yeah. No more blind dates.

Lily: You're mean.

Manny: You know, she's right, Joyce. You are mean. I've been a gracious host while you've been rude,
sullen, and dull. You'll forgive me if I choose not to start the new year on such a negative note. Oh,
and if you're hungry for
broccoli later, you'll find a piece in your teeth.
gracious [ˈɡreɪʃəs]: (of people or behaviour) kind, polite and generous, especially to somebody of a lower social
position 亲切的;和蔼的
sullen [ˈsʌlən]: bad-tempered and not speaking, either on a particular occasion or because it is part of your character
note: You can use note to refer to a particular feeling, impression, or atmosphere. (特别的)感觉;印象;气氛


Claire: Where is this stupid path? We've been walking forever.

Phil: We'll find it.

Claire: Did that bellman seem a little off to you?
bellman ['bɛlmən]: 门童。门童的主要工作是为进出酒店的客人开门、叫车、开车门、扶助客人上下车以及装卸客人

Phil: Oh, totally. Maybe there is no hot spring. Maybe this is all part of an elaborate plan to kill us.
elaborate [ɪˈlæbərət]: very complicated and detailed; carefully prepared and organized 详尽的;繁细的

Claire: Why would you even say that?

Phil: I'm just trying to lighten the mood. You seem so tense. Come on. This is an adventure. This is

Claire: I don't wanna have an adventure. I don't wanna have fun. I wanna have sex with you.

Phil: Wha… what?

Claire: Don't make me say it again.

Phil: No, I want you to say it again. Maybe throw my name in there this time. Claire, what's going on?

Claire: Do you know that it's been a month?

Phil: No, it hasn't.

Claire: Mm-hmm. Yes, it has. Mm-hmm. Day after Thanksgiving. I remember because I came in under
budget on all of my Christmas gifts, and you know how that gets me going.

Phil: Oh, yeah.

Claire: Yeah.

Phil: I made that joke about your clothes being half-off.

Claire: And yet we still did it, 'cause that's the kind of people we used to be. What happened?

Phil: Nothing happened. We're busy. It was the holidays. DeDe was here. You know, she has a way of…

Claire: Mnh.

Phil: Shutting that whole thing down.

Claire: But is this who we are now? I mean, first it's a month, then it's a year, then we're sleeping in
twin beds and you're calling me "mother." And I can't even bear it, 'cause we're just like my grandp…
twin beds: two single beds in one bedroom (一间卧室里的)两张单人床 

[muffled] [mwah]

Phil: Let's go find that hot spring and start this new year off withsex in a hot spring.
start off with: 从…开始,用…开始


Mitchell: All right, all right. Where… where should we try next? Am I yelling? I'm yelling.

Cameron: Yes.

Mitchell: Yeah.

Cameron: Maybe we should just go get some frozen yogurt and call it a night.
frozen yogurt: a soft frozen dessert of sweetened flavored yogurt 冻酸奶
call it a night: to decide or agree to stop doing something 今晚到此为止;收工

Mitchell: No, Cam, come on. We can't have another New Year's where we don't even make it to
midnight. I…
This entire holiday is just a giant reminder of how the clock is ticking. You know, each
passing second is just bringing us that much closer to death.

Cameron: All this because I suggested some fro-yo?
fro-yo: 冻酸奶(frozen yogurt)

Mitchell: I'm… I'm sick of feeling old. I-I really need this.

Cameron: Okay. Let's get you to midnight.

Mitchell: 'Kay. Oh, look, he's our age. Wherever he's going, I'm sure he'll fit right in. Okay.

♪♪ [rock]

Cameron: Okay, no judgment. Perfectly acceptable lifestyle.

Mitchell: Just not for us.

[high-pitched voice]

Cameron: No!

Mitchell: Okay, but we are not giving up, all right? We're like Goldilocks. The first bar was too young,
the second was… whatever that was, and the third will be just right.

5. 《金发姑娘和三只熊》(Goldilocks and the Three Bears),1837年最早出现在英国作家罗伯特·索西(Robert Southey)
不但吃了他们的麦片粥,还把熊宝宝的椅子坐坏了。在文本中,有三处排比句:This is too…
 This is too… This is just

Cameron: Mitchell… Three bears.

Mitchell: I mean… right? Here. This one.

Cameron: You wanted to feel young.

Mitchell: And I do.


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