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08月 22nd, 2018

【原创】志萍版摩登家庭英语笔记 04×12: Party Crasher – Part3

摩登家庭笔记, by 李志萍.


Cameron: Just keep practicing.

Mitchell: Hey, Cam, I-I'm so sorry that I insulted you earlier. I thought that there was something going
on at work, and, ugh, obviously, I was wrong.

Cameron: Well, you're wrong again. It is about work.

Mitchell: This is a fun game.

Cameron: I didn't bring it up before because I was embarrassed. But yesterday was the best day I've
had at work yet. I clicked with the students, the teachers. I finally felt like I belonged.

Mitchell: I get it.

Cameron: You couldn't possibly get it. I'm in the middle of my story.

Mitchell: I'm sorry.

Cameron: Every day at 2:30, I call Lily, and we dunk a cookie together. And yesterday… I forgot. Forgot
my own daughter. And obviously, she resents me for it. It's why she asked you to marry her, to get back
at me.
dunk [dʌŋk]: to put food quickly into liquid before eating it (吃前)把…浸一浸,把…蘸一蘸

Mitchell: Okay, here I-I need to point out that she's 5 and not a character from "Dynasty."

3. 《豪门恩怨》(Dynasty)是美国的一部肥皂剧,1981年~1989年在ABC电视台播出,是ABC为对抗CBS的《朱门恩怨》

Cameron: And as much as I try to connect with her, I just keep making it worse.

Mitchell: Maybe you're just trying too hard.

Gloria: Everybody, come in! Manny's coming… [grunts] down. Somebody pick up that towel before
someone trips.

Cameron: Okay. I got it.

Lily: Daddy!

Cameron: Okay! Daddy's coming! What's wrong with me?!


Gloria: Okay, everybody. So… we sing, then presents, then cake. That's a Colombian tradition. And we
do not speak of what happened before. Nobody saw anything. That's another Colombian tradition.

Jay: Here he is, the man of the hour!
the man of the hour: 风云人物

All: Happy…


Jay: Gloria, you okay?

Gloria: No, I'm fine! I'm fine. Hap… Aaah! Aah!

Luke: No way! She peed!

Alex: Her water broke!

Manny: So far, 14's not my favorite age.

Gloria: No, it's nothing! Keep singing! Keep singing! Ha… Ay! Stop it!

Jay: We're gonna pop on over to the hospital. Pizza's on the way. You think about it, run a mop over this
pop: 突然(或快速)地来(或去)

Gloria: Ay, Manny! I'm so sorry, okay?

Luke: And the birthday video becomes a nature film.

Claire: Luke, come on.


[shrieking in distance]
shriek [ʃriːk]: to give a loud high shout, for example when you are excited, frightened or in pain 尖叫;尖声叫喊

Manny: Oh, my gosh! It's happening!

Gloria: Ay. Ay, Manny, I am so sorry about today. I just wanted you to have a happy birthday.

Jay: And speaking of birth… [grunts] days…

Gloria: Don't listen to him. I'm not letting this baby out before midnight. This is your day. I'm not gonna
let you share it every year, okay?

Manny: Mom, look. Yeah, I've felt a little neglected lately, but I've had you to myself for 14 years.

Gloria: That makes me a little sad.

Jay: Oh, please. If we had actually forgotten his birthday, he'd be out right now kissing a cute brunette.
Things work out.
brunette [bruːˈnet]: a white-skinned woman with dark brown hair 深褐色头发的女子

Gloria: You know that I love you no matter what?

Manny: You're trying to hold another person inside of you to spare my feelings. Message received.
Ooh, that's a strong grip.
spare somebody's feelings: to be careful not to do or say anything that might upset somebody 不伤害某人的感情

Jay: Ah, that's a… that's a… that's a… ooh! Ooh.


[Jay shrieking in distance]

Kenny: Ah, she's gettin' close. She's at, like, 8 beautiful centimeters. Hey. I don't think we've met.
I'm Kenny.

Alex: Hi. I'm disgusted.



Cameron: Mitchell, she won't even look at me.

Mitchell: Well, she can't really look at anyone.

Nurse: Oh! Look who's back… Again. What happened this time?

Lily: He threw me in the pool.

Mitchell: Uh… oh, no. No, that's not what happened.

Luke: It kind of is.

Mitchell: Luke, come on. We don't need to relive it.

[camera beeps]

Lily: "Daddy!"

Cameron: Oh, look at this. [on camera] "I'm coming! Daddy's coming! What's wrong with me?!" 
Mitchell. When she fell in the pool, she screamed for
Daddy. She calls you "Dad." She calls me
Daddy." She got scared, and she called out for me.

Mitchell: See?


Cameron: I guess Daddy was worrying about nothing. But, you know, I can be silly sometimes.

Lily: You're always silly.

Cameron: No, you're silly.

Lily: No, you're always silly.

Cameron: No, you're always silly. [thud] Oh, my God. What's wrong with me?


Jay: The contractions are coming a little bit closer. I think we have to call for a nurse.
contraction [kənˈtrækʃn]: a sudden and painful contracting of muscles, especially of the muscles around a woman’s
womb, that happens when she is giving birth to a child 宫缩;(肌肉的)收缩

Gloria: No, no, Jay! No, please! I'm sorry.

Jay: For what?

Gloria: I don't know yet, but I know that babies make mothers crazy. And I'm going to be making
mistakes, and the I'm going to be blaming you. Please don't leave me.

Jay: You're a little emotional right now.

Gloria: But it's been so long for me, and a hundred years for you. Are we still going to be good at this?

Jay: It's gonna be an adventure, but that's what you and I do best. Look at today. I can't ever remember
having more fun with you.

Gloria: I'm so lucky. Now get out.

Jay: But I thought you wanted me to…

Gloria: No, not you. [screeching] Get out!



Kenny: Hey. Let's go.

Haley: Oh, right. Um… Hey, guys? So Kenny and I were thinking about going to this restaurant.

Claire: Oh, sure. I don't have a problem with that. Do you, Phil?

Phil: No.

Claire: In fact, it has been such a pleasure getting to know Kenny, it's our treat.

Haley: Are you kidding?

Phil: No!

Claire: Give them your credit card, Phil.

Haley: Also, uh, this restaurant is pretty far away, so we might be out late.

Claire: Well, sweetheart, you are only young once.

Haley: Oh, might even make sense to just stay in a hotel.

Claire: Okay. Put it on the plastic!
plastic: If you use plastic or plastic money to pay for something, you pay for it with a credit card instead of using
cash. 信用卡

Haley: Great! Okay. See you tomorrow!

Claire: Buh-bye.

[cell phone beeps]

Kenny: Ugh. It's my ex-wife… Not the good one. [elevator bell dings] What do you want?!

Phil: Nice game of chicken, Claire. She's gone!
game of chicken: 懦夫博弈

Claire: She is coming back. I am almost positive.

Phil: Almost?!

Claire: Mm-hmm!

Phil: Why do I listen to you? Why? You were wrong about the iPod being a failure. You were wrong
about tomato being a vegetable. I don't even want to talk about your favorite "planet"
Pluto! [elevator
bell dings] And unless she was lying to the good ladies of "The View," it's "De-mi," not "Dem-mi"!
Pluto [ˈpluːtoʊ]: one of a number of round objects in space that are not as large as planets but which go around the
sun. In August 2006, the International Astronomical Union declared that Pluto should be called a dwarf planet
because it is smaller and has different characteristics from the other planets in our solar system; in 2008 it declared
that dwarf planets further from the sun than Neptune could also be called plutoids. 冥王星(太阳系第二大矮行星,
The View: 《观点》,参见203.文化详解1.

[elevator bell dings]

Haley: You were going to let me go with him?!

Claire: Isn't that what you wanted, honey?

Haley: What's the matter with you?! You've been acting so weird ever since I left college!

Claire: For the record, you didn't leave college. You were asked to leave.

Haley: Oh, which you guys never let me forget, especially Dad.

Claire: Honey, your father…

Haley: Oh, you don't have to tell me what he thinks, okay? I'm a huge disappointment to him. I see it on
his face every day. He acts as if he doesn't even want me around.
disappointment: a person or thing that is disappointing 令人失望的人;令人失望的物

[elevator bell dings]

Phil: Give me the ticket for the car.

Claire: Phil…

Phil: No, I'm going after her! This little chicken game may work for you Dad, but it doesn't work for me.
That's my little girl. I need her to know that no guy on earth is good enough for her, let alone some
slimy, middle-aged jean salesman! What's this?
slimy [ˈslaɪmi]: (of a person or their manner) polite and extremely friendly in a way that is not sincere or honest 谄媚的

Claire: Just enjoy it.


[background music]

Jay: There's all kinds of milestones in life, the kind you expect to live through… the first kiss. Birthdays…
Graduations. If you're lucky, a wedding or two. Or even a new addition to the family. Then there's the
kind you never dreamed you'd get to live through again.


Haley: So adorable!

Alex: So sweet!

Mitchell: Oh, my goodness!


Jay: And that's the best kind of all. [baby fusses] Why am I spoiling it for you? You'll see for yourself.
spoil something: to change something good into something bad, unpleasant, useless, etc. 破坏;弄糟;毁掉


Claire: Oh, was it difficult?

Gloria: Ay, si. It was the most painful 20 minutes of my life.

Claire: En. Oh, look at that! You're skinny again.

Gloria: Yeah.

Claire: Yeah.

Phil: So wait. He… he's my uncle?

Manny: No. He's your half-brother-in-law.

Alex: He's our uncle.

Cameron: Half-uncle or full uncle?

Haley: What's a fuluncle?

[clapping hands]

Jay: Okay, so don't feel like you gotta stick around.

Mitchell: Okay. We'll see you tomorrow then.

Cameron: Okay, we'll be back tomorrow.

Haley: Bye, uncle.

Phil: Congrats.
congrats [kənˈɡræts]: informal shortened forms of congratulations 祝贺,恭喜(congratulations的缩略形式)

Alex: Bye.

Phil: He's adorable!

Luke: Is he?

Lily: I don't like this one bit.

Luke: We'll talk.


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