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08月 26th, 2018

【原创】志萍版摩登家庭英语笔记 04×14: A Slight at the Opera – Part2

摩登家庭笔记, by 李志萍.

[kids singing: It's over now, the music of the night.]

Cameron: Okay. Great job, everyone.

Manny: Thank you, but it was really everyone. Give yourself a round. 

[Manny applauds] [phone ringing]

Cameron: Oh, Marcus's Mom. Shh.

Manny: Fingers crossed. 

Doug: Why is it taking you so long? How hard is it to paint a wall?

Luke: A lot harder than your so-called singing. At least this is supposed to be flat. 
flat: 此处双关 (1) 平坦的;(2) 音调偏低的;走调的

Doug: I once saw a monkey paint a wall.

Luke: Yeah? Did you say, "Good job, Mom"?

Cameron: Mono? But he's my lead. My career depends upon this. The district is this close to cutting
my funding. And my fingers are very close together right now. Just let me talk to Marcus.
district [ˈdɪstrɪkt]: one of the areas which a country, town or state is divided into for purposes of organization, with
official boundaries (= borders) 行政区

[Luke singing: nighttime sharpens...]

Cameron: He would never turn his back on this company. We are like family here. 
turn your back on somebody/something: to reject somebody/something that you have previously been connected
with 背弃,抛弃;不理睬,置之不理

[singing continues: stirs imagination]

Cameron: I'm sorry. We're going another way.

[singing continues: silently the senses abandon their defenses]


Manny: [whispers] Any news about Marcus?

Cameron: Why are you whispering?

Manny: Saving my voice, just in case.

Cameron: Oh. Well, Marcus is out. But luckily, I found an even better Phantom right here.

Manny: I wouldn't say "better," but since you did-

Cameron: Luke. I was just about to ask him.

Manny: Luke?

Cameron: He knows the show. He sings like a nightingale. And he has a certain theatrical madness in
his eyes you cannot teach.
nightingale [ˈnaɪtənˌgeɪl]: a small brown bird, the male of which has a beautiful song 夜莺
theatrical [θiˈætrɪkl]: connected with the theatre 戏剧的

Manny: That's just from all the paint.

Cameron: Uh, Luke!

Manny: Stop it! Are you trying to spook him?
spook [spuːk]: to frighten a person or an animal 使受到惊吓;使神经紧张

Cameron: What are you talking about?

Manny: He's already intimidated by you after you criticized his sets.

Cameron: Oh, please. I could not be the only person that found his unicorns distracting.

Manny: Let me talk to him first. If I can't get the job done, then you step in. Kind of like the way an
understudy would traditionally take over when the lead finds himself-

Cameron: Yeah. Just do it.

Manny: Hey there, Luke. Or should I say "Phantom"?

Luke: You want to get to the point? 'Cause I'm kind of on a schedule, and this paint keeps making me
fall down.

Manny: Marcus is out, and Cam wants you to take over.

Luke: Really? Well, I do know all the songs.

Manny: Stop trying to talk yourself out of it. You're doing it.

Luke: It's only for two nights.

Manny: You're doing it again- looking at the negatives. Look at the bright side. What if you don't screw
up, humiliate yourself and get mocked forever?
look on the bright side: to be cheerful or positive about a bad situation, for example by thinking only of the
advantages and not the disadvantages 往好处想

Luke: I'd get mocked?

Manny: Only by the cool kids. But who needs them? You're one of us now- the theater geeks.


[Dylan singing: Vermont is snowy, Las Vegas is showy and those are the capitals I remember]

Claire: What if this had been at the top of the stairs? I mean, I really could have gotten hurt, right?

Haley: Uh-huh. Lily, I made you lunch.

Lily: Peanut butter. My favorite!

Claire: It's just hard to believe that somebody could be so oblivious to a situation that is clearly

Dylan: Look at us. We're like a little family.

Haley: [chuckling] I know.

Dylan: We're the parents.

Haley: I know!

Claire: I know what his response would be: "But you're fine. Why are you getting all bent out of shape?"
But what if I wasn't fine? What if he walked through the door and he thought he had created a horrible
accident? This is so fun.
get bent out of shape (about/over something): to become angry, anxious or upset 气坏了;大发雷霆

Dylan: Good. She's gone. Grab your camera. I'm gonna make his little hand flip us off again. 
flip off: (用手指)弹开


Gloria: No, it's not just me. Three mothers are giving the party, and we need all our names in the card-
Gloria Pritchett, Sara Leoner, Dee Ch
o. What do you mean that there's no more room? Dee Cho must 
go on.

Alex: Okay. Come on. That one had to be on purpose.

Gloria: Okay. We'll be there then. They won't be ready until one more hour.

Alex: You maybe want to take a shift carrying this dry ice?
take a shift: 轮班

Gloria: No, I just had a baby.

Alex: I've watched you carry Manny to bed.

Gloria: I know what we can do to kill time. My psychic is around the corner.
kill time: to spend time doing something that is not important while you are waiting for something else to happen
psychic [ˈsaɪkɪk]: a person who claims to have strange mental powers so that they can do things that are not
possible according to natural laws, such as predicting the future and speaking to dead people 巫师;通灵者;

Alex: Please tell me you just said "sidekick."
sidekick [ˈsaɪdkɪk]: a person who helps another more important or more intelligent person 助手

Gloria: I used to think that I knew everything too. We'll go in for a reading. I'll let her know that we're
coming. Um-

Alex: You have got to be kidding me.

Gloria: I'm trying to remember the telephone number.


Mitchell: What is happening to me? All right. What are we, three strokes down now?
stroke [stroʊk]: In sports such as tennis, baseball, golf, and cricket, a stroke is the action of hitting the ball. 击球

Pepper Saltzman: I think someone needs a Pepper talk. [slaps Mitchell's face]
pep talk: a short speech intended to encourage somebody to work harder, try to win, have more confidence, etc. 鼓

Mitchell: Ah! Ow! How was that a Pepper talk?

Pepper Saltzman: You need to get angry, play aggressive. That man's been Mitch-slapping you your
entire life.

Mitchell: I know, but he- he's being so nice to Phil. And Phil is way worse than I ever was. I don't know.
Maybe he's not the
unsympathetic jerk he used to be.
unsympathetic [ˌʌnˌsɪmpəˈθetɪk]: not feeling or showing any sympathy 不体恤人的;无同情心的

Jay: Okay. So you got off to a rough start. Let's simplify. On this shot, I want you to just concentrate
on bending your knees. You got it?
get off to a rough start: 有一个不好的开端;出师不利

Phil: Bend my knees. Bend my-Dang it! Straighten my knees.

Jay: Son of a bitch. You're a hopeless embarrassment. You're kickin' up more sand than a sea turtle
layin' eggs.

Phil: Did you see that?

Jay: Yeah, that wasn't half bad. Hey, listen. I'm sorry I yelled.

Phil: No. No. No. That's what I needed. My tumbling master in college used to yell at me all the time.
It just made me better.
master: a male teacher at a school, especially a private school 男教师

Jay: Really?

Phil: Oh, yeah. He'd say terrible things about my manhood. He'd throw the chalk bag at me. He'd call
me and
taunt me over the summer to keep me sharp. So bring it, Jay.
taunt somebody [tɔːnt]: to try to make somebody angry or upset by saying unkind things about them, laughing at
their failures, etc. 嘲弄;奚落;讥笑

Jay: You stink, Phil. You're the worst thing to happen to golf since they let people wear shorts. You
just told me-

Phil: [weeping] No, no. This is part of it.

Pepper Saltzman: Did you hear that? And he wasn't just talking to Phil. He was talking to 10-year-old
you and 12-year-old you.

[club strikes ball]

Mitchell: Suck it, Nancy!

Pepper Saltzman: I was just trying to help.


Gloria: Just listen with an open mind. She doesn't believe in psychics.
psychics ['saikiks]: 通灵;心灵研究

Alex: It's not just psychics. It's all unquantifiable phenomena.
unquantifiable [ʌnˈkwɒntɪˌfaɪəbəl]: not capable of being quantified 不可测量的;难以计算的,难以估量的
phenomenon [fəˈnɑːmɪnən]: a fact or an event in nature or society, especially one that is not fully understood 现象
(复数phenomena [fəˈnɑːmɪnə])

Gloria: I'm going to save you some time. [whispers] She doesn't have a boyfriend.

Psychic: Maybe not now, but soon.

Gloria: You see? That means–

Alex: Shh. Go on.

Psychic: You are going to meet someone special. I see a handsome man on a horse like a knight.

Alex: Well, I am going to a Renaissance Fair this weekend. 

3. 文艺复兴集市(Renaissance Fair)是面向公众开放的户外周末活动,每年在美国各大都会定期或不定期地举办,比较

Psychic: Yes, I know.


Alex: There's no Renaissance fair. Even if there was, I wouldn't go. I'd be the laughing stock of the
Astronomers Club. But I couldn't tell Gloria her fortune-teller was a fake. Not until I had a little
more fun. 
laughing stock ['læfɪŋ stɑk]: a person that everyone laughs at because they have done something stupid 笑柄;嘲笑的
astronomer [əˈstrɑːnəmər]: a scientist who studies the stars, planets, and other natural objects in space 天文学家
fortune-teller [ˈfɔːrtʃən telər]: a person who claims to have magic powers and who tells people what will happen to
them in the future 算命者


Gloria: I see that you're smiling. You're enjoying yourself.

Alex: I know it sounds crazy, but could you please tell me what happened to my bunny Buttons, who
ran away when I was five?


Alex: Never had a bunny. Hate bunnies.


Psychic: I see a farm with a red barn.

Gloria: I know who's in the barn!


Alex: It's like Scrabble with Haley. After a while, you're just playing against yourself. 

4. 拼字游戏(Scrabble)于1938年面世,目前由美国游戏与玩具生产巨头孩之宝公司(Hasbro Games)出品。其基本规则
是在一块15×15方格的游戏板(board)上,2至4名玩家轮流拼出(spell out)单词。第一轮每个玩家从布袋中的100张字母
牌(Scrabble tile)中各拿出7张,第一个玩家拼出第一个单词。接下来的玩家拼出的单词其中一个字母必须和前一个玩家

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