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09月 1st, 2018

【原创】志萍版摩登家庭英语笔记 04×17: Best Men – Part2

摩登家庭笔记, by 李志萍.


♪ ♪ [speakers: jazz]

Sal: Well, thank you, dimples.

Cameron: You better get that out of your system, 'cause in two hours, you're gonna be Mrs. Anthony

Sal: Shh.

[Cameron chuckles]

Mitchell: So does this ltalian of yours cook?

Sal: In every room of the house, if you know what I mean! Ooh! [imitates bed squeaking] We have a
lot of s

Cameron: Yeah. Got it.

Mitchell: Okay, now let's have a proper toast. All right. To wild Sal.

Sal: Ow!

Mitchell: Yeah! You gave it a good run, but like every legendary gunslinger, there comes a time when
you need to
holster your weapons and ride off into the sunset.
gunslinger [ˈɡʌnslɪŋər]: a person who is paid to kill people, especially in films/movies about the American Wild West
holster something [ˈhoʊlstər]: to put a gun in a holster 戴上手枪套

Cameron: But you took on every man who came to town.  

Sal: I did. I really did!

Cameron: You sure did.

Sal: Also, you know, I'm just getting married. I'm not dying.

Cameron: No, no. We're just happy you're happy. And we're excited that we're gonna get to see much
more of you now.

Mitchell: Yes. We'll be couple friends.

Cameron: Mm-hmm.

Mitchell: We'll go to movies.

Cameron: Take classes.

Mitchell: Oh, our game nights on Saturday-

Cameron: Huge.

Mitchell: They're epic.

Cameron: Yeah.

Mitchell: Do you play Cranium? 

1. 头盖骨(Cranium)是一款益智类桌游,1998年问世,目前由孩之宝公司生产。本作有4个趣味类别,将猜字游戏的优

Sal: Well, if I'm playing board games on a Saturday night, you can shoot me in my cranium. But I love
you! I need to
take a whiz.
board game: any game played on a board, often using dice and small pieces that are moved around 棋盘游戏
cranium [ˈkreɪnɪəm]: the round part of your skull that contains your brain 颅
take a whiz: 撒尿

Mitchell: Oh.

Cameron: I am so happy for her.

Mitchell: I think we might have freaked her out though.

Cameron: No, Mitchell. Come on. You're a smart man, but you are awful at reading people. Sal's been
different this week. That is a woman in love.

[glass shatters] [kissing]

Mitchell: She looks like a woman in love. Wow.  


Jay: Look, nobody's as happy as I am about you loving the ladies. All I'm saying is you gotta pull back
a little.

Manny: Okay.

Gloria: Ay, Manny, this is all my fault. I am too free with my body. It was okay when you were a little
boy, but-

Jay: Was it?

Gloria: But now that you're a young man, and-


Manny: I didn't hear a word they said. All I could think about was Daliya. Every drawing, every poem,
every historical novel I wrote was for her. She was my
muse. Toss in a body that doesn't quit, and I
think we got a soul mate.
muse: a goddess that inspires a creative artist, esp a poet (尤指给诗人带来灵感的)女神;创作女神


Jay: So there's a lot of other things you can draw. You've got your landscapes. You've got your bowls
of fruit. Trees.
landscape [ˈlændˌskeɪp]: a painting which shows a scene in the countryside 乡村风景画

Gloria: A barn. The ladies with the fruit on the head.

Jay: I said fruit.

Gloria: But you didn't say the ladies with the fruit on the head.

Jay: I'm trying to get him away from the ladies.

Gloria: Ah, good. Good. Good.


Luke: This is so stupid. What if I spill on her or accidentally brush my boob against her hand? I mean
her hand against my boob.

Phil: Dude, stay cool. You got this. I'm gonna be at the bar the whole time. If you start to panic, just
come get me.

Luke: Shh. There she is.  

Phil: What was that?

Luke: I don't know. I've never heard it before.

Phil: Try not to let that happen again.

Simone: Hi, Luke.

Luke: Pretty good. I mean, hi, Simone. Uh, this is my Dad. Dad, this is Luke.

Simone: You're funny.

Luke: Looking.

Phil: Clutch.

Luke: What are you still doing here?


Sal: What the hell got into me?

Cameron: Besides the bartender's tongue?

Mitchell: Yes. Yes, well, that was a little inappropriate. But let's not overreact. It's perfectly natural to
have a
panic attack before making a big life decision.
panic attack: an episode of acute and disabling anxiety associated with such physical symptoms as hyperventilation
and sweating 惊恐发作

Sal: What if it's the wrong decision? What if Tony's not the guy? What if he's the guy? Or him? He is
cute. When did he come in?

Cameron: Okay. You need to focus, Sal. You are about to make a sacred, lifelong commitment.
sacred [ˈseɪkrɪd]: Something that is sacred is believed to be holy and to have a special connection with God. 神圣的
lifelong: lasting or existing all through your life 毕生的;终生的;终身的

Sal: [screams] You are not making this better! [phone chirps] Oh, God, it's Tony. [sighs] I'm supposed
to pick him up and drive him to the wedding? Everybody shut up for a second! Okay, you know what?
I'm gonna marry him. What's the worst that can happen? I get a divorce. People do it all the time.
chirps] Oh, you're suffocating me!

Cameron: It is not too late. You are not married yet.

Sal: You're right. [kissing]

Mitchell: Okay. That's good. Get it all out.


Claire: Here. Let me help you.

Alex: Okay, Mom? Mom. Mom. Oh, my God. Mom. I think I got it. I've been lugging this thing around for
10 years.
lug something + adv./prep.: to carry or drag something heavy with a lot of effor 用力拉;使劲拖;吃力地搬运

Claire: Okay. Well, you sure you don't want us to stay… and-and hear you play?

Alex: Mmm, that's okay.

Haley: Yeah, I agreed to dinner, not tickets to the Electric Light Dorkestra.
Electric Light Orchestra: 电光乐队(ELO),参见122.文化详解4.

Claire: Don't be so mean to your sister.

Alex: No, that's our band's name.

Haley: So, you wanna go back to that vegan place?

Claire: Ooh. Leather jacket. Can't take the hate.

Gabby: Haley!

Haley: Gabby! What are you doing here?

Gabby: I just stopped in for a bump of coffee before I meet up with Zoe and those guys at Noodlecat.
Do you wanna go?
a bump of: 一陀

Claire: So what's-What's Noodlecat?

Haley: Oh, it's this really cool Asian place that sells, like, a million different kinds of noodles. And
hopefully, no cat.

Claire: Well, that sounds cool.

Haley: So you don't mind if I go?

Claire: Oh, I kind of thought we had plans.

Haley: Oh, yeah. You're right. So I can meet you guys there after. How long are you gonna be there?

Claire: No, it's fine. It's fine. Go. I'll stay and watch Alex.

Haley: Oh, now I feel bad.

Claire: Mmm.

Haley: Love you! Mwah.


[TV: whistle blows] [crowd cheering]

Valerie: Excuse me. You're Luke's Dad, aren't you?

Phil: Mm-hmm.

Valerie: I'm Valerie, Simone's Mom.

Phil: Oh. Phil.

Valerie: Hi. I recognized you from when you hosted the school's talent night.

Phil: Oh.

Valerie: You were incredibly limber.
limber [ˈlɪmbər]: Someone who is limber is able to move or bend their body easily. 灵活柔软的

Phil: Ah, when you wear the right pants. Please, sit down.

Valerie: Thank you.

Phil: Yeah.

Valerie: So, how is the big date going?

Phil: I don't know.

Valerie: Simone was so nervous. When they were chatting on the computer, I had to write everything
for her.

Phil: That's so funny. I did the same thing for Luke.

Valerie: So the whole time, we were talking to each other?

Phil: Wait, does that make this our date?  

Valerie: Well, a good father, funny, handsome. A girl could do a lot worse.  


Cameron: You know what, Mitchell? Forgive me if my Missouri is showing, but what she is doing is
not marriage. It's a
mockery of marriage. It's mockerage. And I'm gonna stop it.
mockery ['mɔkəri]: If someone mocks you, you can refer to their behaviour or attitude as mockery. 嘲讽

Mitchell: No. No, you're not. I can't help but think you're infusing the situation with just a touch of your
own frustration.
infuse [ɪnˈfjuz]: To infuse a quality into someone or something, or to infuse them with a quality, means to fill them
with it. 注入(某种特性)

Cameron: Why, because we've built a life together for the last 10 years? Because we're raising a
child? Or because I was the first person to think of doing an
elaborately choreographed dance at our
wedding, and now it's been
done to death?
elaborately [ɪˈlæbərətli]: in a very complicated and detailed way; in a carefully prepared and organized way 精巧地;
choreograph: to design and arrange the steps and movements for dancers in a ballet or a show 设计舞蹈动作
done to death: (故事)讲烂了

Mitchell: If it makes you feel any better, I was never gonna do that. But… I get it.

Cameron: Well, you know what? She can't get married if the best man doesn't hand over the wedding

Mitchell: You wouldn't.

Cameron: Yes, I would.

Mitchell: Where is it? Give it to me. Give me the ring.

Cameron: Stop. Stop.

Mitchell: You have to give me-

Sal: Well, this is a mystery solved. Thank you! Okay. Let's go do this.

Mitchell: Okay.

Sal: How hot does Tony look?

Cameron: On a scale of one to bartender?

Mitchell: Rein it in, Cam.


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