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09月 3rd, 2018

【原创】志萍版摩登家庭英语笔记 04×18: The Wow Factor – Part3

摩登家庭笔记, by 李志萍.

Cameron: Yes. I think the fountain's a little pricey. But you know what? It's gonna more than make up
for itself
 when a family comes in here and falls head over heels in love with this home.
pricey [ˈpraɪsi]: expensive 价格高的
head over heels in love: loving somebody very much 神魂颠倒地爱上

Pam: Okay, that's a valid point. It is a bit of an empty space out there.
valid [ˈvælɪd]: based on what is logical or true 有根据的;合理的;正当的;站得住脚的

Cameron: Thank you.

Well, I mean, I see what you're saying. Sorry. It's hot in here, right?

Cameron: Oh, well, you know, that happens to women of a certain age, like with my Mom.

Pam: Are you kidding? What are you, like, 35?

Claire: What are you, like, an angel sent from heaven? I see what you're saying. I just feel that we
might be
pricing ourselves out of the market. If a family wants to come in here and-and build
themselves a fountain, they can do so themselves.
price out of the market: 定价过高以致无人问津;定价过高而无销路

Pam: That's true.

Cameron: Um, okay, well, you know, Pam, um, there are lots of families like ours moving to this
neighborhood for the schools. P.S. Saw Connor's art project. Gorgeous. Talent runs in the family.
Anyway, I'm just saying I think a family would
respond to having a little drama in the backyard.

Claire: I think Pam's made it pretty clear what she likes. Am I right?

Pam: Well-

Claire: Oh, no. [splashes] Now my shirt is all see-through.

Cameron: Yeah. And so are you. Please tell me you are not falling for this.

Pam: I'm not, but I am enjoying this little show tremendously, so thank you.
tremendously: to a very great degree 很;非常;十分

Claire: Mmm.

Pam: Yeah. As for my professional opinion on the fountain, don't do it. I mean, if you were gonna live
here yourself, I'd say go for it. But it's too expensive for a flip.
as for somebody/something: used to start talking about somebody/somethig 关于,至于,就…而言

Claire: Yeah. Yeah. Thank you.

Pam: Cam?

Cameron: Fine.


Cameron: [angrily] Lesbians!


Gloria: I can't believe I just went garter shopping with my son.
garter [ˈgɑrtər]: a piece of elastic worn around the top of a stocking or sock in order to prevent it from slipping down

Manny: When you find a better way to keep my socks up, let me know. Hey, as long as we're in the
mall, you wanna stop in the baby class and see Jay and Joe?

Gloria: No. They need this time to make a connection. It's not like mother and son that the bond is
naturally strong.

Manny: Hey, isn't that Joe over there?

Gloria: Ay, no, that's some weird baby. He's not perfect like my little Joe.

Manny: But he's got the same blanket.

[clears throat]

Jay: Gloria. What are you doing here?

Gloria: You gave our baby to a stranger?!

Jay: Not a stranger. She's Claire's friend.

Nathan: Shh.

Jay: Shut up, Nathan. Gloria.


Phil: The gas is on, Dad. I can see the spark from the igniter. I don't know what it is.

Frank Dunphy: That's your thermocouple
thermocouple [ˈθɜːməʊkʌpəl]: a device for measuring temperature consisting of a pair of wires of different metals
or semiconductors joined at both ends. One junction is at the temperature to be measured, the second at a fixed
temperature. The electromotive force generated depends upon the temperature difference 热电偶

Phil: Oh. 

Frank Dunphy: You get a little sediment in there or some rust, and you're done for. 
sediment [ˈsɛdəmənt]: the solid material that settles at the bottom of a liquid 沉淀物;沉渣
rust: a reddish-brown substance that is formed on some metals by the action of water and air 锈;铁锈
done for: 不中用的

Phil: The thermocouple! Of course. Why didn't I think of that? Thanks, Dad. I-I shouldn't be buggin'
you with this stuff.

Frank Dunphy: Are you kiddin' me? I love to help. Makes me feel like you still need me.

Phil: Of course I need you. You're the best when it comes to this.
when it comes to: 当提到;就…而论

Frank Dunphy: Anything else you need fixin'?

Phil: Yeah, actually, I've been havin' a little trouble with my thumb.

Frank Dunphy: Oh, the old thumb. That's simple. Just push it back in and make that popping sound.

Phil: Oh, yeah, you're right.

Frank Dunphy: There you go. [both laugh] Hey, make sure you tell Claire how pretty she looks tonight.
A woman needs to hear that.

Phil: You do the same with Mom.

Frank Dunphy: No, your Mom's a little tired of hearing how pretty Claire is.

Phil: [laughs] Good one! All right. Love you.

Frank Dunphy: Love you too.


[door opens]

Alex: Dad, we're home.

Phil: Hey.

Haley: That was the least fun I have ever had shopping, ever. Here.

Phil: Honey, that's a torque wrench, not a torx screwdriver.
torque wrench [tɔrk]: a type of wrench with a gauge attached to indicate the torque applied to the workpiece 扭矩扳手

Haley: Okay, you're just screaming now.

Alex: Can't you just go get it? You're the best at this stuff.

Haley: Yeah, plus the car is doing something funny, and there's a light on the dashboard that looks like
a little
genie lamp.
dashboard [ˈdæʃˌbɔrd]: the part of a car in front of the driver that has instruments and controls in it (机动车辆的)仪表板
genie lamp: 神灯


Phil: My kids are helpless, but maybe that's okay. Because years from now, when they have their own
houses, they'll call me on their
hologram phones and say, "Help me, Dad. You're my only hope." And
I'll be the happiest father in
Sector 7. Or Sector 12, if we're doing really well. 
helpless: 有依赖的;不能自立的
hologram [ˈhɑləˌgræm]: a special type of picture in which the objects seem to be three-dimensional (= solid rather
than flat) (激光制作的三维)全息图
Sector 7 & Sector 12: 《饥饿游戏》(The Hunger Games),参见402.文化详解5.


Jay: I don't know why your Mom's so mad.

Manny: Maybe it has something to do with giving your son away to a complete stranger.

Jay: You're next. And what were you two doing in the mall anyway? I thought you were seeing

Manny: It was sold out. Maybe that's how you can make it up to her. Take me to the Moby-Dick
reading tomorrow.

Jay: Nice try.

Manny: Doing something selfless for her other son could make up for your monumental blunder.
monumental [ˌmɑnjuˈmɛntəl]: You can use monumental to emphasize the large size or extent of something. 巨大的
blunder [ˈblʌndər]: a stupid or careless mistake 愚蠢的错误;疏忽

Jay: Maybe flowers or jewelry. I like to throw money at the problem. [door slams] Hello, pretty lady.
What do you wanna do for dinner?

Gloria: How about we exchange the baby for a cheese pizza?

Jay: Is this about today?

Manny: I'll call for those tickets.

Gloria: You were supposed to spend quality time with the baby.

Jay: Joe was asleep. He didn't even know he missed the puppet show. 
puppet show: 木偶剧,木偶表演

Gloria: It was the baby class!

Jay: Okay, call it what you want. I saw a hippie with a frog on his hand. And for your information, I'm
takin' Manny to that reading tomorrow.

Gloria: Now you're just trying to dig yourself out of a hole because you know that you were caught in
a lie.

Manny: So here's something-

Jay: Not now, Manny.

Gloria: Oh, let him talk.

Manny: I called the theater, and they have tons of tickets for tomorrow's show. And it turns out today's
show wasn't sold out either.

Gloria: Ay, Manny, not now.

Jay: Let him talk.

Manny: Mom, why'd you say it was sold out?

Jay: Yeah. Why'd you say it was sold out?

Gloria: It was a mistake. This is not my first language. I don't understand English very goodly.

Jay: Don't play that card. You didn't want to go any more than I did.

Gloria: Fine. I lied. But I earned that lie. Ay, Manny, I am so sorry. But you know that I am always trying
to do everything for everybody in this family. But you. You only do what's good for you. Let me tell you
something, Jay Pritchett. When it comes to raising kids, you get what you give.

Jay: Well, you rattled that off pretty goodly.
rattle off: 飞快说出


[children shouting]

Lily: You don't have to do this, Daddy.

Mitchell: I know, but Daddy really wants to do this. Okay? No, no, no. What do you think you're doing,
Sadie? No
cutsies. Come on.
cutsies: (childish) the act of cutting in line; queue-jumping (儿语)插队

Milo: Next.

Mitchell: Hello, Milo.

Milo: Hello, one of Lily's Dads.

Mitchell: All right. Let's make this interesting, Okay? If I win, the new rule is this. Okay. No player can
play more than three times in a row without getting back in line and letting the other kids play.

Milo: What if I win?

Mitchell: Then I'll give you $20,000.

Milo: You're on.

Mitchell: All right. Let's do this. Yes! Whoo! One point for me. One point for me. That's right. Milo,
the wall's over here. Nah, nah. Doesn't count. It was out! Aah! Little too high for you, huh? Three
bounces to the wall makes you a loser
. Makes you a loser. Final point. I get this, I win. Oh, sweet
Jesus. Whoo! Yes! Yes! Winner! [chanting] Cham-pi-on! Cham-pi-on!
Jesus ['dʒizəs]: used by some people to express surprise, shock, or annoyance. This use could cause offence. 天哪


Mitchell: Cam's gonna be doing drop-offs for a while.
drop-off: the action of stopping your car so that somebody can get out; the action of delivering somebody/something
to a place 送下车;送到

Lily: We got a letter.


Cameron: I'm sure you're both wondering why I summoned you here tonight. I now present to you… the
wow factor.
summon [ˈsʌmən]: to order somebody to come to you 召唤;召见

Claire: Cam... I cannot believe that you went rogue.
go rogue [roʊg]: 耍无赖;自作主张,不守规矩,胡搞

Pam: Uncool. I am with Claire on this.
uncool [ʌnˈkuːl]: If you say that a person, thing, or activity is uncool, you disapprove of them because they are not
fashionable, sophisticated, or attractive. 不酷的 

Cameron: You'll soon see why. Prepare your senses for dancing waters.

Both: Wow.

Cameron: Factor. Now imagine a prospective buyer… so entranced by the aqua ballet, they're
compelledinstantly to make a rich offer. I've even stocked the pools with fish of gold. They're just
goldfish, but they're- they're right here.
entranced [ɪnˈtrɑ:nst]: 狂喜的;着迷的
aqua ['ækwə]: water (used especially on the labels on packages of food, drinks, medicines, etc. in order to show how
much water they contain) 水(用于复合名词,表示某些液体物质或物质的水溶液)
compel [kəmˈpɛl]: If you feel compelled to do something, you feel that you must do it, because it is the right thing to
do. 感到必须(做某事)

Claire: This is-This is pretty impressive, Cam. What did you spend?

Cameron: Quite a bit, actually. But I don't wanna get into that. Let me turn this up to eleventy-five.

Both: Wow.

Cameron: Factor.

Pam: Hey, Cam, are fish of gold supposed to swim backwards like that?

Cameron: No, not to my knowledge, no.
not to my knowledge: 据我所知并不是那样

Claire: Yeah, it's kind of like they're all sort of gathering towards that thing. Like-

Cameron: Oh, no!

Claire: Oh, my God! They're getting sucked out! You're killing them! You murderer!

Cameron: Claire! Unplug it! [high-pitched voice] That's half a fish! That's half a fish!


[background music]

Jay: There are certain queer times and occasions in this strange, mixed affair we call life… when a man
takes this whole universe for a vast practical joke- [
glass shatters] Though the wit thereof he but dimly
queer: strange or unusual 奇怪的;古怪的
mixed [mɪkst]:If you have mixed feelings about something or someone, you feel uncertain about them because you
can see both good and bad points about them. (感情等)矛盾复杂的
thereof: of the thing mentioned 它的;其


Mitchell: Tick-tick-tick, tick-tick-tick-tick. Boom, boom, goes the dynamite Boom, boom, goes the
dynamite [ˈdaɪnəˌmaɪt]: a type of explosive that contains nitroglycerin 炸药


Jay: And more than suspects that the joke is at nobody's expense but his own.


Luke: All right. Close your eyes.

Mitchell: Why?

Luke: Just trust me.

Mitchell: Okay. Ow!

Luke: Never close your eyes on the court!

Mitchell: But you told me-

Luke: Don't let me get in your head! Pop 'em! Pop 'em all before they hit the ground! Go!  

Mitchell: I don't really understand how-

Luke: Make a fist with your thumb on the side. Now bring your thumb to the front. Okay, now do it again.
Ha! You just spelled "ass" in
sign language. [chuckles] [Mitchell sighs] Okay. Close your eyes. It's okay.
We're off the court.
 You're never off the court!
sign language [saɪn ˈlæŋgwɪdʒ]: a system of communicating with people who cannot hear, by using hand
movements rather than spoken words 手语;手势语


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