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09月 6th, 2018

【原创】志萍版摩登家庭英语笔记 04×19: The Future Dunphys – Part1

摩登家庭笔记, by 李志萍.

Claire: Yes, I promise I will call you as soon as I get the results. Yes, I am aware that hospitals are a
hotbed of infection. Thank you, Manny. [beeps]
hotbed of something: a place where a lot of a particular activity, especially something bad or violent, is happening (不


Claire: A couple of weeks ago, I had a minor heart incident. I am fine. But just to be safe, I'm having
angiogram, which is when they inject a dye to make sure there's no blockage. It's-it's no big deal.
angiogram [ˈændʒɪəʊˌɡræm]: 血管造影片
dye: a substance that is used to change the colour of things such as cloth or hair 染料
blockage [ˈblɑkɪdʒ]: the state of being blocked 阻塞;堵塞

Phil: We're not worried.

Claire: No.

Phil: If something were to happen, which it's not-

Claire: Not gonna.

Phil: I would turn our bedroom into a shrine to Claire.
shrine [ʃraɪn]: a place that people visit and treat with respect because it is connected with a dead person or with dead
people that they want to remember 圣地

Claire: Wow.

Phil: And this room into a hall of magic.


Claire: Luke, please stop taking appliances apart.

Luke: I'm making something.

Claire: You're unmaking something.
unmake [ʌnˈmeɪk]: to undo or destroy 破坏

Haley: 'Cause I'm giving my notice today.
notice: If an employer gives an employee notice, the employer tells the employee that he or she must leave his or
her job within a short fixed period of time. 通知某人在限期内离职 

Claire: Wait. What?

Luke: But wouldn't we rather have toast that's already buttered?

Phil: I love that you're asking these kinds of questions.

Luke: If only the springs were stronger, the toast would be catapulted into the pool of butter.
catapult [ˈkætəˌpʌlt]: If someone or something catapults or is catapulted through the air, they are thrown very
suddenly, quickly, and violently through it. 弹射

Phil: Really strong springs, like the ones in your mattress?

Luke: You're unbelievable.

Claire: What do you mean, you're quitting? Your manager just started letting you open and close the

Haley: It's boring. And Jennifer said that I could get a job at the jewelry store.

Claire: Honey, you need to learn to stick with things. You just got the big keys. 

Alex: Where's the coffeepot?
coffeepot: a tall narrow pot with a spout and a lid, in which coffee is made or served 咖啡壶

Luke: Oh, you mean the soon-to-be coffee-bot?
soon-to-be: 即将成为…的
bot: a computer program that carries out tasks for other programs or users, especially on the Internet 机器人程序 

Claire: Luke!

Alex: I need caffeine today.
caffeine [ˈkæfiːn]: a drug found in coffee and tea that makes you feel more active 咖啡因

Claire: You can have juice. How late were you at that party last night?

Haley: Oh, please. She snuck in at 10:00 and spent all night reading under the covers with a flashlight.
snuck: (sneak)的过去式
flashlight: a small electric lamp that uses batteries and that you can hold in your hand 手电筒

Claire: Alex, what have I told you about staying out past your curfew?

Alex: I need to do it more often.

Claire: Exactly. You need to learn to have some fun. You are going on that spring break trip with Nicole.
spring break: a week's holiday for school and college students in March or April (学校里通常持续一周的)三月春假 

Alex: No! No, I can't. I have to study for the P.S.A.T.'s.
P.S.A.T.: 学业能力倾向初步测验(Preliminary Scholastic Aptitude Test)

[all scream]

Claire: Luke! Phil, talk to your children.

Phil: All right. Everybody listen up. Haley, you're not quitting. You're resigning. It sounds better.
resign [rɪˈzaɪn]: to officially tell somebody that you are leaving your job, an organization, etc. 辞职

Claire: No. Uh-uh.

Phil: Alex, you have all of spring break to lock yourself in your room and study.

Claire: No, no, no, no, no.

Phil: And, Luke, coffee-bot is a non-starter. But I do like the idea of popcorn kernels in the pancake
batter so they self-flip.
non-starter: If you describe a plan or idea as a nonstarter, you mean that it has no chance of success. 无成功机会的
kernel [ˈkɜrnəl]: The kernel of a cereal crop such as wheat is the seed that is inside the hard husk. (小麦等谷类作物
batter [ˈbætər]: a mixture of eggs, milk and flour used in cooking to cover food such as fish or chicken before you fry
it, or to make pancakes (面粉、蛋和牛奶混合成的)糊
self-flip: 自动翻面

Claire: Stop talking! Step away from the children.


Gloria: [in Spanish] Quién es el hombre más herm oso de esta casa? Ah, perdón. ¿ Quién esel otro
hombre más herm oso de esta casa? Manny?

Manny: Huh?

Gloria: I am telling you how handsome you are.

Manny: Oh. Well, next time, tell me in English so I don't miss it.

Gloria: You're forgetting all your Spanish. You never practice.

Manny: [in Spanish] Perdóneme, mami. Soy embarazada.

Gloria: You just told me that you're pregnant.

Jay: Congratulations. You're glowing.
glow: (of a person's body or face) to look or feel warm or pink, especially after exercise or because of excitement,
embarrassment, etc. (皮肤)泛出红光

Manny: Really? That's what you're wearing?

Jay: Really? That's how you talk to your meal ticket? Besides, those snobs don't care what I wear…
as long as I bring my
meal ticket: a person or thing that you see only as a source of money and food 饭票;提供生活来源的人或物
checkbook: a book of cheques which your bank gives you so that you can pay for things by cheque 支票簿

Manny: Today I have an interview with the Dryden Academy. It's only the most prestigious prep school 
around. Their school song has 36
verses, and I know all of 'em. Settle in. Oh. 
prep school: In the United States, a prep school is a private school for students who intend to go to college after
they leave. (在美国为意欲上大学的学生提供教育的)私立预科学校
verse [vɜːrs]: a group of lines that form a unit in a poem or song 诗节;歌曲的段落

Jay: And the reason you're not bringing him?

Gloria: He says that I make him nervous, that I care too much. That's why I'm not even allowed to bring
him to his haircuts anymore.

Jay: I never went to private school. Hell, I never even finished college, and look at me. That Danish I
just ate cost six bucks. I didn't even blink.
private school: a school that is not supported financially by the government and that parents have to pay for their
children to go to 私立学校
Danish [ˈdeɪnɪʃ]: (= Danish pastry) a sweet cake made of light pastry, often containing apple, nuts, etc. and/or
covered with icing 丹麦甜糕饼

Manny: I've always felt out of place in public school, like a lone petunia in an onion patch. 
out of place: not suitable for a particular situation 格格不入
petunia [pəˈtunjə]: a type of garden plant with pink, white, or purple flowers shaped like short, wide cones 矮牵牛花

Jay: You felt out of place. Let me tell you something about your prep school buddies. When I was
younger, I had a job
checking coats at a country club. These smug rich kids used to waltz in 
there and throw their coats at me like I was nothing. That was before your
high-tech fabrics. They
weighed a ton. You see that scar?
check: to leave coats, bags, etc. in an official place (called a checkroom) while you are visiting a club, restaurant,
etc. 寄存
country club: a club in the country where you can play sports and attend social events 乡间俱乐部
waltz + adv./prep. [wɔːlts]: to walk or go somewhere in a very confident way 轻快自信地走;神态自若地走
high-tech [ˌhaɪ ˈtek]: (of designs, objects, etc.) very modern in appearance; using modern materials 高科技的

Manny: The one you got in the war?

Jay: That's what I tell people. I caught the scalloped edge… of a Burberry duffel coat toggle. Still not
sure there isn't a piece in there. 
scalloped [ˈskæləpt]: 有扇形饰边的
duffel coat [ˈdʌfəl kəʊt]: a heavy coat with a hood and long buttons that fasten with loops 粗呢连帽厚外套
toggle [ˈtɑgəl]: a short piece of wood, plastic, etc. that is put through a loop of thread to fasten something, such as
a coat or bag, instead of a button 棒形纽扣

1. 巴宝莉(Burberry)是极具英国传统风格的奢侈品牌,长久以来成为奢华、品质、创新以及永恒经典的代名词,旗下


Claire: Kids will always wanna quit when things get hard if you let 'em. This is a girl who was kicked
out of college. The least she can do is stick it out at a little
-- Phil? 

Phil: Sorry. Look, all we can do is give Haley the time to find out who she is.

Claire: Or we could save that time, and I could tell her who she is.

Norman: Let me know how that works out.

Claire: Excuse me?

Norman: Oh, sorry. But my TV doesn't work, and you're all I've got. I'm Norman.

Phil: Good to meet you, Norman. What are you in for?

Norman: Triple bypass. 
triple bypass: 冠状动脉搭桥

Phil: Awesome. And it sounded like you were agreeing with my parenting style, so please, continue. 

Norman: Well, I've raised three kids, and the main thing I learned is you have to let them be who they

Phil: Thank you, Norman.

Claire: Just because he's behind a curtain doesn't make him a wizard.
wizard [ˈwɪzərd]: (in stories) a man with magic powers 术士;巫师;神汉

Angela: Dad, I made you this necklace. It's good for healing.

Sydney: There's no scientific evidence to back that up, Dad.

Angela: I married a doctor.

Sydney: I have three degrees.
degree: a title or rank given by a university or college when you have completed a course of study there. It can also
be given as an honorary title. 学位

Norman: Girls, where's your little brother? He didn't get his arm stuck in a vending machine again,
did he? [
all laughing]
vending machine [ˈvɛndɪŋ məʃiːn]: a machine from which you can get things such as cigarettes, chocolate, or coffee
by putting in money and pressing a button 投币式自动售货机

Claire: Are you getting this?

Phil: Yes. They sound just like our kids, and they all got together to visit their Dad.

Claire: Mm-hmm.

Phil: Who apparently did a pretty good job raising them.

Claire: Please. He sounds like an old hippie.

Phil: A wise, insightful, old hippie.
insightful [ˈɪnsaɪtfʊl]: showing a clear understanding of a person or situation 富有洞察力的;有深刻见解的

Claire: Mm-hmm.

Phil: A Jeff Bridges hippie. 

2. 杰夫·布里吉斯(Jeff Bridges,1949-),美国演员、歌手和制片人。2009年,凭借音乐传记片《疯狂的心》(Crazy
Heart )获得第82届奥斯卡金像奖最佳男主角奖

Dustin: Hey, Dad.

Norman: There he is. Look at that sharp suit.

Phil: Oh, my God, Luke gets huge.

Dustin: You've seen this. I wore it to Angela's wedding.

Sydney: Oh, yeah. It's just like the one I had made for my little Jonathan.

Nurse: Okay, Mrs. Dunphy. Time for your prep.
prep: 术前准备

Claire: Okay.

Phil: See what happens when parents get out of the way? Weddings, babies, sharp suits. You might
wanna wheel her by the
burn unit. She just got scorched.
burn unit: 烧伤病房
scorch [skɔrtʃ]: to burn and slightly damage a surface by making it too hot; to be slightly burned by heat 烫坏;烤坏;

Angela: Wait. You made a suit for Jonathan? He's a cat.

Sydney: He's a hairless stray. He needs the suit for warmth- you know, that thing all of your husbands
eventually stop feeling for you.
stray: an animal that has got lost or separated from its owner or that has no owner 走失的宠物

Angela: I did not come here to be insulted. I came here for Dad. Dad, I need $500.

Sydney: How can you need money? You have four divorce settlements.
settlement [ˈsetlmənt]: an official agreement between two sides who were involved in a conflict or argument 协议

Angela: Yeah, sorry I'm not some sad, lonely exorcist.
exorcist [ˈɛksɔrsɪst]: a person who makes evil spirits leave a place or a person's body by prayers or magic 驱魔师

Sydney: Archivist. I'm an archivist.
archivist [ˈɑrkəvɪst]: a person whose job is to collect, sort, and care for historical documents and records 档案管理员

Dustin: Ugh. This arguing. I might as well have just stayed in court.

Phil: Please be a lawyer. Please be a lawyer.

Norman: How'd it go?

Dustin: I got probation plus time served.
probation [proʊˈbeɪʃn]: a system that allows a person who has committed a crime not to go to prison if they behave
well and if they see an official (called a probation officer) regularly for a fixed period of time 缓刑期
time served: (law) time spent in remand awaiting trial, when credited after a guilty verdict usually by subtracting
from the sentence 刑期折抵,指犯罪分子在其判决作出前已经服刑的一段时间

Norman: Suck it.
suck it: a rebuke or dismissal 你受着吧!

Sydney: Well, maybe now you'll stop siphoning electricity off the grid with a meat hook. 
siphon something (+ adv./prep.) [ˈsaɪfən]: to move a liquid from one container to another, using a siphon 用虹吸管抽吸
grid: a system of electric wires or pipes carrying gas, for sending power over a large area 系统网络(指输电网等)
meat hook: 挂肉钩

Dustin: Hey, look at me for a second. When you die alone in your bed, Jonathan's going to eat you.

Angela: Yep. 


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