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09月 11th, 2018

【原创】志萍版摩登家庭英语笔记 04×20: Flip Flop – Part2

摩登家庭笔记, by 李志萍.

Phil: Gil! Phil Dunphy.

Gil Thorpe: I knew you'd come slinking back! Hey, guys! It's Dunphy. He's cavin'. What did I tell you?
What did I tell you, right? [
laughing] Oh, Dunphy, I can play you like a ukulele, 'cause you're small and
slink + adv./prep.: to move somewhere very quietly and slowly, especially because you are ashamed or do not want
to be seen 悄悄走; 溜走

Phil: Gil, I wanna talk to you about your offer.

Gil Thorpe: Oh! Let me stop you right there. This is how this is gonna go down. First of all, I'm gonna
take you out to a very nice dinner. I'm gonna talk really sweet to you. And then I'm gonna lay you down
by the fire-
go down: to happen 发生

Phil: Oh.

Gil Thorpe: Slow at first, then-

Luke: If you guys are talking about the house, my friend Zack's still looking.

Claire: Honey, 14-year-olds can't afford to buy houses.

Luke: He's not 14. He's a software guy who volunteers at my school.
software: the programs, etc. used to operate a computer 软件

Gil Thorpe: [indistinct] We're gonna be sweating...

Phil: He's an adult with money?

Luke: He drives a nicer car than you.

Phil: Get me his number right now!

Gil Thorpe: And then you're gonna go home and tell everybody you went to the movies, but you and
I both know that you got
Thorpedoed. [chuckles]
torpedo [tɔrˈpidoʊ]: If a ship is torpedoed, it is hit, and usually sunk, by a torpedo or torpedoes. (用鱼雷)击中

Phil: Guess what, Gil. This was a courtesy call to tell you that I have another buyer. So you can tell
your buyer that you cost them a great house because you got cocky and
overplayed your hand. 
Prepare to
Phil the agony of Dunfeat. [beeps] Both names!
overplay your hand: to spoil your chance of success by judging your position to be stronger than it really is 高估自己
Phil: 音近feel
agony [ˈæɡəni]: extreme physical or mental pain 极大痛苦
Dunfeat: 音近defeat


Jay: Now, I'm not an art expert like you, but I did acquire this piece in a gallery… in one of the finer
Vegas casinos. What do you think?
acquire [əˈkwaɪər]: to obtain something by buying or being given it 获得;购得
gallery [ˈgæləri]: a privately owned building or room where people can look at and buy works of art 私人字画店
finer: 出色的,好的

Trish: It does say something.

Jay: He used to, before his little voice box broke. It said, "Welcome home, master. Ruff day?"
voice box: the area at the top of the throat that contains the vocal cords 喉
ruff: (1) 狗叫声;(2) 音近rough

Gloria: Again?

Jay: Would you believe she made me keep this in the attic? Gloria, Trish says this is art.

Trish: What was it Thoreau said? "It's not what you look at that matters. It's what you see." 

5. 亨利·戴维·梭罗(Henry David Thoreau,1817-1862)是美国散文家、诗人、哲学家、废奴主义者、博物学家、税务抵

Jay: Hear that? You were wrong.

Gloria: Keep talking like that, and you will find out how he lost his voice box.

Javier: What have we here?

Jay: His name's Barkley.

Trish: That's delightful.

Gloria: It's not delightful. It's disgusting.

Trish: Uh, look at Warhol. Look at Koons. A lot of great works of contemporary art were initially
dismissed as garbage.
contemporary art [kənˈtɛmpəˌrɛri]: 当代艺术
dismiss: to decide that somebody/something is not important and not worth thinking or talking about 对…不予考虑

6. 安迪·沃霍尔(Andy Warhol,1928-1987)是美国艺术家、导演和制片人。他是波普艺术的倡导者和领袖,他的作品探
电影和雕塑。他最著名的一些作品包括丝网印刷画《金宝罐头汤》(Campbell's Soup Cans)和《玛丽莲·梦露双联画》
(Marilyn Diptych) ,实验电影《切尔西女孩》(Chelsea Girls)

7. 杰夫·昆斯(Jeff Koons,1955-),美国当代著名的波普艺术家,从80年代末开始走向巅峰,最具代表性的作品是不同

Manny: Excellent point, Trish.

Gloria: This is not even garbage. They wouldn't take it. It's too big for the can.

Javier: Now, what I see is a man who is not a man. He is a servant who has lost his dignity. It is a
commentary on the class system in society, as well as a handy place to put your keys and sunglasses.
servant [ˈsɜːrvənt]: a person who works in another person’s house, and cooks, cleans, etc. for them 仆人;佣人
dignity [ˈdɪgnəti]: the sense that you have of your own importance and value, and other people's respect for you 自尊
commentary [ˈkɑːmənteri]: a criticism or discussion of something 评论
class system: 阶级制度
handy: A thing or place that is handy is nearby and therefore easy to get or reach. 手边的

Gloria: Whatever he is, your Barkley is going back to the attic. I'm going to see the baby.

Javier: Oh! Barkley. Very clever.

Manny: Come on, guys. Let's play.

Gloria: What are you going to play?

Manny: Charades. Me and Trish against Dad and Jay.

Javier: I have to warn you, Jay, these two are very good. It's like they have their own language.

Gloria: I want to play too! Which team should I join?

Jay: Play with Manny.

Manny: Oh, Jay's.

Javier: Manny's team.


Phil: Okay, then. Great. Well, we'll see you tonight. [cell phone beeps] Well, Zack Barbie is indeed an
adult, he likes the neighborhood, and he's interested.

Claire: Oh, thank God.

Luke: Really? Did God come in here and tell you about him? Because I don't remember it that way.

Mitchell: Okay, okay. This is it, people. We cannot afford to lose this buyer. Why am I standing?

Claire: Phil, do you think this is the right house for him?

Phil: It's hard to tell. He's young. He's single. I don't know anything else about him.

Haley: [typing] Zack Barbie. Born 1986. Went to college at a place called "Mit".

Alex: M.I.T.
M.I.T.: a US university known especially for its science courses and research. It was established in 1861 in Boston
and moved in 1916 to Cambridge, Massachusetts, close to Harvard University. It is considered to be one of the
best science and technology universities in the world. 麻省理工学
院(Massachusetts Institute of Technology)

Haley: I know how to spell it.


Javier: Five words. It's a book.

Gloria: There's an old man… on the boat. He caught a big fish. "The Old Man and the Fish"!

Manny: Time!

Jay: [shouting] "The Old Man and the Sea"!
"The Old Man and the Sea": 《老人与海》,参见205.文化详解7.

Gloria: Never heard about it.

Manny: Hemingway's classic tale of man versus nature.
tale: a story created using the imagination, especially one that is full of action and adventure 故事(常包含神奇的或

Trish: Leave it to a guy with a hundred cats to write a good fish story, right?

Manny: Oh, ho, Trish!

Gloria: What is this, a book club or a fun game? Go.

Manny: Oh.

Trish: Play. Five words. Second word. Scared. Afraid. "Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf?"

8. 《谁害怕弗吉尼亚·伍尔夫?》(Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf?)是美国著名剧作家爱德华·阿尔比(Edward Albee)

Manny: Got it! You're amazing!

Javier: Wowee! You could do this for a living.

Manny: Really? There's such a thing?

Jay: No, just like there's no such thing as a professional Broadway enthusiast. You're gonna have to get
a real job.
enthusiast [ɛnˈθuziˌæst]: a person who is very interested in something and spends a lot of time doing it 热衷于…的

Gloria: Okay, it's my turn. [chuckles] I don't know this. I don't know this.

Manny: Mom, you have to do the one you pick.

Trish: Oh, no, Manny. It's fine. Just keep picking until you get one you like.

Gloria: No, I don't have to keep picking. I'm gonna do this one. [gasps]

Jay: Uh-oh.

Gloria: No, I got this.

Jay: Is it a play, a book or a movie?

Gloria: Yeah, one of those.

Javier: "Lost"!
"Lost": 《迷失》,参见122.文化详解2.

Jay: "Clueless"

9. 《独领风骚》(Clueless)是美国1995年上映的一部浪漫喜剧电影,改编自简·奥斯丁小说《爱玛》(Emma)。该片讲述

Javier: "Dazed and Confused"! 

10. 《年少轻狂》(Dazed and Confused)是美国1993年上映的一部喜剧电影。片中的时空背景是1976年暑假的前一天,

Gloria: This is stupid. Nobody can get this.

Trish: You're probably right. I- Yeah. See? This is one of mine. It's really hard.

Manny: Really? What is it? You do it.

Trish: Well-

Manny: Play. "Sweeney Todd"

11. 《理发师托德》(Sweeney Todd)是斯蒂芬·桑德海姆(Stephen Sondheim)创作的一出惊悚音乐舞台剧,1979年在百

Trish: Exactly.

Javier: What a team. [laughing]

Gloria: This is a stupid- [voice quivering] game! 

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